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B30127B7-B67C-440F-A8D5-BCF6A97B399FArt Credit: Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library.

“A blunder ought never to be perpetrated to avoid war, because it is not to be avoided, but is only deferred to your disadvantage”                                                        The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

The False Start

The premise of Pakistan’s independence and existence is based on a false notion, overconfidence, and misplaced priorities. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, separated from India on the basis of religion. However soon after separation, in his desire to be a world-class statesman he declared that Pakistan would be a country for all religions. In the Presidential address to the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, on 11 August 1947, Jinnah perorated: “Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy. It has taught equality of man, justice and fair play to everybody. In any case, Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic State to be ruled by priests with a divine mission.” That false dream came crashing down within no time. Pakistan was a dictatorship by 1958 and within 30 years of the creation of it was following Sharia Law and Wahabi Islam. General Mohammad Ziaul Haq, military dictator of Pakistan, in his speech to the nation on taking over power on July 5, 1977, on the hoof, stated “Pakistan, which was created in the name of Islam, will continue to survive only if it stays with Islam. That is why I consider the introduction of an Islamic system as an essential prerequisite for the country.” With this, an unstable and volatile country was out of the frying pan and into the fire. In short period of 72 years of Pakistan’s history, it has seen four dictators namely Muhammed Ayub Khan(1958-1969), Yahya Khan(1969-1971), Muhamed Zia-ul-Haq(1978-1988), and Pervez Musharraf(2001-2008) and remains a military controlled sham democracy till to date. Let us analyze why Pakistan is what it is.

Stockholm  Syndrome or a Country in Denial

“The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history”                       – Will Durant, American Historian

The very area where Pakistan is today is known as the cradle of civilization. This has a deep, long cultural history. Hinduism began there around 2,300 BC. As per Koenraad Elst, a Belgian orientalist and Indologist, this culture had evolved impressive intellectual, religious and artistic pursuits. Pre and post the early days of Islam, Indian scholars took their works in science, maths (zero, algebra, geometry, the decimal system), medicine, philosophy etc to the courts of others nations. Students from other countries came to study in India’s established universities. Indian children (boys and girls) were educated in the relatively widespread education system in a wide variety of subjects eg science, medicine and philosophy. India’s art and architecture were magnificent. They were a prosperous people. Then came Islam – slaughter, slavery, rape, violence, pillage; destruction of religious sites, art and architecture; poverty, exploitation, humiliation, famine, forced conversion, the decline in intellectual pursuits, social destruction and a worsening of social ills.

The 16th Century Persian traveler Ferishta lists that the biggest slaughters took place during the raids of Mahmud Ghaznavi (1000); during the actual conquest of North India by Mohammed Ghori and his lieutenants (1192); and under the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526). Well-known Indian historian and Prof. K.S. Lal once estimated that the Indian population declined by 50 million under Delhi Sultanate. However, why we are discussing this here. What this has to do with Pakistan? The answer lies with the location of present-day Pakistan since the brunt of this genocide was borne by this very area. Mahmud of Ghazni, Qutb-ud-Din Aibak, Balban, Mohammed bin Qasim, and Sultan Mohammad Tughlak affected the psyche of this whole area so badly that they started identifying themselves with the very perpetrators who had killed, plundered, raped and forcibly converted their ancestors to Islam. Such was the effect of those illiterate and uncivilized savages on the people who were forced to convert to Islam that they started revering them as their heroes and mistook their brutality as bravado. The psychological impact has been so grave that Pakistan has named most of their missiles after these savage bandits i.e. Ghauri, Ghaznavi and Babur etc. The desire to emulate those barbarians continues in today’s Pakistan.

In its desire to be identified with Arabs and Turks, the Pakistani establishment continues to pollute the minds of its younger generation with completely cooked up history. A Textbook of Pakistan Studies by M. D. Zafar states following about Pakistan: “Pakistan came to be established for the first time when the Arabs led by Muhammad bin Qasim occupied Sindh and Multan in 711AD. Pakistan under the Arabs comprised the Lower Indus Valley. During the 11th century, the Ghaznavid Empire comprised what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan. During the 12th century, the Ghaznavids lost Afghanistan and their rule came to be confined to Pakistan. By the 13th century, Pakistan had spread to include the whole of Northern India and Bengal. Under the Khiljis Pakistan moved further South to include a greater part of Central India and the Deccan. During the 16th century, ‘Hindustan’ disappeared and was completely absorbed in Pakistan”. The country doesn’t allow any discussion on Moenjodaro and the Indus Valley civilization, Aryan civilization, Mahabharata in which Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa play important roles, the Brahmin religion, a thousand years of Buddhism with its universities and the Gandharan civilization which was spread throughout present-day Pakistan.

Similar blatant lies in Pakistani history textbooks continue about the events that are still in the whole world’s living memory. Among the many examples which stand out are the events of defeats of Pakistan having been glorified as victories in the wars of 1965 and 1971 with India and demonization of Hindus and Sikhs for the partition carnage of 1947. These fraudulent facts are ridiculed by Pakistan’s own intelligentsia.

In Harms Way

“A fools Paradise is a wise man’s Hell”                                                                                      – Thomas Fuller, English Historian

Pakistan started showing its malevolent intent on its own populace, especially on the people of Eastern Pakistan(present-day Bangladesh) Sindh, and Balochistan soon after their inclusion in the Union. Declaration of Urdu as national language resulted in the ‘Bengali Language Movement’. Bengalis also felt under-defended during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. They saw Pakistan favoring Kashmir over East Pakistan(Bangladesh). Bengalis were abhorred to see amble pace of help after the Supercyclone of late 1970 from central government. The schism was building up and came to the fore when Paki dictator Yahya Khan nullified the December 1970 general election won by Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. The abomination of Western Pakistanis was intense for Bengalis. West Pakistan considered the people of the East to be second-class citizens. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, who served as head of the Pakistani Forces in East Pakistan in 1971, referred to the region as a “low-lying land of low-lying people”.

