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Deceptive China: Courtesy Pixabay

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China draws heavily from two famous historical military bluffs and Sun Tzu’s teachings, in its day-to-day life. The legendary stories revolve around Li Guang and his 100 horsemen (144 BC), and Zhuge Liang and the Empty City (228 AD).

The legend has it that Li Guang(nicknamed The Flying General by his Xiongnu enemies) and his 100 horsemen were once surrounded by thousands of Xiongnu. His soldiers got scared and wanted to run, however, Li Guang asked them to take off the saddles and pretended to settle down. The Xiongnu were puzzled, they thought Li Guang was waiting to ambush them in the darkness. They soon withdrew. Li and his 100 horsemen survived.

Zhuge Liang was a formidable strategist, but once he got stuck in a fort with limited number of soldiers while his arch-enemy Sima was approaching with his forces. Zhuge wanted to withdraw to a more defensible position and needed to buy time. So he threw the gates of the fortress open, with no one but himself atop the main gate calmly playing a zither. Sima, suspected a trap. He took his time to strategize, that gave time to Zhuge and his forces to withdraw. Zhuge was able to beat Sima in their next encounter.

Finally the teachings of Sun Tzu and Chairman Mao. During China’s surprise attack on India in 1962, Mao had stated, ”We are not going to invade India, we will not destroy India. We are just going to follow the proper techniques of Sun Tzu: You don’t use force to crush the enemy, you use it to intimidate and nudge them back to the negotiating table”.

Such fables and Sun Tzu’s theories are leading China astray. By bullying its neighbors and resorting too often to deception, China is suffering the shortcomings of ancient strategic concepts. These methods have provoked anti-China sentiments. China’s leaders greatly admire these ancient strategic ideas, however, in reality, it just induces a greatly mistaken sense of superior skill. China’s history is full of defeats. If the subtlety, complexity, and tricks of these kinds of literature were for real, China would not have been under foreign rule in most of the last 1,500 years. The age-old Chinese problems and disputes with all its neighbors have not gone away and rather have compounded in 2020.

China’s shenanigans and fetid behavior have given rise to anti-China sentiments, across the globe. The US graph shows how post-COVID China’s approval rating has fallen in the United States. The other graphs of India, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam are from 2002 to 2019, showing a continuous decline in China’s rating. The rating would have declined drastically post-COVID. These are important neighbors of China. China’s relations are imploding with 12 out of 14 land neighbors and all 7 maritime neighbors.


China wants to push for the concept of ’Pax Sinica’ at any cost. Almost a decade ago, Qiushi Journal, the official publication of the ruling CPC said ”We must send a clear signal to our neighboring countries that we don’t fear war, we are prepared at any time to go to war to safeguard our national interests. What is especially unbearable to us is how the US blatantly encourages China’s neighboring countries to go against China. We cannot completely blame the US, as flies do not stare at seamless eggs(a statement from the book ’Secret Tales of Shenque Palace’).  China’s neighboring countries need China’s international trade more than China needs them, therefore, they, but not China, will suffer greater damage by antagonizing China. China should make good use of these economic advantages and strategic power. We must evolve a counter-strategy, the idea of pursuing a strong policy against neighbors joining the US alliance. If required, we must even attack a nearby enemy and form anti-US alliances in Latin America, and Africa.  It further stated that China should launch a public opinion war by making effective use of free media in the US and other democracies.

China has followed every word written in the CPC journal to a ’T’. Why did world leaders choose to ignore these open threats given by the CPC? It is beyond every logical thinking, or may be they believe that ‘logic is a limited level of thinking’.


The CPC journal makes complete sense in the present situation. India is leaning towards the United States and China is keeping its word of attacking the neighbors who do not toe its line. The Chinese intrusions in Ladakh have been a regular feature in the past, however, the present intrusion into the Indian territory is not a regular one. What are the objectives of China this time around? Let us consider the following points:

  • India: India has achieved many feats in the recent past, which it had not done in decades –
    • Built a 255-km Darbuk-Shayok-Daulat Beg Oldie (DS-DBO) road.
    • Daulat Beg Oldie is the highest airstrip in the world, where India can land C-130 J aircraft boosting strategic airlift capability.
    • Finished the bridge over the Galwan River, which is about 7 km from the LAC, in addition to 36 more bridges.
    • Creating a network of feeder roads connecting the DS-DBO road.
    • Indian soldiers managed to reach ‘Finger 8’(the Indian claim line) during last summer, using an alternate route, which shook PLA top brass.
  • China:
    • Chinese decisions and actions are deliberate and not inadvertent trespassing.
    • DBO is the Easternmost point of the Karakoram Range located about 8 Km South of Chinese border and 9 Km North West of Aksai Chin LAC.
    • The Karakoram Pass lies to the North West of DBO at a distance of approximately 17 Km.
    • China has strong objection to Indian infrastructure projects, even though they are on the Indian side of LAC.
Courtesy: Indian Defence News
    • The area between Karakorum Range and Kunlun Range including the area of Gosthana(Aksai Chin is a relatively recent Chinese sponsored Uighur name. Ladakhis & Tibetans called it by the Sanskrit name ’Gosthana’=place of the cows) is very vital to China.
    • Gosthana is essential to Chinese control of not only Western Tibet but the whole of Tibet.
    • To maintain its gains next Chinese arm twisting would come in Arunachal Pradesh followed by Indian Ocean Region.
    • Chinese think tanks have been making swap offers – They are pressing India to recognize the Chinese occupation of Gosthana(Aksai Chin) and in return, China will give up its claim on Arunachal Pradesh.
    • They have convinced some Indian strategists to think on these lines. China is an untrustworthy nation and India should not fall for such offers.
    • In coming days China would also lay claims on 
      • Galwan Valley – Access to Gosthana(Aksai Chin).
      • Gogra/Hot Spring Area – Secondary access to Gosthana.
      • Demchok Area – Threat to Ngari Aiport in Tibet(50 Km).
    • The buzz on the foreign intelligence circuit is that China should weaken India’s position in Siachen Glacier by denying India access to Shyok and Nubra valley and eventually cut off India from Siachen. This would redraw the LAC south of Saser La and cut off DBO completely from India.
    • This would facilitate the proposed road connecting Tibet with Gilgit-Baltistan in POK, without Indian interference.
    • The modification of LAC would also secure the CPEC project very dear to Xi Jinping.


A greedy father has thieves for children.’~ Serbian Proverb

  • China has no option but to go to war. It has never learned how to face issues holistically. It got used to using sharp power so often and blatantly that it forgot how to deal with self-created challenges, and there are plenty of them staring at China:
    • Credibility Challenge – Accountability for COVID-19.
    • Diplomatic Challenge – Sino-US, Sino-India, Sino-Maritime Neighbors.
    • PR Challenge – Threat to Australia on trade, India for PPEs, mask diplomacy with EU, and ill-treatment of African nationals during the peak of the pandemic.
    • Financial Challenge – Claims of financial compensation from various quarters.
    • Economic Challenge – De-sinicization of the world supply chain, impact on exports, and mounting unemployment.

To counter these challenges Xi Jinping addressed a CPC meeting some time back. He reminded them of a “bottom-line thinking,” calling on China to make mental and physical preparations for changed conditions, black swan, and grey rhino events. He cautioned them that the external domains would remain disturbed due to the pandemic and the situation would last for a long period of time. Xi’s bottom-line thinking indicates that China will not be cowed down, rather it is ready for a long haul, will fight force with force, and confront severe challenges with retribution. In the post-pandemic time, the world is likely to come to a new normal marked more by all-around clashes than cooperation. Sun Tzu had usefulness in intra-Chinese politics, but he did not prepare China well for the world.

China has an important lesson to learn, which Sun Tzu did not teach them: ’the real problems of the world do not come from the insane, but the sane’. And Xi Jinping is a sane man. Keeping in mind the happenings in and around the country, Indians also have a lesson to learn, and that is: ’Never confuse emotivism for critical thinking skills’.


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  1. All governments of the world must rise over this non-sensical realist shrewdness of pulling each other’s legs needlessly and should instead show some maturity required in modern times for the development and progress of all.
    Thanks for giving some valuable info on some historic generals and thinkers of China like Li Guanga, Zhuge Liang, and Sun Tzu.
    Best wishes!

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

    1. * at the same time while fully committed to the idea of peace and stability around us, we should also be fully prepared strategically as well as militarily to safeguard our national integrity and dignity if need be, given that not all are peace-lovers in the international realm.

      1. At this time when love for China and all things Chinese is at its peak all over the world , an attack on india will be its biggest mistake as we will have huge support from all quarters.

      2. Thank you so much, Rinku, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
        Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.

      3. That is a very wise step we have to take, be prepared or get surprised.

    2. Thank you so much, Atul, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

  2. Will this lead to a Mini World War 3? I guess US will back off by November after Trump achieves his objective for generating a Nationalistic fervor. That leaves Nations in the South China Sea and India. Can we all ring fence China without the direct involvement of US or Europe is the Question. Russia under Putin can give good support. Then there is the aspect of Economics, Oil prices etc. Covid 19 is going to be the cause of WW3 and redraft many established practices/ treaties/ laws.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      It may not lead to war as of now, but one mistake from any side and situation may spiral out of control. This also gives India a chance to correct it’s mast mistakes and choose the allies wisely.

