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Today every free country is looking at China in disbelief. The CPC and XI Jinping have opened up a number of fronts, more than they can afford. China faces humongous challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic. Unemployment is going through the ceiling, and demonstrations against the government are on the rise. PLA veterans are dissatisfied, and Wuhan citizens are still looking for millions of missing relatives. Anger amongst Uighur is likely to implode anytime soon, and Tibetans are ready to move beyond peaceful demonstrations. Hong Kong is on the boil. Indian and Taiwanese forces are at the highest alert.

So what could be better than giving a call for ’Pax Sinica’. Taking the nationalism to such heights that citizens give up their anger and pain and look up to the leadership in awe.

These methods may work within China but among other nations it has provoked strong anti-China emotions. The fault lines in the Chinese armour are visible to all and ready for the exploitation.

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  1. Your perspective is fresh and much-needed, @sandomina. Thanks for continuing to be on the watch for us!

  2. This winter in the arid heights of Ladakh on the Indo-Tibet border will be very crucial. At present, the situation looks the LAC is going the Siachen route. India will not let go off the heights occupied. There might be statements made that say Black Top or Reqin La do not lie or do lie on Indian or Chinese side of the LAC. But Google Earth makes it clear. Reqin La is characterised with Chinese markings. The statements made are just to confuse and hide what the armed forces are upto.

    With the countdown for the US Presidential Election, the last weeks of October are crucial in the South China Sea and Indo-Tibet. But I do not see Xi Jinping giving up power or being ousted despite an invasion or failed invasion of Taiwan. He is pretty much entrenched as of now. It might take a decade or two after such a move.

    1. Thank you so much, Hardik, for your perspective. The threat is not only on the Indo-Tibet border but Arunachal Pradesh is equally vulnerable. The army is not obliged to divulge details. They are professionals doing their job.
      Aksai Chin belongs to India so which hill is occupied by who is irrelevant. India hasn’t at any time given this impression to anyone that Aksai Chin is part of Tibet, and LAC has become LOC.
      Xi is there for how long, no one can say that for sure. Sometimes things deteriorate at a fast pace that no one expects. Geopolitics is an ever-changing vista.

    1. Thank you so much, Karmi.

      Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum would be highly appreciated.

  3. “This indicates that greed has lost its primacy.” Would that not be something …
    COVID-19 could well be another artificial distraction to keep countries in “self chosen” isolation and hinder en effective cooperation. A new lockdown is under discussion in Europe, pure madness.
    And I actually just read that the USA has co-financed the Corona virus research at the Wuhan lab.

    1. Please do not believe in Chinese propaganda. They got a big backlash from various quarters, therefore, they have resorted to stupid tactics of fake news. They have named every possible country but for themselves, as the originators of the pandemic.

      1. Co-funding the research is not the same as being responsible for the pandemic. The news seemed to have leaked from the US. It was also said that the Chinese would not let Americans into the lab and investigate what happened.

      2. Labs around the world are making dual-use of labs, that is correct. In the name of research, countries are flouting rules, I know that fact.

    2. Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum would be highly appreciated.

  4. Ah, this is it – an invasive article into the psychology behind invasion, that I’ve been recently pondering upon, about the infamous histories of territorial expansions.

    Yes. “To catch a fish, stir up the waters,” – but not in international waters of present context, as fish could better analogize populace than nations because borrowing the dialogue of Lee, like fish, “boards dont hit back”.

    The fourth aspect is well thought, iterating a common mistake of over-ambitious nature. Such nature often forgets – “the effectivity of a command lies in its execution.”

    Lastly, it is tempting for a national dictator to walk on the path of an international offender.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum would be highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much, Shreya.
      Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum would be highly appreciated.

  5. Problematic to examining countries and nations as singularities is the incestuous relationship between business and politics. (And in specific regions, religion.) It becomes increasingly difficult to divide and examine international business, the greedy wealthy who only use politics and nationalism as ways to increase wealth and bilk the ignorant, and the concept of a country being the political message it carries. I am suspecting that among the dynamics the most important one will be the greed stricken individuals who’s only desire is to manipulate whatever system they can, including individuals in any government assessable, in the search for more wealth. I believe that is the baseline for any intervention that any government has initiated since WW11. Unless it was purely about survival.
    I enjoy this blog. Thank you for the amount of work you are doing.

