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“Hide your strength and bide your time.”

China in 2008

“No force can shake the status of our great motherland, No force can stop the advance of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.”

China in 2019

The above statements clearly indicate the change in the tone and the tenor of China, in just eleven years. So, is the world going to wait for another ten years to discover how is China (mis)treating the world in general, and it neighbors in particular? This should be the biggest question in the minds of strategists, across the globe. Through this article I would try to find out , how we can address this major challenge facing humanity.


Historically it has been seen that any country which has flourished, has had two essential components:

  • Outward-Looking and Inclusive Attitude
  • Innovation and Education

If for any reason, any of the above components went missing from the future designs of the empire, that empire not only collapsed but plunged into darkness.


The outward-looking attitude could be divided into three components, the militaristic activity, economic activity, or a combination of these two. Roman Empire, the Portuguese Empire, Abbasid Caliphate, Maurya Dynasty, Umayyad Caliphate, Yuan Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Spanish Empire, Mongol Empire, and the British Empire, are some of the largest empires this world has ever seen, and they had these components embedded in their DNA.


The cultural, political, scientific, and intellectual outburst in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries depict perhaps the most profoundly significant period in human development. The Renaissance was followed by some of the biggest empires, the world had ever seen. On the other hand, the declining Islamic Empires had no scientific base. Their education system was based on religious teachings and lacked the futuristic world view. There was another very innovative country which was about to show similar weaknesses in its systems – ‘The Middle Kingdom’.


Ming Dynasty – Courtesy:


The Ming Dynasty was in power in China from 1368 to 1644. The Emperor was an autocratic ruler who had absolute power over all aspects of life in his Empire. At that time, Chinese technology was Superior to the rest of the world. The inventions included the magnetic compass, paper, wheelbarrow, suspension bridges, gunpowder, movable type, and the mechanical clock. During the decline of the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese withdrew from sea travel and overseas trade. They became more inward-looking. The hubris had blinded the Chinese mind and innovation had come to a standstill. At the same time, the Renaissance was blooming in the Western Europe. They were discovering and conquering other nations. World history could have been different if the Chinese had continued to be a great seafaring and outward-looking nation.


The present-day Chinese dispensation has a lot of similarities to the Ming Dynasty, it is autocratic, and controls the populace with the iron fist. The signs of vainglory have started emerging, which was the beginning of the end of glorious Ming Dynasty.

The aggressive and economically strong China has started threatening the free world, with its sharp power approach. It may be overconfident about its abilities, however, it is not that invincible. There are existing and emerging weaknesses in the Chinese armor. The world is so angry with Chinese indifference that it is ready to exploit the following weaknesses to safeguard their interests:

  • Economy
  • Encirclement
  • Taiwan
  • The Indian Ocean


The extraordinary advancements in the Chinese power and influence are attributable to its economic progression in the last forty years. China has failed to be a responsible and dependable partner in every field, due to this reason corporates have already started moving their businesses out of China. The process is expected to accelerate post-COVID.


China’s economy is heavily dependent upon exports. Exports are 20% of the Chinese GDP. If determined countries shave off exports by 50%, Chinese economy would go into recession. The present Chinese estimates indicate that 22 million jobs would be lost in 2020, in addition to huge pay cuts. The unemployment rate which is likely to hit 10% may get further pushed up, leading to large scale unrest amongst Chinese populace.

The economy has a direct relationship with innovation and education. Learning from the West China has continuously improved it education system and institutions. Today 5 of the Chinese universities are in top 100 universities in the world. Yearly, 5,00,000 students enroll in Chinese universities. Foreign governments could make it difficult for students to go to Chinese universities, as well as, disallow 6,67,000 Chinese students to study in the Western and Australian universities. The short-term losses may have an impact, but this would force China to look inward and restrict its scientific evolution.

China’s $4-7 trillion pet project, One Belt One Road(OBOR), could be made a death knell by hostile forces. It is estimated that as much as 80% investment in Pakistan, 50% in Myanmar and 30% in central Asia would never be recovered. China is ready to take those losses in exchange for strategic landmasses and ports. Once completed, the projects could be exploited with the help of the TalibanTurkistan Islamic Movement(TIP) and Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA) in Central Asia and Pakistan.