  3. i think, do believe.. that China intends war, the way they think … so infiltrating.. i think the reason why they make aggressive attempts also in our country, Philippines, at the scarborough shoul is to make military base .. prep for war.. they do this at Australia and Guam too.. they have bases there, no one or few seems to be aware…

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      It may not lead to war as of now, but one mistake from any side and situation may spiral out of control. Isn’t it surprising that China is flexing its muscles with most of its neighbors after infecting them with viruses? This is the way China thinks and operates, but for how long the world would ignore this fact.

    2. I do believe you are a moron. India will be defeated. The USA only treat India as a dog.

    1. Indeed, you have brought out a very pertinent point. I will be elaborate on this in part 2.

  4. Meanwhile, in the USA people fight about whether or not they should wear a mask and the President (I can’t call him mine) insists that Covid-19 is “gone”. I can’t wait till he is.

    1. I just fail to understand. What is wrong with people? They are worried about others’ safety, but what about their own.

  5. Last century we had a pandemic followed by World War. We never learn anything from history, forcing it to repeat itself. Stupid high headed, short sighted humans thrive on mistakes.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.

      1. It will come back to them, Sumita. Whether one believes in Karma or not, that is the only reality.

  6. The analysis seems spot on. China seems now stuck between a rocka and a hard place, albeit both of its own making.

    1. Thank you so much, Raman, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

  7. While there were noises made about threat China posed, the pandemic has brought out into public view.

    I agree that there will be a war. Though there is some speculation China will retreat in the winter, I am quite sceptic about it. And I think we will fight China in Ladakh and we must also neutralise Pakistan to an extent in case there is two-front war. Pakistani commentators have been signalling at it for quite some time.

    China is making aggressive moves near Taiwan. Any skirmish there will involve the US in the that zone of the Indo-Pacific. That would be right time for the Indian Army to move in a short military operation to drive back China and build on it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.
      We should stay focused and drive China out at any cost.

    1. Thank you so much, Frances, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

  8. Superb analysis as always and eye opening reading. Thank you for this.
    Today, I can only say that just a few years from now I want to see this country weakening and falling in the pits they are digging for others.

    1. While war is a very strong word to be used in the current scenario, China’s belligerence has the potential to lead the world into one.
      Despite its weak Pre-2000s political mindset, the Indian armed forces have always given a beating to the aggravation of its neighbours, albeit with some back stabbing and posturing thrown in.
      The world has changed and new India will not back down. Indian armed forces are now fully supported by its political leadership, there is a common aim and the Chinese economic wrangling to weaken India internally are being exposed.
      Literally it’s time for the Hans to wake up and smell the coffee, or get metaphorically consumed by the very virus they have been accused of creating.

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
        You have summed it up very well. There is no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is. India has to remain focused and prepare well. The road ahead is tough and treacherous.

    2. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.

      1. I appreciate your expertise – and your ability to make complexities understandable. That is a rare gift.

      2. Merely telling the truth as I find it….Richly deserved. 🙏 Keep up the great work.

      1. All is well with ST, @sandomina; we’ll let him know the site isn’t showing up for you.

      2. Thanks, D’Nanada, ST, just showed up over the horizon. He is resolving the issue.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

  9. Very aptly written with a clear understanding of the Chinese Psyche. The Chinese leaders have become so engrossed with their vain beliefs on old deceptive tales & strategies, that they have limited their thinking. They use this diversionary tactic to cover up their inherent insecurities on the Main Land. How they hold up against the imminent disintegration ( like the mighty USSR), only Time can tell

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is. India should not fall for their sweet talk at any cost.

  10. Curiosity filled part 1. China mindset since ages coming out of stories around Guang and Liang way of war survival. 90% declining trend among 21 land/marine neighborhood indicates a wake up call for China. Bolds steps taken by India such as works done around Daulat Beg Oldie and bridge on Galwan river indicates a firm robust Indian offensive side which was missing since independence. The curiosity created in part 1 is huge and I am eagerly waiting for part 1. Great article.. Worth reading in detail line by line to get holistic view of Indo China scenario and impact.

    1. Thank you so much, Sanjeev, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is. Finally, the world has recognized this aspect of China. I am hopeful that in the coming days, a bigger and more powerful coalition would take shape against China.

  11. Thanks for yr enlightening post on the Chinese psychology of deception and provocation to counter their own fears(arising out of their inherent insecurities) on not being capable of resolving bilateral issues having never tried doing it the correct way. Lets keep prepared for the probable combat with the treacherous neighbour /enemy! Waiting eagerly for part-II, Sandeep dear !

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      The anger against China is rising day by day. Billions of people have lost their livelihood due to Chinavirus. This anger has to be channelized to start a global moment against China. People have to be told that there is no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.

  12. Though war is a very strong term to be used in the current scenario, as both sides know the serious ramifications, Chinese belligerence seems to be devoid of a clear minded approach.
    Despite its weak pre-2000s political mindset, the Indian armed forces have always given a sound thrashing to aggravations by its neighbors, albeit prone to back stabbing and callous posturing by the two unfriendly states.
    This time India is not backing down. The Indian military has full backing of the political leadership, there is a common aim and the Indian public is up in arms to throw out the infiltrator. Chinese economic wrangling to weaken India internally using paid media and unscrupulous businesses is also being exposed.
    The Hans have to literally wake up and smell the coffee, or be metaphorically consumed by the very virus they have been accused of creating.
    Whichever way the wind blows, it’s time for the adults to step in and engage in a mature conversation.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.
      Isn’t it surprising that China is taking advantage of the pandemic, which was spread by them? They are bullying all their neighbors when they are down. There could be no nation on this planet as selfish and slimy as China is.
      India should be focused and determined to achieve long-term goals.

  13. This is a very scary scenario developing in South Asia. What is the mighty United States doing?

  14. Slimy is the word. History is writ bold and not-so-beautiful all over the place, but we have become such a self-centered and irreparably myopic race we cannot see past our noses. China wants supremacy here and now. The cost of that will set itself and the world a few decades back on many fronts. But no one cares. Political diplomacy will prevent the rest of the world from joining forces for good, while mindless marauders, dushman ka dushman dost types, will keep breaking bread on bonfires of others’ fuel. So much for progress and evolution, global village mandates and other romanticized notions. This is just a waiting game now.

    1. Thank you so much, Tejaswi, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed sad that China out of economic slowdown and Pakistan due to internal repudiation, are hell-bent upon taking the region on the harm’s way.
      I shall bring out the strategy of dealing with these raucus neighbors.

    1. Thank you so much, Cherie, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I suppose this is the beginning of the end of China. They should have enjoyed the success, which was trusted upon them by the West, but they chose to flaunt it by flexing their muscles.

      1. That’s right. Some people can’t handle even a little bit of power! Xi Zinping is one of those people. He’s a megalomaniac and it shows!

      2. Cherie, there is a lot of resentment against Xi Jinping and his handling of Chinavirus, economy, and Hang Kong. Whatever he does to curb these dissenting voices, eventually they would surface and come out in open. We have to help those voices to eventually save the civilized world.

      3. Trump had a great rally in Tulsa the other night. Only blm and antifa people were blocking the entrance and wouldn’t let anyone else in. But Tulsa handled it. CNN focused on one section of empty seats and tried to say that turnout wasn’t good. But the American people knew better.

      4. That’s great. We are hoping like hell that he comes back with thumping majority. Keep us updated.

  15. Excellent writing . You rightly said China is nt a trustworthy country anymore and it is going in one corner where it would have it’s some of its friends. But maximum country is going against it. Yes. It is fact that some of countries use to be dependent in case of importing. But economic retaliation is already started. Self independence concept or alternate resourcing concept is going to hit China badly and gradually it would have to face fiscal deficit. Not now but in near future,It would have to suffer. All this is due to its negative attitude.

    1. Thank you so much, Debananda, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I suppose this is the beginning of the end of China. They should have enjoyed the success, which was trusted upon them by the West, but they chose to flaunt it by flexing their muscles. Xi Jinping has a lot to hide from its citizens. Nationalism and war are two useful tools in every dictator’s hand.

  16. Interesting post… I found a video (2015?) of Xi speaking to the UN General Assembly “responding to concerns over China’s growing military might and territorial disputes in the Asia-Pacific region”. Xi told the UN that “China will never pursue hegemony or expansion or sphere of influence”. At the same time, he said China would “take the lead in setting up permanent police keeping police squad, pledge 8,000 troops for a UN peacekeeping standby force, and contribute $100 million of free military assistance to the African Union to support establishment of an African Standby Force”. During a 2019 visit to South Africa, I read press coverage of police busting Chinese inside the country with fake South African passports and stashes of Rand. Chinese have been poaching tons of South African abalone with “an annual illicit catch exceeding 3,000 tons – the legal catch set by the South African government is 30 times smaller.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. China has colonized Africa and gone beyond ethical behavior expected from a responsible nation. They have exploited the African environment which has no comparison in recorded history. I just keep wondering that when would the civilized world take note of this behavior beyond the pale.

      1. I’ve spent time in many African countries, but mostly South Africa, where the ruling party – post-apartheid Socialist Marxist African National Congress (ANC) – has proven to be as, if not more, corrupt than its apartheid predecessors. In many African countries the person who gains control maintains power for decades and opposition parties meet a disastrous end – Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc., etc. Corruption and theft in South Africa’s government created crucial energy problems with aging, unmaintained coal-powered plants – it’s a dangerous situation with frequent and extended rolling blackouts. That, added to serious drought / water issues, extreme poverty, and violent crime makes it a very volatile situation! More radical offshoots of the ANC – Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – are always pro socialist and communist countries and may even be in awe of the CCP. It’s a complex situation – I can’t imagine how things will flesh out over the next decade… China is taking advantage for sure!!!

