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In ancient Indian history, the Brahmastra is a supernatural weapon used in the war of Mahabharata. When discharged, it creates a fierce fireball, which destroys all trees, oceans, and animals. The sky surrounds with flame, glaciers melt and mountains shatter. Not a single blade of grass ever grows in that area, no rainfall for 12 divine years (4320 years), and climate condition worsen. The strike of Brahmastra eventually destroys everything.


Mao Zedong, the first Chairman of the People’s Republic of China took great pride in guerilla tactics. He wrote “The guerilla must move among people as a fish swims in the sea. When a nation is inferior in arms and military equipment, then it may employ guerilla tactics against a more powerful transgressor”.

Mao was not a great tactician but he had good generals under him. Those generals drew heavily from their one time masters, Mongols. Mongol armies were the dominant force in Eurasia in the 13th century. Their strategy was described by absolute discipline, a well-defined chain of command, superior communications strategy, exceptional mobility, and a tactical doctrine unifying all the components.

If we read Mao’s statement carefully, it states, ‘when a nation is inferior it should apply guerrilla tactics’. So either it is an incomplete strategy or misplaced thinking. Keeping Mao’s strategy in mind, modern China has devised a faulty war doctrine, based on Sun Tzu’s ideology. Sun Tzu’s teachings work in the domestic environment but produce hardly any international results.


As per the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘Chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion’. I propose a ‘Chaos Doctrine’ to be used against China. Why disorder and confusion? How does that benefit India? Let us analyze.

This is an outline to help the military planner of India to draw their own conclusions. A doctrine is a very vast topic, and many volumes may not suffice to give the full picture.

As it is very much evident from the introduction that modern China shifted from the original strategy to the present ‘President-for-life’, ‘Xi Jinping’s Thoughts’. China even ditched Deng Xiaoping’s ‘tao guang yang hui’ approach, meaning “keep a low profile and bide your time”, to an overtly aggressive approach. Petulant China abhors uncertainty and unpredictability, and that’s what the ‘Chaos Doctrine’ is all about.

The Chaos Doctrine would be haphazard in nature for any outsider but will have a pattern known only to the executioner. The main components of the ‘Chaos Doctrine’ would be:

  • Discredited Leadership
  • Inward Looking Society
  • Questionable Military
  • Collapsed Education System
  • Uncertainty in Commerce and Finance
  • Recruitment Overdrive
  • Propaganda Blitzkrieg

‘Chaos Doctrine‘ should propagate and blur the difference between a soldier and a civilian. Either an individual would be a soldier or would be working towards the common national goal in his/her capacity.


As per Italian Renaissance era diplomat & philosopher, Machiavelli ‘The best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses, they will not save you if you are hated by the people’.

A leader can be discredited in many ways, false/real propaganda about his character; corruption; fake credentials, or digging our dirt from his/her past. Every Chinese leader has parked billions of dollars in western countries, and many have their wards either studying in international universities or living in western countries. This aspect should be given huge coverage and paint those leaders and their families unpatriotic or traitors.

However, the best and most effective method would be to force the leader to use the power bestowed upon him against his own people. That would leave a permanent mark on the memories of the citizens. Chinese people may choose to ignore discussing the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989, but it is etched in their memories permanently. German sociologist Robert Michel’s “iron law of oligarchy” theory should be reminded to the Chinese citizens, time and again.


Last Ming Emporor Chongzhen

The Ming Dynasty was in power in China from 1368 to 1644. The Emperor was an autocratic ruler who had controlled all aspects of life in his Empire, with an iron fist. At that time, Chinese technology was superior to the rest of the world. During the decline of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese withdrew from sea travel and overseas trade. They became more inward-looking. The hubris had blinded the Chinese mind, and innovation had come to a standstill. Forlorn gloom had descended over China and it did not recover from that for the next 300 years.

The present-day Chinese dispensation has a lot of similarities to the Ming Dynasty, it is autocratic, and controls the populace with the iron fist. The signs of vainglory have started emerging, which was the beginning of the end of the glorious Ming Dynasty. China is being shunned by various nations, in the backdrop of COVID19 and its aggressive posturing. Little more attention and push would make China, a completely inward-looking and a deliquescent nation.


PLA Veterans Protest: Courtesy NY Times

There is a strong simmering resentment running amongst 57 million veterans of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This discontent should be exploited by India. The propaganda machine should burn the midnight oil to discredit CCP in the eyes of these veterans. The veterans have been holding frequent mass protests across China for years now, hoping to shame the government.

