Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan | Iran-Armenia | USA | China Chaos Is Heading Our Way

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Beware, chaos in Israel is connected to the Armenia-Azerbaijan war & the fall of Nagorno Karabak. More turmoil is coming our way. Who is playing the game from behind the curtains?

My analysis:

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  1. The main problem which the IDF must resolve in our invasion and conquest of Hamas regime change strategy, the huge civilian populations of Gaza.
    The IDF, it seems to me, should island hop, much like America did in the Pacific War against Japan. Israel needs to organize a sealed off trench warfare, something akin to WWI battle tactics. Only in the case of Gaza, Israel must encircle and isolate designated areas to harvest Gaza civilian populations. Israel must feed and protect these sealed-off “captured” Gaza prisoner of war zones.

    Such a strategic policy conducted toward Gazan civilian populations serves to separate armed hostile terrorists from unarmed passive Gazans. Captured males, capable of serving as soldiers separated from populations of women with children and the old. Segregating civilian from military capable populations, clearly the first step in the long regime change war confronting the Jewish state in the days and weeks ahead.

    Jerusalem emphatically must reject foreign aid or intervention in this local border conflict. The horror of the international involvement in the Russian/Ukraine war a clear flag of warning. Israel outright rejects European involvement or any foreign intervention what so ever. This Gaza regime change war, pits Israel’s fight against the multiple Arab factions in Gaza, E. Jerusalem, and Samaria. Israel must reject any and all foreign international aid or power plays to dominate Israeli and Gazan interstate self-determination.

    Repatriating dhimmi Arab refugee populations to Gaza. Permitting the Gazan City-State to give citizenship to these dhimmi Arab refugee populations the Primary objective of regime change strategies in Gaza. Integrating the Independent nation of Gaza into the Arab community of the Middle East a key foreign policy objective of the Jewish state during this Gaza/Israel war.

    Land for peace. Twice Israel has returned the Sinai back to Egypt in the name of land for peace. The patriotization of dhimmi Arab refugees from E. Jerusalem, Samaria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to Gazan national self-determination and Independence, a prime regime change strategy of the Jewish state in this Gaza/Israel war. Gaza, Israel and Egypt can work together to expand the borders of Gaza into the Sinai to accommodate dhimmi Arabs who move to Gaza and cease existing as despised refugee populations, a people without a country of their own.

  2. Remembering Operation Cast Lead, Olmert FUBAR. That utterly incompetent Brandan Prime Minister failed to achieve the total surrender of Hamas to Israel. An invasion of Gaza must never duplicate that utterly failed attempt to up-root Hamas. The Ventriloquist puppet UN made vile accusations of war-crimes against the IDF. A repetition of foreign intervention which prevented a Hamas total and complete surrender to Israel, Bibi must avoid at all costs. The Cast Lead Olmert blunder: witnessed the entrance of the Obozo the Clown enemy, to seize the Office of President of the United States. That incompetent Brandan fool passed UN Resolution 2334 prior to vacating POTUS. To achieve the unconditional surrender of Hamas, the Bibi government must negate the influence of both the EU and UN.

  3. This Regime change Hamas war does not resemble the two Israeli Independence Wars of 1948 and 1967. Israel fights this current War to up-root Hamas from Gaza. Israel simply cannot permit a political vacuum in Gaza. Israel cannot up-root Hamas without planting the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Bremmer says: “The Jews and the Palestinians are the same people.” An utterly moronic declaration. The only way to assure PA rule in Gaza, Israel must plant large PA supporting Palestinian populations from E. Jerusalem and Samaria unto Gaza. To assure that ‘when’ Arabs hold elections in the Gaza City-State again, after the completion of this war, that the PA rules Gaza.

    The PA lost the 2006 democratic elections in Gaza. Israel must not behave like a dog who returns and eats its own vomit. Bremmer says: “The Jews and the Palestinians are the same people.” An utterly moronic declaration. Jews and Arabs have never existed as the same people any more than Luther’s Germans and the Jews existed as the same people. The canned applause which the Daily Show, (a comedy program made) after this utterly obtuse moronic declaration – conclusively proves that the Daily Show serves only as entertainment for politically ignorant California Americans.

    Understanding Israel & Palestine – Ian Bremmer | The Daily Show

  4. The current Gaza/Hamas War. Simply not enough for the IDF to up-root Hamas from Gaza. Nature does not tolerate a vacuum. The disaster of the American foreign policy in both Iraq and Libya. Those regime change American wars, resulted in the most bitter Civil Wars in those countries of Iraq and Libya.

    Israel made peace with Arafat and the PLO. But the 2006 elections in Gaza established Hamas as the government! If the IDF uproots Hamas from Gaza, then it too must plant the Arab populations of E. Jerusalem and Samaria into Gaza. This dhimmi curse of refugee Arabs requires resolution. Israel stands as the only country to deed Gaza land for the establishment of a PA State.

    Arafat said the PLO served as the sole and only representative of the Palestinian People. Israel has an obligation to both our People and the Arab People to ensure that once the IDF uproots Hamas from Gaza, that the PA rules the Gaza City-state.