OBOR has following maritime developments as part of its String of Pearls: Hambantota in Sri Lanka; Gwadar in Pakistan; Chittagong in Bangladesh; Kyaukhori in Myanmar; Kra Isthmus in Thailand; Port Victoria in the Seychelles; Mombasa in Kenya; and Djibouti. Once again Gwadar Port may see opposition from BLA militias, Kyaukhori from Rohingyas and Djibouti from al Shabaab. China would have no means to defend these bases, since they would be spread out thin and wide.


China has the largest number of neighbors in the world. The neighbors being Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Indian territory of POJ&K, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam. There are also maritime neighbors like Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan. China has not even a single neighbor who attached high trust value to their relationship with China. Let us consider China’s areas of trouble in these countries, and how they would be exploited.



China abhors the idea of Americans leaving Afghanistan. China is likely to set up a military base in Northern Afghanistan, since a remote region in northeastern Afghanistan is connected to the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang. Taliban and Turkistan Islamic Party could be used to bleed China in this region. Afghanistan could also be turned against China if the latter is painted as an exploiter of Afghani natural resources.



The populace of the Himalayan Kingdom could be easily made aware of China’s nefarious designs of land grab, through social media, and public outreach. This would turn the popular mood against China and Chinese government.



India has a lot of buttons to irritate and control China. Actions in Tibet; Xinjiang; Taiwan; and Vietnam, blockade in The South China Sea; and Indian Ocean Region(IOR) are more than sufficient to keep China on the toes. India can also render China’s CPEC(OBOR) project, which passes through the Indian Territory of Pakistan Occupied J&K, useless, if the hostilities breakout. In the India-China relationship, China has a lot more to lose than India, and China is aware of that reality.


Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Because of China’s policy of torture and cultural genocide targeting the Uighur Turk minorities, the Kazakh people highly resent China. Demonstrations against China are a common sight in big cities like Nur-Sultan, Shymkent and Almaty. This bitterness can be exploited to disrupt the Chinese energy dependence on Kazakhstan, as and when required.

Kyrgyzstan’s populace is aware of China’s territory grab in their country. Clashes between locals and Chinese mining workers are a regular feature. Exploitative Chinese debt, illegal Chinese workers and Kyrgyz-Chinese marriages are some of the explosive issues which can be exploited by the opposing forces. 

Tajikistan owns China $2.8 billion in debt(35.6% of GDP). It has ceded mining rights and 0.7% of it’s land to China. Growing trade imbalance and exploitation of economy by 350 Chinese companies are testing the patience of the local populace. These sentiments could be turned into a major uprising against China, in times to come. 



Land grabbing, exploiting local businesses, hostage-taking, torture, and murders are some of the ways, Chinese companies are conducting their businesses in Laos. Locals have a huge resentment towards Chinese companies and their projects, which can be exploited at the right time.


The populace of Myanmar are always suspicious that China fans the flames of conflict in Naypyitaw, Northern Myanmar. China supplies these separatist groups with Chinese-made weapons and private financial support. The Myanmar populace is very aggressively opposing these Chinese designs.



Mongolians are always fearful that China will eventually take over their territory. In addition to political or military takeover, they feel China will overwhelm the country with its economic activities.


Anger has been erupting in Nepal against Chinese company Huawei, which has been involvement in the hacking of around 200 Nepali websites and stealing personal data. Nepal is also rife with China’s land grab stories – 6 hectares in the Bhagdare river,  4 hectares in Karnali district, 6 hectares in Sanjen river, 10 hectares in Sindhupalchowk district, and 9 hectares in Sankhuwasabha. Following areas have been merged wholly into Tibet – Jambhu Khola of Rasuwa, areas around Kamukhola, Arun river and Sumjung river. These explosive details could create trouble for Chinese activities and China-controlled Nepali regime, as and when exposed by the opposing forces. 


North Korea

North Korea, which was once a most trusted ally, has become a liability for China. The relation is at its rock bottom. The United States, S Korea, and Japan would exploit this situation to their advantage, whether Kim Jong-un is alive or not. They would be waiting for this amphisbaena to bite back.



Chinese and Russian bonhomie could bring trouble for China from within. Russia has encroached up Chinese territory of Nerchinsk in 1689 and Siberia in 1860. The 1904 Russo-Japanese war had claim over 20,000 Chinese civilian lives. The Soviets also invaded Manchuria and committed war crimes like Japan. The spread of this information on social media would have the right effect at the right time.