These veterans seek better health care, pensions, medical care, and jobs, as a mark of due acknowledgment for their service to the country. China doesn’t have a central agency to distribute pensions and other benefits to its veterans. The veterans find themselves forsaken by the CCP to the pity of corrupt local officials, who make them feel like an old bull waiting to be slaughtered.

Once the seed of discontent has been spread nicely amongst the veterans, it would be a matter of time that this seeps into the ranks of the active army. It should be strongly highlighted that the workforce of today’s army would be veterans one day. On the other hand, a parallel campaign should be initiated amongst the citizens of the country, projecting the veterans, and PLA corrupt and constantly demanding more for themselves. A discredited force is a demoralized force, unfit to fight, how much ever high tech equipment they may possess.

India should take advantage of these disgruntled veterans and float various shell companies to hire veterans who have a good know-how of various Chinese projects. This would be the cheapest way of getting Chinese secrets out and devastating them.


Protesting Chinese Students: Courtesy The Atlantic

Education is a primary propelling force of advancement in any modern society. The ability of a nation to sustain this process is key to its development, economic prosperity, and the wellbeing of its citizens. Once China has been made to be an inward-looking society, the exchange of ideas and the flow of information would stop from other nations. The Chinese students and scientists should be barred/discouraged from visiting other country’s universities and research labs. The information on them being spies should be given wide publicity. These moves would seriously affect their morale and restrict their movements. In turn, this would severely affect higher education, new technological ideas, and development within China.


Damaged Chinese Ship: Courtesy FleetMon

The Chinese commerce and financial market can be substantially damaged using cyber-attacks, however, along with that, a new front should be opened in another extremely important domain- Indian Ocean Region(IOR). 80% of Chinese exports and energy requirements are met through this region. India should create a fleet of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), and Fishing Boats.

These boats and vehicles should pose a serious threat to the Chinese warships and merchant ships. Swarms of fishing boats and unmanned vehicles should be used to ram into every Chinese ship operating in the IOR, causing serious damage. The Chinese should be made to feel insecure and vulnerable in the IOR. Indian Navy would not be attributable to these accidents if they are civilian boats, legitimately operating in IOR. It would force the Chinese to take an alternate route, increasing the cost of operations. 


Courtesy: Express UK

Every year 170 million Chinese travel out of China as businessmen or tourists, 700,000 Chinese students study in various foreign universities, and over a million Chinese citizens live in the African continent for business purposes. No opportunity should be missed in the indoctrination of these Chinese citizens. Money, threat, and every other means possible should be employed to recruit these Chinese citizens to work for India. Even if the success rate is as dismal as 0.001% the number is whopping 17000.


All the above-said strategies would highly depend upon one aspect- ‘Propaganda Warfare’. India should leave no stone unturned and use every means available at its disposal to spread the information/disinformation against China. India should establish radio and TV stations in countries surrounding China to disseminate information into China. India should fund the biggest names in the print and digital media around the globe to write against China and its misdeeds. Some of the most important techniques of spreading propaganda are:

  • Ping pong- Coordinated use of websites to push a story into mainstream circulation.
  • Wolf cries wolf- Smearing an individual or institution for activities done by oneself also.
  • Misleading title- Misleading title, but correct facts or statements in the article.
  • Card stacking- Partial truth and selective information.
  • False facts- Interviews, events or incidents which actually never occur.
  • False visuals- Fake and manipulative visuals to lend credibility to a false narrative.
  • Totum pro parts- Make look an individual’s views as official views of whole organization.
  • Ridiculing, discrediting, diminution- Expressions to support false narrative or hide truth.
  • Conspiracy theories- Use of rumors or claims of conspiracy to distract audience.
  • Drowning facts with emotion- Present a story in emotional way that facts lose importance. 


The best tool in India’s hand is not fighting a conventional war, but famine, disease, and the bankruptcy of China and the break-down of the whole social organization in that country. The Indian Republic and Indian citizens, despite capability, are not in the favor of Chemical and Biological warfare, else that would have been a great tool while dealing with China. A country that has no qualms about using these elements against its opponents.

If this menace is not stopped now the world is heading for World War III. There is no ‘modus vivendi’ possible with this nation. India not only has to take action against this evil force but make all other like-minded nations aware of the evil designs of this Minotaur and the menagerie of nations it is gathering, to create an incongruous world of its own.

