Who Is Rocking Imran Khan’s Boat? 

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Almost two years ago, I had written the highly successful but controversial article — “Is Pakistan Heading For Another Dictatorship.” Many people, including Pakistanis, objected to the articles’ findings, stating that in modern-day Pakistan, there is no place for a coup. I had explained to them how this modern-day dictatorship would play out.

The present-day reality is that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is being challenged to prove his majority in the National Assembly. What I wrote about two years ago is going to unfold in front of us as a well-calibrated, and step-by-step plan.

Is Imran Khan’s time up? Is there going to be a coup or martial law?

I (@InsightGL) present an in-depth analysis on Indian’s leading think-tank organization “Chanakya Forum”:

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