04 June 1989: The Date CCP Wants to Forget

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China was going through massive changes in the 80s. The Chinese Communist Party had opened up its economy to foreign investment. Leaders like Deng Xiaoping were credited to have put China on the path of prosperity. His move raised the income and living standards of the Chinese populace phenomenally. However, along with prosperity came the education and expectations for greater political openness.

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  1. Sandeep… wishes for best health… Wonderful write up to remind us about the tragic event. Thank you.

  2. Dear Commander and friend, WordPress on the Forum says I’m not human, and won’t let me comment there. So, here, I’ll say: Thanks for the reminder that freedom requires vigilance – and the willingness to speak and act – lest *we* forget.

    1. That is really strange. Anyways, thank you so much, D’Nanda, for stopping by and sharing your experience. Maybe you can give it a try in a while.

      1. Apparently, I’m human again, the comment posted just now. 🙂 Happy to be there – and thanks again for the reminder!

      2. Yeah the comments have started pouring in now. Apparently, it was hacked. May be Chinese don’t want people to discuss the matter. They even managed to bribe the Microsoft Bing team so that Tiananmen Square related searches were blocked for one day.

  3. Historical event which could have changed the Chinese course of future. Thanks for the reminder, Sir.

  4. Fantastic post,Sandeepji,enlightening us on the critical events taking place in the World scenario ! Thanks for your continued research and perseverance to unearth the vital truths which we could learn from your precious articles enabling us to be more aware & vigillant in our security! Keep happy & be safe,dear !

    1. Thank you so much, Chauhan Saheb. It is the duty of each one of us to keep serving motherland in our capacity.

  5. Just as they Jews remember the Holocaust, Chinese must also “Never Forget” what happened at Tienanmen Square! Though the scope and span of the events were much smaller and faster, the principles remain.

    1. Unfortunately, CCP has rewritten the history and there is no place for this massacre. The younger generation is not aware of it and the older generation is barred from discussing it.

  6. They have advanced from silencing students to silencing religion. Muslim and Christian are just trailers, rest will follow

  7. Thanks for reviewing the memories. One day this will also be celebrated throughout the world like May Day is being celebrated now.

  8. Dear Sandeep,
    Great going! The erstwhile USSR could not contain the citizens hunger for information/ mental freedom though they were provided with all physical necessities. China should learn from this. It may be possible to physically isolate and control your citizens, but the ” mind control” is not that easy. In the long run, the human is bound to break the shackles of mental, psychological and spiritual imprisonment and the autocratic government like China will not be successful

    1. Amazing summation. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  9. Great post. We were at Tiananmen Square in 1995 and they had a giant countdown clock for when Hong Kong would return to China. You are so right that history is being revised there from the moment events happen. Ugly, twisted world. Thankful for your commitment to the truth.

    1. I am glad that you liked it. Your experience and knowledge enrich all the readers of this blog. Thank you so much.

  10. As I read this post, I am reminded of an earlier post of yours on the timeline of the Balkanization of China.

    The amount of control being exerted by the CCP to destroy the events of Tiananmen Square is amazing. Even as I type Tiananmen the word is underlined as a typo.

    But their quest to control the narrative on the pandemic, like they did with the Tiananmen Square massacre backfired big time. Its confrontational diplomacy and punitive domestic and international trade policies are hurting it’s economy.

    With the international community diversifying their production lines and restricting China, is a death knell for China. The current generation of the Chinese public is currently engaged in a civil disobedience movement ‘lying down’. Will it spark another uprising as witnessed in 1989? That remains to be seen.

    1. Thank you so much, Hardik, for stopping by and sharing your very educative thoughts.
      All was generally going fine for China till Xi came along. In his quest for greatness, he forgot Deng’s biggest principle. If China had waited for another decade before flexing its muscles, it would have been impossible to stop it. However, Xi’s premature steps have shaken the world out of slumber.

  11. 32 years since this incident happened which changed china forever. Very nicely brought out by you Sandy that those students who survived are today in their late forties. This event brought out clearly the closed mindset of china about freedom of speech and therefore every country needs to keep this in mind while dealing with china on any matter. Very well timed article Sandy keeping in mind the global outrage over role of china in creation of the Pandemic.

    1. You are right, Yogesh, this is the right time to check and stop this minotaur from implementing its evil designs. Unchecked, it will make the world a living hell.

  12. Thanks so much for the follow! I’ve read several of your blog posts and they are insightful, interesting and give a perspective we never see!

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