Strike China and Save the World: Part 2 – Manufacturing Reality

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Just imagine a video of Chinese authorities brutally assaulting and arresting Chinese citizens who have a credit rating below certain criteria, appearing on Sina Weibo. In no time this video would be viral on WeChat, DouBan, YouKu, and several other Chinese social media platforms. By the time the Chinese authorities would react, the damage has already been done. The video was a deep fake, inserted by the Indian agencies. India and many other countries have declared a non-kinetic war on China.

Most of the time when the word ‘war’ pops up in any conversation, everyone visualizes fighter planes buzzing past, guns blazing, missiles being fired, and soldiers penetrating enemy territory. However, this is a forever war, without a beginning or an end. It is called ‘asymmetric warfare’.

So what is asymmetric warfare? It is a war, without fighting a war. It is fought best when opposing forces are not even aware that they are involved in such a war. This war helps to control citizens’ thought processes, mold them, and at times alter them to one’s requirements.

This article is going to be a controversial one as I discuss some of the techniques that might be shocking for some. It is a war and everything is fair in war. Continue to read Part 2 of my article at ‘Chanakya Forum’:

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  1. Patience has its rewards. 🙂 An intriguing and actually hopeful article. Many thanks, Commander and friend! Looking forward to further installments.

  2. Incredible piece of work! Loved your digging out ‘China borrowing from Indian Culture and even Gods’. Bursting the Chinese myth. Keep it up!

  3. Yeah.The Asymmetric warfare is presented now a days.All countries including India should be beware and boycott of all Chinese product.CCP is doing a conspiracy against the opposite countries but don;t know that He is weaving a web for own’s damages.there is a preparation of revolution by Chinese peoples against CCP Which will burst at just time.your Idea”Slow Boiling”is admirable for International level.good.👍 .I am thinking why Indian Government takes right decisions against enemy countries.most inspirational ,motivational and accurated post.I admire your wise thoughts.Weldon,dear Commander!!

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