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“Change is constant, but no amount of change will turn the attitude of vulture to that of eagle.” 
― Bamigboye Olurotimi

Over the past several decades, while the United States was busy with unnecessary wars and the European Union was hoping to bring China into the democratic fold, China single-mindedly continued on it’s economic path. Its leaders foresaw the future and identified one strategically important industry that if they mastered then whole world would be dependent on China for a foreseeable future. That industry was rare earth elements (REEs). Working ruthlessly on that goal Beijing established itself as the dominant global supplier of REEs.

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  1. 💜 Don’t be too sure EveryOne anything is possible; just as a Human raised by Wolves is a Pack Member a “Vulture” raised by “Eagles” is a Member of The Eyrie


      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome; it’s a Pleasure to Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


  2. This article is an eye opener. I was not aware of this kind of importance of rare earth elements. Thanks for sharing such a nicely articulated piece.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am sure many policy/decision makers are also not aware.

  3. I noticed that the Biden administration is starting to focus on China’s activities in the world market. As technology advances the rare earth materials will be in more demand. Synthesis is not a current option so this is a crucial matter for all concerned. Thanks for this.

    1. Thank you so much, Bryan, for stopping by. No US President can ignore China. They have to deal with it vigorously else the free world will suffer.

  4. Such an interesting article; really helps connect the dots. Also, I’m a fiction writer, and this article helped me solve a problem I was having with one of my stories. So, thank you for informing and inspiring!

    1. That is so amazing to note that I was of some help. Thank you so much, Govnan, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Till such time the countries which count realize the potential of China to change the world affairs to suit their whims and fancies, and quicker these countries realize the better for all the countries not merely in Asia but also in other continents too. This said, India in particular will have to remain vigilant and do everything including remaining current on the emerging technologies. It is not that India is not making concerted efforts to contain China but also wean people from the influence of our neighbour -Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangla Desh etc.

    Your interview is most relevant besides being timely. The world at large should realize the importance of doing everything to checkmate and contain the influence of our unpredictable neighbour who cannot, in any way, be believed. Any agreement or détente reached with this country cannot be relied on.

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoints.


      1. China’s policy is most clever and Machiavellian.a little bit Indians knows this fact and want many profits from China.those persons like you and me are lesser.your this post is thought provoking and innovative.
        You know-some day before our PM has made a friendship treatment with American President Trump but now He is eager to make friendship treatment with China but China is not eager because he is blind because of having most military powers.I think why the some governments are stubborn and don’t want to live with peace their people.just same events are going on in Myanmar.really all political things are most tragic and their public has to bear.but i am confessed that these cruel countries are unable to i right?plz reply,dear sandomina!!

      2. But your comment’s column is most short to reply in your http:// chanakya……
        So i could not give you any response.
        Welcome ,dear for new suggestion.because other persons also get benefited..thank for nice advise.

  6. Thank you so much, Sandomina, for keeping us informed. Unfortunately we now have a weak and feeble president who is in China’s back pocket. He gets no respect from the American people, much less China. Hopefully, there are some good guys behind the scenes who are on the job. That’s what I read in an article from a reliable source anyway. REE’s I didn’t think were that important. Hopefully, we can break that monopoly!

    1. I am sure, Cherie, a great nation like the USA has many wonderful people working behind the scenes for the betterment of humanity and the free world. Warm regards.

      1. It is a pleasure. We belong to two great nations which are coming together for a noble cause.

      2. Absolutely we do. And know that your country India is always in my prayers and because you’re geologically closer to China then we are, we are concerned for you all.

  7. I am very glad to read your article you are giving very good information to the people I have seen your website has been made very beautiful and I thank you again and pray that you Keep up the good.

  8. Before any nation might effectively non-militarily challenge China — a country with almost 1.5 billion consumers — on any major issue (though especially human rights), that nation first must have a significant trade-export/import bargaining chip.

    I can imagine that a large enough number of world nations securely allied, however, likely could combine their resources and go without the usual bully-nation China trade/investment connection they’d prefer to sever if possible, instead trading necessary goods and services between themselves (and perhaps other, non-allied countries not beholden to China).

    Yet, maybe such an alliance has already been covertly discussed but rejected due to Chinese government strategists knowing how to ‘divide and conquer’ potential alliance nations by using door-wedge economic/political leverage custom-made for each nation.

    Every nation shortsightedly placing its own big businesses’ bottom-line interests first and foremost may always be its, and therefore collectively our, Achilles’ Heel to be exploited by huge-market nations like China.

      1. I try; but I’m always open to the possibility that I need to tweak or even revise my perception(s) thus belief(s) on specific subjects.

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