Reminding Vietnamese populace of Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea and sinking of fishing vessels is more than enough to stir up passions.

Maritime Neighbors

Maritime neighbors like Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea have huge territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.



For years, Beijing has worked to isolate Taiwan by keeping it out of international institutions,  while poaching and leaving Taiwan with only 15 nondescript states who recognize the country’s status. Today the world is busy fighting the pandemic, but the Chinese are drumming up hysteria on social media to strike Taiwan and take control. The Chinese experts, however, are aware that the world’s sentiment is against them and any misstep may boomerang. The Taiwanese piece is a very important part of China containment puzzle. The world has to take note of this, that if Taiwan falls in the Chinese hands, numerous Chinese forces, which are tied up in the South China Sea, would be free to spread their nefarious activities in the other regions of the world, where they do not go today.


The South and the East China Sea – Courtesy: Encyclopedia Britannica


The Indian Ocean is the most important global trade routes of the world. Over 80 percent of global seaborne trade passes through it. While China increasingly getting assertive in the region, world powers cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this emerging threat. In fact, the Indian Ocean could be the core of the undoing of China.


Securing maritime energy shipments is a critical priority for China. Over 80 percent of Chinese maritime oil imports by sea pass through the Strait of Malacca. Therefore, this strategic waterway represents a potential risk to China, should it be unable to protect its shipping interests in the narrow strait. This is the exact reason China is pursuing OBOR in such a big way, at the expense of gullible nations. OBOR provides China a costly but alternative route to the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe.

Chinese ‘String of Pearls’ policy has to be effectively and forcefully countered. Countries may adopt a strategy similar to China’s South China Sea strategy, that is to overwhelm the Chinese warships with swarms of fishing boats, trawlers and UCVs. Seasoned pirates can always harass Chinese merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz and Malacca Strait.


Chinese String of Pearls – Courtesy: The Diplomat


China pursues a policy called ‘da da, tan tan’ – ‘fight fight, talk talk’. A strategy deeply embedded in the Chinese character. For China, it is very simple, if someone offers you to talk, you talk, but it doesn’t mean that you stop fighting. If the very fragmented and divided world doesn’t understand this aspect of China, then it cannot go beyond their antics.

Countering Chinese economy; increasing the cost of OBOR; high unemployment rate; discouraging Chinese students and scientists in the western institutions; using the discontent amongst the neighbors; securing Taiwan, and challenging China in the South China Sea; and the Indian Ocean is the only way forward. In addition to this, the Hong Kong issue should be kept alive to needle China. Time has come to get out of World War II mentality, go beyond the ‘Quad’(US, India, Japan and Australia) and build an alliance on the lines of NATO. This force would utilize all resources at its disposal to make China look inwards and deny latest in innovation; and education. China is in a similar situation what Ming Dynasty once was. So with the right moves by the world powers, rest of the damage it would inflict on itself, being  noninclusive in nature.

Time has come to return the favor to China in their own language – ‘Bù shuōhua, zhī chāojiá’ that is ‘No talking, only fighting’.



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  1. Amazing read..One thing to mention that the meteoric rise that China had in last 30-35 years or so is also the delicate planning initiated by Deng..He along with the other successor did not make any attempt to showcase the might to the world before Xi arrived to the party.

    1. Thank you so much, Abhay, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You are correct. However, if Nixon and Henry Kissinger had not gone overboard in their zeel to down USSR, China would have been an ordinary country. China’s per capita income was lowest in Asia at that time. Henry Kissinger was on Chinese payroll, as well as had business interests in China. China played it very well, indeed.

      1. And the communist state and unidirectional approach without the responsibility to answer anyone helped their cause. Do read my latest poem if you have time! Stay Safe!

  2. Very interesting post. I visited China in 1978 and 1979, and I already then knew that China will a country to take seriously in years to come. China is going take over the world leading post if the USA pulls out more. Look at the WHO – they have now donated US$30 million while the USA is pulling out. I like the Chinese people very much … very welcoming, friendly and generous.There is things I don’t agree on .. their human rights valuations. But they have got lot of things right in China. China is getting into Africa now too.