      2. That’s is such a dark side of human nature. Plato once said,” We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”. That is our real nature. We are scared of reality, that forces us to believe in fake leaders and their promises.
        It’s such a pleasure to read your informed views. It really enriches me and broadens my horizon.

  17. China is running into stiff resistance from many quarters, Hongkong, Taiwan, ASEAN Joint statement on South China Sea, Tibet and India as also from within (COVID19). Additional pressure from US, EU and UK. China may not be able to actively open up action on all fronts, but will certainly try and make a decisive strike at one of the objectives that it feels is the lowest hanging fruit to send a message to her adversaries. India must remain firmly poised and unrelenting to dissuade Chinese aggression. We are doing fairly well in the Diplomatic and Military fronts …… reading of the Chinese mind still remains an enigma…. Waiting for Part 2

    1. Thank you so much, Atul, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. There is a lot of resentment against Xi Jinping and his handling of Chinavirus, economy, and Hong Kong. Whatever he does to curb these dissenting voices, eventually they would surface and come out in open. We have to help those voices to eventually save the civilized world. We should not bank too much on the EU. Whatever we have to do, has to be done independently. We can expect a helping hand from the U.S., Japan, and Australia. How, when, and where is a big question. Reading the Chinese mind is no more an enigma. In fact, it is very predictable. It was our mistake, that we used to read them from our prism of morality.

  18. Most relevant sharing. What is happening in Ladakh and also on the border with China is a stark reality now. China wants to show to its neighbors that no one can remain peaceful if any of them antagonist China in any way. It may be any neighbor, China cares no one. Nepal sided China and lost some of its villages to China! China is placating our other neighbors like Pak, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, etc. by throwing some dollars at them thereby earning their goodwill but all neighbours should realize that Chinese are a selfish lots; they want to achieve their ends by deception or coercion.

    There is some disturbance going on inside China but there people cannot raise their voice against the central regime because of iron-clad rules prevailing. What is happening in Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan is known to everybody.

    In the AoR of India, China is creating problem by occupying one part of territory at one place and another at other place while keeping the rut of TALK TALK but keep pushing on for consolidation of the defenses non-challenge. What has happened in E Ladakh is an eye opener. Chinese want to claim all the areas on which they lay their hands on – by force or through deception citing historical claim or by using force.

    I am of the firm view that India now is different. Its central leadership has clarity, vision and forbearance. We have better weaponry and our men behind the machine are better trained, experienced, acclimatized and hardy while being at snow clade mountains. PLA has not got exposure to any tangible experience. Their leadership should realize that this time over, if and when there is a war, they will have to fight on so many fronts, at sea with its immediate neighbours whose islands China is mentioning its own, USA which has sided with Taiwan et. It should be kept in mind, just introspect which country globally China is liked except for PAKISTAN!!!!? Half of the Pk is leased out to China presently. Not only Gwadar port, POK but also the Pakistan border with Gujarat is also leased to China! In reality, Pak could be construed as a colony of China now. The people there should realise that if this continues what would be their fate?

    If we take some passages from Chinese history, we can deduce that they think that they are superior to any other race and thus have the wherewithal to rule by expanding their SoI (Sphere of influence) by giving them doles, taking their land on lease bases, taking over their companies and also influencing their people by tall talks.

    As far as the construction of roads and feeder roads is concerned, these should have been done after 1962 dismal war loss. But we did not learn any lessons. Now the present dispensation has done so without caring of the opinion of our adversary. It is a tragedy that Chinese can make infra and road etc but we Indian cannot in our own land?!!!! How come?

    If India does not act now then she will repent. Also, nobody will come to their rescue, we shall have to fight our own battle ourselves. No country can be fully relied on. It will not fight and lose their men for protecting our borers. This realization should always be kept in mind. If we just think that in the battle there would be loss of men and materials, it would be without doubt; but losing FACE would be worst for our country than losing men and material in the war NOW.

    Your sharing is really very timely.

    1. Pakistan is happy to be sold out if it could see India being punished by China. The Punjab region is what matters to them the most. Rest of it is up for sale.

      Free ka maal hai unke baap ka kya jaata hai?

      1. Your assessment is really on dot. But all Indians without reception feel perturbed on observing the state of condition PAKISTAN has put into by its own acts of omission and commission.

        Thanks and regards

      2. A country is as good as it’s leaders are. Pakistan started on a wrong footing and that made the basis of governance in that country. Once a pattern sets in, it is very difficult to break that mold.

      3. Affirmative, Pakistan’s from inception was steeped in corruption, self-centeredness and had only one agenda of contradicting what India does or does not do. The idea of Pak was flawed based solely on religion and narrow-mindedness which has resulted in situation which can well witness now. But too much on China has and will in future may rob them off their sovereignty and what they have.

      4. Problem is that the situation in Pakistan is deteriorating at a very fast pace. Instead of recognizing the core issues in their societies, they keep blaming India. In fact, China is a bigger threat to Pakistan than any other country. China is slowly and steadily gobbling up their resources. They have put their economy on a spiraling trajectory, from where recovery is going to be impossible.

      5. Your assessment in Pakistan is really very telling, self-inflicted and above all very distressing to say the least. Today, it has come to our knowledge that the Chinese are not allowing the Pakistani Muslims for their prayers (Namaj) which has been resented by the maulvis and others. This time it is like this much in other times iit would be on every aspects since Pak has leased out much of land to Chinese thus leasing the future of their future generations to crafty China. They will repent the irrational decisions after sometimes but that would be too late for the country as a whole. Similar is the position is developing with NEPAL.

      6. That’s correct, Harbans, Pakistan, and Nepal are going to get harmed by China in a big way. By the time they realize that it would be too late. In any way, China’s days are numbered. Countries of the free world have this last chance to reign in this evil entity else, we will see a bigger, and darker force than Nazi Germany.

      7. I really am in agreement with you. China have done much against the world at large and had reaped the harvest in a big way by way of spreading their empire and establishing as a global economic power but in doing so, it had a self-motive. It wanted to establish a permanent imprint of their country with whom so ever it dealt – dumped the sub-standard items cheap thus ruining the market industrial development of the native country. Then spread of Covid-19 to USA, EU and in almost every country made Chinese suspicious of their real intentions. Now, every country is realizing the the true intent of China. Lets see in which way the wind blows, but sure enough, it will not be a good tidings for China, it would not be business as usual. India has shown China what it cannot escape the consequences.

      8. Harbans, China is opening many fronts at the same time. This shows CPC and Xi Jinping’s desperation. Their economy is failing, unemployment is going through the ceiling, and the virus spread by them through our world is biting back. The war is not a choice anymore. It is a compulsion.

      9. Today our PM visited the Leh and Ladakh areas to see for himself the state of affairs there. The Chinese, have I taken in more than what it can chew. She is really escalating their problems on all fronts with their neighbours.

      10. It is actually good that China is opening many fronts. They have now criticized Russia for celebrating the anniversary of Vladivostok and claiming that as their territory. The country whose map looks like a chicken is actually behaving like a headless chicken running helter-skelter, aimlessly.

      11. It has been observed there is always a saturation point and when we cross our limit, Nature then intervenes since the egocentric tendencies of an individual or a country goes bust. Ego has really taken its toll on China leadership. Its head has lost all sense of proportion and thus would prove to be counter-productive. They should take some lesson from Rome, an empire which met its end due to its own omissions and commissions. The expansionist tendencies of China will not be good for itself.

      12. Harbans, only Indian or Australian pressure would not work. It would not topple the evil regime. All major countries have to come together. The European Union is the most reluctant entity in the whole game. They see China as a supplier and not a threat. They are still concentrating on Russia. They are stuck in the WWII era. If we want to avoid a future war, we must stymie China’s economic progression.

      13. Affirmative. Nobody will fight a war for us, not even USA. Yesterday, one of the speakers from Israel was having discussions with Arnab Goswami, he told that now that USA is busy in the elections, they will not delve in the war. Then EU, Arab countries have their own agenda. In our neighbour the less said the better. India, therefore, have to assert itself, have self-sufficiency in defence production, produce everything in the country, we are the IT giant, why not exploit the reservoir of IT pool and not be dependent on any country in this sector. ,

      14. Absolutely correct. Pakistan is thrilled, just like a small kid, who watches his father picking up a fight with another adult. We should put Pakistan on the back burners, it has only nuisance value.

    2. As always, it is a pleasure to read your informed reviews. Thank you so much, Harbans, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      We somehow live in the romanticism of yesteryears. The world has changed. There are no friendships between countries or leaders thereof. The most shocking example of that is Nepal. It is culturally, religiously, and economically so integrated with India that one could never think of them going their own way. Nevertheless, the rot had started over two decades ago and our leadership felt comfortable in their slumber.
      Geopolitics is an ever-evolving entity. No sluggish party would find solace in here.

      1. Your thought provoking articles are always well articulated, having informed opinions, covering all encompassing, thoroughly analysed touching upon historical, geo-politics, economics and others relevant aspects.

        Lets appraise your we;l informed opinions about what will happen in China-India sectors of influence and its implications on India and other neighbours.

        I think, China has bitten more than it can digest this time!

        Thanks sharing your write-ups full of know-how covering everything that is required to be covered.

  19. I think only the Congress has been Shut Eye to the Chinese aggression and did absolutely nothing to strengthen India against Chinese Hegemony ….. After Bofors it was all down hill …. If Nubra is threated be sure India will nuke the Chinese Forces !!!

