Israeli Intel Failure Has Lessons For India & The World | इज़राइल की विफलता सिखाती है भारतीय एजेंसियों को

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Failure teaches much more than success. The Indian and other world agencies have a great deal to learn from Israel’s intelligence debacle. It has given Hamas & other militant groups a psychological win at a very low cost.

My latest analysis:

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  1. Indeed, lessons to learn. I ponder Israel’s intelligence failure and wonder wether it had more to do with politics. Wishful thinking politicians select and prioritize what they wish to act on. I remember a prominent US politician telling me that in any critical engagement there were two possibilities: Political success and intelligence failure. It is likely that if Israel had assumed a defense posture, Hamas would have rescheduled their attack and the politician would have been discredited as an alarmist.

  2. There’s a movie from the 1990s called The Patriots which examines the workings of the Mossad. Back then, as I recall, they were #1 spy/intelligence outfit in the world. Whereever you were, Mossad could find you and treat you as they wished.
    Obviously, that Mossad is long gone.

      1. And thank you, for providing viewpoints from the subcontinent. Not everything happens in Washington and Brussels – let alone Canberra!

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