Time For India To Show Deft Diplomacy And Qatar Maturity

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The award of the death penalty to eight Indian Navy veterans has shaken India. It is time for the Indian government to show some deft diplomacy and the Qatari Emir some maturity. Bring back our people home, safe and sound.
My in-depth analysis:

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  1. What amazes me the most is that this #NailQatar of a country has the gall to say that the team of 9 Ex-Naval officers were spying en masse for Israel. Who does that? There is usually one mole or at most two in an unit. Why would somebody make a whole team spy for it when the dangers of getting caught are much higher this way. This is not even ridiculous and must be dealt with very strongly as it just is a new mischief of a spoilt US brat in the region. Then one is left wondering about Qatar as the home to Hamas top leadership and the collocation of the largest US mil base. Why not just do an operation Neptune spear and grab and take those muggersputters as counter-hostages? SOMETHING isn’t right!

    1. The best thing is that one can get all the information from the Italian shipbuilders instead of spying on Qatar.

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