    1. A lot is happening I cannot disclose as of now. I will disclose some of it in my forthcoming article. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  20. As always great article with lots of insight!

    What do the stories of Li Guang and Zhu Jie Liang tell us?

    1) The cultural thinking pattern.
    2) The collective civilization wisdom (strategic).

    The 100 horsemen taking off their horse saddles interpreted as ambush at night and the other general just leaves the ground. Too good of a story for any practical use unless it tells us something about the Chinese mindset. Then we have the zither player who confounds with appearance with a contrary behaviour and leads to the survival of his besieged men to win another day.

    Then comes the chairman Mao himself who in his supreme strategic wisdom wanted to teach Nehru (India) a lesson and …boy o’ boy did he succeed in that!? One of the reasons was he exploited the urge of Nehru to be a global statesman of immense repute while lacking the inherent capabilities and requisite skill set. Consider this:

    On 7 November 1950, the then deputy prime minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (a month before his sad demise) wrote a letter to Panditji, warning of his too much of Hindi -Cheeni bhai bhai bonhomie and trying to wake him up to some realpolitik. In what seemed to be a prescient assessment of things to come, Sardar warns Nehru of communist imperialism and irredentism, taking a cue from the Tibetan occupation and its ramifications upon the neighboring Indian states.

    He tell him to prepare the country for a two-front war in future with both the green and red neighbors acting in unison to gain their strategic objectives. Nehru, as was hi wont, went on the path of his being the lone piper whose pipes were busted in 1962 and died a broken man – and not without leaving a lot of diplomatic and strategic mess behind.

    Panditji, is a good example of – the damage that the “great” men do while in a position of power (semi-dictatorial). His one sided love affair with Mao and a string of misreadings of the communist mindset did a psychological damage, to our analytic and strategic thinking, that outlived his life. This psychological phantom of PLA invincibility is hard to break as is evident from policy paralysis over beefing up defenses along LAC, spanning over decades, lest we annoy the powerful China. Our focus shifted to deriving satisfaction from beating up the ‘global Tommy’ on the western border for its misadventures.

    The constant Indian TV barrage of cringe-worthy jingoistic news to somehow counter that. The lack of political will, vis a vis the Chinese, was another symptom of broken spirit, till Mr Modi came to power in 2014 and started re-building the contacts with the neighbors and switched from P.V. Narsimha Rao’s ‘ look east ‘ to ‘act east’ policy. How much he has succeeded in that we shall see in these times.

    1962 was a war imposed on India when it had both poor political and military leadership. In 2020, we seem to have a powerful leader in politics and the military that is high in spirits to take on the oversized lizard that is China. The time is of the essence and the one who strikes the right note at the right time gets the standing ovation.

    Lets see what unfolds as we move to the end of 2020!

    1. Thank you so much, Jyotirmay, for your scholarly summation. It is always a treat to read your reviews.
      I feel we should bind our time for the time being and prepare. Chinese are there for a long haul and we should wait them out. There are a few chinks in our armor and we have to fix them.
      As per my studies, the next two years are very important for India. Eventually, we would come out on top, but the road ahead is tough and treacherous.

  21. Good analysis. For the next part please do consider two Strategy mistakes by India. One, we decided to not join the OBOR, thus forcing China to take the CPEC through Gilgit into Xinxian which is disturbed Chinese territory. Otherwise it would pass through Indian territory, specially the Ladakh area currently in conflict. That would have made China do the following at the minimum, 1. Sign a document admitting that area as Indian Territory; and 2. Have control over the petroleum supply in China, even though moderated by the trade agreement.

    The second big mistake was the declaration of the government in the Parliament that our next step after disintegrating J&K is to attempt to acquire POK including Aksai Chin. We did not have the intention, but we were singing. The have the intention but are quiet.

    1. Thank you so much, Avinash, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I shall surely consider the second mistake mentioned by you. The first mistake mentioned by you is actually not a mistake but a planned strategy.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are correct in your assessment. But this time China has bitten more than it can chew.

  22. Incredible post once again…thank you. I have heard, that in a very distant past, India & China held debates that rivaled modern events like the World Cup, the Super Bowl and/or the Olympic Games in importance. I forget how the exact quote went, but it was apparently from a Chinese discussion about another defeat at the hands of the Indians…something like – ‘ahhhhh, the Hindu Mind.‘ The others apparently nodded in agreement, and then everyone left. I am an American, so don’t know how much truth there is to that story; however, if true…that story probably permanently lingers in the Chinese mind, since they place so much importance on the past.

    1. Karmi, I am sure these debates were happening in ancient times since a large number of monks used to travel to China to give them their teachings. That could have affected their psyche in some way or the other. A large number of their ancient stories are based on Hindu God and goddesses(eg Monkey God Hanuman). India gave them from Buddhism to Martial Arts. Southeast Asia got benefitted by an Indian script called Brahmi. All modern scripts from Armenia to Korea have been designed by Indian monks, based on the Brahmi script. Even their country’s name ‘China’ comes from the Sanskrit word Cina or Chinasthana- the country to the east.

      1. Thanks for the update, and I agree. The “country to the east” definitely remembers losing most of those ancient debates!

  23. Coucou mon Amie Ami


    Mes pensées à partager avec vous

    Il nous reste une vie malgré le temps qui court
    Il nous reste cette vie pour bien remplir nos jours quel quand soit son parcours
    Il nous reste la vie pour chercher l’ amour ou celle de l’amitié

    C’est vrai que nous cherchons parfois
    A nous raccrocher au passé
    Sans trop savoir pourquoi , surtout sans trop vouloir y penser

    Mais l’on sais bien qu’au fond de soi
    Que le temps coule comme un sablier
    Qu’importe mes Amies Amis il faut le vivre l’instant présent et profiter de nos journées

    Belle Journée ou Bonne fin d’après-midi a toi dans le calme et la douceur
    Bises amicales

  24. Very well researched work and great to know the mindset of the ancient Chinese generals which is still vigorously followed by China. Certainly the world have not bothered to seriously read and interpret the aims and objectives of China. The world economics is also one of the root cause behind the present problem and China does not want another economic power in Asia. India seems to have got excessively engrossed in internal matters rather than having a long term strategic policy to thwart the efforts of the northern neighbour.

  25. China has committed cultural genocide in Tibet. China is guilty of terrible crimes there and against other ethnic minorities in China. The threat that China poses to peace in the region is real.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Therefore, it becomes imperative on our part to be more vocal about it and educate the lawmakers in our respective countries.

