Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis Is A Political Sabotage

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Sri Lanka’s present state confirms the famous statement: “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” Sri Lankans have been repeating the mistakes of choosing the politicians Rajapaksas again and again.

It is confirmed that there were unaccounted payments that the Chinese were liberal with during project negotiations with the island nation. They were paid to the Rajapaksa family through the accounts of various Chinese companies operating in Sri Lanka.

My (@InsightGL) in-depth talk explores many unknown facts with world-renowned and leading Indian geopolitical channel ‘Def Talks’:

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  1. An enriching talk; reflects the depth of research carried out by Cdr. Dhawan. Tracing the history of Sri Lanka from the time of its independence and the control over the country by a few political families is a fact not known to most audience. Not many would know the actual reason, that has now been brought out, for a port and an airport to come up in/near Hambantota. Affect of the civil war, India’s lax policies towards Sri Lanka and inclination towards China has also been covered well. An excellent talk, overall.

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