    1. Thank you so much, Viveka, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. This is a geopolitical post and doesn’t really comment directly on Chinese people. In fact, I also appreciate Chinese people for their dedication and hard work. However, underestimating CCP, and thinking that they are naive would be a mistake. I had dedicated one full article to China in Africa if you are interested.

      Warm regards.

      1. CCP is fare from naive, they are very determined … they know exactly what is going on and where they want to be. I visit your article.

      2. CCP knows one thing very well. Rob, replicate, and replace.
        How come you have an Indian name?

      3. Indian name ?????!!!! Maybe I have … but I have been told it has German origin – at least Viveka has.

    2. It is a bit strange that Chinese policies, their Military and Political circle has had Aggressive designs on its neighbours, South China Sea, US etc. Yet Chinese people whether in their own nation or elsewhere have been friendly, sharp and Intelligent.
      And most of them have neutral to good opinion of India.

      1. Most of the Chinese populace has no say in the national or local affairs. They have restricted access to the information. They read, what they are fed.

  3. Interesting.

    There is no simple of way of containing China until it turns in on itself and safely starts to decay. Not sure that is even desirable. However, I think that is essentially what you are proposing.

    So with the right moves by the world powers, rest of the damage it would inflict on itself, being noninclusive in nature.

    The problem with a hostile, arrogant, tyrannical power is that such a power will try to take everyone around it down as it goes down. That is effectively what happened with this the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Because it was suffering from it, China shared its suffering with everyone else.

    Strange as it may seem I think that in order to beat China we must first examine our own flaws, work on fixing them and help the Chinese people to do the same. In order to defeat the tyrants, we must help the Chinese people reform themselves. In order help the Chinese people, we must first reform ourselves.

    1. Thank you so much, Tom, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree and also disagree with you. I agree that we should help Chinese people, but don’t you think the west has been doing exactly the same ever since Nixon recognized China, and started helping it with technology and business. A kind of revival of the ’Marshall Plan’. It became a bigger monster. So if we continue, the way we have been doing for the last 50 years, nothing would change in China, but we might land up following the Chinese way of life. The uprising has to come from within, and an uprising doesn’t come when people are comfortable and wealthy, even though the comfortable life is in a golden cage.

  4. The article has been a great work of in-depth analysis. It would definitely help me to add some more value to my ongoing work on Emerging World Order Post COVID 19. You have lucidly elucidated a number of sensitive aspects where China can be punctured or touched upon, apart from bringing out its transformation from inclusive to outreaching attitude. However, I also read that this trend is again reversing for last two years. Moreover recent muscle flexing which the Dragon is trying to showcase in South China Sea or Eastern Laddakh or Sikkim area against Japan, Taiwan, and India is again a noticeable element of its foreign policy.
    Overall a Very well written article.

    1. Thank you so much, Iqbal, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad you liked it.
      A lot is going to happen in the near future. It would be very interesting for the geopolitical watchers. China’s growth is slowing down, unemployment increasing and that would lead to increased frustration amongst Chinese people. China would like to replace that frustration with patriotism. That is the reason we see all around aggressiveness by the Chinese military, to divert attention.
      Do read my previous two articles also. I sure you would like them:

  5. I can only hope that the New World Order doesn’t come to fruition! Here in America, we are working on pulling all our businesses out of China and bringing them back home. We are also going to investigate the universities that are suspected to be in bed with China, like Harvard for instance. Because it seems that they’d sell out their own people and country for the almighty dollar. Money’s money to them. They don’t care if it comes from that tyrant Xi Jinping or the Osama Bin Laden family fortune. In my opinion, Harvard is all about that blood money and I wouldn’t send my kids there, I don’t care if it’s an Ivy League school. I wouldn’t want my kids indoctrinated by those traitors!

    Of course the lame-stream media will never tell you that, because have of them are in bed with the world’s enemies as well.

    1. Cherie, a lot is going to happen in the near future. It would be very interesting for the geopolitical watchers to observe. China’s growth is slowing down, it’s unemployment is increasing and that is leading to the increased frustration amongst Chinese people. China is trying to replace that frustration with patriotism. That is the reason, we see all around aggressiveness by the Chinese military. That is to divert the attention of the Chinese populace. They have activated their navy in the South China Sea. Their army has become aggressive along the Indian border. They have activated their proxies like Pakistan and Nepal and asked them to start brewing trouble in their own spheres.
      They misunderstood Russia. Russia has joined the bandwagon of 110 countries demanding an investigation into the role of WHO and China.
      Checking the irresponsible behavior of American universities should not be a big task if the American people bring out these abhorring facts, and expose the pseudo-liberals and intellectuals.
      Warm regards.