      1. Israel’s 3 No’s:  
        1.  No to any negation of the Israeli victory of the 1967 6 Day War.
        2.  No to any surrender of Israeli rule from all of Jerusalem.
        3.  No to any 1967 alien Balestinian stateless refugees, much less their descendants, receiving Israeli citizenship.Ursula von der Leyen delivered her first State of the Union speech, but she made no mention of the recent peace treaties between UAE and Bahrain  with Israel.. The EU talks about the absolute need for trust between member states in that Union, specifically in Eastern Europe. Yet demands the division of Israel in the face of total distrust!!! The EU has a hostile agenda in the Middle East.  She said nothing about the vile Turkish continued occupation of Cyprus.  The vile hypocrisy that EU rhetoric refers to as the ‘Rule of Law’, also popularly referred to as “international law”, specifically the EU condemnation based upon its evil support of UN/Obama 2334, by which foreign alien Powers declare that they have a mandate to determine the international borders of States in the Middle East.After the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel was — in Defense Minister Moshe Dayan’s famous phrase — “waiting for a telephone call” from Arab leaders. At a summit conference in Khartoum, Sudan from August 29 to September 1. There they pledged to continue their struggle against Israel. Influenced by Nasser, their conditions were quite specific: no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel. Arabs fought and lost wars to throw the Jews into the Sea and complete the Nazi genocide which murdered 75% of all European Jewry in less than 4 years.  Germany lost its land grab wars, and got its Capital of Berlin divided. The EU seeks to negate the Israeli victory of 1967. If they can succeed to negate that victory, then what’s to stop them from negating the Israeli 1948 Independence War victory?The problem centers not upon Arab rejection of their defeats in war. But rather Arab cowardice to repatriate their Arab refugee populations.  Arab countries started both the 1948 and 1967 wars.  In 1948, immediately after their defeat, Arab and Muslim states unilaterally expelled all Jews living in their countries.  Israel repatriated all of these Jewish refugee populations – some 800,000 people which Arab and Muslim countries unilaterally expelled in their post war hysteria.A similar number of Arab stateless refugees fled the newly established Jewish state. To this very day, not a single Arab or Muslim country has agreed to repatriate their stateless Arab refugee populations. This problem the Arab states must address. The Balestinians refer to this problem – through the denial of their refugee status – as their ‘right of return’. Utter nonsense. Jews prior to the 1948 Independence War miracle, we lived as stateless refugee populations – scattered across North Africa, the Middle East, and all of Europe – for over 2000 years. Jewish stateless refugees had no rights. A basic lie, for Balestinians (Arabs can not pronounce the letter P) to declare that they have rights.Diplomacy has its windows of opportunity.  Prior to the 1948 Israeli Independence War, the UN promoted a 2 State opportunity to Arabs and Jews.  After the victory the window permanently slammed shut for any 2 state solution.  Immediately after the 1967 June War, Israeli leaders favored land for peace.  But with almost 1 million Jews living in Samaria, this window too has permanently slammed shut.Yom HaDin judges the neshama, the Name E’l, as in Elul.  The Book of שמות dedicates 4 Parshaot to the vessels of the Mishkan and garments.  Two Parshaot prior to the sin of the Golden Calf and two Parshaot there after, which close the Book of שמות.  An object casts its shadow.  This idea explains סוד.  A building stands upon a concealed יסוד.  This method of scholarship, the opposite of רמז, words contained in other words, בראשית:  ברית אש, ראש בית, ב’ ראשית.  Herein the 6 letters of בראשית teach the discipline of רמז.  The discipline of סוד works in the opposite way, it expands a concealed agenda through other metaphors like, for example יסוד.  The foundation upon which a building stands – a סוד concealed from view.Check out the opening of 1st Kings.  There the Order of king Shlomo’s administrators mentioned in both order and detail.  Oral Torah logic works by making “measured” comparisons by which a person can judge the depth of an idea.  A blueprint reads by having a front, side, top view of an designed object.  Reading a blueprint gives a 3 dimensional view of that designed object, as read from a 2 dimensional blueprint.  Just looked at some modern commentators who express their fervent belief in the new testament avoda zara.  These writers, as a rule, parrot the written words from their Bible translations.  They offer no depth analysis of the words which they quote.  By stark contrast, rabbi Akiva handed over a kabbala known as פרדס unto his students.  The entire works of Mishna and Gemara, both stand upon the יסוד of פרדס scholarship.  A thousand years later, Reshon scholarship, debated sh’ittot on how to understand פשט.  Scholarship on the Talmud, which lacks a working disciplined knowledge of פרדס, directly compares to Xtianity biblical commentators who quote directly from their bible translations, to preach their son of god noise.The Auchron sh’itta which teaches פלפול likewise fails to teach פרדס.  The emptiness of this popular Yeshiva learning device … a child learns all week in Yeshiva, his rav teaches the פלפול method of scholarship.  That child comes home for shabbot, and at the shabbot dinner table talks about all subjects – other than his learning in the Yeshiva.  The problem with פלפול, this splitting of hairs between how one Reshon commentator learns a line of Gemara vs. how another Reshon comments – on that identical Gemara phrase – only a few of the boys actually follow the fission scholarship as taught by their Maggid shiur.  Never met a child who possesses the skill to discuss his פלפול learning at the shabbot table!  If for no other reason than this, this פלפול sh’itta of learning – its just plain wrong.  Rabbis treat פרדס, in a similar wrong way – comparable to saying the 13 middot in the month of Elul. During prayers of selichot, Yidden open the doors revealing the Safer Torah within.  Over and again Yidden repeat the 13 tohor middot prayer matras.  Never once does any Rabbinic authority challenge the folk to discern/understand the distinction between a tohor midda from a tohor midda.  How can a person dedicate their דרך ארץ walk before HaShem, if that person never strives to define – from the Torah – tohor middot?!Throwing out names of revered authorities, like for example, the Maharal of Prague etc., appeals to authority fails to teach the required kabbala of פרדס, upon which the entire Talmud learns.  The concealed common denominator that links the vessels of the Mishkan and garments of the Cohonim, with the appointments of the key Administrative posts made by king Shlomo’s Order of government, [compare and contrast].  This Torah/Prophets depth analysis, what common denominator do they share in common?  Both Primary sources omit any and all reference to the establishment of a Federal lateral common law Court system.  The basis of Yetro’s mussar given unto Moshe, prior to the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.Weigh the blessing within the Shemone Esri:ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב ותשכן בתוכה כאשר דברת, ובנה לתוכה תכין: ברוך אתה ה’, בונה ירושלים.
        with the opening set of stories in the first Book of Kings compared to the last four closing Parshaot of the 2nd Book of the Torah, which address the vessels of the Mishkan and the Cohen garments.  The k’vanna of these two comparative case studies shares a common root foundation, they both, as stated above, omit the key subject of Federal lateral common law courts.Justice through courts of lateral Common Law defines the Good Name of Jerusalem, rather than some grand Temple structure made of wood and stone.  The learning of Talmud requires knowledge of rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbala.  The study of Talmud, פרדס most essentially defines. The רמז\סוד compares to the roots of a tree, ever expanding in search of water and minerals, which the tree requires in order to live.  Like the foundation upon which a building stands, so too and how much more so, the roots necessary for classic plant life, excluding mushrooms.