Big Bang of Chinese economic and military might is over, the Big Crunch has just been initiated. Distrust and disinformation would be the hallmark of the new China. The Chaos Doctrine has just been unleashed.

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  1. I am a little shocked by reading this article. Is India really planning any such thing? I wonder what is the reaction in China.

    1. Thank you so much, Elon, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. This is just an idea. The policy decision rests with the Government of India. China should be worried for sure.

  2. China definitely needs to be countered, please ponder they have immense financial clout, deep inroads into the media acquisitions world over shaping the environment, fully functional maritime militia, iron grip on the information that can reach the common man within its border, social engineering programmes, dedicated cyber warriors, permanent seat on security council, a fully developed bio and chemical warfare arm and a penchant for supporting dictators and autocrats ……. we may have grown in chaos without a documented foreign policy or a clearly articulated national strategy but that is as far chaos can be propagated without a strong riposte from adversary

    1. Thank you so much, Atul, for sharing your immense experience. I do agree with you that task in hand is not easy, does that mean we sit tight, wait for China to act and then we react. Till the early 90s India and China had similar per capita income. We remained in slumber and they took a different trajectory. We have to question ourselves, do self-analysis, and draw future plans. Every nation which wants to rise and shine has to have fire in the belly, else status quo would not take them anywhere.

  3. Its easier to invade and conquer a country in the midst of its own Civil War. But while war, if you when – a 50/50 risk – brings power it does not guarantee prosperity. The first rule of government — to prevent Civil War among and between its own people. The 4 years of Russia gate lies have totally discredited the DemoRATS. In 4 months the US will hold national elections … and if i were a betting person … I’d wager that the DemoRATS have destroyed their good name as a group who places national interests above personal power. The RATS shall lose the POTUS election in a landslide bigger than Nixon’s defeat of McGovern in 1972.

    This victory reveals how fast power evaporates like the morning dew. Nixon showed himself as a crook and a cheat … he together with Agnew and others resigned from Office in disgrace. This strategy has a fundamental error, it prioritizes foreign affairs over domestic policy. Governments inherently unstable focus upon grabbing a foreign policy headline. But the common man of any nation far prefers political and economic prosperity at home. The local man interests first and foremost centers upon local news.

    The local man craves for a prosperity that will cause his children to enjoy a better life than the parents experienced. China has made tremendous industrial progress, but has paid an equally tremendous price. The industrialization of China has resulted in horrific pollution of its air and water. Same thing happened to both Japan and the extinct USSR. An aggressive international China has not only alarmed its Asian neighbors, this includes India, but Japan and Russia also begrudge their imperialist growth rate.

    A foreign policy strategy does not play for a winner takes all risk. Building trade and commerce of other countries assures prosperity for all, with China sitting first among equals. To accomplish this agenda on the long term, this requires tremendous leadership. An idiot ruler and destroy the good name of a nation, that requires generations to rebuild. Look what Hitler did to Germany and what Stalin did to Communism! A gradual long term prosperity, requires greater wisdom and skill than does the short term high risk winner takes all stupidity and foolishness.

    1. You missed out on one very important name, Henry Kissinger. He built his career and the future by selling China.
      War has never brought victory to even the winning side. China knows that, and would not go on that path purportedly. However, WWI is fresh in our memories and how it started off with innocuous events.
      Whatever happens in the future, China would surely live to regret, megalomaniac Xi’s inimical actions. India was, as usual, comfortably settled in its slumber along with other nations in the region. With his actions, Xi has unnecessarily shaken India and given rise to ultra-nationalism. Indian leadership is forced to take action which they were not even planning.
      As you have brought out, a local man wants a decent life for himself and his family. Chinese citizens are like a cannery in a coal mine. They know that they are getting basic needs met, but when any one of them would be sacrificed to save CPC is anybody’s guess.

      1. Henry Kissinger, not a particularly impressive leader. He failed in the Middle East. China came on the heels of Water Gate. Nixon attempted to wonder and awe with a great Foreign Policy success… didn’t work he resigned in disgrace. And Henry Kissinger no other President hired him out as Secretary of State.

      2. As George Orwell says ”The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history”.

      3. A public servant of the people has a mandate to destroy the people who placed that public servant in a position of trust? No. A person who behaves like Kissinger defines corruption.

