A Mirage Called Pakistan, Why It Is, What It Is 

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Pakistan is known as the sick man of Asia. It is a young country blessed with natural resources and strategic locations. However, after 75 years, it lags behind all the nations in almost all the fields that got independence around the same time. The present state of Pakistan can be explained by one fact no Prime Minister has ever completed their full term in office, not even the 22nd celebrity, PM Imran Khan.

Here we try to understand why Pakistan is, what it is. A question that troubles many people, leave alone Pakistani citizens.

My latest article on India’s most respected Think-Tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’:

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  1. I can’t claim any depth or first hand knowledge on Pakistan. A couple officer friends of mine who spent time visiting their military said their volatility was frightening. Like everyone had an attention deficit, angered quickly, and rushed about on the verge of panic. A view through a pinhole.

  2. Beautiful explanation I think Pakistani people ‘s blood are full with hatred, cruelty so no one is able to rull Full time in their history. Their dreams are fake. Well shared

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