The most controversial president of the United States, Richard Nixon, had created many Frankensteins during his tenure and Asia is still paying the price for them. Pakistan is one of that preeminent example amongst many. Nixon’s fondness for Pakistani Generals and hatred for Indians and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in particular,  resulted in the loss of lives of 3,000,000 Bengali people and rape of 400,000 Bengali women by the Western Pakistani troops.


Bangla Genocide: Massacre at Dhaka University by Pak Army, 1971

A similar feeling was amongst Baloch nationals, of being left out, slighted and insulted by Punjabi dominated Pakistani political system. Balochistan is a mineral-rich province, and has nearly $1 trillion worth of iron, copper and cobalt deposits. Despite that Balochistan remains most backward and impoverished in the region. There have been five uprisings by Baloch nationals, ever since Balochistan consented to join Pakistan. Over 18,000 Balochs have gone missing or killed by the Pakistani army in the recent past.

The Sindhi and Muhajir(Urdu speaking migrants) narratives also go on similar lines. They never got their full due, were treated badly, and were made to feel lesser martial race than Punjabi race. Muhajir student leader Altaf Hussain started Muttahida Qaumi Movement(MQM) in 1978, to get Muhajirs their rightful place in Pakistan. After an attempt on his life, Hussain fled to London in 1992 and applied for political asylum. He continues his political struggle from London till to date. Over 6,000 Muhajirs have lost their lives at the hands of the security forces of their own country.

Grandiosity in Afghanistan 

“A bully hides his fear with fake bravado. This is the opposite of self-assertiveness” Nathaniel Branden – Canadian–American psychotherapist


Photo credit – – Mass Grave: Afghanistan 1990

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 to prop up the Marxist regime that had come to power the previous year but which appeared to be on the verge of collapse. Unlike the Soviet invasions of Eastern Europe, their forces encountered prolonged resistance in Afghanistan. This gave Pakistan the opportunity to counter the notion of a greater Pashtunistan and Indian and Soviet influences in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s role was very significant in the provision of guerrilla training, weapons,  and funds to the mujahideen. Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency, the ISI, operated training camps in the country’s tribal areas in collaboration with the CIA. The recruitment of fighters was not an issue as the ideological campaign for jihad launched by the Zia regime in partnership with religious political parties served this purpose. Finally, Gorbachev realized the futility of the presence of Soviet forces in Afghanistan terming it ‘bleeding wound’. The Soviet forces withdrew and left Afghanistan by February 1989.

The Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan created a few misconceptions in the Pakistani establishment’s mind. They assumed that USSR suffered a massive defeat at the hands of mujahideen trained by Pak army and CIA. The reality is, the Afghan mujahideen did not defeat the Soviets on the battlefield. They won some important encounters, but lost others. In sum, neither side defeated the other. The Soviets could have remained in Afghanistan for several more years but they decided to leave when Gorbachev calculated that the war had become a stalemate. Pakistan started taking unnecessary pride that they have defeated a superpower. They are selling the same misconception to their populace till to date.

In the brutal nine-year conflict, an estimated one million civilians were killed, as well as 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, 18,000 Afghan troops, and 14,500 Soviet soldiers. Over one million Afghan civilians lost their lives in the war they never asked for.

Sapt-Sindhava – Punjab

“Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries” – Niccolo Machiavelli 

The Richard Nixon administration in the US had initiated a “covert action plan” in collusion with General Yahya Khan’s government in Pakistan in 1971 to encourage a separatist movement in Punjab, India. By providing military support and modern sophisticated weapons to the Sikh extremists, the Pakistani ISI caused a large number of casualties in Punjab. AK-47 provided by ISI was primarily used by the militants as an ideal weapon in their guerilla warfare. The extremist violence had started with targeting of the Nirankaris and followed by an attack on the government machinery and the Hindus. Ultimately the Sikh terrorists also targeted other Sikhs with opposing viewpoints. This led to the loss of public support and the militants were eventually brought under control of law enforcement agencies by 1993. Over 30,000 Indians lost their lives in this separatist movement on behest of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Lost Paradise – Jammu and Kashmir 

“A brother who can be a great support frequently turns an enemy to his brother”   An ancient Kashmiri proverb


Jammu and Kashmir(J&K) has been ruled by many Indian dynasties from time immemorial. Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, Mughal Empire, Kushan Empire, Karkota Empire, and Sikh Empire are some of the recent examples of Indian kings ruling Kashmir. After the breakup of the British Raj in the subcontinent, the Maharaja of J&K executed an ‘Instrument of Accession’ on 26 October 1947 to be part of India. It is the similar move what Balochistan had done while joining Pakistan. For some strange reason Pakistan has not been able to accept this. The self-proclaimed demagogue of the Muslims world’s misbegotten idea of Kashmir has a dual nature. At the time of Independence Pakistan added letter K to the acronym PAKISTAN, claiming it to be part of its dominion. However, when it is questioned about its involvement in the insurgency in J&K, the Pakistani government refutes the claim, stating that it is an endogenous freedom struggle, which they support morally. Pakistan knows it well that it cannot take J&K by force or by the involvement of a third-party nation. Therefore they have opted to employ the same techniques of guerrilla warfare, what it had employed in Afghanistan. The end result of Pakistan’s misadventures is the loss of over 47,000 lives in the last 30 years. Pakistan sponsored terrorism also displaced over 300,000 Pundits(the original sons of the soil) from their ancestral domain to various refugee camps all over North India.

A Manichean Generation 

“Human are greedy creatures who only feign civility. Given the slightest chance they will steal plunder and bully” – ‘Leviathan’ by Thomas Hobbes

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, architect of the country’s atomic programme in an interview with the Manchester Guardian in 1965 stated “if India built the nuclear bomb, we will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own”. Pakistan is on the brink of eating grass. It’s economy is in shambles, foreign reserves are down to abysmal levels and businesses are shutting down at breakneck speed. Pakistan’s ‘bleed India with a thousand cuts’ policy—while denying that such a policy exists—is in shambles. It has forced its generations onto a vengeful cul-de-sac.