      4. Perhaps, I do not know. I do not like the SOB, irregardless that both he and myself have Jewish parents. What that Administration did in Chile – a total abomination. Nixon over threw a democratically elected socialist leader and perverted Chile into a banana republic! The US bears direct responsibility for installing Pinochet. Neither Nixon nor his Secretary of State merits any respect any more than does Obozo the shoe shine boy in the White House and his madam bitch Clinton.

      5. He personally. A public servant, ideally does national service for the betterment of the nation not to enrich themselves.

  4. From someone old enough to have scream that the Holocaust did happen, I’d not count on Tiananmen Square as remaining etched in enough minds to impassion this generation later. It seems there is not atrocity retched enough for it to inform beyond a news cycle or two. The truth of it, blared strongly to remind, might outshine some of the propaganda.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It is not just one event, it is living in constant fear. Chinese citizens love their recently acquired mobile phones and cars, but they also know how temporary are those luxuries. Even a billionaire is shoved behind bars on flimsy charges, so forget about a peasant whose land has been acquired by the government forcefully in the name of development. My guess is this format of China would not succeed beyond 2025.

  5. While the heart says that China deserves this or worse but serious doubts arise if the Indian polity is capable of thinking such detailed and devious conspiracies much less execute it over a decade with absolute secrecy without the world knowing about it.
    Nevertheless any aspect of the various strategies could be executed independently. Each blow will count in the end game.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. I am just a strategic writer who can only present ideas. It is up to the political dispensation to adopt them or not as per their various compulsions. Every country worthy of rising above the mediocrity should have ample ideas lying around in its vault, so they can be used in the time of crisis, rather than reacting at the last moment.

  6. Very well articulated. Now is the time to use Brahmastra against rouge Country who is neither bothered about their own people or any one in the world. Greed and power had brought doom to China. All the best, regards

    1. Thank you so much, Sanjay, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. China has shaken India out of its slumber and for that, we must thank them.

  7. Liked the discription of Brahmastra , No one can be better than India to use that against the evil. Hope India comes out with some plan to tackle the present situation with China avoiding the war.

  8. This is quite a coherent policy plan. But it needs years of preparation and groundwork. This definitely hasn’t been done, and might be a bit late to start now. In fact I found nd a lot of these strategies being used against India.
    Hope your proposals are implemented seriously and backed by a strong political will.

    1. Thank you so much, Raman, for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. Nothing is ever late. If we do not act then we would always react. The status quo is killing this country. Some day we have to act according to our size and might. I suppose there could be no better time than this. In fact, I must thank China for shaking India out of its slumber.

  9. Pretty vivid.
    Very explicit.

    Well woven and articulated.
    They have become bigger than they can manage.
    We have credited their size more than they deserve.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts.
      I have extensively written on this that giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness. I have identified China’s strengths and I know how they can be exploited.

  10. Very well articulated Sandeep! Don’t underestimate them. They are hawks with a 400 year old agenda. Chinese spies have infiltrated as students in the best of Universities in the world in US, UK, Australia etc. and is using the recorded version of lectures to enhance their R and D! But as you said human mind can’t be imprisoned for long by dictatorship!
    Cheers buddy

    1. Absolutely correct, and I have been warning various government agencies for the last five years but to no avail.
      However, an idea on paper, will to implement it, and desire to get out of the status quo are some of the key factors in building a great nation. I am glad that my ideas have started reaching the right people in the right places.
      I have extensively written how giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  11. Take the 200 plus tons of Ammomium Nitrate from Hyderabad to Dipsang and Pongong So and say we do not know when will it. Catch fire . Chinese will run away

  12. For a moment after reading the Title I thought you were referring to India! Hope we have a strategy in place for China- Pak. It seems India is so busy managing internal issues and State level Politics that they may just ignore the rest of chinese issues after hopefully resolving present LAC crisis.

    China is heading for a split like USSR it’s too unwieldy to manage with too much discontent simmering within the oppressed masses .

    1. Whatever happens in the future, China would surely live to regret, megalomaniac Xi’s inimical actions. India was, as usual, comfortably settled in its slumber, along with other nations in the region. With his actions, Xi has unnecessarily shaken India and given rise to ultra-nationalism. Indian leadership is forced to take action which they were not even planning.
      I have presented this idea to various strategic think-tanks in India. It is now up to them to take it forward.
      I have extensively written on this that giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness. I have identified China’s strengths and I know how they can be exploited.

