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In November 2007, in South Africa’s nuclear research facility Pelindaba, two armed squads attacked from opposite sides of the site. First squad got through a 10,000-volt security fence. They destroyed intrusion detectors (probably with insiders help). They reached emergency control center and shot a site worker in the chest. This team spent 45 minutes inside the heavily guarded perimeter without ever being contested by site security forces. The site holds hundreds of kilograms of weapons-grade Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU), which remained untouched. However, this kind of lapse demonstrates that how easy it was for some hoodlums with weapons to take over a nuclear site.



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  1. As always. The author has showcased his ability to research and put across a different scenario lucidly, on a subject which often is lost sight of by us…but stands as a possible eventuality.

  2. Very well researched and informative post. What goes on in Pakistan or in China and these days in Nepal as well, piques our interest quite a bit.The bankruptcy forecast is worrisome. Biden+Kamala’s ‘role play’ time is coming on!!

    1. Thank you so much, Sushmita, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. India has hopes with the ‘Biden-Kamala’ team, however, their speeches are confusing at times. Even if they try, they will not be able to diminish India’s importance as well as change the depth of the Indo-US relationship.

  3. We lived within the 10-mile radius of Indian Point Reactor (NY) and didn’t think on it day to day, other than to have a family plan – which was use of feet and/or bicycles with wind awareness, toward a couple of potential destinations -, because cars would get one nowhere. We were glad to have a plan on 911 and gladder that we did not need it.Peanuts of course, to your discourse. I can’t imagine the plan for what you expose. Scary.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your information. It is worrisome that how even the regular Pakistani leadership threatens the world with the possibility of nuclear war. The situation is precarious in Pakistan.

  4. As the present scenario unfolds, the economic Southward movement of Pakistan’s has sapped everything including the will to exert because of loans the country has taken from China. The country’s people are reeling under the spell of economic slowdown which has skyrocketed the inflation. The economic meltdown certainly impacts other sectors too such as defence, infra, medicare of masses, agri and industrial development etc.

    While economic downtrend is existing then everything in the kitty including that of nuclear capability etc cannot sustain. Terrorism being as it is, the day is not far when some of these may not take over part or all the nuclear resource.

    Thanks for the in-depth write-up.

    Thanks and regards


  5. As ever, your masterful grasp of the issues, and your approachable style of writing help us to stay awake and aware: Thank you 🙏 so much for all your efforts!

      1. The pleasure – and learning – are mine. So glad you’re committed to keeping your readers informed!

  6. 👍🏼Well written and well researched.This is a scary scenario if it happens.US OF A in its greed has allowed Pakistan to reach where it is as far as nuclear weapons are concerned.They kept their eyes shut.We lost the opportunity way back when Israelis wanted a refuel halt in order to bomb kahuta nuclear plant,the very first to produce weapon’s grade uranium.We are still paying a heavy price for this.I do hope that WE a plan to counter it but then like they say in a nuclear war,no one is a winner.

  7. Well researched, informative and excellent story telling. The way things are in Pakistan, it is heading for a civil war…just a matter of time. Non state actors (NSA) are gradually getting out of clutches of Pak Army. With unconditional backing by ISI, these NSAs will certainly do their best to take control of nuke assets. It is not very difficult to insert a radical sleeper in the security system. God save this world from doomsday.
    USA continues to look the other way on this issue. It is sad that CENTCOM is still active and Pak is a major player in it. They must wake…the earlier the better.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. You have brought out some very valid points. The free world has to get its act together with regards to Pakistan and China. The Sooner the better, before it is too late.

  8. I have read your post and commented but not by Twitter.your thoughts are right but i think that Pakistan is a small country.if he use all atomic powers then he will vanish firstly absolutely moŕe than other country.his threatening to other countries is merely be futile(Jakal Bhabki).are you agree with my comment?please reply.

    1. Thank you so much, Aruna, for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. It is indeed true that if Pakistan resorts to nuclear weapons a huge country like India would survive but Pakistan would vanish from the map in the retaliatory attack.

  9. The situation is indeed worrisome unless addressed with proper plans and measures in place! We must be optimistic about the final resolution !Thanks yet again for keeping us aware and alert through your painstaking research !

  10. If some hoodlum or a takes control of the nuclear bombs what then? This question is real and should stir a debate in the world at large who wants to live a peaceful existence. God is the only saviour if such a thing ever happens. But this is a possibility.

    An enlightening write-up indeed Commander Sandeep sir.


  11. A thought provoking article.you are absolutely right that three rulers are presented in Pakistan.1.Government.2.Military.3.Terrorists So there is a danger possibility for Pakistan to loose authority on Nuke.am i right?plz reply. .

    1. Thank you so much, Aruna, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Haha, you are right 3 rulers are present in Pakistan, Military, Govt, and terrorists. However, what I meant by saying the rule of 3 was that permission of three entities is required to use a nuclear weapon.

      1. It is sure.indeed.one by order to use,other is over to government and third is by detailing . Not is it right?

      2. Here is no permission for using the Nuke for those three because one is Pak Government who is puppet in hand of Military.Military is authorized but terrorists are thefts and some in Military.there is most corruption in every field.right?

      1. That Arkarnana had fallen in your love ,so he passing comment unnecessarily to you.please give attention to her/his.poor guy.

  12. Let ya not forget the USA buttress protect the leadership of said nuclear ☢️ state! Supposedly the 🇵🇰 are keeping ya 🇺🇸 safe and strong enough from ya rest of ya bad bad world order Jajaja it’s all ya bunch of crap 💩 Jajaja

  13. Anyone with nuclear weapons is a threat to the rest of us ya never forget okay! People first especially over Corporate profits and welfare! Banks are bailed out All the time 👍🏾

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