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“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship” – George Orwell


The father of Communism Karl Marx once famously said “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror”. This statement just summarises, how terrorism and Communism go hand in hand.

The basic tenets of Marxism, formulated by Marx and Engels were presented to the world in 1848, what is probably the most powerfully written political pamphlet in history – the Communist Manifesto, followed by Das Kapital in 1867. The Marxist programme achieved its first success in Russia, in 1905-6. Russian revolution came to a culmination in October 1917, followed by the formation of the Communist Party of China(CPC) in 1921. Mao Zedong took control of CPC in 1927, led a bloody revolution, and the communist party obtained control and won the Chinese civil war in 1949.


“There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.” – Karl Marx

Genocide, Politicide, Red Holocaust, Democide and Classicide, are numerous ways in which thinkers of their time have tried to explain the red terrorism. The hypothetical necessity to move from Capitalism to Communism are achieved by following eugenics on this long march: 1) Revolution, 2) Dictatorship of the Proletariat, 3) Destruction of the Capitalist State, 4) Liquidation of the Bourgeoisie, 5) Creation of Socialism, 6) Creation of the New Socialist Man, 7) Withering Away of the State, and 8) Emergence of Communism. The end result of these murderous steps was expressed by R J Rummel in his book ‘Death by Government’. He states 110 million people, foreign and domestic, were killed by Communist democide from 1900 to 1987. Maoist China alone destroyed between 44.5 to 72 million lives. And let’s not forget the “killing fields” of Cambodia in the 1970s. During those times communism was on a rampage and China was learning the terror techniques very fast. It was looking to partner like-minded rogue nations around the globe, and it soon found one – Pakistan.


“Pakistan is China’s Israel” – General Xiong Guangkai, Deputy Chief-of-Staff, PLA.

When the first Pakistani ambassador, Major General Nawabzada Agha Mohammad Raza, presented his credentials to Mao in 1951, Mao snubbed him by stating “I have great pleasure in receiving the letter of credentials of the King of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominion”. Pakistan in its zeal and desire to be called a great power broker kept taking the insults at the hands of Chinese leadership, in a servile manner, on a regular basis. However, the uprising of Lhasa in 1959 and the Indo-China war of 1962 gave chance to Pakistan to seal the deal and become an all-weather friend of China. Pakistani ambassador to Beijing’s sycophantically declared that the relationship between the two countries is ‘”higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey.” China very well knew the weaknesses of the Pakistani leader. It recognized that Paki Generals and Leadership suffer from DSM-5 syndrome, and exploited that condition well. In the 80’s, it psyched Pakistan about impending take over by USSR. In the 90’s they created same fear about the the USA. And through out the history of independent Pakistan, India was made the arch-rival. Pakistan had its own style and modules of terror and initially found it difficult to absorb red terror to its inventory.


“We are prepared to sacrifice 300 million Chinese for the victory of the world revolution.” – Mao Zedong

Pakistani Generals and President Ayub Khan, who were used to British style short duration of wars were advised in a meeting in Beijing, by Zhou Enlai to use Guerrilla attacks on its enemies like USSR, Afghanistan, Iran, USA, and India. Zhou Enlai told them that the war is a continuous process and should be on at all times. Pakistan kept learning and improvising terror tactics. East Pakistan was the first testing ground of Paki terror factories. In 1970-71 the genocidal atrocities reached it’s pinnacle resulting in the birth of Bangladesh. The year 1978 saw the coup in Pakistan and entry of dictator Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Zia-ul-Haq adopted Wahhabism and imposed Sharia law in the country. Despite the fact that Islam is vehemently against non-believers, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan after implementing the Sharia law got even closer to a non-believer country.

Over the years, the Paki military learned the art of mixing radical Islam(read Wahhabism) with red terror tactics and created its own Frankensteins. Some of the terrorist organizations working under Inter-Service Intelligence(ISI) with the blessings of Paki Army are  Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Jamaat ud Dawa, Al Badr, Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Babbar Khalsa International, Khalistan Commando Force and International Sikh Youth Federation. In the Northeast India China has been actively supporting ULFA, NSCN and Naxalite outfits. Amongst some of the most wanted terrorists in the world are Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Resham Singh, Gurdial Singh Lalli, Harmeet Singh, Paresh Baruah, and Yung Aung . They live and move around freely in Pakistan and China under the protection of respective armies and security agencies, mocking all international norms.


In Picture: IC814 at Kandahar airport

Masood Azhar is the world’s most wanted terrorist. He was released by Indian authorities in exchange for 176 passengers, after his brother along with other terrorists had hijacked IC814 in 1999. Presently he lives in Pakistan. The hatred of Masood Azhar and his patrons for other religious beliefs is very evident from the Masood Azhar’s book ‘Yehud Ki Chalees Bimariyan’ (‘Forty Diseases Of The Jews’) – considered to be the most anti-Semitic book of its time in the Urdu language. Masood Azhar calls Judaism “the cancer seeping into all of humanity” and provokes “real” Muslims “to challenge all non-Muslims in the battlefield of jihad.”