        To understand the halakic component of the Talmud also compares to the grammar of Hebrew verbs. Each and every Hebrew verb has a two or three letter שרש root, upon which Hebrew grammar builds its language.  What does the 3 letter verb root compare?  To racism.  The first word of the Torah, its 6 letters conceals, it hints to a basic רמז of 2 beginnings/ב’  ראשית. Language opposed by actions; racism employs both the slander/perversion of words, together with violent crimes, committed by mass murder psycho-paths, together with their groupy (just following orders) followers.The Creation story establishes as its center stage prop, the metaphor of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil. The kabbala of this story, most essentially defines Talmud through the tohor and tuma Yatzirot within our hearts.  The symbol of life and death, expressed through the tohor and tuma Yatzirot, as expressed in the mitzva of kre’a shma, the Mishna understands that through this mitzva, Yidden have the opportunity to choose the yoke of Fear of Heaven; and live their lives for the purpose of building the reputation of their Good Name. The language of this opening Torah story, a world full of chaos and anarchy, contrasts with the Order imposed by the 7 days of Creation.  These two opposing powers of conflict, they mirror – they reflect – the two fundamentally opposed forces within Nature – life & death.  The eternal conflict between these two opposing great powers, in their own odd manner, equally defines the laws of gravity; they create a magnetic field, which impacts human health.The kabbala of rabbi Akiva’s hints to a possible comparison to the basis of physics: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force – the 4 fundamental forces of Physics.  James Clark Maxwell through mathematical equations unified electric and magnetic forces in 1864.  About 80 years thereafter, quantum physics consolidated electromagnetism with quantum physics.  The interaction of these 4 primary forces, both פרדס and forces of physics, both tend to interact, so to speak, on a subatomic level.The kabbala of rabbi Akiva’s פרדס scholarship sh’itta, the דרוש\פשט roots search for and seek out the prophet mussar which the Aggadic/Midrash stories contain.  To derive from either Aggadita or Midrash the essential “water and minerals” which the שורשים search, requires the acquired, and repeated practiced wisdom of דרוש\פשט.  Previously, an earlier metaphor employed to describe this wisdom of Torah scholarship, the reference to the warp and weft of a loom.Following the victory of the assimilated school of Talmudic scholarship, the rabbis that embrace with a passion Greek philosophy and logic; after the son of the Rosh and rabbi Karo embraced the assimilationist sh’itta of the Rambam, a violent “Civil War” erupted.  A g’lut Civil War does not resemble a revolution or classic nation state Civil War.  G’lut Jewry did not command their own armies.  What the Rambam civil war did attract, hostile foreign States intervention.   It began in Paris with the burning of the Talmud, and then spread to the expulsion of entire Jewish communities in France, Germany, and Spain. German authorities took advantage of the anarchy among g’lut Jewry and imposed crushing taxation which destroyed the Jewish economy.  The Church followed this economic attack with a decree that forced Jews to live in ghetto imprisonment for something like 300 years.  These cruel policies caused a massive population transfer of Jewish stateless refugee populations.  Jews in their 100,000s fled from Western Europe unto Eastern Europe; something like the fork in the road leading to the Nazi death camps.  A tried and true method of refugee population control.  The haven of Eastern Europe proved itself as a mirage of water in the desert.Post Karo rabbinic Judaism shifted Torah scholarship away from the Talmud and directed the focus of its energies upon the Shulchan Aruch – the cliff notes of the בית יוסף.  Then followed the canard that rabbi Karo based his rulings on halaka, that he followed a majority opinion based upon the Rif, Rosh, Rambam disputes – as if the former two followed the same definition of the term halaka as did the heretic.  The realities of ghetto life & poverty, uprooted originality of Torah scholarship.  The best Jewish minds failed to grasp or simply forgot that the Rambam’s definition of halaka raped the kabbala of rabbi Akiva, and the framers of the Talmud and Midrashim.Had real difficulty distinguishing between the blessings:
        ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב ותשכן בתוכה כאשר דברת, ובנה אותה בקרוב בימינו בנין עולם, וכסא דוד מהרה לתוכה תכין:  ברוך אתה ה’, בונה ירושלים. את צמח דוד עבדך מהרה תצמיח, וקרנו תרום בישועתך, כי לישועתך קוינו כל היום:  ברוך אתה ה’, מצמיח קרן ישועה.For me, the Siddur shapes the k’vanna of the Yom Tov tefillah.  Erev Yom Kippor placed tefillen of Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam, and remembered the sworn oaths which our forefathers swear at Gilgal and Sh’Cem under the leadership of Yehoshua the prophet.  A person can not observe Avodat HaShem without striving to self actualize Torah defined tohor middot.  For modern Israelis, the Yom Kippor War casts a powerful shadow.   To discuss the ’73 war, it seems to me that this requires understanding US pressure which forced Golda not to repeat the ’67 precedent. Why?  Posting an indictment against this or that Israeli general, based upon 20/20 hindsight, does not expose the conditions and causes for that war. Israeli war time political war decisions came under the shadow of Washington.  Why did the Nixon Administration change the dollar from a gold/silver commodity based currency to a petro-dollar/fiat currency? This decision, how did it impact Nixon’s demand imposed upon Golda, not to make another ’67 surprise attack? Why would OPEC oil producing countries agree to US regulations which restricted and regulated the sale of their own natural resources?   As if Saudi Arabia existed as a State within the US Republic?!   For OPEC countries to agree to restrict the sales of their oil and gas, limited strictly and only unto US Dollar sales requires research. In 1971 France demanded gold or silver for their international dollars. OPEC oil/gas sales to countries abroad, which the Nixon/OPEC agreement limited purchase of OPEC oil/gas strictly to US Dollar purchases, this policy forced France to withdraw their demand upon the US, to  supply them with gold or silver for their inter-national Dollar surplus.What preconditions did the king of Saudi Arabia place upon acceptance of the petro-dollar US monopoly?  Perhaps, a demand that Nixon would pressure Golda not to initiate the coming war? Why? The logic seems simple to me, Israel started the ’67 war and won. If Egypt and Syria along with other Arab States achieve a similar surprise attack, perhaps they would win the approaching war.  This assumption proved false. But Israel, with a population of less than 3 million at the time, suffered 2665 killed in the Yom Kippor War! The Syrian break through the Golan Heights terrified Golda into assuming that Israel would suffer a total defeat in the 3rd Arab States attempt, within the span of the latter half of the 20th century, to throw the Jews into the Sea.  Another possible precondition placed by OPEC oil producing countries, by which OPEC submitted to US regulation of their own natural resources, a demand upon the US, that should OPEC impose an oil embargo against the West, that the US would not invade OPEC countries. Follow the money. How would the Nixon Administration profit from such a deal?  Previously mentioned the hostile economic policy of Paris. The oil embargo exponentially increased the price of oil.   All countries who bought OPEC oil had to have international USD petro-dollars. This made Washington the money lender to the planet!   Not only this, but Nixon imposed the ‘Windfall Profits tax’ upon domestic oil industries!   Overnight the petro-dollar monopoly introduced more cash into the coffers of the US treasury than virtually any domestic private industry thus far taxed!  Therefore Nixon had a stake in the action, an ax to grind, when he demanded from Golda not to initiate the ’73 War!The the Seven Noahide Laws, as enumerated in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 56a:
        Carry out justice – prohibition of any miscarriage of justice.
        No blasphemy – Prohibits a curse directed at the Supreme Being.
        No idolatry – Prohibits the worship of any human or any created thing. Also prohibited is the making …of idols and involvement with the occult. This necessitates an understanding of the One G‑d of Israel and His nature.
        No illicit intercourse – Prohibits adultery, incest, homosexual intercourse and bestiality, according to …Torah definitions.
        No homicide – Prohibits murder and suicide. Causing injury is also forbidden.
        No theft – Prohibits the wrongful taking of another’s goods.
        Don’t eat a limb of a living creature – Promotes the kind treatment of animal life. It also encourages an appreciation for all kinds of life and respect for nature as G‑d’s creation.Chabad loves the Rambam. This ‘halaka’ from the Rambam comes from the Gemara quoted, which teaches Aggaditah. Among the Reshonim scholars (peers of Rambam), the Rambam stands alone whereby he ruled a posok halaka from Aggadic sources! In matters of halaka, the general rule follows like this: individual vs. the majority … the halaka follows after the majority.Chabad which promoted for years their Rebbe false messiah, likewise advertises the Rambam “halaka” known as 7 mitzvot bnai Noach. A load of narishkeit. Why? Rabbi Akiva passed down a kabbala unto his five major talmidim/rabbis [these rabbis transmitted the Talmud as we know it today], a kabbala known as “פרדס”/Chariot mysticism. Rabbi Yechuda the Prince/leader of the Great Sanhedrin\, employed the “פרדס” kabbalah in ALL his Case/Rule Mishnaot. Likewise the Gemara makes its famous Case/Rule analysis by bringing possible precedents [the יסוד of all Common Law systems of law]. To bring a similar case, from the 6 Orders of the Mishna, to make a depth analysis of the Case/Rule as stated in a specific Mishna, requires logic. Order vs. Chaos … logic requires order. Oral Torah most essentially constitutes the expression of Oral Torah logic. A unique logic format totally different from ancient Greek philosophers whose opposing system of logic Plato and Aristotle communicated.As a loom has its warp and weft opposing threads, so too the fabric of the Talmud holds to contrasting “threads”, known as halaka and aggadita.  The halakic code which the Rambam compiled destroyed the halakic “fabric” produced from the halaka/aggadita “loom”. How? Rambam ripped the halakic Talmudic Primary Sources [the later commentators on the Talmud, collectively known as “Reshonim”, Jewish scholarship roughly from 950 CE unto Josef Karo – the 1st generation of “Auchronim” scholarship on the Talmud and Halaka], away from the Aggadic T’NaCH mussar. The Talmud, compiled centuries after the Romans forcibly exiled almost all Jewry from Judea. The Aggadita by means of דרוש examines the pre first Temple and first Temple Torah scholarship, as recorded in the T’NaCH. Chabad erroneously claims that rabbi Karo based his halakic rulings, as codified in the Shulchan Aruch, that he followed the majority opinions expressed by the 3 famous Reshon halakic codifiers – the Rif, the Rosh, and the Rambam. Utter superstitious narishkeit. Rabbi Karo’s famous code exists as the “Cliff Notes” of his primary commentary, he wrote upon the Arba’ah Turim, a commentary known as the בית יוסף.  The Arba’ah Turim, written by Jacob ben Asher, the son of the Rosh. The Rosh denounced the Rambam. Rabbi Asher abandoned the “sh’itta”  how his father learned the definition of halaka from the Talmud, and wrote his now famous Arba’ah Turim, based upon the Rambam “sh’itta” which destroyed the warp/weft/loom “fabric” of the Talmud!The Rambam did not know, much less understand the פרדס kabbala of Rabbi Akiva. His code of law “organized” halaka into subjects. This “alien” imposed Order upon halakic subjects within the pages of the Talmud, directly comparable to the Xtian verses and chapters imposed upon the T’NaCH, effectively changed the essences of the Talmudic concept known as halaka!  Something like rearranging the letters of D O G & G O D.  The Talmudic warp/weft fabric, as expressed through the kabbala of פרדס scholarship … דרוש ופשט a female/male couple. And רמז וסוד a female/male couple. The halakic rulings as found in the B’hag, Rif, Rosh legal codifications sharply contrasts with the ALL halakic rulings located within the Rambam legal codification. The latter code completely redefines the meaning of the term halaka. The warp/weft opposing/contrasting threads in the Talmudic loom, Aggadita requires דרוש\פשט, whereas Halaka requires רמז\סוד. The framers of the Talmud based the entire work of Mishna and Gemara upon the פרדס kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva.The Rambam code radically altered the meaning and k’vanna of all halakic rulings as found within the Talmud. For this reason Rabbeinu Yona, the cousin of the Ramban, the chief rabbi of Spain, placed the Rambam into נדוי/charem – about 15 years after the Rambam died.  