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This is a regular working day in New York City, U.S.A. The lines outside the ATMs and Bank tellers are getting serpentine, and people are losing their patience, the banking servers have crashed. In a short while stock market servers crash, and airlines  & train bookings are not accessible. Almost every online economic activity has ceased to exist, and it is happening across the country. In a short while, mobile services stop, emergency response system 911 crashes, and water supply to the American population stops. Then came the worst news, the power grids have crashed. The whole of America is a dark patch on the mother Earth, incommunicado; inaccessible, spiraling down the labyrinth. The United States is under attack, and the attackers are invisible.

The scenario is very scary and is not from any Sci-Fi movie. It could be a very much plausible war in the near future, happening in any city, in any country, across the globe. Are we, knowingly or unknowingly moving towards the last phases of World War III.


To put mighty America off-balance, China would once again draw heavily from its ancient wisdom. “Steal the Firewood from under the Pot”(Take out the leading argument or asset of your target, denying your enemy the resources needed to oppose you).


On 12 March this year, Song Zhiping, former party committee secretary stated, “China will turn crisis into opportunity. It will transform, upgrade, and strengthen its position in the international industry chain”. Beijing Administrative Review Committee put it this way: “With the globalization of the epidemic and the general frustration of the global economy, China’s drive for anti-epidemic manufacturing, including masks, medical devices, and technology systems can become new growth points for China’s foreign exports, thus providing strong support for China’s soft and hard power. The U.S. economy meanwhile will decline”.

Taking advantage of the pandemic, has China declared all-out chaos in the western hemisphere? Is China mixing and utilizing chaos, and subjugation theories together, or these are just Chinese mind games?  This unique combination of chaos and subjugation can be analyzed under the prism of Chinese psychological warfare steps:

  • Discredit the enemy leadership.
  • Isolate the enemy country in the international community.
  • Make the enemy’s strength it’s weakness.
  • Make own weakness into a strength.
  • Combine many war-making styles together.
  • Continuously weaken the enemy’s war-making capability.
  • Spread chaos and emerge as savior.


A2/AD is a standard concept in a conventional war. It is an attempt to deny an adversary’s freedom of movement on the battlefield. China would take this concept to a different domain. This would cause the opponent to abandon a fight by altering his thinking, emotions, and persuading him that resistance is futile.

China identified two core strengths of the U.S., technological prowess and economic might, that were to be destroyed. China knows, to achieve this goal they should own the world’s data(military and civil), the network, and deny the same to the adversaries(refer my article China’s Information Warfare). The core thrust areas identified to achieve these objectives are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 5 G Technology
  • Quantum Computers
  • Networking devices and equipment(China is a producer of 75% of mobiles and 90% of PCs of the world).


Dominance in the 5G(100 times faster than 4G) sphere gives China a chance, to route the data via homeland. China’s Huawei is the world’s largest and cheapest telecom equipment company. Chinese subsidies to the tune of $75 billion are undercutting Huawei’s European and South Korean competitors. However, It is getting resistance, the world over, due to espionage fears. To counter this fear China is making use of the best tool of communism, intimidation. China has threatened to scuttle a trade deal with Denmark and, retaliation against the German auto industry. Surprisingly the tactics are working, the UK, and Germany have gone against it’s NATO partner, the U.S.A., and have agreed to allow a partial entry for Huawei.



In 2015, Amazon Prime Video found a tiny microchip that wasn’t part of the original board design of their servers. Servers were supplies by Elemental Technology, and the motherboards by Super Micro Computer Inc. The technology had been used for Olympic Games, International Space Station, CIA drones, Defense data centers, and the U.S. Naval warships. Amazon reported the discovery to U.S. authorities, sending a shudder through the intelligence community. Super Micro’s motherboards were in use all over America. Chinese spies had infiltrated Super Micro and checkmated America. The Americans had no clue, how much data had fallen in the Chinese hands. 



Picture: Courtesy Bloomberg

Internet is the best tool for hacking and stealing data. The Chinese hackers have capabilities to disable the DNS(internet) services, in the world. They can also disrupt power grids, cut the water supply, disable railways, or blow up factories. But the most dangerous aspect is that they can make mighty American fighter jets, F15 and F35($100 million apiece) useless, without firing a shot. Hackers can hack into the fighter jet’s systems, and collect reams of data from video cameras and sensors while the jets are in flight. They can also shorten the range of missiles and other weapon systems.

