United States Outmanoeuvres Russia Once Again? 

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In a recent briefing, the US Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines warned, “I would characterize it as the Russians aren’t winning, and the Ukrainians aren’t winning, and we’re at a bit of a stalemate here.” So, where is the Russia-Ukraine war heading? What is Russian President Putin planning next? Is Europe ready for it? Are the American strategists having the last laugh?

My (@InsightGL) latest article that has made waves soon after publication on India’s leading think-tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’:

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  1. America definitely gets what it always wanted: Troops in Denmark. We are heading towards a big war in Europe, if they allow it, as Putin will not tolerate American troops on Danish soil. All of Scandinavia will be doomed. As I see it now, all the NATO plans to expand to the east (against given promises) were just means to provoke Putin into making a move. Now they have their excuse to do anything they want and claim that it is for defense.

  2. Sandeep, Thank you for your informative article. It does update me on the scenario of Ukraine / Russia operation, as I have been busy with other works during the last few weeks. Congratulations 👏

  3. I believe time is on Putin’s side. He owns a personal advantage in not living in a democracy. This war is taking an incredible toll on an African continent that has long suffered American foreign policy debacles. There is a risk that a worsening refugee crisis will excite xenophobia in Europe and lead to the election of isolationists. Putin is in this for the long game.

  4. You are absolutely true.America can do everything for his benefits.He is only one big country who can take any dangerous step.

  5. I think that the “hapless” Ukraine has become a battlefield for the “game of thrones” in geopolitical game.

    Before the war started:
    Why did NATO ignore Russia’s security guarantee proposal?
    Why did NATO ignore Russia’s sense of security?
    I don’t understand Zelensky’s mind, what’s the harm for Ukraine being a neutral country?
    Can you give some insight to that matters?

    I think, continuing to pressure Russia with sanctions will not end the war. It seems the West (EU, USA, Canada) has run out of sanction bullets. Russia is too big to be sanctioned. Let me share an interesting article below :

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