Threat Of Chinese Rocket Force And The Indian Options

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The Chinese Rocket Force has improved its precision-strike capabilities and capacities in the recent times. When the Chinese missiles’ enhanced ranges threatened all of the USA, it shook them. But, Europe lives on in a fairytale world. They feel these are peaceful actions by China in self-defense.

Even India was in denial mode. But thankfully in the recent past they have taken important steps to counter China. India has build multi-purpose storage tunnels in states bordering China. These tunnels would store short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) and other ammunition.

Three units of Pralay missiles with a range of 150-500 kilometers (work is on to further increase the range), canisterization, and manoeuvrability would become a reality soon. Supersonic BrahMos cruise missile and Pralay would be the first two missiles to form the Indian version of Rocket Force (IRF).

I talk about why missiles would contribute much more in winning future wars for any country than the mighty fighter jets or imposing battle tanks. My analysis gives solutions for not only India but for other nations too. Read on:

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