Crystal Gazing 2022: India and The World

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If we thought 2020 and 2021 presented uncertainties then 2022 is here to surprise all of us. It could be remembered as one of the most complex, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous years in the recent past.

COVID-19, oil crossing $100/barrel, Iran-US nuclear talks, Iran-Israel tension, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cryptocurrency, and militarization of outer space are the obvious choices of topics that would continue to occupy most news items and human mindscape in 2022.

I present some of the lesser-known happenings in 2022, that may escape attention but will have long-term effects on India and the world. My take on India’s leading and most respected Think-Tank organization “Chanakya Forum”:

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  1. I agree with what you write here, but I think “uncertainties” and “surprise” is too nice to describe the certain and unsurprising downturn that awaits us in 2022. People don’t want this to happen, or at least don’t want the things they want to happen to turn out the way they will. Cause and effect seems poorly understood. Surprises shouldn’t come from holding on to illusions.

  2. Thanks dear for your well researched- article on what may be in store for India & the world in 2022!Things may not change with respect to relations with China but India is set to witness overall growth and rise in GDP and that’s some good news in the face of great challenges faced by it from different quarters! Let’s be positive & hope for the best as its leadership is with capable policy makers! Thanks for sharing such a deeply analysed subject, Sandeepji

  3. Most interesting as usual. Tubularsock just happens to have a crystal ball that may assist in these 2022 projections.

    Unfortunately it’s in for repairs, 2021 was hard on it.

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