China, Pakistan and Their Secret Wars in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan crisis deepens further as the Taliban takes key city around 70 km from Kabul. USA has deserted them. What should be India’s strategy?

China and Pakistan are waiting like vultures to enjoy carcass. They are in for a surprise. The graveyard of empires is waiting for them

My analysis on India’s leading think-tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’.

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  1. Cause of concern for all.
    Terrorism shouldn’t be promoted and can’t be tolerated. If they are around us even though not present in our territory, that is too a big cause of concern. They can plan further attacks easily as they come nearby.

    1. It is indeed a worrisome happening. Till now China and Pakistan had small groups of terrorists but now they have an army of terrorists. India has to be very cautious and take proactive steps rather than waiting and watching.

      1. Yes, very bad condition of people there now.
        I was watching in news earlier today people scrambling at kabul airport in large numbers to leave the country in desperation. President already left the country and there is no control of the army.
        Praying god to save people there. United nations now should take military action to take control and save innocent citizens.

  2. I am ashamed of my country for our abdication of caring for Afghans who helped us over the last 20 years. If we had behaved in this way toward Japan, it would probably be a province of Communist China. Pray earnestly for the people of Afghanistan. 🙏

    1. What baffles me is that how a force of 200,000 just crumbled? It is sad and astonishing. President Biden has a lot to answer.

      1. May Father have mercy on his soul. Soon I will blog on God’s “Final Mercy to Those Who Will Accept No Other”.

      2. Why and how much time US army should have guarded Afghans? They are supposed to be brave but they surrendered without fighting, they deserve the current situation

      1. This post really helped me to get beyond the headlines here, and to *think*, as well as feel, about these horrible developments. Thanks, as usual, Commander and friend!

      2. Thank you so much, D’Nanda. The developments in Afghanistan are going to affect the world for a long time. People may not understand what I am saying today.

      3. It will undoubtedly become clearer, sadly, as events unfold over time. Thanks again for all your work!

      4. Two days ago Taliban conducted a press conference where they looked innocent and so charming that I wanted to hug them. But looks could be deceptive. There is no future for that country with that kind of mindset.

    1. Your comments would be very valuable, coming from the horse’s mouth. Eagerly waiting for that. Thanks, ST.

  3. I read the full article, which gave me a good insight about the complexity of the situation, more than I can get through any New agency here in Denmark, of course.
    They say here that the government’s army has about 300,000 soldiers trained by Americans and European countries, plus airforce, while the Taliban are only about 70,000. So they should be able to fight their own fight. Why don’t they fight? Can it be because their president is said to have fled the country and is now in Tajikistan? (How about other members of the government?) Do they maybe feel abandoned, while somebody from a safe place is trying to pull the strings? That won’t work.
    It is very interesting what you write about the Taliban nearly being gone completely in 2002. When thinking of the fact that the war with or in Iraq was a wild goose chase in respect off weapons of mass distraction, that move was not only fatal for Afghanistan, but also completely unnecessary and unmade all the results that had been achieved. I wonder, if that was done on purpose to keep Afghanistan unstable … an unstable Afghanistan keeps India, China and Pakistan focussed there.

    1. It is a worrisome situation here in Asia, but it would affect the world in times to come. The Afghan government has fallen and the force of 300k just evaporated because there was no force and only a facade. There was second-rung leadership. Rampant corruption and exploration of the situation have led to this dark day.

      1. Why US and other EU countries will stay away from crisis is they know it would be a big game. Also they staying away will make Pakistan positions difficult. Pakistan will move away from US and come closer to China. That will be end of the road for Pakistan. India will easily crush them if they try to do some stupid thing.

      2. I agree with you. My take is that no country should wait for another to help them out. One has to be self-sufficient up to a certain extent. Help is help after all and not full responsibility.

  4. After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the talibans with the active support of Pakistan have gradually taken almost all the parts of Afghanistan. The state of affairs there is really pathetic. We have observed how the ordinary people have come out with their flag and are showcasing their opposition to the horrible take over of the country. The people know that their fate would be in balance after especially the women folks and the former armed forces personnel are being targeted. There has also been opposition from other tribal regions too. Only time will tell what would be the outcome of this take over but one thing is evident that Pakistan and China’s axis who have come forward in assisting the Talibans with arms and ammunition. without their active support, the fact take over could not happened. China must have extracted a promise from the talibanis that they will not interfere in muslim dominated province. They also want to loot the mineral resources of Afghanistan. But one thing they should realise that nobody can fully exploit the people of Afghanistan. Afghanis will rise against all those who will try to infiltrate and . and exploit them. All the countries should realize how Hikanis are active in Afghanistan. How such people can actively be in public glare? If globally, there is no opposition then sure enough, our future in the region and beyond would be in jeopardy.

    Your article highlights the role of Pakistan, China, Iran and others, which reflects your indepth knowledge you have about this region and beyond.

    Thanks and regards


    1. Thank you so much for an in-depth analysis of my article. My take is that it is not going to be a cakewalk for China & Pakistan. If Afghanis are smart enough they must take their destiny into their hands rather than being someone else’s puppet.

      1. Things are not stable in Afghanistan and Pakistan is fishing in troubled waters. Its FM is travelling in neighbouring countries so that they recognize the Taliban government. This is merely tp enhance their clout amongst the warning factions. The bombings in Afghanistan and the causalities of Afghanis including those of Americans reveal that that country is in peril and will remain so till foreseeable future too. The world at large should come together and devise a coherent strategy regarding the prevailing situation otherwise everything will spin out of control. India too will have to devise a cogent strategy because we cannot remain silent spectators of what is happening in our neighbourhood.

      2. My next article is coming soon. In that, I have tried to look into India’s options.

  5. The Disgrace of US imperialism – the invasion of foreign countries without a Congressional declarations of war.

    Invading countries without a declaration of War by Congress … dates back to the War Criminal Lincoln. Biden universally condemned for the collapse of Afghanistan – a country the US invaded without a declaration of War, similar to Iraq and Libya. All have ended in disaster. But Afghanistan particularly bitter, international respect for America as the “Great Power” – compares to the Titanic vs. the Iceberg.

    Afghanistan shares long borders with Pakistan and Iran – both countries hostile to US strategic interests. At least Iraq shared a common border with Saudi Arabia, a strong US ally, despite the 9/11 attack. Libya shares a common border with Egypt. Afghanistan, based upon its exclusion from India, represented a disaster in the making from the start. For the US to successfully hold Afghanistan it would have required a full scale invasion of Pakistan. The only way for the US to do such a bold policy, to promise to reunite Pakistan with India! Pakistan possesses nuclear bombs!

      1. Right…..Just see today’s news….Talibaan supporters have unfurled talibaan flag on lal masjid in pakistan and have cjallanged pak security forces

      2. Yes. Pakis think they are super proficient in these activities but the are living in fool’s paradise.

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