Gathering data is a relatively easy task for China, but that plethora of data is of no use if one cannot extract useful information and make use of that information. To do that China is heavily investing in AI and Quantum Computer technology.


The conventional wisdom and systems are fragile and represent the World War II-era mentality. Quantum Computer is one path-breaking idea that has shaken all conventional ideas. The current 53-qubit quantum processor(Sycamore) needs only 200 seconds to complete a problem that would have required 10,000 years on a supercomputer. Those are mind-boggling speeds and match the Chinese requirements. China is a leader in this domain and would love to dominate the rest of the world. Quantum computers would make current encryption and password systems useless. Quantum Technology, would help in detecting the stealth planes, ships(Stealth Radar), and submarines(Quantum Magnetometer). However, the same technology would provide unique quantum stealth, jamming free positioning(QPS); and communication to own forces. China has the world’s first quantum lab and quantum science satellite, capable of sending quantum-encrypted messages.


Google Sycamore: Courtesy Google

Once China harnesses such God-like powers, it would assign a ‘Social Credit Score’ to every human being existing on this planet. That exercise has already been completed in their own country, and it would be the rest of the world’s turn. China would be able to track each and every individual with impunity. It would watch you from the CCTV outside your home, a satellite passing over you would keep a watch on all your movements, keep a check on your credit status, your eating and shopping habits. The most important aspect would be knowing your political views, so that dosage of fake narrative can be decided. Welcome to the Orwellian world of China. Watch this video to understand it better:

Chinese Way of life: Coming Soon in Your County 

China owns anti-satellite laser weapons, which can permanently blind spy satellites and stops them from gathering information. Chinese hackers can shut down satellites, denying access to their services, jam, or spoof the signals from satellites, creating chaos for vital infrastructures like electric grids, water networks, and transportation systems. Hackers can change the satellite’s orbits and crash them into other satellites. Hackers could also hack the satellites before their launch, and place artificially intelligent software routines (logic bombs) inside spacecraft control systems. These could be activated when a certain signal is received or an onboard condition is met. A similar kind of logic bomb could have been involved in the crash of India’s ‘Chandrayaan’, while it was landing on the dark side of the moon’s surface. 

Are Satellites Hackable – Courtesy YouTube 


Six years ago China’s Commerce Ministry on its official website had this flashing: “RMB will replace USD in the next 15 years”. The U.S. and the rest of the west laughed at it. In 2019, 90% of international transactions and 60% of all foreign reserves in the world were in U.S. dollars. But the midst of pandemic China has sounded the bugle of Subjugation. After years of wait, China’s government released a timeline for rolling out its new digital currency. Experts cite that China’s digital currency bypasses the SWIFT, which keeps track of all the transactions. This would achieve two goals, firstly it would attempt to replace the dollar as a universal currency, secondly in the subjugation phase, the asymmetric war would be fought by militias, and their payments would not be traceable. However, rolling out the digital currency could be the implementation of another Chinese principal, ‘Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake’(Do something without aim, but make it so spectacular as to provoke a response of the enemy, thereby giving away his plans or position), since after the pandemic China is not sure, what western powers are planning.

The world is satisfied with China and is questioning the conspiracy theorists. Their question is ‘Why would China rock the boat?’. Frankly speaking, the world, and especially the western world doesn’t understand China and their line of thinking. China does longterm planning and with clearly defined goals. The present goals are based on principles of ‘Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree’(Sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain the long-term goal) and ‘Injure yourself to gain the Enemy’s trust’(Lull the enemy into lowering his guard since he no longer considers you to be an immediate threat).

The present pandemic lowers the Chinese growth rate to 1.2% followed by 8% next year. However, all the western economies would be in recession, and by the time they would plan to recover China would use another arrow from its quiver.



Chinese technology, currency, economy, and fake narrative would rule the world. The world leaders opposing the Chinese writ would be removed, mostly by turning their people against them(e.g. Nepal, not certain about N Korea though). People of a certain age and above, world over could be dying due to a virus from human-monkey chimera developed in a secretive Chinese lab. The human-machine hybrid militia would roam the cities with impunity. A two million strong hackers team using AI and quantum computers would control every aspect of life, across the globe. Hydrogen-Boron Fusion(HB11) would end China’s energy dependence on the Middle East, and plunge ME into a never ending civil war. Under the guise of regular military exercises, China would catch Taiwan off guard, and unify it with the mainland. However, the Quad fleets, stuck in their World War II mindset would be patrolling the high seas looking for unknown enemies, in the regular places. The difference between the people, who know and who don’t  would be worst than the dark ages.

