Hypersonic Program of India: Hype or Rewarding

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In September 2020, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) tested its Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle or HSTDV. During the test, the HSTDV attained a speed of Mach 6 for 23 seconds. Hurrah, India, had crossed a milestone and joined the elite club of nations with such a technology.

Today there is a race between nations to develop and demonstrate their hypersonic weapons to the world as if their life depends upon them. Is that true? We can’t fight a modern war without these weapons, or should hypersonic weapons be treated just like any other weapon?

I (@InsightGL) present my in-depth research:

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  1. Excellently explained. The limitations of hypersonic vehicles aren’t very well know, most people seeing them as a sort of a brahmastra. Thanks

    1. in Hindu mythology, the Brahmastra is an astra said to be capable of destroying the entire universe, destroying creation and conquering all beings. It is one of the most destructive, powerful and irresistible weapons mentioned in Hinduism.

      The arrogance of toxic men who want to reach for the stars knows no bounds. The universe remains, even if no one can remember the human being.

  2. सभी हथियार
    चुप हो जाएगा
    अगर जहरीला आदमी
    दुनिया भर
    द लाइफ
    बह गया
    द लाइफ
    काम भी करता है
    हमारे बिना जारी रखें

  3. I tried sharing your Defense Research and Studies article on Facebook. But a notification came up that other members on Facebook had reported this article as being abusive and therefore can’t be posted. No doubt those other FB members are operatives of the Communist Chinese Ministry of State Security or the super Islamist fundamentalist Pakistani ISI (if not both).

  4. 💜 Funny Really EveryOne; seems like We ARE Waiting for An Invasion from Extraterrestrials via InFighting EveryBody


      1. 💜 They are observing; just like WWII and WWI and ALL other previous wars, particularly the Greek and Roman Wars


      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome 🙏🏿 🤗 ☺️ 😊 🙌 😀 🙏🏿


  5. Given the opportunity, the PRC would love to ‘restore’ the old Mongolian empire, which they consider the greatest extent of Chinese rule. It is a matter of racist Han pride rather than acquiring resources. Aren’t they the ‘Central Kingdom’, i.e., the center of the universe?

    But deterring them doesn’t require matching every type of weapon system. A commanding lead in one area could be sufficient. An overwhelming cyber attack could lay them out militarily and commercially. An advanced submarine force would cut off seaborne troop transport, trade, and critical supplies. An EMP in the atmosphere over China would render them dark and cold. Also, subsonic cruise missiles like the Tomahawk are very versatile. After mapping an evasive route below ridges and around radar installations, they can put a weapon through a window.

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