Notwithstanding his extremism, Masood Azhar was warmly welcomed by Britain’s leading Islamic scholars in ’90s, where he gave hateful speeches and incited Muslims to undertake jihad and kill for the sake of Islam. Masood Azhar’s efforts paid off soon, a 24-year-old Briton from Birmingham on Christmas Day 2000 drove a car packed with explosives into an Indian army outpost, killing nine soldiers. Masood Azhar’s supporters and graduates have been involved in numerous acts of terror: the kidnap and beheading of the American journalist Daniel Pearl; the 2005 London underground bombings; an attempt to blow up a transatlantic airline through liquid bombs; the bombing of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly; an attack on the Indian Parliament; an attack on the Indian embassy in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan; an attack on the Pathankot airbase and on the Uri army camp, and last but most ghastly suicide attack and killing of 44 paramilitary forces in Pulwama. The civilized world has been trying to bring the terror perpetrator to justice but the whole process has been vetoed by China every time. March 2019 was the fourth time, and the third successive year, that China has blocked a motion to blacklist Azhar at the UN. Beijing also vetoed the move in 2009, a year after the Mumbai terror attack was carried out by militants affiliated with the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba.

China has a long history of hobnobbing with terrorist organizations. In the year 2000, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan held a meeting with Mullah Omar of the Taliban. Did the ambassador meet up with the dreaded extremist to assign him some task or he was there asking for a favor? However, for sure China hereafter abstained from voting on UN sanctions against the Taliban. In 2009-10 Chinese Communist Party(CCP) invited leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami(JI) and Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam(JUI), both Deobandi fundamentalist organizations working under the umbrella of the Taliban, to China. JI signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) that JI would not use its activities against China. However, what JI got in return, for this favor is anyone’s guess.

Pakistan and China reward terror perpetrators on a regular basis. A recent addition to that is Pakistan’s former Intelligence Bureau chief Ijaz Shah, who helped Osama bin Laden in all his terror endeavors has been sworn in as Minister for Parliamentary Affairs on 02 April 2019, by the Paki President Arif Alvi in Islamabad.


“Communism threatens your way of life, terrorism threatens your life itself”               – Joerg Colberg


Nexus of Proliferation China-Pakistan-North Korea

Joseph Heller’s book ‘Catch22’ has many interesting characters, but First Lieutenant  Milo Minderbinder has all the attributes of China. He is the mess officer at the U.S. Army Air Corps base and he becomes obsessed with expanding mess operations and trading goods for the profits of the syndicate (in which he and everyone else “has a share”). Milo is a satire of the modern businessman, and beyond that is the living representation of Chinese Capitalism, as he has no allegiance to any country, person or principle unless it pays him and profit is generated. Milo even begins contracting missions for the enemy state, fighting on both sides in the battlefield and bombing his own squadron. He is capable of extreme self-justification by means of his own personal virtues or morals; in a way, his personality is almost sociopathic.

Characteristics of Milo Minderbinder are seen in all the leadership of China. After the 9/11 catastrophe, China despite declaring wholehearted support for the coalition forces, maintained a relationship with ‘Quetta Shura’. China assured the world that it wants peace and stability in the region but on the parallel kept supplying weapons, arms and ammunition to the Taliban. These weapons included Surface to Air Missile(SAM), Anti-Aircraft Guns, Land Mines, Rocket Propelled Grenades(RPG) and Roadside Bombs. As per a BBC report these weapons were used against coalition forces, killing thousands of soldiers. In the year 2003, China had a trade surplus of $124 billion( with the US alone. So it was like the USA sponsoring the weapons and attacks on its own soldiers.

On the surface China maintains cordial relationship with India but secretly keeps supplying arms and weapons to Naga and Assamese terrorists in the North-East of India. The whole scam had come to light recently when a mammoth haul of such illicit weapons were caught in Bangladesh. Similar interference by China is seen on its eastern borders. China openly bullies countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines in the South China Sea. It’s think-tanks have threatened to sink the US aircraft carrier in the region. In an article under the pseudonym “Zhan Lue”, a Chinese strategist argued that if China “takes a little action, the so-called great Indian federation can be broken up”. He further states that Beijing “should work towards the break-up of India into 20-30 independent states with the help of friendly countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. To that, an Indian expert advised “Why not sink a few PLA Navy ships in the Indian Ocean and bring the North Arunachal Pradesh(China occupied Tibet) into the Indian fold.


“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso


Map: Courtesy

China, has long been recognized as the covert benefactor of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, providing technical know-how and expertise, breaking all International ‘Non-Proliferation Laws’. In 2018, China had sold Pakistan an advanced tracking system that could boost Islamabad’s efforts to improve ballistic missiles, called multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), a type of missile carrying several nuclear warheads that can be directed toward different targets, according to The South China Morning Post. In 2017 Pakistan deployed a Chinese-made low-to-medium altitude air defense system (LOMAD). In the past also China has supplied M-9, M-11 missiles and 5000 ring magnets to the nuclear weapons facility at Kahuta. And wherever it could not do things directly it used North Korea to do the needful.