The time is now or never, else Chinese dream of being sole Superpower by the year 2049 could fast forward to 2030, and all the Winston Smiths of the world would be learning Mandarin in their respective ‘Confucius Institutes’.



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    1. Thank you so much, Vikrant, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You are indeed correct, however, one has to take a lead, else…

      1. I don’t know why I can’t comment directly to the blog. Very interesting article. But few comments, quantum computers would take several years to become a reality. True that with quantum computing the encryption algorithms would become outdated but we already have blockchain and hyperledgers. These are more transactional but what if- this technology is used for security? It would be impossible to hack it.
        I think it’s not just China but the US too that’s the culprit. Our world would be heaven without the greed of China and US. US has debt, lots of it. In a lot of ways, dollar has lost its value. US treasury bonds are no longer a benchmark of economic measure. What’s next? The US senate has already passed a Cybercurrency act this April. The COVID-19 stimulus money is being accounted in “digital hyperledger” per the act. In a way, It’s in the best interest of US to bring down the dollar and float a brand new cyber currency potentially writing off all its debt. The pandemic has opened opportunities for US. Loss for China. India will Be the silent benefactor. The world has realized how important it is to be self reliant and more important not to rely on China. What disturbs me is the lurking famine and China is buying food directly from American farmers!

      2. Thank you so much, Kelly, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience(both the articles have been highly appreciated across the globe with over 300000 views in 12 days).
        Frankly, I had over 20000 words which I had to compress into less than 4000 words and divide into two parts since most of the people lose interest after 1000 words( do read the first part Therefore it was humanly not possible to touch upon many aspects, what you have just brought out.
        You are absolutely correct in pointing out that the United States and many other countries are also indulging in similar activities. However, there is a major difference, between China and other countries. The checks and balances. The Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Militaries cannot take unilateral decisions. And even if they take any illegal steps, they would be hauled up by various inquiries and commissions. There is no difference between government-run vs privately held businesses in China. They are one and the same. That is how so much of IP theft has taken place within China. The owner or the promoter can be removed anytime, unceremoniously if he/becomes too powerful or doesn’t toe the government line.
        The pandemic has exposed may fault lines our current system has. No system is perfect and such global issues give us opportunities to tweak with these fault lines.
        I am planning to write about how to deal with the current issues, and how to deal with China. It is a mammoth task, so I sincerely hope that I am able to justice. Warm regards.

    2. Hi Sandy, Brilliant article! Bit scary though to know that China will let loose many more devious things to rule the world! Is this Kalyug! Hope Dharma prevails !

      Hacking satellites is an issue India needs to master to prevent another disaster. Hope we develop our own 5 G.

      Thanks for sharing. Hope you come up with a Best Selling Book soon!

      1. Thank you so much for stopping and sharing your thoughts. I shall come up with a follow-up, and hopefully, try to answer some of the concerns.
        The book would be a distant dream though.😄 Humbled though…

  1. It is a very scary and dire picture you paint.

    But the thing about how China would assign Social Credit Scores to every individual is the scariest. The show Persons of Interest shows how governments and rogue organisations can harness data using machines and determine if a person is a threat and eliminate them. In the future you paint, there seem to be a lot of assassinations across the world.

    1. Thank you so much, Hardik, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The picture I have painted is over 50% already achievable and balance 50% is work in progress. So there is nothing that is fictional. So indeed, the picture is scary.

      1. very scary…and to see what’s going on world wide right now. It hurts to think about it, but it doesn’t do any good to bury your head in the sand. So to speak. I think, I hope, that people are starting to wake up. It’s going to be a long, hard fight, it does seem, and some people/countries will really hurt but I think China will be defeated.

      2. I sincerely wish that the Quad(The U.S., India, Japan, and Australia) becomes effective and take charge. That is the only way out. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      3. The U.S. is starting, I think. We may not know what’s going on behind the scenes, but I believe Pres, Trump is working to do what’s right.

      4. I just hope so. In the last four years, nothing concrete has taken place, as far as the Quad is concerned.

      5. The Quad is still taking shape and with India trying to maintain its geopolitical neutrality will dilly dally. That is a hurdle the Quad will have to cross.

      6. I know there are hurdles, but this is not the time to go slow. Speed is the essence of this supremacy, and any dillydallying would be a costly mistake.

