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Most of the Earthlings keep looking at the happenings in the Middle East, in horror. We assume, and many times are made to believe, that any time this conflict may spill over to the other regions of the world, making way for World War III. If we thought that the 21st-century World War would be fought, just like the previous two wars, then we are sadly mistaken. In fact, without our awareness, World War III has already begun. This is a long drawn war, which would last for a couple of decades. The war can be divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Masquerading
  • Phase 2 – Utter Chaos
  • Phase 3 – Subjugation

Phase 1- Masquerading

We are towards the end of ‘Phase 1’. The developments until now were looking, in control, and moving in a linear fashion. However, some of the recent developments indicate, that few aspects of ‘Phase 2’ have emerged preternaturally, which is hastening the world towards ‘Phase 2’, in a disorderly manner.

Amongst many, the most important pillars of modern-day warfare are economic, psychological, and technological warfares. These pillars are so integrated that despite being separate entities, they intersect and complement each other, regularly.


In the 80s, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, along with the opening of the Chinese economy,  ushered in the vision for the Chinese supremacy. The coming two decades were dedicated to ancient Chinese wisdom of “Deck the Tree with False Blossoms”(Through the use of artifice and disguise, make something of no value, appear valuable), and “Deceive the heavens and cross the ocean”(Mask your real goals with a fake goal, until your aims are achieved). Let us see, how the whole plan was implemented.


Soon after the opening of the Chinese economy in the 80s, both the United States and China had their goals set. The United States wanted China to join the mainstream world, and open up it’s vast markets to the western world. China had its sight set on achieving its past glory. Education and technological advancements were the need of the hour for China. Soon, the exchange programs were introduced. Chinese students and scientists inundated the American universities, and research institutions, to fulfill that dream.  Rampant stealing of the American trade secrets, military secrets and research papers by these students and scientists leapfrogged Chinese progress.

The initial plans of “Feign Madness but Keep your Balance”(Hide behind the mask of a simpleton, to create confusion about your intentions and motivations), were fulfilled by the turn of the millennium. China got the best and cutting edge technology from around the globe, in its factories. This improved China’s know-how of the latest technology in the world, at no extra cost. China didn’t work on hunches and hopes; rather, it took into account a full consideration of all prevailing constraints and contemporary realities in the larger context, to move steadily towards its goals. The hundred-year marathon is one such plan, and China is determined to climb that tower of Babel, at any cost. China wants to be the number one country in the world by the year 2049 – the hundredth year of the revolution.


Soon into the 21st century, China started consolidating its position in various fields. The United States and the rest of the world were busy with the conflicts in West Asia. This kept the attention away from China. China remained focused on its goals and never took part in any peacekeeping force, or conflict resolution. China quietly kept spreading its wings in Africa, Australia, N & S America, and The South China Sea, militarily and economically. It was building Islands and military bases in the disputed South China Sea with impunity, adding to China’s economic and military reach. China’s purchase of mines and rare earth deposits, all over the world, was considered an innocuous investment. However, no one realized that China was building the capacity, which could choke crucial supplies to any country, which didn’t toe its line. In 2015 alone, China invested over $60 billion in Africa. By 2018, the staggering figure had reached over $299 billion. China further strengthened its position by doling out loans for infrastructure and other projects to gullible countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. China is the sole lender in the world, who hopes, not to get the loans paid back. Nonpayment of loans, facilitates China in acquiring ports, airfields, and State-run companies, of defaulting countries, at a bargain price. This also gives China a foothold, in far-flung lands, which would be crucial, if and when, the hostilities break out.

The turn of the millennium was the right time to introduce many concepts in a more aggressive manner. One of them was to modify the thought process of the world, in China’s favor. The deception was the key ingredient of this concoction. Major western think-tanks, policymakers, and columnists were either hired for the purpose or misled into believing the deceptive information. The western media was flooded with advertisements depicting China, as a very powerful, very advanced but still very humble, and just country. Over 500 Confucius Institutes, on the campuses of foreign universities, were effectively used to further the spread of the Chinese way of thinking.  University campuses were the right place to start the spread of Chinese psychological tool, ‘Alienation’. It aimed at generating dissension and discord in the intra-governments, military-civil, and intra-military groups of the rival countries. The purpose was simple, demoralize the key elements of the opposing forces at any cost. This task was further supported by a team of over 2 million hackers and deep-fakers. They bombard rival countries with disinformation and fake videos. The quality of these fakes is extremely good and has been successful in altering the opinion of the populace in many countries. Nepal is one such example. Chinese firmly believe in the phrase, “castles are inevitably easier to attack from within”.