Look at World War II, at Hitler’s cruelty. The more cruelty, the more enthusiasm for revolution.” – Mao Zedong

Clausewitz in war classic ‘On War’ explains why Xerxes failed in Greece and Napoleon in Russia. He explains how the leaders who show great determination as junior leaders but lose it as they rise. Conscious of the need to be decisive, they also recognize the risk entailed by a wrong decision; since they are unfamiliar with the problem now facing them, their mind loses incisiveness. The more used they had been to instant action, the more their timidity increases as they realize the dangers of the vacillation that ensnares them. And so they stare straight ahead, listening to no one, fearing distractions, clinging to command even as it leads them into disaster. Thereby confirming the high-altitude rarity of common sense(common sense is indeed like oxygen; the higher you go the thinner it gets).

This is the exact state of mind of Pakistani and Chinese leadership today. They are clinging to power, ignoring the requirements of the populace of their respective countries and the region since they got busy in creating monsters and furthering their personal agendas. In the bargain their condition has become like a dog who catches cars but never knows what to do with it. Their grammar has become their logic and they got blinded in the rage to destroy all else around them, be it countries or people, and reign supreme.

The American economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen once famously stated: “The thief or swindler who has gained great wealth by his delinquency has a better chance than the small thief of escaping the rigorous penalty of the law”. That is the exact situation we have in hand when it comes to China, Pakistan and North Korea. China is disingenuously using Pakistan and N Korea to blackmail the world. Had it been a smaller country in place of China, and if that country was stealing the intellectual property, nuclear, and missile technology from the West and then proliferating it to Pakistan and North Korea, it would have been cause célèbre, and that country would have been hit with such severe sanctions that it would have shaken to its core. However, here we have China doing the exact same thing, and the West is quiet. The reason is simple, business interests are bigger than national interests. The West has made China ‘être plus royaliste que le roi’.


1. Death by Government – RJ Rummel

2. Black Book of Communism – Stéphane Courtoisto

3. Red Holocaust – Steven Rosefielde

4. On Grand Strategy – John Lewis Gaddis

5. The China-Pakistan Axis – Andrew Small

6. On War – Carl Von Clausewitz




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  1. Pakistan has been one of the states of the US for long, living in the leavings in its plate.😥 Now it is doing the same for China. Both roles were due to its hatred for India and religious bigotry – it’s two parents. It will live on in hatred.

      1. Surprized – the number is sooo little – less than .025% of the 7.8 billion global population – in a world where many, I would say more than 50% love to see violence, attending to reports on people getting killed, hurt, gang rape of women – women-children displaced (or put into lockdown with no access to communication for over 12 months) – hate clips . . .and people like you on a mission to propagate hate out of dirty politics (instead of supporting the ones – real people from being victimized by political agendas) and making the likes of you seeding hatred among good natured, immature-minds on dirt grounds of dirty political thinking – people like you growing on their minds like a satan – a monster. It will be soon that your publication that openly preach hate will be taken off by the blog community.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. All the best for your project and a salute to your spirit.

      1. A great and Detailed explanation about the grave situation confronting the world. Unless the free world can come together in hast, the situation would be difficult to retrieve. Corona Perhaps is only the fuse to shorten the time frames for early collective action.

      2. Although social relationships may be crippled by acrimonious minefields, manipulative psychological gambits or mysterious undercurrent power games, we as humanity would emerge a winner. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight.

    1. Dear DeMent, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I much appreciate it. Leading countries of the world are not realizing the gravity of the situation or rather choosing to ignore it. I have nothing against Chinese people. They are very hardworking and diligent, but the kind of power that country is going to wield, over the world in the future, gives me shudders. You have a very wonderful site full of amazing and mesmerizing pictures.

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  3. America and China are now undergoing a trade war in the era of Trump. How do you think the resolution of this conflict might alter the governmental abuses described above?

    1. Dear James, thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. If Thucydides’ prophecy was correct then this is not a trade war between America and China but a struggle to control the future of the world. Nixon in his zeal to stop USSR propped up China in the 70s. America forgot that they were not dealing with Germany or Japan post-war under the Marshall Plan. So I don’t see any changes in China and Pakistan till the time Communists and military rule these countries respectively.

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    1. Pakistan is well aware of the persecution of Uighur Muslims, but the bigger dichotomy is that China doesn’t follow any religion and for a Muslim state to have a relationship with a nonbeliever(Dahariya) is haram. Pakistan made a big hue and cry over the issue of Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar but conveniently avoided the topic of Uighurs.

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  5. Very well written piece, thank you. This is something the youth in the U.S. need to read, and all those who are pushing towards socialism in America. My friend from Slovakia lived through all of this as well, and says if Americans only knew the dangers of socialism and how it leads to communism. Thank you for writing this.God bless! 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Malinda, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I became such a big admirer of George Orwell, for sensing and writing about where the world is heading, way back in the year 1949. Humanity has survived and would continue to do so, but it would thrive only if one can think freely and question the authorities without fear.