Have you ever wondered how millions of Yidden settled in Eastern Europe, Poland, the Ukraine, and Russia?  What caused a huge population transfer of Jews living in Western Europe to uproot their lives and move to Eastern Europe?  Oppression, chaos, and social anarchy prevailed in Jewish communities after the Rambam code passed from Egypt to Spain, to Western Europe. A little known fact, the Baali Tosafot, grand children of Rashi, their famous commentaries upon the Talmud, the Baali Tosafot quote the Rambam on matters of halaka, all of 2 times! In both cases the Tosafot argued against the Rambam.  About 60 years after the Goyim burned all the handwritten manuscripts of the Talmud in Paris 1242, the king of France expelled all Jews from France – this permanently destroyed the Rashi/Tosafot sh’itta how to learn Talmud. Have you ever wondered how Rashi could employ one sh’itta of פשט, in how he learned the Chumash, and an entirely different sh’itta of פשט in how he learned the Talmud?  Till Rashi, no scholar from either the sealed masoret of Mishna and Gemara ever learned by employing two different sets of logic methodologies/sh’ittot!!  How could a later secondary source ie Rashi, employ two opposing schools of פשט when no rabbinic authority within the Mishna and Gemara ever learned through such a strange/foreign sh’itta/method?!  Post Talmudic commentators, like this author, while logic knows no monopoly by T’NaCH, Mishnaic, and Gemara scholars, Rav Ashi sealed the Sha’s, thereby he established the Sha’s as the masoret of faith for all succeeding generations.Rashi has a simple set of reasoning, not so the Rambam, together with his assimilated rabbinic Spanish peers.  The disaster of the 1st Crusades would explode upon Western European g’lut Jewry towards the end of Rashi’s lifetime. The Church, in the best of times, barely tolerated Jewish religious freedom, which Church dogma called ‘Free Will’. But the latter days of Rashi’s life witnessed the worst of times in Jewish refugee relations with Goyim authorities! Jewish scholarship on the Talmud, Church repression forced them to write in an obscure and obtuse style, in order to get the Goyim censors permission to publicly publication their commentaries which they made upon the Talmud.  The Crusades would obliterate virtually all major exile Jewish communities across Germany. The Friars and Monks deeply despised the Talmud. Rashi’s commentary to the Chumash taught the פרדס kabbala of דרוש\פשט. The Rashi commentary to the Talmud taught a simple פשט, to assist young youthful scholarship, how to correctly read a page of Gemara. Most people erroneously separate the פשט learning on the Chumash from the פשט learning on the Talmud.  The Talmud, not easy to learn to read. Besides mixtures of Hebrew and Aramaic, it employs a warp\weft fabric of halaka\aggadita.  Rashi’s פשט sh’itta on the Chumash taught the פרדס kabbala of how to study and learn the Talmud.The classic Talmudic halakic commentaries prior to publishment of the Rambam “counter” halaka, the B’hag and Rif, halakic commentaries, their halakic rulings bound themselves to the pages of the Sha’s (6 Orders of the Mishna – a name that refers to the entire works of the Talmud), as did the post Rambam halakic code written by the Rosh. פרדס kabbala weaves aggadita together with halaka; the one cannot exist without the other. Contrast the Rambam code whereby the halaka stands completely independent from the aggadita of the Talmud!!  Under the Rambam notion, halaka stands alone and independent from aggadita. This opinion, due to its gross ignorance of the kabbala of פרדס, transmitted to all the rabbis within the pages of both Mishna and Gemara!   Most of Spain’s rabbinic authorities of the Rambam’s day, had equally assimilated and embraced the rediscovered ancient Greek philosophies. Published after Muslim armies invaded and conquered most of Spain.Over a 1000 years before the Reshonim scholarship upon the Talmud, Jews rebelled against the Syrian Greeks and won Jewish national Independence for the first time since the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. At that time, like the assimilated Spanish rabbinic authorities, the Tzeddukim sons of Aaron, they too assimilated and embraced the culture and customs of Greek Syria. They wanted Jerusalem to follow the model of a Greek polis City State. The assimilated Tzeddukim embraced and accepted ancient Greek philosophy, specifically the Greek concepts of logic taught by Plato and Aristotle.After the burning of the Talmud in Paris in 1242, thereafter appeared the Zohar. This work the kabbalist, known as the Ramban, he did not know about the “kabbala” of the Zohar. The Zohar makes claims to the penmanship of rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Also known by his acronym Rashbi. A 2nd-century tannaitic scholar, active after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. One of the most eminent disciples of Rabbi Akiva, and attributed by many Orthodox Jews with the authorship of the Zohar, the chief work of Kabbala. This narishkeit attempt to foist authorship upon the Rashbi, fails to grasp that the Zohar midrashic style commentary to the Chumash – does not teach פרדס. Therefore Shimon bar Yochai simply could not have authored the Zohar.The Rambam did not write the Zohar, but a theory of his authorship of the Zohar makes far better sense than that of bar Yochai! The latter understood the discipline of פרדס scholarship whereas the former did not understand פרדס scholarship at all. The Rambam code, organized halaka into neat tidy subjects; this code stands upon Aristotelian logic. The Perushim placed the assimilated Cohonim Tzeddukim into נדוי\charem. How could assimilated Tzeddukim receive the classification of רשעים while assimilated Spanish rabbinic authorities, like the Rambam, enjoy the legal status as tzaddikim? 180 decree polar opposites! The lights of Hanukkah dedicate the commitment to HaShem to interpret the Written Torah strictly by and through Oral Torah (פרדס) logic. The Rambam interprets both Chumash and Talmud relying upon ancient Greek logic, the same logic format that significantly contributed to the blessing after meals description of רשעים who sought to cause Israel to forget the Torah. Which Torah? Not the Written Torah, but rather the Oral Torah logic system revealed to Moshe at Horev, 40 days following the sin of the Golden Calf on Yom Kippor. The first face of avoda zara – assimilation. Expressed in the non specific commandments – after the ways of Egypt and Canaan, do not follow. These non specific commandments forbade assimilation to all foreign non Cohen cultures and customs, not just limited to ancient Egyptian and Canaanite cultures and customs.  Assimilation to alien foreign cultures and customs represents a fundamental aspect of tuma, the Evil inclination within the bnai brit hearts. The first word of the Torah בראשית contains a powerful רמז\words within words – ב’ ראשית \ two beginnings; two Creation stories, and two Yatzirot within the heart. The word Canaanite refers to a merchant or trader. The Talmud in בבא קמא refers to Canaanites as stateless refugees temporarily living within the borders of Judea. By comparison, post war Confederate states called Canaanites – carpetbaggers. The 5th Book of the Torah acknowledges two types of Goyim living within the jurisdiction of the Great and small Sanhedrin Federal Courts: ger toshav and na’cra’im/Canaanites. The famous Aggadita of the Gemara of Sanhedrin refers to Gere Toshav folk. Keepers of the 7 mitzvot within the borders of Judea, if they suffered damages by an Israel, they could take the Israel to court and demand restitution for damages. The Na’cree/Canaanite stateless refugee enjoyed no such rights. If the ox of an Israel damaged the ox of a Na’cree/Canaanite, the Israel enjoyed legal exemption from paying damages to any foreign refugee temporarily residing within the borders of Judea!  Stateless refugee Jewish population by comparison, likewise enjoyed little or no legal rights throughout our 2000+ years of g’lut. No Great Sanhedrin possess jurisdiction to try Capital Crimes murder cases outside of Judea. The error of Rambam’s Greek based logic code, his halaka attempts to impose the 7 mitzvot as Universal commandments applicable to all Goyim.  Rubbish. The opening pages of the Gemara of Avoda Zara teaches that the Goyim rejected the brit of Sinai.  No Sanhedrin court has jurisdiction to compel the police of foreign countries to enforce any Sanhedrin death sentence decreed upon a bnai noach who violates one of the 7 mitzvot, while living in their native countries.  Yet the 7 mitzvot Universal commandments of the Rambam, would require an absurd extension of Sanhedrin authority.Herein touches the two fundamental errors that brought g’lut upon Israel.  King Shlomo failed to consult with Natan the prophet concerning construction of the Temple.  Post second Temple period Jews assume that the definition of halaka, that all the halakic codes follow the same definition.  The first error, king Shlomo aggrandized building a structure of wood and stone, rather than taking the mussar given by Yitro to Moshe, of the need to establish a Federal Sanhedrin Court System as the Temple.  The 2nd error, Jewish rabbinic leadership failed to grasp the fundamental distinctions between the Talmudic פרדס definition of halaka from assimilated Rambam, and his Greek definition of halaka.To grasp the distinction which separates the ברכות between
        ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב … לאת צמח דוד עבדך מהרה תצמיח, וכו’These two fault lines within the crust of Yiddishkeit, compares to the distinction between Pasach and Chag Sukkot.  Moshiach kingdom of David prioritizes obedience unto the commandments commanded by the prophets, as possessing greater importance over the commandments to sanctify korbanot.  The Temple stands upon the יסוד of the rebuke which Yitro gaves to Moshe, according to some opinions – after the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.  A solid proof for this opinion, 70 Sanhedrin elders went up together with Moshe to receive the Torah.  That Sanhedrin of judges, Israel murdered at the sin of the Golden Calf.  Only Aaron survived the slaughter of the first Great Sanhedrin.  This Jewish Civil War disaster, known as the Golden Calf, later generations confuse the form of the Golden Calf with the substance of the violent murder of the Israeli government leadership.  Later in the Book of במדבר Moshe would re-establish the 2nd Great Sanhedrin government, two of the appointed Judges had a vision that Moshe would die in g’lut.The new testament Greek/Roman forgery that depicts the cruel torture and mutilation followed by human sacrifice as a valid Torah korban, serves to testify unto the mussar rebuke by which the prophet Shmuel denounced king Shaul; his actions of choosing sacrifice over obedience, they serve as eternal witness that the story of Jesus son of Zeus merits odium, utter and total contempt.King Shaul profaned the anointing of his Moshiach when he failed to obey the commandment of Shmuel to utterly destroy the people and property of Amelek – a משל to the Yatzir Ha’Ra נמשל within the brit Cohen people.  This tragedy of Shaul, best depicts the dedication of David to the kingdom of Shaul, despite the fact that David viewed Shaul as his worst, most dangerous enemy!  All who participated in the direct death of king Shaul, David ruled their evil actions as a Capital Crime which negated their “right” to live – he ordered their execution.  The behavior of David to the רשע who proclaimed he killed king Shaul essentially separates
        את צמח דוד עבדך מהרה תצמיח, from ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב ותשכן בתוכה.As previously introduced, the Yom Tov Chaggaim, they equally define the k’vanna of the Siddur tefillah.  Chag Sukkot compares to Chag Pasach by means of the 4 species measured against the 4 questions.  As such the two ברכות within the Shemone Esri merit close comparison:
        ברוך אתה ה’, אלהינו ואלהי אבותינו, אלהי אברהם, אלהי יצחק, ואלהי יעקב, האל הגדול הגבור והנורא, אל עליון, גומל חסדים טובים, וקונה הכל, וזוכר חסדי אבות, ומביא גואל לבני בניהם למען שמו באהבה:  זכרנו לחיים, מלך חפץ בחיים, וכתבנו בספר החיים, למענך אלהים חיים, מלך עוזר ומושיע ומגן:  ברוך אתה ה’, מגן אברהם.This blessing introduces the Nefesh Ya dedicated unto HaShem on Chag Pasach.  Its dedication of כנוי מדות/pronounces in place of the Name HaShem closely resembles to Rosh HaShana davening which dedicates unto HaShem the Neshama El, as in אל מלך חנון ורחום.  The language of מלך, a rabbinic כנוי מדה.  A similar example where in Torah faith dedicates tohor כנוי מדות unto HaShem, located in the opening ברכה of ברכת המזון.
        הזן את העולם כלו בטובו, בחן בחסד וברחמים…כי הוא אל זן ומפרנס לכל.
        This the opening ברכה of ברכת המזון, not only contains the major points of all blessings that thereafter follow, this ברכה teaches the אב\תולדות relationship of סמוכים which defines the k’vanna of the entire Shemone Esri tefilla.
        As such the dedication of the nefesh Ya on Pasach compares and resembles to the dedication of the nefesh Yechida on Chag Sukkot:

