China is Coming For Your Land: Farmland

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Drought has plunged water levels to the lowest in China in decades. The temperatures have also soared to record levels, and hydropower plants failed to meet the sharp rise in power demand. However, this is just a glimpse of the worst things to come. Floods, droughts, and record-breaking temperatures would have a catastrophic effect on the Chinese food supply. The autumn harvest, which supplies 75% of China’s grain, will be devastated.

The Ukraine war that has caused global shortages of sugar, cooking oil, wheat, and just about everything has further increased the anxiety of the Chinese leadership. So, what are the Chinese up to? How are they planning to provide food security to the Chinese population? What adverse effects would this would have on the other nations, especially the small and vulnerable African and Asian countries?

I (@InsightGL) explain the Chinese game plan on India’s leading think-tank organization “Chanakya Forum”:

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  1. I wrote a paper, perhaps 18 years ago in which I said who has the water has control of food and so on.

    That aside, I have had to deal with the impact of Chinese interests over many years re agriculture, purchasing of farmland and mining. Much of it was constructive, however, with the change in their objectives in recent years, not the case now.

    The purchasing of farmland is a deliberate strategy worldwide. The resources they have set aside to do this on an annual basis is staggering.

  2. I’ve been working on making my own garden bigger and more efficient because of the current climate. I had no idea about this China perspective. Thank you
    Many people may not have heard of these companies but this is not trivial. Smithfield foods is the largest pork supplier in America and kills about 32,000 pigs a day. It owns over 500 farms in the US.

  3. Again, a very perceptive and fascinating article on Chinese aggression!
    Anecdotal evidence aside, we have the promise from Genesis 8:22 that “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”
    That said, Jesus warned that there would be upheavals of wars, famines and earthquakes globally from His time on earth until the end of our age (Matthew 24:3-8).
    God is not uncaring about almost two billion Chinese people, nor about the one and one-half billion in India. However, sometimes He will not intervene when humans try to wrest control of each other.
    And there is much misinformation about “climate change,” in as much that as recently as the late 1900s (1960-1980) an impending global ice age was “settled science.” See Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone.
    But China will do almost anything to advance Xi’s desire for domination of world powers, including raiding other countries to acquire more land.

  4. 💜 Fear is a powerful interesting emotion EveryOne; fear drives war from perceived threats like cold war, territory grabs such as Alexander and Hitler or NEED!!! such as “Chinas” EveryBody…fear also creates war between two individuals or gangs; basically the purpose of fear is to protect and self defend and, personally, I THINK!!! “China” has other options, like purchasing surplus from the ‘First and Second Worlds’ that it may consider, given its immense wealth, instead of exploiting the ‘Third World’ and their is also the option of drilling for water as with wells and aquifers


  5. American (and Canadian) governance, unlike China’s, is heavily steered and therefore disadvantaged by corporate interests, sometimes through economic intimidation (and I’m not just talking about huge party donations come election time).

    It’s as though the elected heads are meant to represent huge money interests over those of the working citizenry and poor. Accordingly, major political decisions will normally foremost reflect what is in the influential corporations’ best interests.

    For example, if China gets offended, it can threaten to disallow/discontinue access by the offending Western nation’s privately-owned big businesses to China’s huge consumer base, the world’s singularly largest. Predictably, the big businesses’ corporate lobbyists will unleash their fullest manipulation efforts on their home-nation’s government to capitulate to Beijing’s demands. And China’s control over its own industry/business sector thus market may even give it an additional edge over Western free-market nations.

    Anyone who doubts the potent persuasion of huge business interests here need to consider how high-level elected officials can become crippled by implicit/explicit threats to transfer or eliminate jobs and capital investment, thus economic stability, if corporate ‘requests’ aren’t met.

    It’s a crippling that’s made even worse by a blaring news-media that’s permitted to be naturally critical of incumbent governments, especially in regards to job and capital transfers and economic weakening. … Why wouldn’t China take advantage of this Western-way weakness?

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