    Victors of Wars assume the powers of determining the borders of other nation-states. The victory of the IDF in Gaza results in a radical change in the balance of power in the Middle East. Had Av Shalom replaced David as king, this would have definitely changed the balance of power in that ancient region.

    The Jewish concept of: ‘Moshiach house of David’ would have radically changed the opinions held by all later generations.

  5. The Hamas Defenses that the IDF must overcome. Hamas embraces the strategy of Peoples’ War developed by Ho Chi Minh’s A-symetric war which defeated the United States military superiority in Vietnam. This military strategy prioritizes anti-war social conflict opposition within the imperialist country, like Hanoi Jane Fonda or the Kent State shooting, which killed four students and wounded 9 others protesting against Vietnam. Over actual head-to-head military conflict.

    A-symetric warfare recognizes that the enemy enjoys vast military superiority. The Vietcong militarily lost the battle known as the Tet Offensive. But Walter Cronkite declared on National Television that America had lost the war. This announcement compares to the heads of the 10 spies sent to Canaan declaring that Giants ruled the land and the Israelites compared to grasshoppers. Cronkite melted the hearts of the American people to continue fighting that war.

    The tactics of trench warfare defines WWI. Israeli complete air superiority forced Hamas to dig deep tunnels. Israel cannot sustain a huge blood bath, like the current Russian/Ukraine trench warfare has produced. This Gaza War in no way compares to the huge tank battles which defined the Sinai and Golan Fronts during the Yom Kippur October War of ’73. This war fought street by street compares to Stalingrad. The defeat of the Nazis at Stalingrad obliterated Germany’s ability to project Offensive Warfare thereafter. The winter offensive known as “the Battle of the Bulge” collapsed as fast as it started; Germany had already exhausted its military depth to conduct war.

  6. A solution to the Hamas Gaza Tunnel defence

    Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when carbon monoxide builds up in the blood. When too much carbon monoxide is in the air, the body replaces the oxygen in the red blood cells with carbon monoxide. This can lead to serious tissue damage, or even death.

    Carbon monoxide is gas that has no odor, taste or color. Burning fuels, including gas, wood, propane or charcoal, make carbon monoxide. Appliances and engines that aren’t well vented can cause the gas to build up to dangerous levels. A tightly enclosed space makes the buildup worse.

    Anyone exposed to carbon monoxide needs to get into fresh air and seek medical care right away.

  7. Israel’s TWO STATE Solution, based upon the post WWII population transfer of Germans from the Czech Republic and Poland.

    The barbaric slaughter of 1400 Israelis and over 250 hostages, this abomination carried out by NOT Hamas alone but by all Palestinian political organizations including the PA. The time has come to remove the Palestinian pricks poking the Israeli nation, by a forced population transfer of PA Arab populations from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza – the Israeli established Palestinian state from 2005 to present.

    Only Israel has deeded land for the establishment of a Palestinian State. Land for Peace applies equally to Arab countries, not just to Israel. Israel has deed land, Gaza, for an Independent Palestinian State. Time that Arab countries stop their Palestine Occupied Territories political rhetoric propaganda and deed land in the Sinai to enlarge the borders of Gaza for the Arabs removed from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to live as free citizens in their own Palestinian country, a member of the community of nations in the Middle East.

      1. Arabs bemoan the Nakba. They love to bitch about the “Illegal Occupied Territories”, “the lands Israel stole from Palestinians”. So easy for propaganda to denouce Israel for “War Crimes” etc. But at the end of the day: only Israel has deeded land for the establishment of a Palestinian State. The 2005 unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Actions speak louder than Word/Noise. Notice that Egypt refuses to permit Arab refugees to flee from Gaza to the Sinai???

  8. The drug business fills the needs of Hamas to finance perfectly its war against Israel.

    Captagon, tramadol, marijuana, or ecstasy and happiness pills, as locals call them, poured into the Gaza Strip in large quantities compared to the relatively low population of Gaza amounting to slightly over 2 million people. An exceptionally popular drug in the Middle East, Captagon produced cheaply, with a street value of between £4 and £15, in countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria.

    “It is known that ISIS finances its terrorist activities in large part with the trafficking of synthetic drugs produced largely in Syria, which has become the leading world producer of amphetamines in recent years,” police said. The UK and the U.S. have raised concerns over Captagon production in Syria, claiming it is “worth approximately 3 times the combined trade of the Mexican cartels”.

    Hamas militants, who were killed in the surprise attack on Israel on October 7, were found to have consumed Captagon – produced in southern Europe and gets trafficked to the consumer markets present in the Arabian Peninsula via Turkey, as per local media reports.

    The reports of drugged militants surfaced after the pills were discovered in the pockets of many Hamas terrorists who were killed on Israeli soil. The stimulant drug, which is also called the “cocaine for the poor”, gave the terrorists a sense of calmness and indifference when they killed the civilians. It also suppressed their appetite and kept them highly alert for long durations.

