Success or Failure: Beijing Winter Olympics Is Bad News for the World

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Fourteen years ago, China conducted the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The games were a success, and the biggest beneficiary was Xi Jinping. He was Vice President of China and competing for the presidency with present Premier Li Keqiang. The successful Chinese Olympics debut encouraged and emboldened Xi in grabbing power. He had just learned to master the art of seizing the moment.

If successful conduct of Summer Olympics in 2008 got Xi Jinping top job, failure of 2022 Winter Olympics could take it away. If the 2008 Olympics emboldened Chinese strongman to grab power, the 2022 Olympics is his tool to consolidate his power and be ‘Dictator for Life.’

20th CCP National Congress is around the corner. Every success takes him closer to another term. Xi Jinping succeeds or fails, both ways, he will be a threat to the world.

(@InsightGL) present an in-depth analysis on India’s premier ‘Think-Tank’ organization Chanakya Forum:

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  1. China herself to blame for any setbacks to Olympics and other unfortunate tragedies. Unless it makes conscious and honest efforts to return peace and safety back to normal, it’d stand alone to regret it’s catastrophic misdeeds. Let there be sportsman’s spirit in the world! Amen!

  2. Success will embolden Xi on his expansionary path. Any failure must be followed quickly by bold strokes to correct negative impressions. Xi has tested the West and found us unethical and easily bought, even delusional when the right strings are pulled. So, win or lose, the cascade has begun.

  3. Anita and I are “boycotting” the Olympics in our own small way. We simply refuse to watch any of the competition or read the news articles unless like this blog, it is calling Xi to account for the illegal and immoral persecution of human rights of Falun Gong, Uyghurs, and Christians. He will face a Judge someday who will know all he has done.

  4. Xi Jinping has many Western world leaders in his pocket.

    Every single federal and state leader in Australia now turning that country into a totalitarian dictatorship.

    He has Justin Trudeau in his pocket who’s rapidly turning Canada into a totalitarian dictatorship.

    And most likely Xi has Joe Biden in his pocket as well.

  5. You have presented a very clear picture of position of China and the implication which the Olympic games had during the past and what the consequences would be after winder Olympic games. It is not merely games but other factors too which will have implications on not merely in China but also round the world. Then we have the present scenario which it will present itself while there is a imminent fight between NATO & Russian forces.

  6. With the closing ceremony only a couple of days away, it appears the Beijing Olympics have been a big loser for Xi. If he is vulnerable now, who are his likely challengers? Can the rest of the world expect better from them?

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