China’s Invasion of Taiwan – Opportunity for India

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Today China has over 350 ships and submarines (130 major surface components), numerically making it the largest Navy globally. These extraordinary Chinese naval expansions are not there to recreate the 15th century goodwill voyages of Admiral Zheng He. China has bigger ambitions, and Taiwan is part of that ambition. The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) places Taiwan as a ‘sacred territory’ of China. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gives rise to nationalism to cement its position. “One China, One Truth, One World, One Dream” is CCP’s slogan.

PLA Hawks are itching to invade Taiwan. If China makes that mistake, it will present India with an opportunity never seen before. India should not make the mistake of restraint and non-interference. Time is running out for India, and the window of opportunity is getting narrower.

I (@InsightGL) present an in-depth analysis on India’s premier ‘Think-Tank’ organization Chanakya Forum:

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  1. Frightening tender-box that could start a major fire. Though for myself, I am not frightened, as I have peace with The God Who Is through Jesus Christ, but for the world, this could be the matchstick that will light a global inferno.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus. Maranatha.

  2. Your assessment is amply clear, as per the opined goal of CPC, it could do anything, occupy other country’s lands, islands or even give dollars on loan and occupy lands when these people are not able to pay back. And as far as Taiwan is concerned, it considers this country not apart from China.

    As far as India is concerned, it has got its compulsions; both internal and external. Though our present Government has presented a good picture of defense preparedness, yet, what are the options open for India is anybody’s guess when war between the NATO & Russia and others. The confusion created could embolden Chinese to invade Taiwan. IF THIS HAPPENS THEN WHAT?? I cannot even hazard a guess but in fact it is an opportunity though for India…

  3. You guys are way ahead of me. But, it would be the stupidest thing for China to attack its own country, its own people. Do you think the Ukrainians are going to ever be friends with Russia again. Time is on China’s side. What’s the rush. It’s the U.S. that’s in the wrong place and whose main purpose is to sell arms to other countries and increase the U.S. military spending. GROG.

    1. “Do you think the Ukrainians are going to ever be friends with Russia again.”

      Not the stupid ones. The US pushed Russia into invading Ukraine.

  4. Do you think that China passed on to Russia what it heard from the US State Department that Ukraine would be allowed to join NATO?

    Why would it be in China’s interest to do that?

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