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Chinese state and its leadership (Chinese Communist Party – CCP) are getting nervous at the pace of progress of their global pre-eminence and how the world is reacting to it. They firmly believe that history repeats itself. In their fervour to take China to its lost glory, they are ready to use every means available at their disposal, and they are unable to conceal that intention from the world. Public opinion and awareness are a very significant part of this activity. Governments and counties look for tools to create a favourable atmosphere. China has found one medicine for all its ills – Information Warfare(IW). With the advent of the internet age, which has widened its scope exponentially in the last ten years, it is getting alarming, what all can be achieved by individuals and countries like China. It is using this tool internally and externally very efficiently. Innocent ordinary citizens, ignorant of the hidden agenda keep justifying for the same Communist Party and country in the name of patriotism. George Orwell must be tossing and turning in his grave, looking at how Chinese leadership has rewritten ‘Orwellian World’.

How China is controlling it’s citizens and how it plans to control the free world, continue to read my latest article on India’s most respected Think-Tank platform, ‘Chanakya Forum’:

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  2. Hoping this finds you well! As ever, Sandomina, an insightful and wide-ranging post. The election season here in the US has certainly highlighted the possibilities of information tampering and manipulation. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on counter-measures the average person can take, if any

    1. D’Nanda, thank you so much for stopping by. Always a pleasure. I am so sorry that of late I am not able to interact much. I have been extremely busy. Just managing to keep the head above the waterline.

  3. Dear Sandy.
    An extremely incisive and relevant article,which brings out contemporary tech being leveraged by China. I feel these are interesting times with Xi attempting to break free from Dengs policy of bide your time. He serms to be in a hurry to announce the arrival of China as a Global power. How the Americas, Europe and Australia take this is evident from whats happening. The Theocididus Trap at play. China’s overt forcefullness will only make the task difficult. I feel the BRI may succeed partially in Africa snd the CARs but will not see much traction elsewhere. Lets wait and watch. We will await your next article

  4. Thought I commented on your post earlier (?) but it didn’t seem to register? China’s IW is frightening… I’m at a loss for the most effective way to “resist” their onslaught. The media here in the US has long been questionable, and I try to get info and news from a variety of international Internet-based sources, often with opposing views. It seems that in the end, all of them have their own agenda – Al Jazeera, BBC, DW, Euronews, Sky News, CNN :o(, RT, Mail & Guardian – as does Silicon Valley. What can ordinary citizens of the world do? Any suggestions for further reading on this subject? Most books focus on Russia and ISIS, not China. Maybe you should write a book?!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. It is a tough call in today’s era to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. Everyone is available on sale, only the price should be right. Even some of the books have been peddled by China as an authentic source. I would suggest to read a lot and pick your conclusions.
      A lot of people ask me to write a book so maybe one day, but at present, I am learning.

  5. Sandeep ,its an extremely incisive article so very relevant in this critical time in the world scenario! Thanks dear for your invaluable research & in depth studies!😁

  6. Awesome post! The thought of the CCP peering inside my home is infuriating! The world needs to unite and tell Xi Zinping and the CCP to take their products and shove them up their panzy asses! And we will.

    We just have to get through this botched election. There’s such overwhelming evidence that the Leftist cheated and the CCP are straight up in the middle of it.

    And although Big Tech and Big Media are trying their damnedest to censor and cover it up, it’s still leaking out to the public like a seive! Bahaha! I’d say they’re failing miserably! Thank you for posting, Commander! God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much, Cherie, for stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. You are always so kind.
      The US and Canadian elections are conducted by Dominion Voting Systems. This is a company owned by Staple Street Capital. Staple Street Capital is owned by UBS securities LLC. UBS is a Chinese company owned by CCP. Voila… American elections are owned by CCP.
      That is how China works and the rest of the world gets fooled every time.

      1. Absolutely! And the American people have found about that and they’re pissed to the max! In my not so humble opinion, China needs to be blown of the effing MAP! I’m fed up and so are a vast majority of other Americans! We’re done with China’s bullshit! We’re already changing our spending habits to reject Chinese products. One by one We’re rejecting them.

      2. The same is happening in India. We have reduced Chinese imports by over 30%. In fact, in India, we are thanking China for its outright belligerence, else we would have been very happy in our slumber.
        I agree with you that there is no place for China on the planet Earth.


    1. Purtroppo, il PCC sta creando disarmonia in tutto il mondo e noi stiamo a guardare come spettatori muti.

  8. Really , loved reading it. China is a country which has a long term plan and is executing it. Though totally malicious and hegemonistic. I wonder what US counter measures will be, or will US go down without a fight?

    Your article was really very deep. I liked it when you mentioned about ‘The Hindu’. I was very skeptical when I had read those articles in it. Very shocking is that many UPSC aspirants and a good amount of civil servants read that newspaper. Is the that China is trying to enter the minds of our administrators?

    One request: If possible, Sir, pls do also write an article regarding middle east evolving situation. Like, oil has limited days, so how middle east will respond and where does India fits in the equation.

    1. Thank you so much brother for your appreciation and kind words.
      I shall surely write on the subject suggested, though if you have noticed, ME is already moving towards alternate energy.

  9. History of China before 1948 can not be glorified.before Communism,the dynasty of China was glorified because of great kings. And now he is too again failed in his plan to have power on all Worlds because mostly countries don’t like Him.

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