    David Adesnik, a senior fellow and the director of research at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said: “The Syrian regime’s trafficking of billions of dollars worth of Captagon has helped to spread violence across the region. Hamas terrorists’ reported use of the drug only adds to the carnage.” A witness described the terrorists as having “crazy joy in their eyes, like they were high on something” while they carried out their assault in Kibbutz Be’eri and took hostages. In 2020, Captagon’s exports from Syria reached a minimum of $3.5 billion — a figure five times greater than the combined value of the country’s legal export industries, estimated at just over $700 million, the Jerusalem Post reported.

  9. What defines the goal of the current war in Gaza?

    The over 200 kidnapped captives a clear priority. However Israel fights a regime change war. The total unconditional surrender of Hamas defines the Will of the People of Israel to achieve justice for the slaughter of some 1400 Israelis on October 7th. Just that simple.

      1. To my People Israel. Daily for years, Jews have witnessed the filth of antisemitism raise its ugly head. We fight a Regime Change War to permanently remove Hamas as the Ruling Government of the Gaza Palestinian State.

        The state: that the vision of Prime Minister Sharon established in 2005. Today our nation conducts our national strategic interests as a ‘great nation’; we fight a regime change war to remove Hamas as the government of the Israeli established Gaza Palestinian State.

        Antisemites scream and fight & denounce that Israel should transform our tiny nation of the Middle East unto a ‘great power’ in the community of World nation states. This war compares to a Bar Mitzva celebration of joy.

  10. To my People Israel. Daily for years, Jews have witnessed the filth of antisemitism raise its ugly head. We fight a Regime Change War to permanently remove Hamas as the Ruling Government of the Gaza Palestinian State.

    Antisemites scream and fight & denounce that Israel should transform our tiny nation of the Middle East unto a ‘great power’ in the community of World nation states. This war compares to a Bar Mitzva celebration of joy.

    Hundreds storm Russian airport to protest Israel flight. Hundreds of people have stormed into the main airport in Russia’s Dagestan region and onto the landing field to protest the arrival of an airliner from Tel Aviv, Israel and Russian news agencies reported.

    Authorities closed the airport in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim region, and police converged on the facility. Russian news reports said people in the crowd were shouting anti-Semitic slogans and tried to storm the airliner belonging to Russian carrier Red Wings.

    Video on social media showed some in the crowd on the landing field waving Palestinian flags, protesters attempting to overturn a police car and others checking the passports of passengers who had arrived in Makhachkala.

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs for Russia’s North Caucasian Federal District, where Dagestan is located, stated that CCTV footage would be used to establish the identities of those who stormed the airport, and that those involved would be brought to justice.

    Dagestan Governor Sergei Melikov was more assertive in his criticism of the protesters, and promised consequences for anyone who took part in the storming of the airport. “The actions of those who gathered at the Makhachkala airport today are a gross violation of the law!… what happened at our airport is outrageous and should receive an appropriate assessment from law enforcement agencies! And this will definitely be done!” he wrote on Telegram.

  11. This noise: ‘Hitler was duly elected!’ farted by Ms.Hillary: denounces the: Trump ’24 win campaign … It compares to the Peace for Palestinians, demonstrations by assimilated America Jues against the Oct 7th War.

    Proof that many insane human beings, more full of shit, than sane folk. Puts these “Jues” in prisons together with captured stinking Hamas Arabs!

  12. Israel made peace with Arafat. Arafat claimed that the PLO: the sole representative of the Palestinian people. But the 2006 Gaza elections proved this boast a lie. Israel seeks to uproot Hamas; to force an unconditional surrender of the Hamas Gaza Palestine government. A forced population transfer of Palestinians in E. Jerusalem and Samari, like the Allied forced population post WWII of Germans from the Czech Republic and Poland, to Gaza. To assure that the PA rules the independent Gaza Palestinian state. Such an elegant two state solution has its roots in international law. Sweet.

  13. Israel shows alleged Hamas ‘armory’ under children’s hospital in Gaza. Local health officials dismiss the physical evidence.

    Israel shows alleged Hamas ‘armory’ under children’s hospital in Gaza. Local health officials dismiss the claims as well as the Oct 7th pogrom.| Newsdesk International (

    MKs from a wide spectrum of the Knesset call for mass transfer of Palestinians (

    Israel defeated Hamas, the IDF slaughter Dune Coons. Sabras, a prickly cactus that has popped the hot air of Palestinian-State dhimmi stateless refugee propaganda lies.

    Post WWII mass population transfer of Germans from Czech Republic and Poland, to prevent the repetition of the claim that Germany demands the return of stolen “occupied territory” in Czech and Poland. Impose this post October 7th massacre of 1400 Israelis on the last day of the Chag. Make a mass population transfer of PA dhimmi Arab refugee populations in E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

  14. A Wee-Bit Irish Pro-Israel War-Time BBC-like Propaganda

    All goes well in this war by which Israel seeks the total unconditional surrender of Hamas. Followed up by a mass population transfer of 5th column Arabs in E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza. From the River to the Sea, Israelis live Arab free.

      1. Flooding in Gaza. Northern Gaza almost Hamas free. Israel turns northern Gaza into something like British north Ireland. Whoooop

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