      1. Some of us, myself included, are trying to bring this stuff to light and many, many Americans are waking up! Our President has sent a fleet of Navy ships to the South China Sea also. I have a feeling it’s fixing to get real!

      2. That’s very heartening, Cherie. You people should make noise to make the Quad(the US, India, Japan, and Australia), more effective. The world is looking towards the United States for leadership.

      3. We’re working on it! I promise! And President Trump is no pansy! That’s one guy China doesn’t want to screw with! Most of our past presidents have been wusses and only kissed up to avoid conflict! Trump won’t back down!

      4. That’s really wonderful, Cherie. I hope he gets reelected. There are a lot of foreign powers who are trying their best to scuttle his reelection.

      5. Absolutely! And China is one of them. They want a weak president because they want to keep using the United States for gain

      6. You are right that Trump has shaken the status quo. He is not a regular politician, and that upsets a lot of people.

      7. We are doing fine, Cherie. I know there has been a lot of loss of lives in America and my heart goes out to all those families.

      8. Thank you so much, Sandomina! And my heart and the heart of many others in my country go out to you as well. The rest of the world is uniting against China and it’s forces of evil and tyranny! We must stay free, otherwise, people who want to escape communism and tyranny will have no place to come to for a better life!

      9. It is amazing to note that even Russians have joined the chorus against China. Russia would always be a fence sitter and would ditch China at an opportune time.

      10. That’s true. The only fact is that this could be worst than the last cold war.

      11. Just to divert the attention of Chinese people from their unemployment and closures of businesses, the Chinese government is trying to show aggression along the international borders. Johnson once famously said, ’Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel’.

      12. Johnson? That could be taken several different ways. What the People’s Republic of China is doing isn’t Patriotism. It’s Imperialism.

      13. Samuel Johnson, who compiled the English dictionary once said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Meaning that any crime and any misbehaviour was tolerated as long as it was committed by one who kept shouting that he loved his country. And, on the other hand, the individual who questioned the behaviour of the country or government was a traitor, no matter how noble he/she was.

      14. What they secretly want to do is expand by colonizing in different countries. China is secretly trying to expand their “Empire”. They want to take over a few other countries. I have a feeling their end goal is to take over the world.

      15. Their goal is surely to take over the world. They have either occupied the territory of other countries by force or giving them loans. When those countries are not able to pay back, they acquire their facilities. Port of Hambantota in Sri Lanka is the glaring example of that aggression.

      16. Yes, Cherie, it is happening with poor and gullible countries, who think that China is helping them. Even a terror spreader country like Pakistan has been duped by them. The famous CPEC project which is Xi’s pet project, called OBOR, has costs manipulated by up to 235%. That country is doomed.

  6. Very insightful article on China.. It’s very interesting to read impact of CN influence across all countries but most interesting and connected for us is India and now Nepal due to recent developments happening there… Looking at possible sunk cost for CN on OBOR etc it’s a wise step by India to steered away from it.. Forgotten history of Ming dynasty reminds me of Changez khan who made few ever lasting impact on our country.. This article should be read by our military leaders so that they are pre warn about Chinese ‘String of Pearls’ strategy… Great article summarises a lot on geo political development….

    1. Thank you so much, Sanjeev, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is always a treat to read your reviews.
      This year is going to be a very interesting one from the geopolitical point of view. Prudence has once again defeated the greed, but for how long that would last is going to be a delightful revelation.
      Believe you me, the policymakers have a few things to take away from my last three articles, and they have expressed it so evidently.

  7. Deep analysis … China will bury us if we give in to their bullying and unfair trade practices!

    Love the Chinese people but not the tyrannical Communistic rule!

    1. Thank you so much, Halbarbera, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I suppose this time around China has bitten more than they can chew.

    1. The alliance is already existing- The Quad(The US, India, Japan, and Australia). The only thing which is missing is the leadership, to propagate the movement in the right direction.