      1. Thank you so much, Ishaan. I was interviewed by a writer/publisher from Mumbai, and they informed me that my last three articles are being appreciated internationally. The articles have crossed 340000 views in less than 25 days.

    1. The way things are progressing, the future indeed looks bleak. Thank you so much, Zeeshan, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      1. Thank you so much, Zeeshan, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much, Priyanka, for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint. It really gives jitters sometimes, to think of the future.

    2. The world is only buying what it needs & hence the global economy is likely to enter a recession.
      Now read that statement again & ponder over how
      absurd it appears. It would be funny, if it weren’t true!

      From packaged food to takeaways, from Mercedes Benz to Mont Blanc & from Rolex to Berkin bags, no one
      really needs any of those. Yet, economies rely on advertisement induced demand to make you pay for what
      you do not need & sell you a loan to buy it which you then work your life to pay down.

      Producing those goods pollutes the environment &
      purchasing them adds to household debt & stress but it’s good for the economy.

      Growth happens when people buy things they do not need with the money they do not have. Sick society – the American way.

      1. Thank you so much, Rissala, for stopping by and sharing your experience. I agree with you cent percent. So this is going to be kind of a reset. The world was running a mad race, without knowing why.

  2. Looks like freedom and democracy are going to be the bane of the modern world. The days of the entrepreneur might be numbered. The collective might of a fascist govt will decide which direction we go. Very interesting.

    1. The Orwellian World is descending upon us, it is just a matter of time. If we don’t wake up and act now, that day is not far away when we would be living in the world, I have painted.

    2. The world that we shall live in, after all this is over, would either be a much better and sane one than what we had in 2019, or we are heading for Terra dystopia with full speed of our technological and scientific progress . The need of this hour is to awaken the spirit of compassion and a sense of satisfaction, specifically among the rich and the elite. They are the ones who need the spiritual evolution the most because they are the ones who decide the destiny of all the mortals on this planet. If they fall below the level of human dignity and character, then all are doomed. They need to come out of their ‘God-complex‘ and live a fuller life of inclusiveness rather than a constipated existence of the confinement i.e. –me and mine.

  3. Well researched. This is what may happen in future, IFF we do not act now. It’s now or never. GREED and POWER are such things in life that will ruin everything on this earth. Whatever may happen, this earth has ways and means to block the bad from happening and HEAL itself. Healing has started, so one should not worry things will change and that too very soo. Table will turn fir the benefit of MANKIND. I loved reading in one flow. Keep the show……..

    1. Thank you so much, Sanjay, for stopping and sharing your viewpoint. I am very hopeful that things would look up, and sanity would prevail. But, the action has to be initiated today.

    2. There is hope if we act sooner than later. Enough alternatives exist if we act without selfishness and for common good. Good has prevailed over the bad since time immemorial.

      1. It is now or never situation. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Absolutely brilliant analysis…. You have such a lucid style of writing that it is such easy reading…. Very educative…. The world is indeed changing very fast…

    1. Thank you so much, Shobhit, for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint. I am glad that you liked it.

  5. Scary and tough times ahead! I hope the rest of the world would unite and counter this war and find solutions. Very well articulated write-up, I loved reading it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you liked it.

    1. The world is only buying what it needs & hence the global economy is likely to enter a recession.
      Now read that statement again & ponder over how
      absurd it appears. It would be funny, if it weren’t true!

      From packaged food to takeaways, from Mercedes Benz to Mont Blanc & from Rolex to Berkin bags, no one
      really needs any of those. Yet, economies rely on advertisement induced demand to make you pay for what
      you do not need & sell you a loan to buy it which you then work your life to pay down.

      Producing those goods pollutes the environment &
      purchasing them adds to household debt & stress but it’s good for the economy.

      Growth happens when people buy things they do not need with the money they do not have. Sick society – the American way.

      1. Good morning Rissala Polo,
        many thanks for your comment, with which I completely agree. I, however, ask myself, what would the people do, if they all lost their jobs because of our inteligent behaviour? Of course, we could abolish all the machines, but that is probably not a good idea either!
        I wish you a very good day and best regards Martina, who doesn’t appreciate the American way:)

      2. I will certainly read it! It would certainly a pleasure for me, if you ever found an article on my blog that would be of any interest to you!:)
        Many thanks, however, for your work and best regards

      3. To read your report and readers comments on China was really very interesting and a pleasure. Thank you!:)
        My thoughts:
        The Western companies transfered their production industry to Asia/China, not to help them, but to earn more money and they have as a consequence, as far as I understand, become dependent on these countries. I think we have seen this in this period of Covid-19. You also say that China is not a dependable partner. If this is true, it may be that they have never forgotten how the Europeans/English have treated them for example in the Opium wars. China is, of course a highly complex and interesting country managed by shrewd politicians.
        I allow myself to add one of the articles I have written in connection with China.
        All the best Martina

      4. Thank you so much, Martina, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I shall read that article and get back to you.

