Unstoppable India

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-Ok friends, finally my own YouTube channel “Insightful Knowledge”

-1st video is out “Unstoppable India” in Hindi

-I promise to bring out most relevant geopolitical, military & International affairs topics

-Do watch, subscribe & share

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  1. We heartily welcome your Youtube channel-‘Insightful Knowledge’ in anticipation & excitement of gaining the ‘insightful inputs’ on India’s position on the Global front ‘in terms of its poltical ,economic social advances made & expectations in the future!All the best,Sir!

  2. Looks like a good start. However, most of us Americans are mono-lingual!😞
    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to enjoy your YouTubes unless they are translated.
    And you will need to develop the platform with more than just a lecture, although I am confident from your blogs, many of your lectures would be worth the time.
    Best wishes on this new endeavor.
    yours and His,

    1. …and YOU!!! need to invest some time in learning 🤔 🙄 😩 😕 😴 😫 🤔 software that does the translation for you; it’s monolithic people like you that cause the wars that The Commander is trying to prevent after actually being on the front line unlike YOU!!!…so very, very, very disappointing; especially as YOU!!! Have a High IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and a very, very, very Low EQ (Emotional Quotient); so, as We Say in Great Britain 🇬🇧 ‘Sort YOUR!!! Head Out’ or Suffer The Consequences…

      1. 💜 Thank you for your wise words Commander 🙏🏿 ; hopefully C.A. will learn


  3. Godspeed, dear Commander and friend! (Will there be captions/subtitles for those who aren’t Hindi speakers?)

  4. 💜 Good Sir; please don’t let the Chinese bully you 🙏🏿 😉 😀 👍🏾 🙂 😬 🙏🏿 but please don’t incite war either, a Delicate Balance


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