Chinese Spy Ship In The Indian Ocean

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As soon as India declared a NOTAM for the forthcoming long-range missile tests, the Chinese spy ship, Yuan Wang-5, that was on the way back home, about turned and entered the Indian Ocean once again.

China is in a hurry for dominance of the world. This great hurry might become its grave one day.

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  1. If they are not careful, they will have to cancel world dominance and fight a revolution inside China. Which might be good for the rest of the world, though not for the Chinese people.

  2. It seems that biden is doing China’s bidding. The USA is in the midst of a vote fraud nightmare and we are heading down the same rabbit hole as Venezuela. Unfortunately, that leaves India all alone when dealing with the China threat.

    I wish others could see what we see. China wants to be the “New World Order” and anyone surviving that battle will become their slaves. To look at what China is doing to those who are resisting communism (slave labor camps, body parts) is to know what China will do to the remains of the world. Half the people in the USA are clueless.

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