Pakistan has long been a difficult and disruptive neighbor to Afghanistan, India, and Iran. It hopes to limit India’s influence in Afghanistan. It cultivates radical groups within Afghanistan as proxies and treats it as Pakistan’s own backyard. It has augmented Afghanistan’s instability by providing intelligence, weapons, and protection to the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network. Pakistan is also afraid of a strong Afghan government aligned with India, potentially helping to encircle Pakistan.

The Taliban with the blessings of ISI is a harder target than al-Qaida, because it often operates in major Pakistani cities like Quetta and Karachi. Today ISI has become the biggest drug trafficker in the world. Drugs earnings from the western countries in addition to counterfeit products, and charities spread all across Pakistan are the main source of terror funding.

General Hideki Tojo, of Japan, was tried and awarded life sentence for war crimes of World War II, wherein Japanese forces slaughter 3 million Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipinos,  and Indochinese. Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator was accused of only 3095 deaths, but still, he was put under house arrest at London on “Universal Jurisdiction. Depraved Pakistani Generals and politicians have the blood of over million human beings on their hands. Time has come to choke the source of terror funding and bringing these Pakistanis to the books. Bringing them to the international court of justice is the only hope to save the region and getting peace to millions of souls.


1. The China-Pakistan Axis – Andrew Small

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9. Negationism in India: Concealing the record of Islam – Koenraad Elst

10. The legacy of Muslim Rule in India – Prof K. S. Lal





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  1. It seems, you have really worked hard to create such a beautiful article. In fact, I believe that Pakistan is being ruled not by the representatives of the country but terrorists and ISI. That’s the reason behind the present situation of the country, and it will surely worsen within a short span.
    Thanks for the detailed info!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Nivrutti for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes a lot of research has been done by me for each and every article on my website. Thanks for the appreciation. Warm regards.

      1. Yes it shows, Sandomina – I really do apprecciate your thorough approach which inspires me to continue letting certain articles ripe over a long time.
        I just recently had a doubt whether I do spend too much time on them – some took even two years to be finished.

        So I have a mix between thorough and swift blog entries and contemplate upon collecting the deep articles into a book one day

        You could easily do the same by the quality of your articles – weed them out and sort them by themes, and BANG you have a book together!

        Forgive me for not subscribing to your bog (yet) because political stuff literally aggravates me and drags me away from my quest for inner serenity.
        Nevertheless, the first thing I will do is to forward this to an Indian friend of mine.

        More power for your good work!

      2. Thank you so much, Amar, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You have a wonderful blog, and I would be keenly waiting for your posts and articles.

  2. Great Articles… I hate people who tell me to forget history … But history always repeat itself we Indians should be ready to challenge these people. Modi is the only hope

    1. Thank you so much, Akii for your kind words. I think India is in very capable hands and it should overcome all the obstacles.

  3. And this is proof that we all have more in common than in differences… we are united in hope and displaced trust and our own propensity to exploit even our own peoples for power and personal gain… and no one is exempt from that disappointing image in the mirror!

    1. Thank you so much, KC for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I so agree with you, how we(leaders and generals) put our own people in the harm’s way.

  4. “Then came Islam – slaughter, slavery, rape, violence, pillage; destruction of religious sites, art and architecture; poverty, exploitation, humiliation, famine, forced conversion, the decline in intellectual pursuits, social destruction and a worsening of social ills.”
    This is not Islam. We do not condone this and it is none of the teachings.
    Contrary to popular belief, the Hindus and Buddhists under the control of Muhammad bin Qasim were not forced into converting. Rather, they were promised security and religious freedom. This freedom continued with successive waves of Muslim armies moving forward into India and leaders such as Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Tughluq expanded the Muslims hold without actually changing the religious or social fabric of the society.
    The proof of this is evident as all through Muslim history in the Indian subcontinent there were always huge numbers of non-Muslims living under their rule. If there was forced conversions shouldn’t they have been wiped out?
    Islam had come long before the bloodshed started, and it is the general opposition to Islam that comes from western theories that initiate this. Civil wars break out due to many differences in thinking and struggle for power. I plead with you to understand more about my religion before you state Islam as such. I know you have taken much effort to pen such a long article, but sometimes we need to think out of the box and not just believe all the media tells us.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, taking your time out and sharing your thoughts from Durban. Believe you me this article is not against Islam. Best of my friends are Muslims, and they are equally smart and open-minded. The historical facts presented here are publically available and not invented by me. The Invaders used to slaughter everyone, even dogs of the invaded cities were not spared. They used to make pyramids of the skulls and burn the whole cities down. On the other hand, the Muslim rulers had no option but to keep the local populace in good humor to counter Sikh, Rajput, and Maratha warriors at bay. Almost all the rulers who came from outside were also illiterate and had to depend upon the local educated lot to do the governance. Rulers like Aurangzeb have a poor record when it comes to forced conversion. Do read my other articles and share your thoughts. Regards.

      1. Have you ever thought why the Hindus had to suffer the worst, bloodiest episode in history? why they were invaded time and again without must respite? one invader after another, for 1000 yrs?! this, i think, the worst fate of any civilization apart from the native american ones who were totally wiped out. could it be the karma of Hindus? is it punishment for something they were doing as a people and society? can we think of it that way. Hindus were so divided before the invaders came, they were killing each other over their gods and temples. they were looting each other’s temples as well. this is historically recorded. then we have the vile caste system. all this internal wrongdoings were going to be punished at some time. can we think of the invasions and subsequent bloody history as karma for negative things taking place within Hindu society. even after suffering invasions, Hindus refused to unite and do something about it. remember the scene from Jodha Akbar when the rajput kings refused to support the king who was under threat from Akbar. all this shows the fault largely was within. let’s stop this habit of othering our tragic faults. what do you think?

