India’s Offensive Against China Should Be in the Grey Zone

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Grey zone is not a fixed concept but a hypothetical place between peace and war. Until now grey zone activities were generally restricted to psychological warfare, subversion of political systems, and covert paramilitary and information operations. China and Pakistan are expanding that envelope.

While I was writing this article, a never heard of development was taking place in the Indian state of Punjab. The Indian Prime Minister was stuck on a bridge for 20 minutes since the highway was blocked by the protesters. Grey zone techniques were turning a new chapter, threatening the highest post of the nation. Today it is India tomorrow it could be any other free nation.

India is of course enhancing its conventional capacities and capabilities like never before, but every Indian step looks defensive. It is time to initiate an offensive in the grey zone against China and its cronies in the region. Else, beyond 2025, we are staring at a bleak and scary future.

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  1. I continue to pray for India that the nation will not be alone in standing up to “Xi.” I hesitate to say “China” because most of the nation does not know where its leaders are taking it. So I pray for China, too, that it will come out from under Xi’s megalomania.

  2. There is no doubt that we wish China and the Chinese people also good luck. After all, they have been suffering under successive dictatorships for decades. My biggest disappointment is the lack of leadership among the free world leaders.

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