  13. Is India ready to take these radical steps? I read a lot of Indian news articles and most of them present stale old stuff. You bring futuristic, new ideas to the fore. Compliments to you and your team.
    As one reviewer said, this article should be read by the right people in the right places, else this is an exercise in futility.

    1. Thank you so much, Wendell, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am sure some people in the right places are reading these articles.

  14. This is full throttle, high adrenalin Encounter Specialism. Good fun, just visualizing it all 🙂
    Seriously though, in even considering all this, we are looking at a game which China revels in. We might need a new game. Something straighter.

    1. Haha… I have extensively written on this that giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness. I have identified China’s strengths and I know how they can be exploited.
      Thank you so much for your kind words.

  15. India is not yet using propaganda as a tool to undermine the Chinese regime. We are still being cautious and mulling economic responses. While China is still busy aiding its own downfall threatening to attack the US carriers, India has a window of three months to begin its chaos doctrine as you put it, in motion. If there is a transition of power in the US, China is going to get the breathing space it so desperately needs.

    1. Either we act in slow motion or go into slumber. This is not the era of the 50s. If we do not get out of WWII mentality we would fail to redound our national duty. China can be dealt with only perspicacity and nothing else. China has created such a gestalt that we are overawed with its shiny, glittery facade, without trying to peep deeper into its miasma of despair.
      The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. We have suffered enough at the hands of Central Asian & West Asian invaders, East India Company, the British Raj, and finally the Leftists. Enough is enough, rise, and take our rightful place in the world order.
      There could be no better time than this…

      1. While I did learn a couple of new words reading your reply, I feel that we are not striking the iron when it is hot.

        One can argue that the Indian government is building the required border infrastructure before any military response but our economic and political response is lethargic. We are being tied down in negotiations. The question is are using the opportunity provided in a befitting manner?

      2. Hardik, are right in your assessment. For unknown reasons, we mix diplomacy with romanticism. Our biggest stumbling block is bureaucracy. But I can assure you that many things have moved in the last five years, which were not happening otherwise. I get a lot of visitors from China(not Hong Kong), which means there is an unease in that camp also.

  16. Enough is enough. Undoubtedly now India have to have a well thought and planned firm strategy to counter this Chinese madness…..propaganda at this point of time is the best option

    1. China would surely live to regret, megalomaniac Xi’s inimical actions. India was, as usual, comfortably settled in its slumber, along with other nations in the region. With his actions, Xi has unnecessarily shaken India and given rise to ultra-nationalism. Indian leadership is forced to take action which they were not even planning.

  17. Sun Tzu has been so lionized, I have never heard anyone criticize his principles. The factors you cite here lead me to believe either China will implode or be forced to start a war in order to refocus the attention of its populace on an external enemy.

    1. Thank You so much, Anna. Our views have so much in common. While I find Sun Tzu intriguing, his principles are mostly suitable for Chinese domestic politics. It has no place in world diplomacy. His techniques are cunning and outright devious.
      Xi is not scared of external threats, but he is obviously very much aware of looming internal challenges. That is the real reason behind his external aggression. I am going to expand this thought in my upcoming article.
      Warm regards.

  18. There was Joint Combined Exercise between your Army and the US Navy and Marines named: Exercise SHATRUJEET. It was intended to be a MEU level event. I would recommend you contact someone in the mil-to-mil branch of your Army and ask him to renew this if they have allowed it to lapse.

    1. Thanks, ST. Many new initiatives are in the pipeline. I shall check about this particular exercise for sure.

  19. All you have to do is turn back on all of the old permissions (“treaty” between our two governments) concerning this mil-to-mil exercise.

    If you want, I can help for it was I who initiated the first one. One of my best friend’s (USMC infantry officer who won the Bronze Star in combat during Persian Gulf I) was the XO (#2 dude) of the MEU that year. I am sure he could help us too.

    1. Lemme check where the whole matter stands. Though, I am sure things have moved to the next level.
      I know what is XO, ST, hehe…

      1. My point is, this could be low hanging fruit and is well worth any trouble it is to look into the status of Exercise SHATRUJEET.

      2. I had a dog that used to chase cats like mad, but many times cats used to stop, and stare back, my dog had no idea what to do thereafter. China reminds me of my dog’s behavior. It knows how to escalate non-issues, but neither has the capacity nor the experience to tackle it thereafter.