  6. The enemy is at the gates and the watch keepers are napping. Once the dragon blows fire people will start digging wells .
    Well researched and presented.

    1. Thank you so much, Ashit, for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint. I am glad that you liked it.

  7. Utterly terrifying. Equally so, that the rise of 5G, or G, in general, is coincident with the collapse of insect and other species. Definitely not saying, one is cause of the other. Rather, we don’t know. Utterly terrifying then, that we cannot lay idle as China out-5G’s us. As usual, your articles are eye-poppers.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping and sharing your experience. There is a lot of research going on, on the ill effects of 5G, but nothing concrete has been disclosed. People would be bought, money would change hands and all would be set. Time to act is now, else we better be ready for the promised Orwellian World.

      1. Thank-you. Read in astonishment. Time to de-luster her String of Pearls given the ill-will China has stirred in all those neighbors, indeed, in practically the whole of the rest of the world. I apprecuate the comprehensive, yet straightforward, presentaton.

  8. Well researched post. What we know about, we should do something about and not just sit back and think it’s going to get better.

  9. Yikes! This stuff is real!
    It doesn’t help that we have a poor leader, actually a non leader, here in US.
    You really have done great research here!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I highly appreciate your kind words.

  10. Thank you Sandeep for the persistent research you have been devoting to enable everyone to read the writing on the wall: So very legible & clear. The warning is out & loud as ever and we must not remain inactive to be on the receiving end yet again and instead act to combat the menace on merit.Lets think hard with complete conviction to reach the conclusion in order to construct a strategy incorporating with like minded souls.All the best, comrades.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. There is always hope, but if only world leaders take responsibility and rise to the occasion. I hope to present a way forward in the coming days.

  11. I think it will be a hard time for India ahead. Pakistan is already turning into a Chinese vassal state; with Islam serving the Mandarin speaking masters. The hybrid war on India is working out quite successfully for the Chinese and if the Indians still do not wake up and smell the pungent coffee brewing all across its border and inside, it would be a no hope situation by 2025. The problem of Indians, according to my understanding, is that we always looked up to the west for all the big initiatives. Our understanding of China comes from the western books about China. We, DO NOT KNOW THE DRAGON living in our immediate neighborhood.

    1. You are bang on, on Indians not understanding China. However, even westerners do not understand China that well, or they see them through their own prism. We have to study Chinese people and develop our assessment. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    2. For last 4/5 years I was telling all my contacts that the foremost business in coming years will be only and only Agriculture, Water, Wellness and Healthcare and in this also the front leaders will be those who will incorporate disruptive technologies like AI, ML, DL, IoT, Quantam, Nano Technology, Carbon Technology, etc..

  12. This is a brilliantly analysed and researched article which is convincing in all aspects of the reality that China could fast forward its ambition of being a World leader by 2030, post the pandemic unleashed by them at Wuhan.

    1. Thank you so much, Neeraj, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed a clear and present danger.

  13. “China will turn crisis into opportunity. It will transform, upgrade, and strengthen its position in the international industry chain”.

    A high ranking official, now mayor of the city of Chicago once said something similar, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Maybe he learned it from the ChiComs?

    Brilliant post, sandomina. Could you please share it with us on Unleashed?

    1. Thank you so much, ST. Always a pleasure to have you over, and reviewed. I shall put it on Unleashed today ✌️

  14. If this is the scenario, then sure enough, only one country would be ruling the roost. The way the Coronavirus is changing its tack, the adverse affects, the death and destruction it is causing around the world is not understood. Seemingly, the country who is holding the key of virus and all other controlling firsts you have very clearly mentioned are not good signs for the world at large. If all the control is effected from one country, then, we are in for dangerous things.

    With the dangerous portents developing, only God can save our planet from ill-effects. One thing is sure, everything would not be the same after we get rid of Covidd-19 pandemic.