  6. Ohh, I was totally unaware that Masood Azhar even wrote a book. Training and teaching is going on to bring up more terrorists and then a book adds to this!

    1. Thank you, Sneha for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. There are people who have written manuals on terrorism, Masood Azhar is just one of them. It’s an industry, and with time has become very well organized and systematic.

    1. Thank you so much, Daniel, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, indeed the world is very vast and keeping a track of every regional complexity is humanly not possible. That is why we are here to gain from each other’s knowledge and experience.

    2. Thanks once again.
      My latest article “A War is Coming”, on my blog. Kindly give your views and comments.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I echo your sentiment and in fact, that reflects in your writing too.

    1. Thank you so much, Martina, for appreciation. I am not getting much time to write more articles at present though. You also have a wonderful blog and I am going to follow it closely.

      1. I am very curious and convinced that it is highly interesting. I would, however, very much appreciate if you could also find some positive topic about this world!!
        Very best regards Martina

      2. Thank you so much, Martina. I generally write about geopolitics, and geopolitics is not one happy topic.

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      4. That’s very kind of you, Harbans. Looking forward to reading your convivial blogs.

  7. Happy Holidays. I hope you continue writing your seemingly factual blog. I refuse to bow down to the political spins portraying world events in today’s world.

    1. Thank you, James, for stopping by. Yes indeed the world is more chaotic today, or maybe we are more aware of the world manifestations. However, it empowers us to stand up to the wrongdoings in our small but significant ways. I am unable to write due to my preoccupation with a very significant project. Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year ahead.

  8. Pak-China axis is for containing India for containing and also to decelerate the influence of India in not only in Indian neighborhood but also the countries which have common borders with China. For realizing this, it is also encircling India; bringing Nepal, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka with Pakistan has become a colony in clear terms. Pakistan has taken loan from China which it cannot pay that is why it is leasing parts of its territory to China. To spite India, it had given part of POK and presently allowed the tpt.connectivity for trade through POK.

    Pakistan raises hue and cry when there is something goes wrong India without taking into cognizance what is happening to Muslims in China – they are in detention camp or refinement camps. Yet, both these countries have tacit or sometimes open support for each other in enhancing their agendas for ignoring episodes in each countries and China went a step further in favouring Pak’s terrorists in UNO even.

    Your write-up is really an eye-opener for us all.


    1. Thank you so much, Harbans for the detailed analysis, which shows your in-depth understanding of the subject. Pakistan is an irritant in the Chinese armor, which has been used time and again, against India, and it would remain so. While we should be aware of Pakistani designs, it is China, which India has to be prepared for at any given time.

      1. Affirmative, China has to be taken care of since the lessons learnt in 1962 war should form part of our strategy. Be prepared, use all the elements of war materials which we are presently having – in that war we did not use our AF which cost us very dearly.

        Thanks and regards

      2. Absolutely correct, Harbans. Not using Air Force was such a blunder, and that turned the tide in China’s favor. Nehru made a similar mistake that Prithvi Raj Chauhan had made with Ghori by pardoning him after winning the war. He overlooked the fact that he was not dealing with a civilized tribe but uncouth barbarians. While fulfilling his ‘Dharma’ he forgot that looking after and saving the populace under him is also his ‘Dharma’. Once again that changed the course of history forever.

  9. For me, this article has been deeply disturbing, though highly enlightening. Are there solutions? How can rationale people combat this terror, this radical approach to governing? Where do we start and how? We have an impulsive, uneducated man a the helm of our American government, and two many who support him. We can vote, we can be better at local government, but do we have the time to advert more terror, more war? I am at a loss. Thank you for this incredible article.

    1. Kathy, hope is the only hope today. All over the world political, religious or business leaders are one and the same. They want to control people. They make us worried. They make us worry about age, God, health, smartphones, water, oil, food and just about everything else. If we are calm, we are happy, if we are happy then we are comfortable and if we are comfortable then we are not worried. Leaders do not like that a bit. So let’s wait and watch. Hopefully, better sense will prevail and things would cool down.

    1. Yes, Tim, the whole scenario is so complex and messed up, that one starts wondering what next, where are we heading. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I’d read the article earlier and it’s an insight that’s worth it. The dynamics are changing so fast that one can only think if this is not the third world war what is it? Everyone who doesnt want a war can rest on their oars because none of that ‘peace’ counts anymore. The problem is many people underestimate the downfall of The United States, in which case Iran is regarded as a backward puppet regime not worth a dime and flattened by drones, missiles and boots on the ground, however, the fall of the Roman Empire began on the day the Vandals entered Rome, who had destroyed their homeland and had turned Vandals into warmongers and mercenaries. A dose of the truth from Shakespearean drama: how are the mighty fallen.