Chart Courtesy:

The American ways of punishing countries economically, are old and outdated. China is the new champion of direct economic action. Case, in particular, is of South Korea’s Lotte Group. In Mar 2017, Lotte Group agreed to a land-swop deal with the Korean Government that permitted the latter to host the United States missile defence system THAAD. China perceived THAAD as a threat, and responded strongly against Lotte, by closing down 90 of its stores in China. Lotte lost $9.6 billion for legitimately handing over land to its own government, in its own country. This action of China indicated that it is either getting aggressive or desperate.

Many other innovative companies world over, are also bleeding profusely, due to various Chinese actions. Integrated circuits company Micron, Dutch semiconductor company ASML, steel producer U.S. Steel, battery company A123 Systems, microchip producer ATopTech are all victims of Chinese espionage and bankruptcy buyout. Motorola, once a leading American company, was amongst the first few to get into China. China had one condition, Motorola teaches the latest and most advanced technology to its Chinese employees and suppliers. Motorola knew that China would copy the company’s technology and become a competitor. But in its greed to capture the Chinese market, it committed suicide.  Motorola was eventually bought by a Chinese company, Lenovo. Boeing, Apple, Pratt and Whitney, Microsoft, Tesla, and many others also remained ignorant, and have lost billions, while trying to capture the Chinese market. China is estimated to be accountable for 50 to 80 percent of intellectual property theft worldwide. China is also accused of over 90 percent of cyber-enabled economic espionage in the United States. It has been estimated by various economic groups that Chinese intellectual property theft is damaging the U.S. economy by over $300 billion annually.


Courtesy: The Balance

China had heavily invested the revenue earned from exports, in the U.S. Treasury Bonds. China owns almost a fourth of the U.S. debt, owned by foreigners($1.09 Trillion), which is a ticking bomb. If China, withdraws this money, it would lead to the free fall of the dollar and start a currency war.  However, time for the currency war would come in ‘Phase 2’.



Innovative Economies: Courtesy

In the last decade, China recognized that transfer of basic technology from the West is not going to help it realize its plan. Access to the latest and cutting edge, military and commercial technology was urgently needed. To achieve that aim, China introduced a new principle, ‘Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao(When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear). China’s strategy was to rob, replicate and replace. Rob the technologically advanced companies of its intellectual property (IP), replicate the technology, and replace the original company in the Chinese market in the present day and, globally, in the future.

China’s J-22 and J-31 fighter planes bear the striking resemblance to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 respectively. Both the designs were stolen by a Chinese national named Su Bin, who got away with just 46 months in the U.S. federal prison, for his crime. Chinese hackers have been targeting dozens of western universities and private companies over the past many years to steal military-related maritime technology. China is also desperate to make a passenger airplane, to break the American and the French monopoly. They have already hacked and stolen the airplane body designs. The airplane(COMAC) is ready but it lacks a reliable engine. ‘Make in China 2025’, has been launched to fulfill all such dreams, and put China on a fast trajectory.

The question comes, how China gets away with all these thefts. The answer is simple, to escape the American legal system, China has an innovative strategy called, military-civil fusion. This means that IP theft is undertaken by the Chinese military. In case of any legal challenge in the American courts, the commercial venture washes it’s hands off the espionage, since the hacking and stealing was done by the military. This ‘Economic Warfare’ damages the enemy monetarily, and the ‘Psychological Warfare’ breaks the morale of the commercial entities and the military.