      2. Pulkit, that’s a very succinct adumbration. India is as big as Western Europe and each state is equivalent to a country there. They are also divided on language and regional superiority lines, despite having the same religion. Progressive societies go through cyclical periods of progression. Crest of any cyclical period is Renaissance and trough is the period of oligopoly. nations do not come to know when they slip into the trough. They lower their guard. They are militarily weak and have a false sense of security. Indian Renaissance came some 3000 years ago when Indians were writing Vedas and achieving many mathematical and astronomical discoveries. India becomes super-rich and Indians started living in panacea. India forgot the difference between defense and violence. India also became an extractive society. The greed had overtaken the rationale and the result is history now. Thanks for stopping by.

      3. I agree, to say that hinduism survived in India due to benevolence of Muslim Rulers is not true, it survived due to inherent quality of higher idea, that is Hinduism. Religion will also be judged by its practice not only through scriptures.

      4. Mughals or for that matter any alien empire in India had its compulsions. Their authority was not absolute and to retain the power they had no other way but to allow the small Hindu kingdoms to survive for the sake of their survival. Whenever and wherever that compulsion was not existing, those rulers had no qualms in organizing pograms. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Laljee, always a pleasure.

      5. How are you people doing? I hope, all my blogger friends are doing fine and helping out the people in need.

    2. Hi. Now a reverse question. Have you heard of any Indian King(including Muslim) who went out of their dominion and attacked, plundered and butchered other countries? Hinduism(though I prefer calling it Indian way of life) was spread far and wide from Central Asia to the Middle East to South East Asia(and this is again not based on my deep desire by solid archeological evidence). Did you read anywhere of any armed aggression to subjugate any new idea, philosophy or religion at the hand of these so-called rulers in the name of Hinduism(Indian way of life)?

    3. Another question. Do you have any idea, what was the strength of those invading forces from West in each instance? India has the second largest population of Muslims in the world. If one adds India, Pakistan and Bangladesh then it is the largest. Do you mean to say they are the descendants of the thousand-odd invaders, out of which only a few hundred were left after each genocidal invasion?

    4. The first wave of terror in the ancient history of the sub-Continents was brought by Alexander of Macedonia and his troops; later followed by the Huns from Central Asia who burnt to ashes the then land of the opportunity: Taxila. Then came the other forces as in your article and ironically defaced part of the heritage.

      1. Yes, dear Saifuddin, it was the dream of Alexander to take over India. He had heard the stories of advanced Indian culture and abundance of wealth beyond anyone’s imagination. Unfortunately, he could not enter India much deep, got badly injured in the war with King Porus and shortly thereafter died. It is interesting to note that India was culturally dominating the middle east, southeast, and China, giving them language and script for language, spirituality, mathematics, science, and astrology. However, there is no mention of India subjugating any of those countries. Indian script Brahmi is the mother of all scripts from Georgia to Korea. Thanks once again for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts.

    5. It is twisting the history, trying to mollify violence perpetrated by Muslim conquerors. Why did they burn Alexendria, Taxila, Nalanda libraries. Was that non-violence? Please be logical and understand that basic aim of Muslim conquerors was to crush the culture of the vanquished. Islamic expansion has been full of violence and forced conversion.

      1. Ikv1941 Your logic and understanding show your ignorance and the hatred which seems to target (only Muslim conquerors. The huns, Alexander of Macedonia and the other, you do not even want to mention! You should also know that the Muslim emperors also brought glory and fame to the Sub-Continent: the uprise of Sufism, the grandeur of the Mughal Empire and so on.

      2. Why should you take it that way? Indian Muslims are one of the finest in the world, that has been my experience. IKV1941 is not talking about Muslims but those bandits and barbarians who mindlessly destroyed thousands of years old civilization, mindlessly.

      3. To Sandomina: Ikv1941 puts it “That Way” associating some barbarians as “Muslims”. Barbarians, terrorists have no face, no religion, no culture. It is because of some poison-heart people who have created the so called Islamophobia. WHY is it that when Alexander of Macedonia or the Huns . . or the USA led insane war on terror killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, wiped out cultures, buildings or the Khymer Rouge genocide; or the killing-rape-aggression of the Rohingya in Myanmar, or the recent terror attack in New Zealand or the atrocity in Kashmir; or the countries that call them champions of democracy have caused unprecendented human tragedy:
        not referred in context of their religions, race or origins!!
        I respect to what you say of your experience: “Indian Muslims are one of the finest in the world” .
        I think there is good and bad everywhere.
        Is it wise to judge that all the people within a certain country, society, communities are good (or bad)? How do you regard the recent handover of Indian Pilot with all dignity who committed an act of aggression crossing the border into Pakistan with an act of war – that the whole world, including majority of people in India in all praise.
        My friend – I hope to see the spread of the message of PEACE in your blogs. I reiterate – the people who commit any kind of an act of aggression against a fellow being is an enemy of mankind who has no soul, no religion no culture.
        People of India and Pakistan share alot in common – we love our celebrities – cricket, colorful cultures . . . Why bring past historical accounts to stir bad feeling in the mind of common people. Europe had a dark history – they move on. It is upon people not to give in to unfavorable political agendas. When people hold hands nothing can come in the way of unity and progress between the two nations.

      4. History is not there to spread hatred but to learn lessons, and just can be ignored. If we look around we still see barbarians and warmongers in all the countries but more in dictatorships and dynasties. A democracy has the power to remove a tyrant anytime. Returning of Indian pilot was surely a goodwill gesture but what went behind the scenes, the majority is unaware of, so let us leave it that.

      5. Than how do we have more than 80% non Muslim Population in North India that was ruled by Muslims for 400+ years .

      6. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Muslim population in India has grown from 35 million(1951) to 172 million (2011). That’s the beauty of India despite all disparities and differences. Show me that example in other countries…. For example Pakistan.