      1. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. The world needs a reliable alliance propelled by strong leadership which right now isn’t there

      2. Absolutely correct. I suppose you are settled in the Philippines. What is the public of China in the Philippines?

      3. I am actually based in Italy. My wife is Filipina. China just settled in the Spratly Islands (Philippine territory in theory) and the Philippines seems to be able to do nothing but bite this bullet and accept the status quo.

  8. Thank you for directing my attention to your article. It sounds very knowledgeable and I don’t know enough about the subject to express an opinion. I just wish we could live peacefully, without the urge to dominate.

  9. Then why is the United States under Trump trying to counteract China alone and disband our foreign alliances? Our unilateral application of sanctions would for the same same reasons seem equally ineffective.

    1. It is wonderful to see you back after a long time, Usfman. No single approach is a perfect approach. We have to try out various approaches, which one would be more effective, would depend upon the Chinese reaction.

  10. Well said 👍🏻.. I can feel there’s a lot of background work behind the scenes..keep up the great job friend..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

    1. Thank you so much, Anu, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you liked it.

  11. Some people here got their panties in a bunch it seems.The 21st century is gonna be the Asian century, with China at the forefront and Russia slowly giving up kissing America’s @$$. The West had the the last couple centuries to conquer the world, lately with the wannabe American hegemony as ringleader … and they fuked everything up super badly. Now it’s China’s turn. And they are doing it so adorably well. I can’t say how much I admire them.
    We deserve every bad thing that comes to us! Better stop whining and get used to it.

    PS: Honesty, I rather be Peking’s bitch than Washington’s.

    1. Thank you so much, Orca, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      I suppose you love to live like a bird, prisoner in a golden cage. Would it not be better to fly free without sucking up to any hegemony.
      But of course, for a subservient person with a slave mentality, it is very difficult to understand.
      In fact, that is the exact mental trauma Chinese populace is suffering from, for centuries together. That is the reason, they sold their soul, for modern gadgets, and some cash in their pockets to CPC.
      A country without a soul would obviously look like what your lover looks like.

      1. Thx Sandomina, your posts are often too biased and hateful and factually wrong, I can’t read them for longer than a couple minutes without getting a bad taste in the mouth.

        “Slave mentality”? Really? Sino-Asians often have a hive mentality, they think about the collective first and about themselves last. That makes them so successful. Not slaves. Only a fukd up American mindset woud try to convince readers with such lacking reasoning.

        China was poor, broken and hungry. The Commies managed to feed everyone and are now busy creating a livable income for everybody. And you can be an ultra-selfish individual nevertheless. Look at the giant numbers of entrepreneurs and new enterprises rising out of south-east Asia every day. All the brand new skyscrapers and office buildings in Shengzhen, you think any of those are owned by the state?

        Contrary to Russia and China, India and Pakistan are not my field of expertise. I kinda don’t like those countries and will not say anything about their politics.

      2. Thank you so much, Orca, for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. I respect your views. However, we and 22 other nations face the reality of belligerent CCP and it’s hegemonic designs day in and day out.
        Flashy buildings and slick mobile phones are not necessarily a road leading to happiness.

  12. The way China has shown its ill-intent on LAC in Ladakh by pitching tents and also activating the tarmac and station their fighters. it is evident that China does not like the way India is making road on its side of border. and secondly, Chinese do not want other countries to leave China and establish their business in India giving the tense situation; which is of their own creation.

    While the situation in HK, relation with Taiwan and other neighbours, what purpose war with India will serve? is it to divert the attention globally from the self-created Coronavirus Pandemic. What would be the reaction of USA, Australia, and also EU? It is sham and a crying shame that while countries are busy fighting the hideous virus, the China is hell-bent in creating heightened defence situation with India.

    What could be the intention of CHINA in these uncertain times, WHY IT IS FLEXING ITS MUSCLES? Has China forgotten that if it harms Indian interests, can it remain safe??

    1. You are bang on, in your assessment, Harbans.
      It was always known to the world that the rise of China would not be peaceful, but they kept ignoring that fact, blinded by their own greed. The Chinese intent is very much clear to all its neighbors. Even the Chinese vessel states, Pakistan and Nepal are facing the heat of Chinese expansionist habits.
      I propose a well planned, all-out war by all like-minded countries. China has to be taught a lesson today, else we are going to face bigger problems in the future.