    I shudder to think the future which holds our next generation with the scenario developing.

    Thanks for your in-depth research.

    With regards


    1. Thank you so much, Harbans, for your insight and kind words. Yes, the future is scary and if we do not act today, we would not be in any position to control it in the future. All is not lost, and I shall come out with a solution for the issue in hand.

      1. Fact stands out that today is the time to safeguard our interests in the prevailing utter confusion and chaos. This can happen only if we remain united as a unit and not act as ‘enemy within’.

        I would be waiting eagerly for your next post.

      2. Thank you so much, Harbans. You just said what is there in my mind. India and the rest of the world should come together and take the appropriate action. I have something very extraordinary to write about. I hope I live up to the expectations. Regards.

    2. If Indian Sikhs have to feed these so called most powerful nation on earth- USA, one can easily visualise the tendency to thrive on, “UDHARI, ” Always in debt.
      Such a mentality leads to doom of any & every society.
      I remember my elders saying, “मैं भला चंगा हूँ, मुझ पर कोई कर्ज़ नहीं है ” When I asked them as to how they were. Salutes!!! What a wisdom, what freedom.
      Can any of the Yanks ever say such a thing?
      The answer is a big NO. They live from day to day. No savings for a rainy day. All on credit cards & Under huge debts. ” Chadar se bahar paar”. India is blessed, we have been clearly saved thanks only to the villages & our farmers & ofcourse the warriors. Our villagers lead healthy, zero wastage low carbon footprint lives. Now we must support them by reducing the deadly water & air pollution of the cities by shifting to clean energies & supporting the local produce. Least we can do. Jai Hanuman!!!

      1. Every word of yours is suffusing with truth. Thanks for your commentary.

        In fact 70% of India lives in villages. I know the truth of our villages since I have lived in the village, got my education in the village school, got my first lesson about value system from my parents. My father was a WW 1 veteran and mother though without formal education had all the sagacity which the daily life experiences had bestowed her with which transformed me and my brothers (though they are no more now).

        Thanks for reminding about village life.

        JAI HANUMAN JI KI. May His wisdom and knowledge influence us.

        Warm regards


  15. Nice piece of research work….sounds scary…Yes, you are right…All that technology is available…but others will not keep quite till they are pushed to the wall. Serum India is the largest vaccine manufacturing company in the world with a capacity of 1 billion per year and off course other pharma industries will also pitch in at this moment of crisis….Probably rest of the world together will be much more stronger than China….when intentions become clear and authentic with proof…..currently most of the studies sounds fictional…..As someone said “ There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one.”….Positive hope with renewed opportunities is going to be the next mantra…Thanks Sir…Keep writing…Regards

    1. Thank you so much, Utpal, for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint. The world is divided and fragmented, China uses that condition to its own advantage. The issue is not just COVID19. China is progressing leaps and bounds in various other fields, with a very focused approach. Time is now or never.

    2. Every cloud has a silver lining!!!Lies have speed but the truth has Endurance!!!

      *Corporate Hospitals*

      Corporate hospitals face bankruptcy in India. They have invested millions in costly equipment, hired high salary experts, and gone in for huge infrastructure. This was being maintained by unnecessary tests, diagnoses, admissions, surgeries, and inflated bills around the clock. The lockdown has cut down on all that & footfall is near zero. These establishments are no longer in a position to pay installments & salaries. Earnings are a pittance. They have appealed to the government for a bailout. *As a result of the lockdown many unnecessary prescriptions, diagnostic tests, admissions, and surgeries did not happen. These hospitals loot with false medical claims & being in coniviance with TPAs has been halted. “Immunizations” did not happen. As a result real life emergencies have decreased drastically. * It is being discussed that both infant mortality & general mortality has reduced. *All should take note. * Ethical doctors are very happy & many want these establishments to shut down permanently. *But beware when the lockdown is lifted. They will try to make up by redoubling their efforts. Stay away. Visit government hospitals. Visit your local doctor. Visit ayurveds, homeopaths & naturopaths.* The current epidemic has signalled you MUST take care of your health to survive. Its all about your personal immunity & air, water fertilizer & noise pollution is a major culprit. All other options have closed. If you stay healthy you survive. Learn about body types, food, diet, nutrition, natural remedies, yoga, meditation & follow a routine. Increase your blood oxygen levels & alkalinity *Give up addictions. Give up health destroying habits. * Reduce fat. Make your body lean & eat natural organic food, Detoxify. Health & immunity have at last emerged the winners. Boost your immunity by doing Namaste & not shaking hands even after Corona leaves. Rissala Organics.

