Vladimir Putin: What’s Cooking Between Two Ears

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gave an important speech on 21 February 2022. He recognized the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic. This followed the invasion of Ukraine on intervening night of 23-24 February 2022. These actions changed the course of both history and geography.

What is Russian President Vladimir Putin thinking? I try to peep into his mind.

I (@InsightGL) present an in-depth analysis on India’s premier ‘Think-Tank’ organization Chanakya Forum:

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  1. A very interesting, and – in my eyes – fitting portrait of Putin.
    I would just like to add that NATO is not without fault in the present situation in Ukraine. When in 1989 the wall in Berlin fell, the western allies (e.g. Germany’s Mr. Genscher, and President Bush sen.) promised Russia (then Gorbatjov) that NATO would not expand to the east. Since then NATO has expended to the east five times, now culminating in the Ukraine conflict. Also NATO maneuvres were always held at the Russian borders resp. near the Russian coastline. Which from Russian side has always been considered provocations.
    In their arrogance, NATO has gambled how far they could go, knowing well, whom they were dealing with, maybe even tried on purpose to provoke a reaction like now in the case of Ukraine that is suffering because of the gambling. I only hope that NATO will acknowledge and take up its responsibility, but I doubt it.
    One can only hope that the protests inside of Russia against the invasion of Ukraine will lead to a downfall of the dictator. But also that will lead to chaos, and both, the Russian military and the oligarchs might try to seize power.
    Maybe the NATO countries thought a war in Ukraine would not have any effect on the rest of Europe, but it surely will. The cost for mineral oil products and gas has already gone up exorbitantly, as well as for other raw materials and electricity.

  2. Reading Ezekiel 38, God (Moscow) and Magog (Kyiv) will someday be aligned to attack Israel, which will not turn out very well for their armies. But how this alignment will occur is not detailed in Scripture, so it’s anyone’s guess what is in this madman’s mind; he may not even be under his own control, but like HItler’s “Demon Reich,” (I cannot find the book by that name that I read in college) he may be influenced by satan and out of his right mind.

    1. There is not need for scripture at this time. It is very evident where this is going: Here is my prediction: 1. Ukraine is going to win – no doubt, 2. Ukraine has NEVER attacked anyone or desired to take anything that is not theirs, and NEVER will. 3. Its just a matter of months when Muslim counties will be attached by Putin , specifically – Georgia and Chechnya. 3. Israel will step in to help into the war and will agitate Muslims against Christians. Russia will terribly burn and lose. The Kremlin and the Red Square will be truly red. 5. Putin’s friends… Muslims.. maybe Kadirov and his gang – will kill Putin. 5. China, like a sneaky fox will demand to get a piece of Russian territory that they always claimed was theirs. Japan may interfere too as their believe that Russia stole from them too. In any way, there are will be a tremendous loss of humanity… this is just a beginning… and Yeah! NATO will be involved

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