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All kind of unmanned vehicles are the future of war. My first YouTube video on Chinese drones and their capabilities. Chinese propaganda of their capabilities should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

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      1. Thank You! We need more people in this area Gaurav Arya is doing a fine job, but he is more focused on Pak 🙂

      2. Absolutely! Our northern frontier seems too much vulnerable, having adversaries on all the way from Hindukoosh to Eastern Himalyas

  1. Wonderfully informative! Query: What’s ‘anti-radiation’ capability? (Liked and Subscribed) 🙂

  2. Your all points on China’s Drones are most impressive.but here is not need to fear from China.He is showing his only power.many countries have more powerful drones than China.And our India has become advanced.I think -China can never face to India.but India has to beware always with all preparation for future war.do you agree with me?dear Cammander!!

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