AI Competitive Advantage: Courtesy

The quickest, and hassle-free way to get high-tech know-how is to invest in critical technology companies in the West. China has done exactly that. Understanding the intentions of China well, Western countries are worried about the safety of their technological innovation and national security. The investments have been done in the companies, involved in artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, robotics, and financial technology. China is already emerging as a leading country in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’(AI) and ‘Biotechnology’. Proficiency in the production of autonomous drones(UCAV, UCS, UUV), robotic swarms, and remote and nanorobot are taking China, to a different level of modern warfare. AI is revolutionizing the economic and psychological warfare. Imagine the repercussions of a deep-fake video of a military general or a President addressing the troops or the nation. The false dissemination could plunge a country into a civil war, or a war with another country. Go through this YouTube video to understand it better:



Today China has achieved all the aims of ‘Phase 1’. It is the number two economy in the world. It is technologically superior to most nations, and psychologically controlling the thoughts of every policymaker across the globe. In the year 2016, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping had indicated China’s readiness to move to ‘Phase 2’, he stated: “China has become a crucial factor in changing the world political and economic outlay. We need to work harder to turn our monetary strength into international institutional authority.” Is China preparing itself to implement the principle of: Exchange the roles of Host and Guest(Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate)? However, the latest spread of pandemic, may force China to rethink its strategy. The sharp power is not working for China. The time may not be ripe for ‘Phase 2’. The world is waiting with bated breath, what would be China’s next move, and when would China undermine the superior American military, a very advanced American technology, the universal reserve currency US dollar, and the American’s world leadership position.

Continue Reading Part 2


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      1. Yeah, this one I had read. The writer had sent it personally, requesting for my views. Thanks.

    1. Ohh my God. 😳. Thank you Sandomina for your article. This is real hard hitting truth and second face of China. But it will not happen according to Chinese Government. There are many superior countries if they tie up together then supremacy of China will stop. And as per our Bhagwat Gita Versa 6-7…यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत I अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानम सृज्याहम II…means Lord Krishna says…Whenever, O Bharat, righteousness (dharm) declines
      and unrighteousness is rampant,
      I manifest myself.

      Hare Krishna 🚩🙏🏻 Jai Shree ram 🚩🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. That is the exact essence of ancient Indian philosophy. I had written an article on the subject at the beginning of the month.
      Thank you so much, Kenneth, for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.

    1. Thank you so much, Nitin. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Incidentally, this article of mine has crossed 200000 views in a week’s time, across 190 nations.

    1. That is the issue with most of the Chinese immigrants. They do not integrate with the society of their adopted county. They remain largely loyal to CPC. That is the exact saga of Australia, be it politics, business, or even Church, Chinese money and way of life have infiltrated all of them.
      Thank you so much, Gregory, for stopping by and sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Indeed, it is a very vast subject, and I had to struggle to keep it within 1800 words. Hopefully, it has worked out, since over 200000 people have viewed this article in past one week.

      1. Thank you so much, Kunal, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I suppose all the countries which matter are going to come together very soon.

  1. Sadly, the US has long had its attention focused on the Middle East as the US is effectively controlled by the Jewish interests. As an American, I want to see an end to the American Empire which started in The Bad War (1939 – 1945). But, Chinese Supremacism will be a tough yoke for the people of the world to bear. Consider how China has treated the Tibetans for the past 70 years.

    1. The central conservative truth is that it is the greed, not principles, and ethics, that determines the plight of humanity. The central liberal truth is that man-made political process can change a culture and endanger whole humanity. The United States and the EU should have controlled their desire for profit and market domination, this made them land up, selling their liberty.

      1. I am 100% agree with your opinion and research, for the first time iam reading your article Sir, ….. The story is highly informative, every indian must read….

      2. Thank you so much, Dillip, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Indeed, the situation is very precarious. If the world doesn’t come together and speaks in unison, then we are heading for tougher times.

      1. Fully in agreement, timely actions can still delay stages to attain and reach “Budha and not Yudha”

  2. Highly informative and factual. Can India block this COC behemoth? India has never never looked to go beyond its borders. Is it time to do so economically?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, blocking China’s rise is very much possible, and Quad is the only answer to this issue. Somehow, a set of people in Washington, with vested interests, are continuously stalling the progress of Quad.