    1. Thank you so much, Bryan.
      You have pointed out some very valid points and highly appreciate them.
      Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum website would be highly appreciated.

  6. This info is fascinating and frightening! Admit I will need to read your post several times to digest even a part of the full message. Terms like “Paz Sinica” are new to me but sooooo interesting. Thanks once again for this enlightening information.

    1. Thank you so much, Suem.
      You have pointed out some very valid points and highly appreciate them.
      Chanakya Forum is India’s leading Think-Tank organization, connected with India’s highest security apparatus. Your valuable comments on the forum website would be highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much, ST, for stopping. Till the time Taiwan is existing as an independent nation, China is fully engaged there, and can’t spare enough platforms for Malacca, Hormuz, IOR, and Taiwan Strait together.

  7. A clear articulation of China’s fault lines makes it very easy to comprehend the big geopolitical game being played out. Congratulations! on summarising it so beautifully. China is very proactive and aggressively shaping a positive world opinion for itself through its dealings with compromised media across the globe. Our focus must stay on our national interests and ways of mitigating the Chinese malafide interests. Looking forward to more posts from you………..

    1. Truly, Cherie. Xi has and his cronies have crossed all the limits. Recently I came to know that China was behind the BLM moment in the US, and pumped in millions of dollars. Similarly, they were after a minority agitation and rioting in India.

      1. Wow! I found out about that last week! And I’d actually suspected that for a while. They’re using the Divide and Conquer strategy. It’s so much easier to take over a country when you can keep them fighting amongst themselves. China is so disgusting.

      2. They are shamelessly diverting the attention of people from China’s shortcomings and atrocities in HK, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia.

      3. I know. And it’s sad. It totally amazes me how many people haven’t wised up to the CCP and that goes for people of my own country as well. It’s embarrassing how easily led astray some people are.

      4. That is so true, Cherie. Even in India, the Communist Party has always taken a pro-China stand, and we haven’t been able to take any action against them in the name of free speech.

      5. I understand completely. In the US, we run the risk of being ostracized and canceled. But that’s only a MINOR thing right now and is why we must keep speaking out. If you think ostracization and cancellation is bad, just imagine what would happen if they ever take power!

      6. That is so true. We have to keep taking a stand, whatever may be the result.
        How is the Trump campaign going on?
        I hope he is back…

      7. It’s going quite well, actually. Through the mainstream media is trying their hardest to dumb everything down or silence it, we have social media commentators, and a few news sources that actually do tell the truth.

      8. That’s true. What we see, sitting here in India, is disheartening. The smear campaign and fake narrative have become the order of the day. Unfortunately, American corporate is part of it. I fail to understand, why?

      9. I can tell you why, Sandomina. It’s GREED! Many of these corporations have pretty much sold their souls to the devil in the name of bigger profits. Many of our corporations have left the US and set up shop in China for the cheaper labor and sadly, they don’t want to give up those benefits. By doing this, they’re playing right into China’s hands. Now, we all know that China has been trying to infiltrate and take over the US and it’s all because Trump blew the whistle on that. By refusing to stay silent about their greed and exposing China for the scumbags they are, Trump threw a huge monkey wrench into the geers of this corporate greed and treason. Now the corporations who are involved in these evil dealings are pushing back. Their money pot is being threatened so they’re going to do all they can to salvage it and if it means throwing shade on the President and his progress, then they will do that.

      10. It is indeed making so much sense. The clamoring down and attacks on Trump from all possible angles. How does that matter to corporates who run the country? They love their cash flow. In their greed, most companies like Motorola, Nokia, Segway, etc had to eventually sell their business to China. Because China is the master of deception. They copy, replicate, and then eventually replace.

      11. They sure do. They are disgusting! And I just heard on the news that a judge has issued a stop on the ban of TikTok! That’s also disgusting. But you know what? Trump will get around that somehow, some way, because he’s not a stupid man. Not by a loooong shot!