      7. How are you people doing? I hope, all my blogger friends are doing fine and helping out the people in need.

    1. It is not quite right to say that terrorists have no face. They have a face and a religious teachings to back it, howsoever twisted. Religious seeds ingrained in mind overtakes logic and what is logic in this whole discussion? It is concern for humanity. We must consider the whole humanity as one, as gift of the Almighty, and most valuable asset of creation.The world over we are witnessing terrorist activities, and audaciously the perpetrators gleefully own it after a terror act has been committed. It clearly indicates lack of concern for the humanity. Attack on the mosque in New Zealand, and (retaliatory) attack on Christian Churches in Sri Lanka are few recent examples. Now there is a backlash in Sri Lanka where Muslims are being targeted, mostly they are Ahmadiya refugees from Pakistan, not considered Islamic and vilified in Pakistan forcing them to flee and seek shelter in another country. Intolerance in Kashmir has forced more than 5 lakhs KashmiriPandits to seek refuge in other parts of India due to terror activities. They are living in refugee camps in their own country! What has been their mistake? Only mistake one can think is that they are not Muslims, that is all! Kashmir remains a thorn in the bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, but it is incorrect to say that repressive tactics are being adopted by India. Terrorist activities, wherever has to be curbed, it must be prevented. Violence is not an answer to any unsolved problem in the world. Violence only contributes to further violence. Ego of religious superiority is the worst type of ego. It leads to religious and ethnic conflicts. About Pakistan, I had written in my book “Indians in Mirror…” published in 2013 that the people and government of Pakistan do not realize where they are leading the next generation. Resources are limited and Pakistan has used most of its resources in training and exporting terror the world over, and look at where it stands today! If a child is taught terrorism instead of science and technology tell me where it will lead the present and the next generation. Such indoctrinated children will think, and act in the support of terrorism. There is no doubt that India and Pakistan share a lot in common, but religious bigotry has played the spoil- sport! One must come to grips with the reality, and the reality is that the world is fed up with terrorism, it wants peace, ‘live and let live’ is the mantra. We have to live by the maxim ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ if the humanity wants to achieve peace. Violence, intolerance, and terrorism are not the answers!

    1. Thank you, Sahir, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Don’t you think that’s clangorous rhetoric and consternation lacking pussiance in addition to self-abnegation?

      1. That’s so kind of you. I have been through your website, and it’s really inspirational. Warm regards.

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    1. Bernard, si joliment et si éloquemment, vous avez mis en valeur le message et la valeur de l’amitié dans votre rédaction, et je l’approuve totalement. Cependant, que faites-vous avec un pays ou un groupe de personnes qui tuent des innocents dans le monde entier et menacent de détruire le monde avec les armes nucléaires qu’ils ont volées au monde civilisé.

    1. Thank you so much, Kirti, for stopping by and sharing your. Do following my website, soon one more article is being published. Regards.

  6. Very insightful post! It is sad that along with the bureaucratic class the young minds are also filled with inaccurate events in the history of both Pakistan and India.

    1. Thank you so much, Rageshree, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You have brought it out so correctly, the youth of the country should know the correct history and not what is being fed to them by politicians.

  7. Great article, well researched and well articulated. In fact, birth of Pakistan was on falsehood. History of Islam clearly indicate hatred to democracy, not love for it as Jinnah said just after getting his cake! Religion, alone, could not keep the binding together, and Bangladesh separated. Basically, Pak-Punjab dominates everything in Pakistan, primarily the militarism. It was ego of Bhutto backed by Army that led to the birth of Bangladesh. Their hatred towards India stems from the fact that Britishers did not hand over power to Muslims from whom they had usurped India. This mindset has not changed, and most likely will not change so long Pakistan remains a viable country. I say ‘viable country’ as the future is well seeded where Sindh and Baluchistan provinces are likely to secede and are already a proven thorn. Pakistan economy is crumbling. China has very skillfully affected an ‘economic colonization’ and further tightening their stranglehold. All other sects except the Sunnis have been declared to be ‘non-Muslims’. So a religious conflict is in the making. Most of the resources are under the command of military dominated by Punjabis and all others are considered second grade citizen. How long this facade of a nationhood is going to last, I can not say but certainly days are not far.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Paki leadership is doing a disservice to its own people by keeping them involved in matters which do not concern them, for the last 72 years. They have created havoc in Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Bangladesh and now Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan attacks have clear-cut signs of Pakistani terror outfits like JuD and LeT. Sri Lanka has paid a heavy price for hobnobbing with China and Pakistan. You have very succinctly brought out that idea of Pakistan was dead the day Pakistan came into existence, and now it is disintegrating further. Regards.

      1. Sure I will do that. I also write in, India’s leading website on Culture, Yoga and National- International Affairs. Regards.

    2. Rubbish. Why do you have so much hatred in your heart for Muslims and Pakistan. Your words express it loud and clear – do not pretend you are narrating in the context of history.

  8. Appreciate the insights. Most of us in USA never even get close to understanding history,people, trends and events in this part of the world. It’s like nothing really exists beyond our borders.

    1. That’s so kind of you. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. The United States has two very distinct sets of people, one who are super intelligent and giving best of the innovations possible to the world, and others as you have mentioned. I am trying to finish one article which involves the US, China, and India before I embark on a six-month-long project. Regards.

    2. Yes, the USA has a problem of superiority, and consider its own country as the world. Or consider that the world should move as per their choice and dictates.

      1. You have a point but that may not be entirely correct. The USA has a vast difference in the knowledge and skill level of lower and upper strata populace. They have moved away from the ‘Jack of all Trades’ philosophy to ‘Master of One’. Only time would tell whether that approach is correct or not. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  9. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing your knowledge! I’d love to visit Pakistan at some point and learning about its history and present is great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Pakistan is indeed an interesting country and land of my ancestors. The region of Pakistan and Iran is called the cradle of civilization. Some of the most modern, planned, and advanced 7000 years old cities existed in the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. Gandhar(present-day Kandahar) was another great Indian Kingdom. Alas, barbarians are destroying the remains of that great civilization.