      2. It’s sometimes overwhelming and exciting to interact with a person who has knowledge and flair, Tim. And you are one of them. If you have read my earlier articles, I have echoed similar sentiments that you just displayed in your adumbration. The following lines of George Orwell are as much true as much they were 70 years back.
        War is Peace
        Freedom is Slavery
        Ignorance is Strength
        — George Orwell, 1984

    1. China is an upcoming Power, our neighbor and going to be the largest economy in the world. The rise of China would not be peaceful. So as Indians if we do not start thinking about it today, we could have a repeat of the same conditions which happened when Turks, Mongols, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and English started plundering and occupying our land, exploiting our weaknesses. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      1. Yes, indeed. The Coronavirus pandemic has been started by them, and the whole world is suffering, because of that.

    1. Thank you so much, Shehanne, for stopping and following the blog. I see you have a wonderful site and a great fan following.

  10. I well remember Catch 22, and am now reading: Simone de Beauvoir’s ‘The Mandarins’ which takes place in Paris at the end of WWII, when their intellectuals were looking for a ‘better’ political system and seriously considering Communism. If you have the time, a good read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I started reading ‘Catch22’, 30 years back, but couldn’t go beyond 50 pages, I threw the book away, 7 times, but 8th time I went beyond 50 pages, and couldn’t put it down. It’s a crazy book which goes deep into principium individuationis. I use it in real life to relate to many characters. My favorite character is ‘Milo Minderbinder’. Regards.

  11. The depth of the Pakistan- China axis and it’s impact on the global geopolitics has been very well highlighted.

    Your blog is a great source for understanding the nuances of geopolitics.

    1. Thank you so much, Hardik, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Indeed, correctly brought out by you, the depth of nexus was worrisome until some time back. Today Pakistan is a basket case for China and it is trying to distance itself from its one-time all-weather friend. Both the countries’ leadership and armed forces(especially the army) have betrayed the populace of their respective countries’, time and again. The benighted state of both countries is amply clear with the recent spate of manifestations in these two countries.

  12. So much in the name of “International Diplomacy”. There are no permanent friends and foes in Intenrational politics.
    Yet, due to increasing belligerence and offensive policy adopted under Modi Led NDA, China and Pakistan have become much more uncomfortable.
    India would also need to be clever and follow a foreign policy best suited to its interests and not care much about any “ideological” baggage.
    And currently Israel looks to be our best friend.

    1. I suppose after Indira Gandhi, Modi is another Prime Minister, who has an understanding of world affairs and diplomacy. However, only contrast is that Indira Gandhi was not liked by many world leaders, whereas when astute Modi speaks, they stop and listen. You have correctly brought out, there are no permanent friends and foes in world diplomacy. The neighboring countries around the world do not get along, and India is no exception to that. Pakistan would always remain a nuisance, China a challenge, and surely there would be no ménage-a-trios kind of arrangement, ever. We have to develop a completely different kind of strategy to deal with China, else we are trapped in a cul-de-sac.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  13. 管党治党不力 不敢揪住老问题 严重失职失责 没有紧盯组织部“官油子”新动向