      12. China is making use of democracy in the free world to its advantage. They don’t allow FB, Google, Twitter to grow in their own country. They have a maximum number of fake windows OS in their country.
        I am also hopeful. He is the right person to deal with China.

      13. We will continue to expose China and I will be helping with this. People need to wake up and we need to shake them awake if need be. Thank you for doing your part to wake up the world! You don’t know how much your work is appreciated!

      14. Thank you so much, Cherie. Highly appreciate it. Yes, people have finally started paying attention to my work. All because of blessings and good wishes from friends like you.

      15. You’re so welcome. I just believe people need to wise up to China and to the people that enable them. It’s the enablers who are the most dangerous. They turn a blind eye to the obvious. So it’s the private citizens who must take away their power by voting their asses OUT!

      16. So correct. It has to be a multipronged approach. Bring in the leaders who think of the nation and humanity first. Boycott pure Chinese products, made in China, by Chinese companies. They earn money from you and me to use it again our soldiers and national security.

  8. As usual great research, a fresh perspective and strategic thinking Sandomina….India has so far handled the situation very well….both diplomatically and militarily….

  9. Sandeep, it is very interesting to read about the faultlines of China and also about probable reactions from the rest of the world. In depth analysis on the faultlines indicates your thorough research and dedicated efforts. I am sure that the power in the home ground may take note of this focused research and your contribution. Best wishes and warm regards.

    1. Thank you so much, Ramki, for stopping by and sharing your experience.
      The list of fault lines was longer than this, but due to the length of the article, I restricted it to these many areas.

  10. I am sure after, reading this article, the Chinese must be scrambling to fix these fault lines. Jokes apart, another masterpiece from your stable.

  11. I have been following your articles very regularly and at the outset I would like to compliment you for your balanced views and very well researched and articulately written pieces. It is a pleasure to read them. The reason why I chose to comment on this particular piece is because in the series of three articles that had been earlier written by you on ” Who Will Tame China, Part I, II and III, you had concluded by saying that not one country is capable of doing so alone. The US and Russia were ruled out for reasons that you yourself have amplified. You also stated that it has to be a conglomeration of like minded countries which would be required to bell the cat. The prediction made in September 2018 seems to have come true in view of the steps that are now being initiated by the ” Quad “. At that point of time, nobody had even thought of Covid 19 and the Wuhan virus as some people allude to it now. With the world opinion so strongly against China at this point of time, would you like to share your line of thought as to what would be the future of China in the years to come and do you think that it is time for them to be held accountable for the pandemic unleashed. If so, what do you think should be expected.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is a very tough call. Though countries are coming together, however, it is not a synergized group. The Quad is very slow in its uptake and the EU is in limbo. Australia is the only rising star that has taken China head-on. China is very smart, it knows the pulse and the threshold of the countries. It always keeps its aggression and rhetoric below that level.
      So if China doesn’t invade Taiwan, there would not be any change in the world order. However, if they cross the Rubicon, we will see the military side of Quad+. Xi Jinping is desperate for some reason. So that could be the weakest link in the Chinese chain. In his desperation, if he forgets Deng Xiaoping’s golden words, feels the pebbles while crossing the river, then China is going to see very tough days ahead.

  12. I can’t stop thinking that while such International dangers escalate now, our President runs around the country looking to surround himself with at his rallies with Covid vulnerable followers. Who’s running our country now?

  13. Sometimes I feel that with the degree of corruption in our supposedly ‘democratic’ nations, there isn’t really too much difference between democracy and dictatorship. But I know there is. One of the cleverest things about liberal democracy is to give the *illusion* of social power. People can complain, even swear. But does it make any difference overall?

    Perhaps in my middling years I’ve become cynical. I used to believe in democracy… I guess I still do. But with the reality of transnational organized crime (and its very real threats of violence), the world is beginning to look far more gray than black and white.

    True, we have legal ideals which we can uphold in court in our pursuit of justice. If we can afford it… and the judge is not bought out. 🙂

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