    2. I appreciate the research of the Author and the literature cited. There is indeed no denying the fact that Pakistan has a primitive education structure and that people are usually manipulated at the hands of shrewd politicians and statesmen. Having said that, I must tell you that Pakistan is a magnificent country and land of hardworking loving people. Massacres, genocides, corruption and many more geopolitical illnesses have affected Pakistan just like many other countries of the world. In general, Pakistanis are peace-loving, hospitable, generous and kind. Before signing off, I must also state that Islam has been misunderstood globally, and for this, we only have Muslims to be blamed. It is a beautiful religion that covers all the aspects of humanity ranging from health sciences to judiciary and domestic affairs to financial systems. In my humble opinion, a neutral tone and perspective in sensitive matters always turn out to be healthy and beneficial for further exchange of knowledge and information. I am hoping that I haven’t hurt the sentiments of any of the readers involved. Thank you very much for sharing your perspective.

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Very aptly put across by you the strange case of Pakistani populace. Fact is if a nation starts falsifying its past and disconnects from it, it is bound to doom. The very area where Pakistan is present today was the cradle of civilization. Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are the oldest existing planned and civilized cities in the world. Yet Pakistani people were made to believe that those civilizations were not their ancestors. They created a narrative that Pakistani’s are Arabs or Turks, who did not convert to Islam under the threat of sword or greed for power. They do not celebrate their ancient kings and kingdoms because their religions were different. My ancestors belong to the same land and I know they are wonderful people.

      2. I agree with most of what you have furnished. But I would reiterate that Islam is a religion of Peace and is misunderstood tremendously mainly because of the ill practices of Muslims. The beloved messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) was tortured, insulted, mocked and manhandled in the streets of Mecca and Taif, but he never retaliated, with words or his sword. His message was eternal and revolved around ethics, forgiveness, sharing, kindness, honesty, and truthfulness. He taught the world how to give rights to minorities, how to be kind to wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. You must be knowing the fact that there was an era where daughters were buried alive and were considered a sign of disgrace for the whole family, Muhammad (peace be upon him) was one man who stood for daughters and brought up 4 of them in an exemplary manner. He taught the community and society to give due rights to daughters and to pay respect to them. He lived what he preached and preached what he lived. This is the real history that Muslims need to remember. One important message of Islam is equality, Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught to his followers that “No Arab enjoys any superiority over a Non Arab and vice versa.” Indeed Pakistanis are not Arabs nor Turks, we are a different kind of people and as you put it “wonderful people”. I really enjoyed the response that you have shared and would love to read more from you. Thank You.

      3. Thank you once again for stopping by and giving your perspective. You summed it up in a very mature and open manner. Since you have read my article carefully, you must have noticed I have not talked ill about religion but the people who hijack the religion to their own, greed and advantage. These are fringe elements, and they exist in every society and country. If they are not stopped, their thought process and actions are the only visible aspect for outsiders. And that becomes the whole society or the country’s image.

      4. I believe you must give it to me. The article is calling me sanguinary fool . . . yet we are having an open and educated discussion here 🙂

      5. No, the article and the veritable expression were about the people who amended the history presenting simulacrum, to suit their narrative, both military and civilian leadership. But still, highly appreciate your candid and guileless participation.

      6. writers tend to use pun, circumloculation and verbosity to furnish their work . . . i appreciate your oppenness to discuss your work and let others a chance to share their thoughts on it . . . i would be around to read some more pieces of yours . . .

  10. So, there’s this website called “The Medium” which provides with high quality content. Your article was just as amazing as the articles present there. Cheers to your hardwork!

    P.S. Would you like to collaborate with my blog to create an article?

    1. Thank you so much, Nishita for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I shall go through ‘The Medium’ as recommended by you. As of today, my commitments are making it difficult for me to complete articles for this very website. I shall surely collaborate with you after 6-8 months. I have gone through your website and there is something very powerful going on there. Congratulations and regards.

      1. Yes, I am sure you will love that website. Sure, I will be waiting to collaborate with you. Thankyou for the encouragement. 🙂
        More power to you!

    2. In fact, I write for India’s leading website on Culture, Yoga and Nation-International Affairs, Due to general elections, they have been asking me to write an article, but I am unable to fulfill their commitment as well. Regards.

  11. Interesting outlook and very in-depth!!
    I loved history in school but know only that much 😌 And I keep away from politics. But we have many historians in our family and one of them is a PhD from London School of Oriental Studies. I am sure she would have loved to comment but unfortunately or fortunately she isn’t on WordPress.
    Love and Peace

    1. Thank you so much, Ashok, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. She need not be on WP. She just needs a gravatar to comment without being on WP. Would love to have a comment from her as much as I loved it from you. Regards.

    1. How are you people doing? I hope, all my blogger friends are doing fine and helping out the people in need.

    1. Yes, Aruna the narrative Pak army and politicians have been selling to its populace is disturbing and mocks the genuine history of the region.

      1. Your name is Sandep – Right. I see that you SENSORED my earlier reply that showed your true distorted face of hatred. With a heart full of hatred, it is obvious the rubbish you spew in your writings. You dont even know history – (narrating Gandhara (Kingdom as “Gandhar” and wrongfully relating it to present day Kandhar) . . . I can give the true account og Gandhara (ancient Gandhari, in the beginning the Hindus carried out a genocide to kill it own tribes to gain dominance (killing the entire Naga Tribe) . . .but I am not going to waste my time on this hateful blog and some that are like-minded as yourself and who don’t even bother to make their own research. Its a shame that in my beautiful world breathes trash like yourself.

  12. I have lots of things to say but there is this one thing in mind …even after all these , they still claim to be better than us ? Like seriously ?

    I read this post thrice ! All the points are so clear and every sentence of this post questions Pakistan !
    Great work Sir.