    2019年8月6日和同年12月10日上午老河口市政府截访人张杰明确告知,中央政法委机关党建,明显存在“灯下黑”、怕躲推、虚飘浮、“打伞破网”欺软怕硬、监督执纪问责走过场和党建与业务“两张皮”问题。全国扫黑办明知省法院司法败类是身残志坚,双目失明了还坚持睁着眼睛说“专门鉴定属实”的瞎话的道德低下的“货色”,故意拍卖良知,亵渎公职人员的身份。省法院司法败类玩忽职守,不认真落实上级要求、若不是眼瞎就是心坏,明知公安通过侦查获知目击证人陈国英已指认杨元庆故意毁灭0087048号发票证据,为干扰、误导、阻挠案件调查,向上级汇报时隐瞒重要证据和线索触犯了众怒,导致该案长期未能侦破,否则不会胆大妄为说出这样颠倒黑白,捏造事实的话来的。可见,省法院司法败类不仅没有任何的道歉意思,还来继续挑战底线……实现正义不是自说自话, “如果捏造的‘专门鉴定属实’鉴定结论报告对省高院司法败类有利,省高院司法败类怎会不公开?不公开法律文书文号说明了啥?明明我们老河口市信访局相关领导揪住了老河口市法院极个别司法败类故意协助他人故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据等“问题案件”的狐狸尾巴!揪住了湖北省高院鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号《通知》中司法败类尽情自嗨不惜虚构鉴定事实,只敢捏造“专门鉴定属实”的所谓鉴定结论糊弄官僚政客,毕竟心虚胆寒不敢更进一步捏造该鉴定结论法律文书的文号的狐狸尾巴!媒体记者、尊敬的中央办公厅丁薛祥主任、尊敬的中央办公厅陈世炬主任、省国保总队和襄阳国保支队相关人员都诘问人面兽心的湖北省高级法院一小撮人模狗样的司法败类:“谁能拿人格保证涉案‘0087048号原始发票’现身后经鉴定不是卖砖人所开的”?!真当省委超良书记、省纪委立山书记、瑞连部长、襄阳市委乐成书记、市长郄英才、纪委义斌书记和胡勇部长是白痴吗?做贼心虚拒绝回答、拒绝公开羞辱了谁?无论一九七九年的《中华人民共和国刑事诉讼法》第三十四条还是二零一八年《中华人民共和国刑事诉讼法》第五十四条都规定“凡是伪造证据、隐匿证据或者毁灭证据的,无论属于何方,必须受法律追究。”这里故意隐匿或者毁灭0087048号发票证据的,究竟“属于何方”?省法院司法败类心知肚明!“必须受法律追究”,有商量、讨价还价的余地吗?!彻底把案件搅浑的湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类在以鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号“半夜鸡叫”式“坑官”的通知、老河口市委、政府等人依旧保持着对司法败类马首是瞻的一贯嘴脸故意糊弄中共中央办公厅的“半夜鸡叫”式的报告,这有何深意?难道不是在刻意淡化乃至逃避网友关注的嫌疑吗?正告湖北省高级法院极个别人模狗样的司法败类不要玩火,隐蔽性再强,终会露出破绽;幌子再好,也躲不过纪法的严查。很可惜,中央办公厅副主任、前国家主席办公室主任陈世炬兼国家主席办公室主任期间,责任意识不强、工作作风漂浮,停留于“轮流圈阅”“层层转发”、以文件落实文件,没有一锤锤持续用力敲下去让坏人钻了空子。尊敬的世炬主任、尊敬的薛祥主任现在知道老河口市委、政府等人依旧保持着对法院司法败类马首是瞻的一贯嘴脸故意糊弄中共中央办公厅的丑行后,让襄阳市委书记李乐成、市长郄英才、政法委书记冯艳飞、组织部部长胡勇和纪委书记吕义斌重新向中共中央办公厅报告或把关过目,肯定会将“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票及其鉴定结论等事实真相”大白于天下。毕竟,只要媒体记者一戳到官德与其外表不匹配的湖北省高级法院司法败类“虚构鉴定事实,捏造‘专门鉴定属实’的鉴定结论”这个“死穴”,他就人格扭曲,公然粉饰和包庇故意隐匿或者毁灭0087048号发票证据的不法行为甚至顾左右而言他,这种双标的行为让人不耻!