Tactical Nukes of Pakistan & China And Russia-Ukraine war 

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My latest interview by India’s leading YouTube news channel Resonant News

I explain various aspects of nuclearweapons

Threats to India from Pakistan & China

And would it give any advantage to Russia if they use nuclear option in Ukraine

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  1. That was an excellent narration about Nuclear nukes-the weapons of mass destruction which should be matter of concern for one & all !I feel a bit more curious as I can relate to the subject(the fission part) having put up 38 yrs of my services in Nuclear power stations at 3 sites in our country!Out of these 3 places I have described about Rawatbhata & Narora in my blogs on my website(Anyone interested pl)!Thanks for the precious learning,Sandeep Sir💕

  2. Putin’s apparent fear of NATO expansion, though especially the deployment of additional U.S. anti-nuclear-missile defense-system batteries, further into eastern Europe is typically perceived by the West as unmerited paranoia.

    Surely he must realize that the West, including NATO, would never initiate a nuclear-weapons exchange. While the continuing unprovoked mass-slaughter of innocent Ukrainian civilians by Russia is inexcusable, one must wonder how he — or we, the West, for that matter — can know for sure, particularly with America’s military past?

    While Ronald Reagan postulated that “Of the four wars in my lifetime none came about because the U.S. was too strong,” who can know what may have historically come to fruition had the U.S. remained the sole possessor of atomic weaponry. There’s a presumptive, and perhaps even arrogant, concept of American leadership as somehow, unless directly militarily provoked, being morally/ethically above using nuclear weapons internationally. Cannot absolute power corrupt absolutely?

    After President Harry S. Truman relieved General Douglas MacArthur as commander of the forces warring with North Korea — for the latter’s remarks about using many atomic bombs to promptly end the war — Americans’ approval-rating of the president dropped to 23 percent. It was still a record-breaking low, even lower than the worst approval-rating points of the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

    Had it not been for the formidable international pressure on Truman (and perhaps his personal morality) to relieve MacArthur as commander, could/would Truman eventually have succumbed to domestic political pressure to allow MacArthur’s command to continue?

  3. Those all are natural in the all wars.who know-this time only America uses the nuclear weapons because America is a clever country as History tell us.

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