  3. Very well written. Awaiting your next part eagerly.

    Yes, the Chinese have been masters of deception and have internalized the Tzun TZyu philosophy very well and therefore, one has to be very cautious in dealing with them. Look at the way they have negotiated their borders with every country (except India which has stood firm) to their advantage, happily showing a very benign side and talk “lets leave problems we can solve to the next generation but get on with business”. They have used the same in flexing muscles in South China Sea by diving Vietnam and Phillipines and buying out opposition with BRI. Ask Sri lanka and they will tell you how double faced they are…

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Indeed, China is the master of deception and psyop. I just wonder what is more dangerous, a greedy country being naive, or a naive country being greedy. Whatever it is, but China has emptied its quiver and, it is show-time for the rest of the world.

  4. Well written article. we are inching towards conflict as Germany has already raised bill of 148 Euro for covid loss and others like Australia Uk USA are in the process. It is sure China will not pay and then in turn , these countries will not pay the Bonds purchased by China . Super conflict.WW-III.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Indeed, times to come are going to scary as well as interesting, depends on, from which side of the lens we observe the world.

  5. Sir You said that China will gain with all these temporary negative feelings against them.
    Do you really think that they will win.
    Hope all other countries learn from this.

    1. Thank you so much, Satya, for stopping by sharing your thoughts. You get the answers in the concluding part, which should come out by tomorrow.

  6. The worm to their plans must be this pandemic which they started. Multiple countries must raise claims for costs, losses and penalties incurred. Their bond holdings worldwide and loans to countries can be blocked for payment. Due to the global lockdown people are doing with less which means less Chinese imports. Importing countries must take advantage of this and levy a special import cess on Chinese goods for ‘covid 19’ costs. This will both gain the importing countries much needed revenue (in a politically popular manner) and also cut China’s exports – causing them not only loss but will result in their internal domestic problems when unemployment rises. Local rising employment and incomes since Nixon’s stupid greed induced handshake have enabled the CCP to be locally secure. Use there own policies and let them have problems at home.

    1. Thank you so much, Frederick, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The world is fragmented and disorganized, and China would keep taking advantage of that fragile situation. There are rich countries who think that they can manage the menace, and there are poor countries who couldn’t care less. So only the developing world would be bothered, concerned about there development. My concluding part is coming out tomorrow, and hopefully, that should resolve, some of your questions.

  7. Sandeep , well written , extremely relevant and sharp, thought-provoking and scary . Your writing has improved tremendously and proud to know an ex colleague doing so well in another field, keep it up👍👍

  8. Great insight. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in terms of thoughts bouncing around in my head for some time about the things going on in the world right now.

      1. The united states has to adapt to combat this but I don’t think they will. They are too addicted to being addicted by something. With the introduction of technology I believe the mass has become more ignorant

      2. Of late the United States has not shown the leadership what was expected out of them. Everything is revolving around the Presidential elections and China is making full use of that window of opportunity.

      3. Interesting and credible . Frightening to think of what the Chinese are up to. Especially the covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan and their ability to check the spread in China so quickly while the rest of the world is still grappling with it. It is doubly worrisome for us in South Africa because the Chinese have a firm foothold here. It is a pity that our politicians lack the balls of the Tanzanian president who sent them packing, telling them that Tanzania is not for sale! Sadly, most other African countries are welcoming them with open arms without seeing the bigger picture!

  9. You seem to suggest that the rest of the world is a bunch of simpletons, waiting for China to show up and steal from them. And, if they are, too bad for them.

    1. They are not simpletons, they are divided, and fragmented. Greed is keeping them divided, so as you said, maybe they deserve it.

      1. That’s very nice. However, the poor are again going to get hurt very badly. I hope you are looking for the needy in your area.

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  11. This information on the hard working and cunning China is sending shock waves, especially about their extent of doing anything to achieve not just the number 1 supreme power title but also to control the world…every country’s dream achievement seems to be in the hands of these semi-destroyers.

    1. Thank you so much, Kritica, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The rise of China is indeed worrisome for the free world. It is a known fact that the rise would not be peaceful, else China would not have been investing in the Chinese string of pearls and OBOR, so aggressively, in addition to increasing its military might.

