Anti-India Forces: Techniques And Agendas Exposed

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In the post-cold war era, India has moved from a policy of non-alignment to a policy of multi-alignment. This means that India has friendly relations with almost all-powerful and developing nations.

Today India is carving out a unique path for itself. Such an approach provides prominence and exposes India to the harmful behind-curtain activities by some of the powers, which are not happy with the present situation. They join the usual suspects, China and Pakistan, to keep India unsettled and uncomfortable and stop it from becoming too rich and powerful. So, what are their techniques and agendas? How would they keep India under check and try to hamper the Indian story going smoothly?

I (@InsightGL) expose these techniques and agendas. The whole article is based on India but one can replace India with their own country’s name, and they would be surprised to note how relevant this article is across the globe, in any country. Enjoy it on India’s leading think-tank organization “Chanakya Forum”:

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    1. Indeed, that’s what I said; replace India with your country, and you would be astonished to note the very happening under your nose.

  1. Just saw this comment at Breitbart – what’s your opinion?
    “Japan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines have enough sea power to form a real counter to Chinese hegemony. Only Japan has the professionalism and tradition to forge those countries into an effective naval force though, and I doubt the Japanese have the will to remilitarize effectively. That means that India will need to provide the core or that alliance with Japanese technology and training. This will only happen if the politicians of those countries are willing to walk away from the Chinese money that has bought or influenced so many of them.
    It’s possible, but unlikely.”

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