    1. Highly appreciate your acknowledgment of the hard work. It takes, at times a month to finish an article. As you must have seen, there were many readers from Pakistan and they expressed their views. As you would have noticed that they couldn’t defend their leaders and their policies, and in fact, many stated that they agree with most of my points. Keep blogging, keep writing, you are also a wonderful writer.

  13. There is no doubt that Pakistan is dominated by its Army. That is destroying the country. It claims to be a democracy but events show otherwise. Now the latest is that all the opposition have joined together to work out a strategy to oust the democratically elected Prime Minister!

    1. Most of us who follow Pakistan closely, know it very well from their TV debates and newspaper columns how careful they are when it comes to the army. Imran Khan would stay on till the time he toes the line of the army. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. The thing that you said that Pakistan is feeling proud that it has defeated Russia. This is the most interesting point i have read from your article one reason is that I personally have listened it from thousands of people(Pakistanis) still it exists. And of Muslim barbarians whom People call their heroes and they praise their murders. I enjoyed reading couldn’t glance out of ituntill finished..😍

    1. Their military surely thinks so, and their retired generals keep boasting about it on TV debates.

  15. An informative sharing. In ancient India, different princely states were independent, they extended their territories on the strength of their forces and clout they were having but there was antipathy between the princely states. They did not help the other state(s) against foreign invasion. Division was the rule buzz-word in all aspects. They did not have even a modicum of cohesion when foreign invaders attacked. In some cases they sided the invaders – like King Ambi sided Alexander and conspired against king Purus. There were many instances like this due to which we were subjugated and crushed. The invaders from as far places as Afghanistan and even from far flung foreign lands invaded India for plundering the riches, for conversions, destruction of religious places and converting them into their own. We know how much rich religious scriptures were burnt by invaders in Nalanda (Bihar) so as the re-write history and obliterate the rich past in India. Not only the muslim invaders, the Britishers too plundered and looted on whatever they could put their hands on. They even wanted to change the education system so that Indians only are able to do chair-borne jobs and not the skilled ones – mainly to sell their produced produced in England.

    India has suffered immensely at the hands of foreign invaders and even after partition, we are being attacked but now their design cannot succeed because we are now acting as a cohesive unit and will give a bloody nose if and when required with the exception of Chinese invasion of 1962 which we lost simply because we did not use our three qrmed wings Army, Air Force and Navy as an integrated unit. Our AF must have changed the very concept of war because at that time our adversary did not have much of AF elements in their defence!

    1. What a lovely piece of summation Harbans. French thinker Marquis de Condorcet once said: “Force cannot like opinion, endure for long unless the tyrant extends his empire far enough afield to hide from the people, whom he divides and rules, the secret that real power lies not with the oppressor but with oppressed”. The moment a society stops thinking or modifying itself it starts decaying. We were rich beyond imagination but with that richness came the lethargy in the thinking process. India was living in the Prithviraj Chauhan dilemma for long. That gave advantage to the intruders, who were minuscule in number. Intruders knew that if Indians realize the importance of its knowledge base it would get back on its feet. So they systematically destroy the source of knowledge and the age-old institutions.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your rich knowledge with thousands of other readers.

      1. Thanks a lot for your commentary – in fact you have summed up India’s predicament in a few sentences. Actually, we were not only divided on the basis of caste and religion affiliations but also pompous and obstinate with superiority and inferiority complexes. Then we were over-confident with lack of war tactics and strategies; amongst which is deception tactics which was hallmark of our adversities.

        Our youth should know the richness of our culture and tradition including the weakness which we exhibited while facing the invaders – which laid the basis for our downfall and subjugation. They should also know that it is integration and union despite differences in caste, religion, region or any other considerations. Our religion is INDIAN and everything comes thereafter.


      2. Your equanimity and peroration on the subject have the utmost clarity Harbans, similar to John Stuart Mill, who once said: “Progress includes order but order doesn’t include progress”. Thank you so much once again for being so kind and sharing your expository knowledge.

      3. Pleasure is mine since I have made an add-on to my know-how by appraising your blogs full of analytical and critical exposition; and then giving your own viewpoints which makes the write-ups interesting and enlightening. Regards.

      4. Read your “OUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL/SPIRIT”. In a very simple but succinct way, you have explained the ‘Manas’. Reminded me of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Bravo. I wanted to comment but the comments are closed. It’s been a pleasure to know you Harbans and get to read some very deep but straightforward thoughts.

      5. Thank you so very much for appraising the write-up and offering your commentary on the same.

        I am of the firm view that we should simplify everything we write or speak. Even our prayers to God should be in simple language, the language we can speak and understand what we want out of our prayers to our God. Long winded SANSKRIT Shlokas of which we do not know the actual meanings, hardly makes any impact. I happen to ask some of Pandits who are in the habit of speaking these complex Shlokas the exact meaning. Sorry to say, I could not get right answers. Simple things come out of our heart but complex ones from our brain that is the difference and that is why our heart could connect with our CREATOR easily.

        With regards,


      6. Well said Harbans. Pundits and Pujaris chant whatever they want to, they ain’t concerned about normal people. As you said these people don’t know the meaning and the pronunciation themselves. Sanatan Dharma very clearly states the path in ascending order Gyan-Seva-Bhakti-Dhyan. Delving into the unknown has Yantra-Tantra-Mantra. So no doubt that recitation of mantras with correct pronunciation has tremendous power, but that’s not taking one to the ultimate aim. That is making the journey to the ultimate aim smoother. The highest path to the ultimate aim is through dhyan, that is going deeper inside oneself.

      7. I fully agree with you. I only CHANT OM (AUM) for connection with ONE who created us. With the grace of Creator, results are very encouraging. I get mental satisfaction and peace of mind and balance even while I am in the midst of a challenging situation. Mantra-Tantra may be good for some but those Karma-Yogis who has to earn their bread cannot fritter their time and energy. A sincere prayer for limited time is sufficient that is my idea of prayer. This prayer, originating from our heart, could be at any place or any time.