  12. God Respects Those Who Respect themselves …

    Of recent almost all Africans are awaken and all out against China.
    What Crime did China commit?
    Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya even South Africa and others have reacted offensively.
    But to be honest, China has not done worse than what Africans do against fellow Africans. What blacks do against blacks!
    Nigerians kill Nigerians. South Africans kill Africans. Ghanaians kill Nigerians. Ivorians kill Nigerians. Brother killing brother.
    China has not done worse to warrant this African offensive!
    If Africans truly want to be respected outside Africa, there are conditions that must be met.
    1. Blacks should accommodate fellow blacks.
    2. Blacks should support fellow blacks.
    3. Blacks should unite.
    4. Blacks should be self reliant, economically and politically.
    5.Blacks should love their home countries more and stay there more.
    6. African leaders should stop banking and hospitalizing outside Africa. As they make their beds so they should lie on them!
    China is not to blame!

    1. You are absolutely correct. If we do not respect ourselves, and our fellow countrymen, then obviously others would also not respect us.
      Now coming to China, we cannot shun China, but we have to be careful and keep an eye on their activities.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      1. Killing you said not racism. I am African with no regrets. But it beats my imagination that the corner stone had been and still being rejected by the builders. Who are the builders?
        The African leader of course!

      2. I again agree with you. Obviously, the builders of a nation would be locals leaders and not someone sitting in China. Chinese businessmen would come to Africa to make money, every which way. They would be helped by the Chinese government who would hobnob with African leaders.

  13. Excellent … as the name of your website suggests this was truly an insightful piece of writing … and quite alarming the way the future war is going to be fought … moving on to part 2 . Thank you for sharing this so beautifully. excellent job !!!

    1. Thank you so much, Bismi, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you liked it.

  14. Brilliant analysis … can’t wait to read it to my husband !!!
    Without your detail and insight, I was writing abut this ten years ago when I was involved with newspapers, but it didn’t seem to register back then in spite of all the land and business acquisitions, human rights abuses, animal cruelty, Tibet, the Ring of Steel and so on.
    Maybe the Pandemic has an up side it it alerts the world, and galvanises it into action to regain our freedoms in every area of life, every country, and every home, which is still chained to Chinese products…How do I know if a toaster made in Vietnam or Italy has screws made in China as a crude example?
    Magnificent piece, keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much, Valarie, for stopping and sharing your immense experience. Your words speak volumes of your wisdom. It is indeed a great opportunity for the world to wake up, take stock of the past mistakes, and march ahead. There is a lot to be achieved in the area of poverty, hunger, and disease.

      Do read the part 2 of the article here:

      We are doomed if we are controlled by one race, and get treated the way they treat animals in their backyard. Warm regards.

  15. Wonderful articles. Have read both parts. Must appreciate your articulating skills and analyzing capabilities and to present this as well drafted articles. Please correct this small grammatical error in this page :

    “The quickest, and hassle-free way to get high-tech know-how is to invested in critical technology companies in the West.”

    It should be ” to invest” .


    1. Thank you so much, Sudeep, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Over 300000 people have read these articles, but no had your eye for detail. Since I am the writer as well as the editor, such errors become very difficult to catch, despite reading again and again.
      Thank you once again. Stay blessed, stay safe.

      1. I may help in editing or proof reading part if required. Keep doing good work.

      2. Thank you so much, Sudeep. That’s very kind of you. There are few people who have volunteered locally, however, whenever I finish a piece, I want it to go out at the earliest. That leaves a few avoidable mistakes. I hope to do better in the future.

    1. Thank you so much, Rosaliene, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed your husband’s blog.

  16. HI Sandy, we always knew China has been using technology for espionage and get its way at any cost. I heard personally from a top mobile maker in India on how Chinese telecom hardware manufacturers are spying on us and a major risk to our national security but Indian Govt. is not willing to spend the extra bucks to buy non Chinese gear and worse support Indian industry to become competitive and self reliant.

    I am writing a book on ‘2020 & Beyond’ slated for 1st June release and would love to interview you for the same. I can be reached on Check my profile on Linkdedin: rajeevsurana

    1. Hello, Rajeev. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I shall get back to you soon.

    2. Dear Rajeev, I have sent a mail to you, but haven’t received any response from you.

  17. Could have. After reading your post I feel that we are not in WWIII silently, but this could be the onset. Many things will happen before WWIII, and all within the next 5 years.