        מודים אנחנו לך, שאתה הוא ה’ אלהינו ואלהי אבותינו לעולם ועד, צור חיינות מגן ישענו אתה הוא לדור ודור, נודה לך ונספר תהלתך, על חיינו המסורים בידך, ועל נשמותענו הפקודות לך, ועל נסיך שבכל יום עמנו, ועל נפלאותיך וטובותיך שבכל עת ערב ובקר  וצהרים, הטוב כי לא כלו רחמיך, והמרחם, כי לא תמו חסדיך, מעולם קוינו לך:  ועל כלם יתברך ויתרומם שמך מלכנו תמיד לעוךם ועד.על הנסים ועל הפרקן ועל הגבורות ועל התשועות ועל המלחמות שעשית לאבותינו בימים ההם בזמן הזה: וכל החיים יודוך סלה, ויחללו את שמך באמת, האל ישועתנו ועזרתנו סלה:  ברוך אתה ה’, הטוב שמך ולך נאה להודות.This year Chag Sukkot opens and concludes with a Shabbat/Yom Tov, the double portion of the first born Cohen.  The משל wherein the Torah compares Israel to the first born son, refers to the chosen Cohen nation.  The concluding blessing of שלום depends upon the Cohen nation doing avodat HaShem through tohor middot and tohor כינוי מדות\pronouns of the Name.  Goyim know nothing of tohor, assimilation to the customs and manners practiced by Goyim, by definition – Yidden cease to value the dedication of tohor middot and tohor כינוי מדות unto HaShem.  The dedication of tohor middot and tohor pronoun middot, they both define the k’vanna of avodat HaShem.  As the Cohen House of Aaron can not do their avodat HaShem without tohor middot, so too the Moshiach House of Israel can not do their avodat HaShem without the dedication of tohor middot.  The Torah commands: do not curse the ruler of your people.  David throughout all the terror of king Shaul, who actively pursued to murder him, he kept this great commandment לשמה.  A very powerful mussar when citizens oppose their governments.Contrast the slaughter of all the Great Sanhedrin judges, except Aaron, at the sin of the Golden Calf.  The nation of Israel behaved in the identical manner as did king Shaul who profaned the holy anointing as Moshiach.  This יסוד tuma Yatzir, it lives and breathes within the hearts of the bnai brit Cohen nation for all generations unto eternity.  T’shuva requires acknowledgement of the tuma middot within our hearts.  Like racism, a confession of words, simply inadequate; the baali t’shuva must practice extreme prejudice and not return to the scene of the crime.Racism as tuma requires both tuma words followed by tuma actions.  For this very reason, the mitzva of tefilla does not depend upon speaking words written in the Siddur.  The Shemone Esri, learns from the mother of Shmuel, whose lips while they moved, she communicated deep emotional struggles within her heart.  Lips, while they can utter praise, praise does not qualify as making a ברכה.  To make a ברכה requires the k’vanna, to make that ברכה prayed, a תולדה of the Torah oath britot individually sworn by the Avot, by which they cut an alliance\brit for their עולם הבא seed, to inherit the oath sworn brit lands.What pre-conditions does the Torah set, as guarantee to dwell securely and prosperously within the oath sworn lands?  That the seed of the Avot rule the land with righteous tohor justice.  Hence the private altars at the 6 cities of refugees – the spokes of the wheel, the Great Sanhedrin Federal Court of the Republic functions as the center of that legal wheel.   The Cohen, head of the small Sanhedrin Court, dedicates a korban upon an altar, outside of Jerusalem.  This korban, serves as a public witness.  That the small Sanhedrin judges, that these justices ruled the דיני נפשות case before the court, on condition the justices sanctified tohor middot unto HaShem throughout the hearing of that case, whereby the justices weighed to impose a capital punishment upon tuma actions that defiled the sanctify of the tohor Cohen nation.Chag Rosh HaShanna dedicates the Divine Name of El within our hearts unto HaShem.  It weighs between the wisdom of Torah from the Canaanite wisdom to acquire wealth.  What does Israel prioritize when we dedicate our Neshama to HaShem?
        אתה קדוש ושמך קדוש, קדושים בכל יום יהללוך סלה, ברוך אתה ה’, האל המלך הקדוש.
        Yom Kippor seals the distinction between wisdom and wisdom, between Israel and Canaan.  The Nefesh Chyyah, called, within the heart, Elohim, this ברכה seals the din upon the brit faith.רצה ה’ אלהינו בעמך ישראל ובתפלתם  והשב את העבודה לדביר ביתך, ואשי ישראל ותפלתם, באהבה תקבל ברצון, ותהי לרצון תמיד עבודת ישראל עמך:  אלהינו (remembrance of the oath sworn at Gilgal) ואלהי (remembrance of the oath sworn at Sh’Cem) אבותינו, יעלה ויבוא ויגיע, ויראה וירצה וישמע, ויפקד ויזכר זכרוננו ופקדוננו וזכרון אבותינו, וזכרון משיח בן דוד עבדך, וזכרון ירושלים עיר קדשך, וזכרון כל עמך בית ישראל, וכו’ ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים.  ברוך אתה ה’, המחזיר שכינתו לציון.The annual reading of the Torah concludes with ברכות which remember the avodat HaShem which Yaacov swore as his personal dedication and mussar commandment inheritance which he blessed his children before he passed.  To make a ברכה, with fear of heaven, requires that a person restricts his religious customs and practices limited to times that tohor spirits rule within his heart.  During times when tuma spirits prevail within the heart, fear of heaven demands that a Man acknowledges the dominance of tuma spirits within his heart.  This concept learns from the Torah commandment for a woman to separate herself during נדה.  The concept of Shekina, a kabbalist term, distinguishes fundamentals.  Tohor and tuma spirits reside in the heart, not the mind.  These spirits cause the internal organs, within the body, to produce powerful emotions, which directly influence how the mind reacts to them.
        The repetition and struggle within our hearts between tohor and tuma middot defines Torah wisdom.  Previously differentiated between the wisdom of a tradesman from the knowledge of a PhD.  Wrestling with the Yatzir within us occurs throughout our lives  For this reason the Torah cannot become antiquated.  Just as king David tripped in the matter of Bathsheba, so too we all experience personal failures in our walk before HaShem to live moral lives.Torah faith stands upon the יסוד of justice.  During the terrible g’lut that culminated in the Shoah, did any Court under Goyim governments ever condemn the Church for its blood libel tuma words which produced pogroms and expulsion of entire Jewish communities from countries across Europe?  Compensation for damages requires judicial courts of law dedicated to justice as Divine rather than kings as Divine.  Europe for many centuries favored the divine right of kings to rule.  But never did any of these kings ever demand that the courts of the nation uphold justice.  Both Church and State viewed Jews as pawns or serfs or slaves.  Never did the Goyim validate the refugee status of g’lut Jewry, temporarily residing in tuma g’lut lands.Justice weighs between tohor and tuma spirits; tohor and tuma middot within the heart of man.  Spirits do not exist as words.  The only way, as in racism, that a judge can weigh tohor or tuma – strictly and only through actions.  Animals have signs which determine the tohor or tuma status of an animal.  Man does not have fins and scales, which expose the prevailing spirit which dominates the heart of a man.  Justice requires an examination of the actions taken by the man who stands in judgment before the Court.  Hence when an Israel observes commandments, mitzvot, and halakot, these “signs” serve as witnesses that that man, before the Court, strives to dedicate unto HaShem tohor middot.Confusion arises when rabbinic leadership fails to understand the absolute supremacy of tohor and tuma middot in Torah faith.  If the distinction between the two – utterly irrelevant, whether a person today, has either tohor or tuma middot dominant within his heart.  Then either way, a  person can do mitzvot, as such, how can commandments exist as a sign?  To what does this tohor/tuma parameter compare?  To a homosexual man keeping mitzvot.  The Torah assigns observance of commandments as signs of tohor spirits within the heart, comparable to a beast chewing its cud, and having cloven hoofs.  A homosexual man keeping mitzvot compares to a woman, experiencing her period, and called up to read from the Torah on shabbot.The essence of Torah faith breathes and lives through tohor middot.  If Yidden fails to study and distinguish between tohor and tuma middot, then Yidden abandons the faith of being the chosen Cohen nation.  Blessings or Curses: rule through Courts dedicated to righteous justice or struggling to survive as exiles in foreign lands whose judicial justices serve the governments which pay their salaries.  The issue of national interests, primarily determines government policy.  Governments do not primarily consider the plight of stateless refugees and minorities, who have no country of their own, as equal to their most essential political calculations by which these leaders determine the strategic national interests of the State.The modern State of Israel, does not stop and weigh the needs of Balestinian refugees – they have no rights, just as Jews in g’lut had no rights.  Justice requires that the term refugee does not have one definition for Jews and an entirely different definition for Balestinians by which the racist antisemites condemn Israel as an Apartheid state.

  26. Post the sealing of the Talmud by Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina, about 450 CE, according to the kabbala received from my Rav, Aaron Nemuraskii of Jerusalem, scholarship on the Talmud strives to learn the Talmud as the basis of understanding the k’vanna of the Siddur, specifically the mitzva of tefilla as expressed through the Shemone Esri.

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