      3. We may soon find out. On the other hand if nobody stops them, why shouldn’t they keep pushing?

      4. If you remember, before WWII started every country kept accomodating Hitler. They had that become so subservient to Hitler that he started believing in his own lies. Xi Jinping is in the same mental state. If we thought 2020 was bad, watch out for 2021.

      5. Whether by accident or design nCOVID-19 has been at an operational level very successful for ChiComs. If Trump loses in November, it may also be a brilliant gambit at the strategic level.

      6. You are becoming supernal in your prophecies, ST. I am in the process of writing something on similar lines. Wait for a few more days.

      7. Sorry. I thought we were on my blog. Still, please take a look at it. This invention will blow your mind!

  20. The first year would have been circa 2007. The first year it was only like a platoon or company reinforced size exercise. I had to send other jarheads to the Maldives and or Sri Lanka before going to war in Iraq. Poor chaps.

    1. Ok, 👍 we have had many high-level exercises in the recent past. Fun would be when all members of the ‘Quad’ come together for a mega exercise.

  21. Yes, but the exercise I am talking about (SHATRUJEET, I say again.) should be a full MEU (battalion reinforced of grunts) sized event.

    We need to be training together in India at that level. This is my point…and it is quite doable.

    1. Good Morning, ST. The exercises Shatrujeet is not being conducted with the US, instead, another exercise called Yudh Abhyas is being conducted regularly for the last many years now.

  22. “Fun would be when all members of the ‘Quad’ come together for a mega exercise.”

    I am sure your country has been invited to participate in joint combined exercises with AUS, JAP, and USA.

    India should invite those three nations to do something around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. At least I have long felt that way.

    1. China is extremely scared of usage of the Nicobar Islands against Chinese vessels in the 6-degree channel. That is the game-changer. I have also proposed to effectively use the Lakshadweep Islands more effectively. That would enhance our reach into the IOR.

  23. Irony alert: China is now buying up large parts of Australia. If they’d just kept up with the seafaring a few centuries ago, it would probably all be theirs by now.

  24. It seems to me that the human beings have acquired such knowledge in, for example in, the nuclear, ecological, chemical or economic fields that they don’t need a devil anymore to make responsable for wiping out this wicked word!! Thank you very much for this highly interesting post.

    1. Devil is always within us, we are only too scared to introduce ourselves to him.
      China has one official policy, treat every person as whore(excuse my language). If I don’t sell myself for one million they would offer 2, then 3 and on, and on until I say yes.

  25. Thanks for a thought provoking article.

    There is no doubt that China has a very soft underbelly due to internal strife, muzzling of criticism, banking system burdened by bad loans, army which is underprepared for war. Externally, it faces strong pushbacks from major powers , trade wars, and global suspicion about whatever is of Chinese origin. It is very vulnerable.

    Yet, China has launched information warfare globally, buying up influencers. It has engaged with all political parties in countries in India’s neighbourhood (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) and positioned itself in position of strength. It has pocketed Pakistan. India is playing catch up here.

    The problem that is India’s leadership has shown no inclination for neither information warfare nor cyber warfare. It goes about using traditional diplomatic and main stream media means to present its views. This problem is not recent. It has been there right from the time of partition and Independence.

    India has to guard against cyber attacks by China.

    The strategy suggested in this article is not realistic due to the above reasons. India’s best bet will be to keep pressure on China through trade policies and boycott of Chinese goods by people. (In addition to improving Military strength and presenting a credible deterrent. India has handled this part well)

    1. Thank you so much, Hemant, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      My duty is to present ideas to the people who matter in decision making positions. Every progressive and proactive country should have a pool of ideas lying in its vault so that when hostilities break out, one is not groping in the dark for a suitable strategy for that scenario.
      It is not that we don’t have cyber strength, but yes, we do not use it effectively as an offensive foreign policy tool to arm-twist other nations.

      1. Thanks for responding to me. I agree with the ‘need for ideas’… and I am not criticizing your ideas. I am merely presenting current situation and tendencies of India’s ruling class. Given the context , what is possible is what I have written about. Thanks again!

      2. Absolutely no issues, Hemant. I always like constructive and thought-provoking reviews, rather than straightforward praise.

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    1. Oh yes, in today’s scenario everything is taken seriously. The government is exploring all options.