如果幻想指望由擅长制造冤假错案的司法败类来平反冤假错案,那就等于请狐狸来看守鸡窝,简直太荒谬了。故意谎报情况,隐藏、遮掩问题背后有啥猫腻?”法不可欺。“有黑必有伞,有伞必有网”,为使每一起案件都经得起法律衡量,中央政法委应大胆触及到省法院司法败类的逆鳞,迅速敲定“时间表”、厘清“责任人”,加大查处力度, 稳住高压态势、稳住惩治力度、持续精准发力,提级处置及时牵头中央纪检监察机关会同检察机关、公安机关,穷尽式调查获取关键线索并深挖彻查湖北省法院“帮助故意隐匿或毁灭‘据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票’证据的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚案”背后的“保护伞”“关系网”!

    2019年10月30日上午襄阳市委组织部胡姓工作人员明确告知,德不配位的袁乃义好日子到头了!我们襄阳市委组织部要求老河口组织部乃义部长按干部管理权限、依法逐级走访和依法分类处理信访诉求工作规则、若你的“级别认定”诉求既有事实依据又有政策法律依据应予以支持,及时确定你的“级别认定”信访诉求究竟是“副科”?还是“正科”?!若不支持你的“级别认定”诉求即不能“认定级别”,阐明究竟是属于缺乏事实依据,还是缺乏法律、政策依据,还是既缺乏事实依据又缺乏法律、政策依据这三种情况之中的哪一种?出具《“级别认定”信访事项处理意见书》即可,如此简单的问题,可外表嚣张经常牵着老河口市委书记张学林、市长王燮耀、政法委书记王岩和纪委书记黄光强鼻子走、德不配位、内里虚弱的袁乃义这个“搅屎棍”本应低调一些,却偏要喜欢“没事找事”作死、刷存在感而违反常识和鄂信发〔2017〕26号文件规定的格式和要素,公开顶风违纪违法、推诿扯皮就不履行“认定级别”职责、拒绝向信访人出具《“级别认定”信访事项调查处理意见书》故意闹事惹人注目,乃义部长擅权妄为严重破坏了襄阳的政治生态“作死”到人尽皆知,报告给我们襄阳市委组织部的材料,根本曝不得光,经不住查,我们襄阳市委组织部胡勇部长再三暗示任何人包括云媒体记者不得提有关召开市级公开听证会的事宜!老河口、襄阳“东厂”锦衣卫与我们组织部是通的,毕竟组织部有考核他们领导的权力。我们当即指出乃义部长的错误认识,老河口、襄阳纪委监委怎么能类比成明朝“东厂”锦衣卫?!况且,2019年5月22日,襄阳市纪委义斌书记在老河口强调:要对巡视巡查移交的问题,及时整改到位,迅速抓好落实。同年同月28日老河口市委学林书记强调:要学会换位思考,对群众反映的正常诉求,能尽快解决的要尽快解决和及时兑现……绝不能含糊其辞,更不能推诿扯皮。坚信老河口、襄阳纪委监委在处理检举控告,纪检监察机关及其工作人员不会私自留存涉及纪律审查方面的资料;不至于纪法意识淡漠,毫无敬畏之心“上下一般粗”任性地答复为“您反映问题的电子邮件本网站已收到”后管党治党不力,严重失职失责长期不“反馈”处理结果!更离谱的是,国信局给出《信访工作责任制实施办法》追责问责典型案例剖析(二)、(五)等指导意见;省纪委“一案三反馈” (即对信访举报及时进行受理反馈、办理反馈和结果反馈)破解信访梗阻深得民心。针对老河口市委组织部袁乃义、省高院司法败类的拙劣表演充分暴露出其不可告人的险恶用心和故意破坏湖北政治生态的政治企图。如若老河口、襄阳纪委监委仍有人侵犯群众知情权,“热衷于站队进圈”,大搞“政治攀附”丢弃、隐匿信访材料损害群众利益而不能幡然醒悟,势必玩火自焚!鉴于老河口市委组织部袁乃义不依法依规出具《“级别认定”信访事项调查处理意见书》并订立攻守同盟;公然采用“萝卜招聘”手段,违反组织人事纪律,将女儿袁杨招聘到老河口市财政局工作一事被举报后怀恨在心,办理信访事项推诿、敷衍、拖延、渎职、失职,弄虚作假,打击报复信访人并拒绝进行市级公开听证,公然对抗组织审查。故对与信访事项有直接利害关系的袁乃义提出回避请求,再次依法申请襄阳市委组织部和国保支队公开听证。