      1. Evidently so, America too should come forward and do something at least in case of Hong Kong so that the rights of its people are assured. Except Pakistan, which has already sold out its sovereignty,, other neighbkurs of China including Japan and Vietnam and South Korea and in fact Taiwan should unite to take on China.

        Thanks sharing your points of view.

      2. Absolutely, Harbans. Check out my latest article. I have tried a pictorial method this time for better assimilation.
        Warm regards.

  13. Seriously! World History and World map would have been all different if China had continued to be a seafaring and outward looking nation. Thankfully the world got lucky!

    Such an exhaustive work Sandeep.
    Thank you so much for the efforts behind all these great works. ✨

    1. Thank you so much, Naman, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The situation is ripe right now to make China inward-looking. All the countries who matter knew for a long time, that the rise of China would not be peaceful, but they got blinded by their greed. Today the situation is, now or never. We have to take this rogue state down, else humanity is heading for a very dark phase.

      1. You’re so right on point Sandeep. The world must come together now to stand taller infront of this rogue state.

        As always..You’re most welcome! 🙂

  14. All facts are true.China’s policy is to hide everything it’s own private facts from ancient age but now he is (mis) treating like a dragon for all neighbour having the harmful attitude for International post is most informational.Weldone,dear!!

    1. Thank you so much, Aruna, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is always a pleasure to have your reviews.

      1. All facts about Pakistan given by you are absolutely true.there army is more powerful than the government.what will happen in 1/2years in Pakistaan,?you can have idea on basis of your given facts.

      2. Thank you so much, Aruna, for stopping by and sharing your experience. Indians do not want any instability in Pakistan. In fact, it is China that gets benefitted more from an unstable Pakistan.

      3. Yeah.absolutely true that Indians never want instability in Pakistan.Other wants it for showing his power.that is danger for International peace.

  15. Wonderfully written and explained !

    But here
    “Chinese and Russian bonhomie…….. ” I think you meant to say : “Japanese and Russian…..”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I meant Chinese and Russian… Only since it is a fake friendship.

  16. With the current article, you have obviously shed light on the strength of China which their rulers acquired by adopting variety of ways – some covet and some overt with the sole aim of fufilling their aim: HIDE YOUR STRENGTH AND HIDE YOUR TIME.

    The Chinese sent their students to get education in foreign universities for enhancing their know-how in sync with need of the hour. The invited foreign investments for enhancing their industrial production thereby increased their exports to various countries.

    Not only increasing their export base, they enhanced their foreign exchange reserves which they utilized for fulfilment of their ambitions to dominate the world at large. It may be their immediate neighbour or countries outside, they showed their mettle in varieties of ways which is evident now than ever. Loaned out money for return of land for enhancing their outreach and circle of influence. We in India are facing the reality since long. If we do not understand now then it would be too late.

    Thanks a lot for your enriching write-up. Regards.

    1. Thank you so much, Harbans, for your elaborate review which displays your immense experience as a writer and thinker. China is a totalitarian society, and they can achieve a lot with impunity, what others cannot achieve. Their populace is a slave of what CCP provides them in return for their freedom.

      1. Due the excessive centralization of power, the people in general do not any any role in governance. All freedoms are curtailed.

        Thanks and regards

      2. Anything very stiff lacks elasticity and breaks beyond a certain limit. That is the law of nature, and very much applies in life too.

      3. Yes it is a fact. Stiffness in a thing or stiffness in thinking leads to break after sometime. Flexibility in thoughts and actions enhances our life-force and resilience too.

  17. This post begins remarkably with not only one but two quotes, that too opposing each other.

    Then comes the theory of 2 components as prerequisite before delving into the main agenda.

    The most appreciating part is the most demanding part of any reporting of a problem – the cure of the disease – Achilles Heel where you have aptly identified Taiwan.

    “Thin and wide” – that is a wise strategy of battle against larger army.

    “High trust value” – history has showed that neighbours act as autonomous defence along a nation’s boundary. The respective detail for each neighbour makes this post a long suit.

    “piece in puzzle” – as important as ‘steel’.

    OBOR versus Indian Ocean – alike roads and rivers, a traditional dichotomy of not only transport, but also in art of warfare in the past centuries.

    “discouraging Chinese students” – an ethical dilemma as taboo versus ‘scientia potentia est’.