        Thanks and regards,

      8. Kala-yuga is a double-edged sword. In this yuga, one can plummet due to deceiving mind but at the same time it is the best and easiest yuga to progress. Simplest ways, like you just explained, have tremendous results, which would not work in any other yuga.
        Thank you so much, Harbans for your beautiful worldview and simplistic approach to life.

      9. Affirmative, I have experimented – a simple way of living, sincere way of working, an honest behaviour patter including sincerity of prayer is the best bet for deliverance. This I presume to be spiritual way of living.

        Thanks so much for sharing your views.


      10. You have kept your lifestyle very simple, and I envy that. Many of the intelligent nations of the world are learning from Indian philosophy, whereas Indians like me are making our life complicated, suffering from aphasia, blindly following dissolute lifestyles.

      11. Thanks a lot for your comments.

        Our culture and simply the best. We love our parents and our family deities. Our parents transfer the value system which we use in our lives in our life.

        I am really happy that my writings is appraised more by the western readers than Indians. It means they want to learn from eastern and oriental civilization although I do not know what good they see in my write-ups.


      12. Due to a thousand years of foreign rule, our core value system got corrupted and we reached a state of disenchantment. I am sure westerners are reading your articles more than Indians because they have a culture of not getting bogged down by preconceived ideas, and always open to acquiring new things. Thanks to Westerners Yoga and our ancient scriptures have not only survived but revived.
        Thank you so much, Harbans.

      13. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary.

        Your thoughts are really very relevant. Tough our thoughts may not be advance yet these are more lifelike which connects us with our Creator. Our people may be less educated but are more entrenched in their cultural mores and traditions – after all what is life if not to live with our head held high and with dignity both in happy and sad days.

        Thanks and regards

      14. Harbans I believe every civilization goes trough troughs and ridges like a graph. Indian Renaissance came may be too early, over 2000 years before the Western one. That was the period when all great Scriptures were written as well as implemented in life. I was surprised to know, when I read ‘Yogasutras of Patanjali’, that it mentions the importance of the exact time and direction of prayer every day in the life. A further surprise was when I learned that this system is practiced in many newer religions. Alas, I am sorry to say that most of our fellow countrymen haven’t read these scriptures and follow pseudo-Hinduism, which is full of corrupt practices. Thanks once again for your amazing insight into these aspects of our nation.

    1. That’s so kind of you Ron. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Your blog is equally wonderful.

  16. Actually, what Jinnah said about Islam is true-“Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy. It has taught equality of man, justice and fair play to everybody.” and these ideals are worth striving for. We should not stop pursuing them just because of the alleged mistakes and blunder of a few people.
    Civilizations fall not because of disunity amongst its Kings or civilians but because of injustice and inequity.
    These verse of Quran possibly explain that-
    Al-Quran 28:58-59 “And how many a city have We destroyed that was insolent in its way of living, and those are their dwellings which have not been inhabited after them except briefly. And it is We who were the inheritors. Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a population until He had sent to its center a messenger, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We going to destroy a population except when its members practice iniquity.”
    best regards!

    1. Thanks Atul Depak, for taking your time out and giving this detailed analysis. If you look around very few Muslim countries follow democracy in the world. The ones which are democracies are also fake. Great leaders have come and given their messages but soon after they departed people dumped their messages and teaching and got back to where they were or descended even further down.

  17. Build, do not destroy should be the message for the sake of humanity, which was ignored time and again. Sad but true.

    1. Absolutely correct Laljee. In fact, if we look back, every society or civilization which has adopted the policy of exclusion and destruction has not survived beyond a certain period of time. Every inclusive society/civilization is surviving and thriving even today after many millennia. Thanks for sparing your time and wonderful thought.

  18. After reading your account, I can say as a former American History Teacher, my knowledge of the past happenings of the East Asia world are sorely lacking. You should write blogs more often it seems

    1. Thank you once again, James. Yes, I also wish I could do that more often but currently, I am neck-deep into a project. Once that is completed I shall resume my quest. Warm regards.

    1. How are you people doing? I hope, all my blogger friends are doing fine and helping out the people in need.

  19. Thank you for such detailed information which is most interesting. How very complicated it all is. I visited Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in 1985 and found the people to be kind and friendly, just like people in most parts of the world. The sad thing is that human beings can so quickly turn into such savages. I pray that a time will come when diversity will be accepted as a normal, good situation rather than an evil threat. Heaven forbid that we should all be alike.

    1. Thank you so much, Carolyn, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Diversity is the beauty of this world. Whether individuals, countries, cities or cultures if all look the same, life would be boring. But some people want everything their way. For them, their way is the correct way and rest everything is wrong. Hope, sanity prevails in the world and we accept things as they are.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and visit. You guessed it right I am a professional, but not a journalist.

  20. Pakistan is deliberate in its activity… true they will never let go foolishness and opt a peaceful path…
    M glad you added J&K here, Paradise was ruled by Maharaja hari singh and he signed Instrument of Accession to be part of India … he did his best to save his territory and his people, few books point out delay in his decision which should never be questioned ,but here he signed his J&K to India … Pakistan surely lost a paradise …

    beautiful writing …

    1. Actions of Pakistani leadership have not only destroyed the peace in the region but put their own people in harm’s way. Economically they were doing much better than other countries of the region but today they are staring at bankruptcy. If they do not mend their ways, time is not far when they would be competing with the sub-Saharan region in prosperity. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much, Narayanan, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The idea of Pakistan was surely an ill-conceived one which killed millions of people. The blood is on the hands of the conspirators. Funny thing is after taking the drastic step, that country is still not at ease.

  21. My comment was wrong,dear!! Pakistan is not a country of sanguinary fools.there’s public is like Indian public.if you dare to say so then all Indians are not lover of border between of both countries,tensions are presented but for that politician are responsible.see the other countries-all complexities are presented.not it is true.before partion,all Pakistani were was bad destiny for India that British had rooted in earth of our motherland-divide and rule.on this point we can say that all of us before partition,were sanguinary fools.

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