The Son Who Quit Hamas And Its Ideology

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Mosab Hassan Yousef is the disowned son of Hamas Co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. Listen to him and find out what he has to say about Hamas, Israel, and why he quit Hamas and its ideology:

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  1. Huntington wrote about `The clash of civilizations’ quite a way back and it seems that now we are witnessing the clash where religion is taking a major role much like the crusades of medieval times. The middle east has been through so much turmoil over the past centuries that now it should be renamed “meddle east” as everyone on the planet loves to make it a battleground especially those who follow the Abrahamic system. So now we have this Shalom vs Salaam warzone which in all probability is the beginning of a major showdown of the world powers. However, the lessons for the Dharmic people are that they should be prepared before the shit hits the fan. We have nobody on our side.

      1. Indeed! CDS Raawat Sahib (Bhagwan unki aatma ko sadgati dein) had warned us about this scenario. Its a given thing now Cdr Dhawan ji and its only a matter time and how one prepares for it. Please keep us posted about all the new geopolitical happening especially related to Indian subcontinent. Thank you…

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