    Such presentation deserves to be internationally acclaimed. 👍 Do keep up. 👏

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is very heartening to get such encouraging reviews. Every review matters, but one learns a lot from a scholarly review like yours. Your in-depth knowledge of the battlefield, human psychology, and war-making concepts, has enriched me.

  18. Every writing shows your power of writing and what made me astonished is review of literature and fact finding from sources .
    Your presentation is amazing.

    1. That’s right, William. China had everything going for it, however, they are getting impatient unnecessarily. That would lead to the undoing of China.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  19. Almost 75% of world’s leading companies have manufacturing or sourcing connections in China. China knows about this very well and wants to take advantage of this. Believe me by 2030 China will be out of top 5 economies in the world

  20. Wonderful, as ever, Sandomina! We need to put your recommendations into action; wise words: Thank you!

  21. Wow! My blogs often talk about history, but yours Sandomina talk about the present and the future. and it’s a real eye opener, and if it isn’t, it should be

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. That’s an honor.
      Warm regards.

      1. If it helps you in any way, I shall do that, else I am way beyond these awards. Thanks once again.

  22. This blog post was very well planned from all directions. I personally learned a lot from the Encirclement Section and your thoughts about how China’s neighbors could trouble them!!!

    I would love to see more!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. I am under the weather presently, so I shall get back soon for a detailed discussion.
      Warm regards.

    2. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Do read my other articles and share your thoughts.

  23. I intuitively saw this coming back in the 80s when everyone was talking about Russia. Our discount stores were already carrying inexpensive Chinese calculators etc and it was pretty hard not to see the writing on the wall, given the sheer population of China. However, I recall reading Daniel Boorstin who claimed that for the most part China was historically more concerned with gaining respect from foreigners instead of expanding its boundaries. What do you think?

    1. Even Napoleon was a big supporter of the French Revolution.
      When where and how goals and desires would change is anybody’s guess. However, in China’s case, it would be foolish to think on these lines. Soon after the revolution, China displayed its aggressive side. The gerrymandering was the name of the game. Tibet was the first victim. Aggression with all 14 land neighbors and 7 maritime neighbors has been the norm since then. If we call that a peaceful rise then I do not understand what would they do when they are aggressive.

      1. ha ha… good reply! Yes, admittedly, Boorstin was talking about the time of the European “Discoverers” as he puts it in the book by the same title. And people and regimes most certainly do change. I suppose I am just hoping that the Lao Tzu side of China (i.e. peaceful and philosophical) would at least moderate the Sun Tzu side! As for the Confucian side, I think we still see the “rules and regs” side in full force.
        In terms of the geopraphical scope of conquest, however, has anyone matched the Europeans?

      2. We always tend to forget Genghis Khan. He had one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. He is attributed with the transportation of Chinese technology to the west, which eventually made the Renaissance possible.

      3. Yeah but he was a Mongol. If Americans invaded Canada and coopted/coerced us to expand, would I be a Canadian, an American or a Canadian stooge?

        I tried reading Chinese history while studying in India. The complexity was fascinating and baffling, as it is today. Your post just compelled me to take a quick look at Wikipedia.

  24. A well analysed and reasoned article. China has overestimated itself and thinks that it can get it’s way without interference from anyone. But this time they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. And their timing it during a pandemic, of their own creation, is all the more perplexing. Too sure of themselves or plain stupid? I’ll go with a bit of both. Stupidly sure. 😊

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience.
      A despot has no faith in advisers and is extremely scared of its own populace. The concentration of power in one hand has always been disastrous.
      Chinese citizens know it very well that no evil dooms them so hopelessly except the evil they love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from.

    2. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience.
      A despot has no faith in advisers and is extremely scared of its own populace. The concentration of power in one hand has always been disastrous.
      This evil is set to doom Chinese citizens hopelessly except the evil they love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from.

  25. Excellent incisive info, Sandomina. We have to be aware that China is actively spreading it’s influence through it’s economic power in this time of economic uncertainty with the world focussed on the US election and UK Brexit, let alone Covid. The US is also greatly weakened and divided as never before in terms of its overseas influence.
    Thanks for sharing
    Please excuse poor grammar in my comment on your plagiarism article (too “speedy gonzalez always in a hurry” c)
    can you edit to “some people don’t mind if others duplicatE their content even without attribution as long as it shreads some good information,…”
    Thanks for making people aware of threats and dangers in the “hotspots of the world” and all the best

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