    我们襄阳市委组织部和国保支队要感谢陈国英的诚实和勇敢!反映问题被当捅娄子的目击证人陈国英到底动了谁的奶酪?时任省纪委书记宋育英敏锐地发现:擅长随意拿捏“勾兑”的省高院司法败类虚构鉴定事实,捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论的司马昭之心,遮不了世人的眼睛!也彻底把案件搅浑的湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类在以鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号“半夜鸡叫”式“坑官”的通知是如何出炉的?这有何深意?喜欢带节奏的省高院司法败类缺乏政治站位一边为故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号原始发票的犯罪分子撑腰打气打掩护,一边歪曲事实制造对立的“湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类合伙故意帮助故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号原始发票的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚”案。所以这里面就有个疑问,因此把这个“专门鉴定属实”的讯息放出来,可能就是为了抵销公安和检察院紧盯“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”这个目标。罔顾事实真相,执意给“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”的犯罪分子撑腰打气一颗定心丸。以便给“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”案系上死结。果不其然,拥有省高院司法败类“官方背书”后,犯罪嫌疑人杨元庆也不承认故意毁灭0087048号原始发票证据的事实,以“因工作不慎遗失发票一张”来搪塞是必然的,也是高调的!喜欢带节奏的省高院司法败类“虚构鉴定事实、捏造鉴定结论”事件,为何会假得如此低级和离谱呢?而湖北媒体、公安、检察机关和纪检监察部门,又为啥连这么一个最基本的问题,都没看出来呢?带着疑问,省纪委育英书记对指认杨元庆故意毁灭0087048号发票证据的目击证人陈国英进行了调查取证。魔幻的是,襄阳公安和检察院不愿意拓宽问题线索来源渠道却采用了最糟糕的方式。当面对举报的不同意见时,率先想的是为冤假错案“捂盖子”,把问题扼杀在萌芽之中故意不去调查犯罪嫌疑人杨元庆,反而围着陈国英为何捅“专门鉴定属实”马蜂窝反复调查,致使证人陈国英很快死亡、线索及时掐断,让人费解,但捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论特别是鉴定法律文书文号依然是“不能说的秘密”。然而,襄阳公安和检察院相关人员可能没有想过,盖子即便捂上了,问题还是没有解决。毕竟,解决问题是关键,何必去解决提出问题的人?!而且万一没捂好,就会像目前一样,把自己架在舆情的大火上烤。建议湖北三级法院方陪同杨元庆前去公安机关配合投诉调查,并恳请嫌疑人杨元庆、省高院扬言“专门鉴定属实”的事主和其他能提供资料的人提供证据,《刑事诉讼法》第六十条规定:“凡是知道案件情况的人,都有作证的义务。”提供真实的证词,是公民的义务。尽快让警方寻找出真相,况且,襄阳警方表示,将以非常认真和高敏感性的态度处理故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”案,公平公正调查后向媒体和公众公开核查结果!可惜的是,老河口公安“此事非公安事由,公安机关不予受理”在公通字【2017】6号文件第四十三条规定下的抹案企图终究没能如愿却大有玄机!假如紧盯不放、不破不休的襄阳警方从来没有放弃,此案在继续侦办中且经公安、检察机关前期侦查及近期补充侦查,涉事地点明确,涉事人物清晰,为何迟迟调查不清楚?这么长时间,是在调查事件,还是谋划公关对策?省委超良书记、瑞连部长、襄阳市委乐成书记和胡勇部长都知道:冤案始作俑者杨元庆当时的作案手法与省高院司法败类虚构鉴定事实,捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论却不拿出“专门鉴定属实”法律文书的此案极其相似。公众在追问,有关部门不能不察。省高院司法败类必须回答:“那你有没有‘专门鉴定属实’法律文书?还是将其甩锅给警察毁灭了你的‘专门鉴定属实’法律文书?”还是警察愿意冒着极大的法律和舆论风险指导你毁灭了你的“专门鉴定属实”法律文书?回首《毛泽东年谱》第四卷第78页有关毛泽东同时任湖北省委第一书记王任重谈话。毛泽东说:“不向我反映情况,我才最累。你把湖北的真实情况告诉我,我就不累了。”巧合的是,中共中央办公厅作为中央的综合部门,是重要政治机关不愿意两次掉进了同一条河流陷入“政令出不了中南海”的怪圈。深感:司法是人心的风向标,怎么判就会导致怎么干,被省高院司法败类吹上天的“专门鉴定属实”水到底有多深?公安、检察、法院和纪委不会不知。知而不弃,这其中道理何在呢?为何“顶风而上”有错不改背后到底是什么原因?“省高院‘虚构鉴定事实,捏造鉴定结论’的水”有多深,其实并不是最难的问题,更要追问管理者有没有尽到应有的担当。湖北省高院“专门鉴定属实”后据以定罪量刑的0087048号原始发票丢失、扬言“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论的法律文书丢失,法律文书及文号成了一场“乌龙”等问题既然已经发生,及时纠正和治理才是迫在眉睫的事。“省高院‘虚构鉴定事实,捏造鉴定结论’是表象,不讲政治是根本。”所以,将日理万机的时任国家主席的胡锦涛收到你父亲的《刑事申诉状》和《举报信》后,在考察途中由中共中央办公厅从江西发函到老河口市政府并要求报告调查处理结果。更离谱的是,当时任老河口市委常委相关人员领导不力,政治站位不高缺乏政治担当和斗争精神,不敢动真碰硬,姑息纵容,政治意识、法治意识严重缺失、责任意识淡薄咬紧牙关就是不提0087048发票究竟是故意隐匿还是故意毁灭?政府相关人员“搔不着痒处”对党中央决策部署理解不深不透,中央办公厅的明确要求选择性执行,对党不忠诚、不老实毫无大局观念,本应对蓄意预谋隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据,主观恶性极深的事件彻查后如实上报中央办公厅,却违背我们党的宗旨,更严重影响党的形象,损害群众对党的信任与拥护故意以“徐祥生,‘查无此人’”代替对案件事实真相调查核实进行搪塞!结果是乱了规则,也寒了人心,给中央办公厅和中央纪委都上了一课。坏人不可怕,因为法网恢恢疏而不漏;恶人不可怕,因为天理昭昭正义必胜;但知法懂法不守法、有反侦察能力、身披“合法外衣”的黑恶势力之徒真的可怕,他会穷尽一切手段,动用一切关系,经常纠集他人,有预谋、有组织、有章法的实施违法犯罪活动,既难预防,也难一网打尽。省国保总队和襄阳国保支队就发现了更为棘手的问题:故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票” 甚嚣尘上舆情沸腾得像一口烧滚了的油锅。正当湖北省高院极个别司法败类莫不以为非作歹、以搞司法“勾兑”为能事最后鼓包露馅被揭穿后而坐立不安时,省高院有些人果然坐不住了。2019年7月31日省法院党组书记、院长游劝荣表态,千万不要低估全省法院系统工作和干部队伍中存在的突出问题及其严重性,千万不要低估从严治党……为这口油锅扔进了一粒火星。但事实却一次次证明,搞“帮助故意隐匿或毁灭‘据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票’证据的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚案”是条不折不扣的不归路。殊不知,自作孽不可活,天网恢恢疏而不漏,等待这些司法败类的必将是法律之剑。果然该来的,始终还是来了。今后我们再也不做“忍者神龟”,再也不做“沉默的羔羊”的尊敬的湖北省高级法院院长游劝荣2019年7月22日强调要做到“六个追问”:一是出了什么问题?危害是什么?二是谁干的?还有谁参与?谁为主,谁为次?三是这个错误和问题纠正了没有?什么时候纠正的?如何纠正的?四是追责了没有?五是反思了没有?总结了教训没有?六是亡羊补牢了没有?建立完善了制度没有?全省法院要按照“六个追问”的要求,从严整治,严肃追责,以铁的纪律打造过硬审判队伍,为司法公正提供组织和纪律保障。游院长是在指极个别司法败类故意协助他人故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据等“问题案件”吗?!还是指其它严重违反职业操守和类似套路手段的操作影响了司法的权威和司法的公信力的案件?光明从来无惧黑暗,正义必将压倒邪恶,法律定要严惩罪行。无论是蓄意预谋隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据的参与者还是幕后的策划者、组织者和指挥者,审判就将来到。不让人省心的湖北省法院的沦陷却无人敢查,不仅是对其涉嫌犯罪活动的纵容和鼓励,更是对法制的亵渎和愚弄。谁之过?



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