  16. Well written again Sandy. A scary and grim future stares at us. We need to wake up fast and act. I am still skeptical that no country has read China or its intend so far. Do compile all your articles on China into a book. That will be an interesting read.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. China uses the fragmented world to its advantage. You have very correctly said that the world doesn’t understand China. West sees China through its own prism, which is distorted. India looks at China as an old communist country. None of the approaches are correct and suitable to deal with China.

  17. Pretty scary! Perhaps it is time to create and launch real life 007 and Ethan Hunt(MI series) together to stop this long term and dangerous game.

    1. The Quad has to come together to deal with the situation, else we are looking at a bleak future.

    1. Thank you so much, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You are right, but what would we all do, when we wouldn’t even know that it is being routed through China.

  18. Very interesting read Sandy.
    It is a scary future and as alleged if the current pandemic is a milestone engineered to further the grand design then it does look plausible too.
    We can only hope that we are attributing more to China than what is due.

    1. Thank you so much, Ajay, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. I shall come out with a plausible solution to the issue in a while. I hope that would give some food for thought to the policymakers.

  19. Not sure if things will pan out as suggested, because the one thing about life is unpredictability . But the broader trends are very accurately captured in this piece and China’s ability to dispassionately pursue their goals has been evident for the last four decades

    The Age of Trump in fact is a sign of a weakened America turning on itself in quiet desperation

    1. Thank you so much, Ananda, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Idea was to showcase the Chinese designs. Everything, would surely not come true, but that doesn’t mean that we sit idle and wait for things to happen rather than taking effective actions. I shall write a way out soon.

  20. A Wake Up Call in my eyes, though I do believe nothing goes by the plan A, Plan B must be ready for launching at the same time. Why? Because Time is the wake up call itself. Now who will take the plunge and launch this Plan B first without wasting a time, is worthy of all.
    To save the humanity, humanity must have to save itself. It starts from within. It doesn’t obey boundaries of any social norms under the name or religion, race, country, etc. We all need each other for survival as this is a survival game but the mindset is “I will live by finishing all” instead of “Live and let live”
    Thnx for the insight of our very much coming future of “iRobot”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed a wake-up call, but a human being loves to play God from the time immemorial. Human-Machine hybrid has a great chance of going rogue and going against the master. Watch Jay Tuck’s AI video on YouTube. It’s an eye-opener.

  21. Interesting read. An eye-opener, your knowledge on the subject is remarkable. Thanks for this insightful article. About time you wrote a book. Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you so much, Puneet, for taking time off your busy schedule, and sharing your thoughts. I am glad that you liked it.

    1. ST, Quad is a group of four, the United States, India, Japan, and Australia. It was formulated under President Obama but there hasn’t been much progress, due to various reasons.

  22. When Chandrayaan lander crashed 2 km from lunar surface, my first suspicion was a signal intrusion by USA or China. You have now underlined this possibility. I always believed that China had a clear long-long- run plan that most countries were unable to fathom. Now it’s high time all major countries including USA and India work at breakneck speed protect the future of the world. I am also tempted to remember the Asimov fiction, foundation series. The mutant mule Asimov was portraying could turn out to be the Chinese. The ‘foundation’ should start working immediately, without waiting for the mule to appear.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. Postmortem of Chandrayaan 2 crash must be hidden somewhere in the annuls of ISRO, which we would never know. The fate of Chandrayaan makes me fearful of future missions. The rise of ISRO has been an eyesore for many.
      Asimov’s Mule could be the biggest danger this humanity would face in times to come.

  23. China has focussed on disruptive and niche technologies to dislodge USA from the position of technological dominant leader of the world. All eyes have been on China of late, and there is concerted effort to somehow regress her march. We all need to be aware of China’s perceived intent, but also be aware that real geopolitics is played behind the scenes and the results appear much later. The rise of China cannot be assumed to be without hiccups and friction. China still has many undisclosed cards to surprise us. Your work is a good wake up call for citizens to study Chinese developments and be prepared for future uncertainties.

    1. Thank you so much, Atul, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. I hope to address these hiccups in my upcoming article, how to tackle China. Whatever one may say, we can hate China but we cannot ignore China. I am sure once the world gets a breather from COVID, the plans would be drawn. It is a now or never moment.