    1. I somehow feel that the day we start armed WWIII, that would be the last day of humanity. Even during the peak of the cold war, other than the Cuban Missile Crisis, both the superpowers never came to the eyeball to eyeball conflict.
      The conflict with China would also not go beyond the proxy war and challenging each other at high seas.

    1. Haha… Not me, Rama, the Chinese do. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  18. An undisputed fact. China has clearly revealed its intent in words and by action. It lied low initially, bolstering its multifarious capabilities and when every country relied on it in trade and commerce it wanted to assert itself both in sea from where the world trade is done. Having achieved its intent, what happened in WUHAN is known to all. For India, and other countries, the adverse effect of virus is really telling. Now it has flexing its muscle including with borders of our country.

    Lets see what happens next. I think the way the world is experiencing the virus related ill-effects, nothing could be said for sure.

    We have to be self-reliant in every way otherwise we shall have to repent.

    1. Thank you so much, Harbans, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience as a thinker, writer, and intellectual.
      The United States and many other countries are also indulging in similar activities, as Chiba is, however, there is a major difference, between China and other countries. The checks and balances. The Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Militaries cannot take unilateral decisions. And even if they take any illegal steps, they would be hauled up by various inquiries and commissions. There is no difference between government-run vs privately held businesses in China. They are one and the same. That is how so much IP theft has taken place within China. The owner or the promoter can be removed anytime, unceremoniously if he/she becomes too powerful, or doesn’t toe the government line.
      The pandemic has exposed many fault lines in our current system. No system is perfect and such global issues give us opportunities to tweak with these fault lines.
      I am planning to write about how to deal with the current issues, as well as, how to deal with China. It is a mammoth task. I sincerely hope that I am able to do justice(though dealing with such a topic in a short essay is like showing torch to the sun).
      Warm regards.

      1. Thanks a lot for your commentary – an exhaustive one on China where everything is centralized. No one has control over the production from provision of raw materrials to the finalal finished products. Even a petty news cannot get pulished without the permission of the Central authority.

        You must have heard about skirmished in Sikkim border area yesterday. China is creating problem and want us to get distracted from the irus to either Pak border or China border. This is in fact a sinister design.

      2. Yes, Harbans. I know that. They know that the whole world is struggling with the pandemic spread by them, so they are trying to take advantage of hiding behind it.
        But this time around, they are in for a surprise. The world has had enough of them and their treacherous behavior.

      3. I am sure the world will not be able to harm the interests of China. They have control over most of the members of the UNO and further WHO is in their control; we all are aware of this. The way they are transgressing the territories of the neighbours including INDIA as it has doe in Sikkim and Ladhakh region, it goes to show that Chinese has started taking in more than IT CAN CHEW since we have elements of destruction in us only – our egocentric tendencies. It may be individualist of related to a country. Rome and other civilizations got their sweet lessons when they considered their civilizations as the supreme ones.

      4. Thank you so much, Harbans, for your scholarly review. I would like to say one thing today, the world has to rise above greed and look after humanity. China has not displayed any intention which shows anything beyond their personal interest. However, this time they have bitten more than they can chew. This could be the beginning of China’s undoing.
        Warm regards.

      5. Your comments are really on dot. The tragedy is that China has influenced the entire world and they can influence every important forums for their benefit. Furthermore China can go to any limit – good or not so good, in getting what they want- by threats or through giving them some sops as happened in the case of Sri Lanka or to that matter in our immediate neighborhood Nepal, Pak (which has sold themselves to China. Lets see what happens. India has started its act by taking care of small and medium industries for enhancing indigenous production.

      6. I suppose India is going in the right direction. I was discussing the same with some other people, that this pandemic can be turned into an opportunity for the people, if the leadership takes the right steps, in the right direction. Thank you so much, Harbans, for stopping by.

      7. I am sure, if India takes right steps at this opportune times then surely, India can show to the world at large that we can do better if we have will to perform but, of course, with the right leadership at the right places – especially at the helm of affairs.