  27. Great article.. I am in full support of views around Chaos doctrine.. we are capable of front war with China but handling it via Chaos doctrine will add more value and less collateral damage…
    Great numbers quoted by author showing credibility of his article.. amazing read 🙏

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you have liked it.

    1. Thank you so much. It would be a great read. I have written extensively on Confucius Institutes in my previous articles.

  28. Very absorbing set of circumstances created by China !It has swallowed a little too much to chew which it ca neither swallow nor spit out !Spitting out will mean demeaning it’s aspirations of global superpower and swallowing it will mean gross indigestion(demonstrations and opposition by its own people)!Its present plight is worsened by its partner Pakistan who has resorted to begging for alms instead of distracting India in a bigger way giving it time to create some more mischief!Posing as a snarling dog China least expected the Cats to stare unblinkingly in its eyes for so long!China may invent some unexpected mischief which India must foresee beforehand to combat!

    1. Thank you so much for such an in-depth analysis. Xi Jinping is digging a grave for China. He has undone the good work created by Deng Xiaoping. The Chinese citizens are extremely critical of Xi, however, they are helpless. In the coming months, we will see an open revolt against Xi’s policies, which has put China in the harm’s way, derailing a very progressive nation. For me, Pakistan is not worth discussing.

      1. Here you are as correct about the total scenario as anybody could have been thanks largely for your acquired in depth study and awareness level👌🏿

    1. I received a mail from your website for registration. Could you kindly elaborate on what is that?

      1. Yes ,I was a bit hesitant in nominating you thinking on your lines but there aren’t many whom I have come across and deserve the honour!Kindly accept it for a change 🙏🏿

    1. A very insightful article. Hope the right people take cognisance and formulate a response. It is a long term project and never too late to embark upon.

      1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, people in the right places are taking note of my research work. Hopefully, one day my work would help them to formulate India’s external policies.

  29. You refer of Chaos Theory and components thereof.

    Discredited Leadership
    Inward Looking Society
    Questionable Military
    Collapsed Education System
    Uncertainty in Commerce and Finance
    Recruitment Overdrive
    Propaganda Blitzkrieg

    And it is quite obvious that China has exercised this against all its foes.

    So the media is in overdrive to discredit Indian leadership, highlighting social differences, casting aspersions on Army, an education system that only produces loony luddites, and very efficient Chinese Propaganda lapped by the useful idiots as Mao had identified.

    So it’s not India that will be able to use Chaos Theory but it’s the China / Pakistan that practice it to the hilt.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I would just state these facts:
      Pakistan has already collapsed.
      It is now China’s turn.
      The world has had enough of terrorism and hegemonic evil regimes.

  30. Another well-written piece. I wonder if in addition to all of the above the first step to organize a serious operation to free Tibet and concurrently create internal divides along any natural tribal/regional ‘fault lines’ wherever they may lie.

    I also suspect India could expect serious overt support from Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and USA. If push comes to shove, I think India could also expect covert support from several of the regions less developed nations, especially the Philippines and Thailand.

    1. Thank you so much, ST, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience.
      As far as Tibet is concerned, China is already jittery. Xi says China to step up efforts to fight ‘splittism’ in Tibet. That means we are moving in the right direction.
      In India, we understood this long back that if we have to be a power to be reckoned with then we must rely on the execution of our plans on ourselves alone and on such means as we possess.

      1. “In India, we understood this long back that if we have to be a power to be reckoned with then we must rely on the execution of our plans on ourselves alone and on such means as we possess.”

        Non-concur, dude.

      2. India started the nonaligned movement. It has fought all wars until now on its own.

  31. Would you please post your latest on Unleashed! when you have some free time. I am almost caught up with all of my homework.

  32. Here is no chance of Chaos.i feel -it is only waiting for order if we see the all circumstances between India and China.our PM and USA’s President are waiting only the chance to destroy China.

    1. Haha… Thanks, Michael. I am surely on the good side of things. In fact, I have no malice towards the ordinary Chinese populace. But a sophist can be beaten only with ignominy and fecundity.

      1. Sandeep, I have to look up “fecundity.” Btw, can you email me? I have a favor to ask of you about a PsyOp Im doing. Haha that is surprisingly similar to “sophist can be beaten only with ignominy and fecundity.”

  33. A beautiful idea very nicely explained. I liked chaos doctrine in particular. Thanks a lot for sharing such insightful thoughts!!

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