  24. We’re living in a world in which basic strategies have become obsolete. The global powers will be, if they are not already, playing three-dimensional chess.

    1. My fear is that we are heading for another dark age, where people who know, they know too much, and people who don’t know, would lead a slaves life, unknowingly. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    1. Ours is 7000 years and the oldest surviving civilization in the world. It has seen many incursions and colonization. But the issue is not just one country but the whole of humanity.

    1. I am also hoping like hell, that once the world gets a breather from COVID, something concrete is planned to get rid of the menace.

  25. A very interesting and scary thriller, Sandy. Your in-depth research and analyses clearly brings out inevitable future possibilities.

    I am sure, the Chinese too are taking note of your thoughts and perspectives expressed through your articles. Your next article on recommendations to world policy makers on ways and means to tackle China would be of great interest to them.

    China’s strength lies in their political system; which gives them great flexibility in making quick policy decisions and implement them secretly. They don’t believe in rhetoric giving away their intentions publicly, unlike other world powers. Hope that ‘Quad’ concept shapes up with inbuilt robust mechanism to prevent inter/intra-rivalry among countries.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Mohan, for stopping by and sharing your vast experience. You took words from my mouth, what I want to write next is a similar subject you mentioned. A mammoth task to be compressed within 1800-2000 words, but I shall give it a shot.
      We as a saner world have to realize this now that if we do not understand the enemy we are fighting against then we are groping in dark.

  26. Just excited to respond after reading it, you have put in great effort in writing it. Very easy to comprehend. Thank you for sharing.
    Now my concern, just like everyone here, at personal level what all we can do and how to initiate our steps towards safe future not just for us but for generations to come. I am optimistic, so I always say that this will come to an end but yes, collective efforts, will power and effective strategies are required by nations across the world. The thoughts must go into this globally.

    1. Always a pleasure to read your views, Sneha. Yes, it is imperative that the saner world gets above its greed and identifies the real villain. The Quad initiated by India and the United States is the only answer.

      1. For now, yes. Furthermore, India must get powerful enough to face any storm without external help. India, as always must collaborate with the world but not be dependent.

      2. Yes having an independent policy and economic might is very important. I hope India emerges on top of the situation. Warm regards.

    2. **PLEASE WATCH ASAP BEFORE IT IS TAKEN DOWN** These corrupt Policies by politicians for greed and to please industrialists, poisoned our air water & food. That in turn killed the bees, birds vultures, etc etc, demolished our natural body immune system. Its that simple. Rissala Organics has always highlighted thia for last 10 yrs. The public may be sheep for you & all this Covid19 drama is scare you create to ensure roll out of fraud fake *Vaccines* which are high on mercury & pharma companies cant be sued for results of vaccinations & *Digital currency* This is the game its chess being played and rest is all drama & All you educated scientists, Bill gates (Rockerfellow), Gates foundation, Clinton global, Anthony Fauchi, Pharma giants, Mosanatos, Bayers. Please stop killing people for ur greed. Bill Gates stands exposed and shall go down in history as the most greedy conniving man. Just to sell his pharma companies vaccine!!! Indian, African, healthy eating habits and thus strong immune systems exposed his ploy. They create the fear and then provide the solutions juat like the Balckmailers in Police and enforcement agencies. Create problem then try to help and make money. KARMA is a Bitch & when it comes for u it will be hell. Rissala Organics.

      1. Rissala, you have given your views on the United States but nothing about China. What do you think about China?

  27. The current scenario is so crazy and uncertain and the future seems to be very scary. We still can’t figure out how devastating things will be after Covid and this article gives me goosebumps.

    1. Thank you so much, Shivani, for stopping by and sharing your concerns and thoughts. There is only one option, act now. Do share this article with your groups to spread awareness. Regards.

  28. Had read a few articles mentioned in your references. Its a scary picture and there are so many theories out there.

    You have summed this all pretty well with greater detail to insights. 🙂

  29. Thank you for examining the digital currency angle, one I hadn’t really considered.

    The social media score gives a person a chill down their spine, doesn’t it? I remember watching that episode of Black Mirror and felt, deep down, this is where we were all heading.

    1. It is really scary. Once I was interacting with some Chinese origin people from Australia. They started justifying the Chinese system, by saying, so what it is harsh, it has brought so many people out of poverty. I just could not buy that idea. That’s like a bird in a golden cage or women in the Middle East should be thrilled with their opulence.
      I hope the Quad comes together in a meaningful manner.

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