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    Notre amitié elle est importante pour moi
    Tes petits messages déposés sur mon blog
    C’est comme une flamme d’un feu de bois
    Qui dans mon cœur me met de la joie
    Cette amitié je la regarde comme le soleil ou une étoile qui brille dans le ciel
    Elle reste éternelle
    En attendant je te dis bonne journée ou belle soirée
    Bisous amicales

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  22. This was definitely the most well-researched piece I have come across on the subject. Insightful and lucid. Given, the lack of strategic thinking, our policymakers would do well to go through this to better understand geopolitical dynamics and use it to own benefit. Keep up the good work. More power to you.

  23. That is very true and it is so sorrowful to see the whole world come to a stand still for a long time. China and it’s government has just tried to succeed in all it planned but I can affirm to you that the war has just began.
    It is very obvious that China, one of the countries that make up the Asian continent, has a population exceeds that of Africa, the third largest continent in the world.
    This is sign of over population in that particular country and for that reason, the Chinese are trying to find ways to reduces their population and also colonise some parts of the world. Over the past years, China has been making allies with various governments a cross the globe to make this plan come a success but I guess it’s not successful yet.
    Just like they have dominated most parts of Jamaica and the Caribbean, they are now in Africa too but we are not ready for them any more. The Chineese are so evil. If there is any Chinese here, please don’t quote me wrong because it’s you I am referring to.
    To Africa, these guys come without anything expecting to explore our resources to gain wealth and they often succeed in that. And in less than two years, a guy is already getting a billion dollar income from our own resources. They will set up their own industries/ factories just because they have got every type of machinery to extract whatever resource available so, they are taking advantage of our inability to produce such machines. We’ll say no to Chinese foreigners because there is nothing that we benefit from their projects. They just come and establish businesses here and then later on, turn around to colonise us. It is so realistic for these people to conquer out land.
    The worst of all is when I see food being poisoned and packed in a Chinese factory to be exported to the African communities. That means we are being planned for. These Chineese are not sleeping. “If Covid-19 has failed in Africa, we should introduce a new way of taking away the lives of Africans.” That is their talk. They claim that we are the pioneers of Corona virus but it is not true. They point at America for nothing but they are the reason why we are locked down. They are the very reason why we have lost dozens of lives
    I want to borrow Bicara’s idea which says; ‘America alone can not police the world but on the ground, they can.’
    These Chinese are just hungry for super powers but it not yet the right time for them to acquire that. They should settle down their asses and think of how to develop their cities.

    1. You have put it across so succinctly that I just feel like applauding you.
      It indeed takes a lot of guts to take on a mammoth, like China. I had written a piece, ’India China Faceoff – New Frontiers’. I suppose you would like it:
      I wish good for Africa and hope like hell that African leaders stand up to China in the future also, just like the way they supported the motion against China in the UN.
      The central conservative truth is that, it is the greed, not principles, and ethics, that determines the plight of humanity. The central liberal truth is that man-made political process can change a culture and endanger whole humanity. The United States and the EU should have controlled their desire for profit and market domination, this made them land up, selling their own liberty.

      1. You are very right my friend. Our African leaders need to stop their greedyness even though the Chinese give them money worth billion dollars.

  24. Chinese covert actions technologically to disrupt other countries is not highly newsworthy in today’s “ Breaking” News world. Nonetheless the United States under Trump’s sanctions and bully talk gives China little reason to negotiate with us for a fair deal. With the ensuing economic downturn from Corona, they seem primed to enter phase two chaos period.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Usfman. With the muscle-flexing in the South China Sea and the illegal occupation of the Aksai Chin region of Ladakh; India, the encroachment of Daulat Beg Oldi Road; the Gallowan River; Demchok; and Pangong Tso, shows ill designs of sick Chinese mindset. Vessel states like Pakistan and Nepal are under tremendous pressure from China. Unilateral offensive from all quarters would be required, and the Quad is the only answer to the Chinese hegemony.

  25. China and its actions have been lurking in the back of my mind for a while as I have been collecting my thoughts…A good read …I have also BM China and the rest of the world…Thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, William, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

      1. No actually, I sharedthis information in one of my articles and I read it also but I never knew it was written by you. So.. great work

      2. It has been published on many other websites, so maybe you got confused.

  26. I read and re-read your posts, Sandomina. They are rich both w/ information and analysis. Thank you for sharing your insights in these difficult times. May God watch over you.

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