When India Goes to War With China

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It is an open secret that China challenges everything India sets its eyes on, be it cooperation with Quad partners (the United States, Australia, Japan), international organizations like United Nations, WHO, or designating a terrorist organization. India, a Quad member and a close ally of the United States, has become the biggest eyesore for China. The government of India has limited time before China becomes confident enough to collectively challenge India at its northern borders as well as look after its security issues in the South China Sea.

Is India ready to take on China? Is Chinese militarily really that strong what it projects?

Read my latest article and comprehensive analysis at India’s leading ‘Think Tank’ organization, Chanakya Forum:

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  1. Wonderful analysis Sandeep! Hope the dragons understand the futility of harming the mother earth they also dwell on. Even a conventional war would be catastrophic and the beneficiaries would be the arms manufacturing lobbies in US, Russia etc.

  2. Wow! I just read your post, Commander. One of our political commentators pretty much said the sake in one of his videos not long ago. He said that Zinping was desperate due to the Chinese economy and wanting to flex his military muscle so bad he can taste it. And when people are desperate, there’s nothing they won’t do. He said that all Xi has to do is attack a country like Taiwan or India and he could get his people united and get a tighter grip on power. The problem is that they’re likely to get their butts kicked- ROYALLY! Now the commentator didn’t say these exact words but the subtext was the same.

    Keep up the great blogging and speaking out. Keep standing strong against China, the bully of the world. As we all know, bullies are pathetic, sniveling cowards, and as long as you let them know you can hold your own, they’ll think twice before throwing a punch!


    1. Thank you so much, Cherie, for stopping by. Good to see you.
      As you pointed out, desperation is a bad trait, and people like Xi Jinping are desperate and dangerous. I have this ominous feeling that Xi is about to destabilize the world. He is not only going to harm human beings across the world but the Chinese citizens too. Only Chinese people can stop his madness.

      1. You’re very welcome, Commander. Sadly, I think you’re right because I’ve had the same feeling for feeling for while now. And I’m not sure the Chinese people know how to stop it. They’ve either been oppressed for so long they’re programmed into a state of Learned Helplessness or they may have gotten to the point they’re fed up and so pissed off they can’t see straight! I hope it’s the latter! Maybe they’ll be so mad they’ll find a way to string Zinping up by his privates!

      2. It is actually sad that very few Chinese stand up to CCP and they get purged due to a lack of support from their own countrymen. You could be right that they have gone beyond a point that they just can’t differentiate between reality and fiction.

  3. Very “insightful,” indeed, with analysis of fighting forces. I hope and pray that these conventional forces, much more the nuclear forces, never need to be used and that China will somehow come to the realization that the CCP will not rule the world.

  4. Good to see you! Welcome back! As ever, Commander and friend, appreciation for keeping us informed – and grounded in reality – amid so much speculation and hype.

      1. Very well, Sandomina! Anticipating Christmas time with family. It truly is wonderful to see you. You keep me and others informed, and centered, during what seems like total chaos. A rare gift: Thank you!

      2. Thank you so much, D’Nanda.
        Merry Christmas and seasons greetings to you and your family.

  5. Unsettling article, Sandeep, for any thoughtful reader. If it was the USA and USSR poised nose to nose in this way the MSM would talk about nothing else. Then again, covid is a game of Big Scary Numbers and they seem addicted to that.
    During the year a local non-mainstream news program interviewed Professor Joe Siracusa. I didn’t know how much credibility to grant him – to put it bluntly, the guy can really talk. But he thought that XI was puffing his chest up to the outside world to distract attention from his internal problems. Siracusa, if I recall correctly, said that Xi was in far greater danger of being brought down by the Party machine.
    We can only hope that such a change at the top would lower the tensions between India and China.

    1. Thank you so much, Gregory. That is exactly what my line of thought has been for some time. Xi is in big trouble from all quarters. He is at the end of the rope. Sooner or later he will run out of it.

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