Is Western Deep State Planning For Leadership Change In 2024 Indian Elections | क्या विदेशी शक्तियाँ करेंगी चुनावी हस्तक्षेप

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There are large numbers of military and technology-related pacts that have been signed between India and the US. However, there are very few instances where implementation has taken place. WHY?

Because the Western deep state wants everything as per their wish. Because India is not toeing their line. There are 3000 anti-India articles that were published in the last year alone. This propaganda against India would keep increasing. The deep state is gunning for a leadership change. Would that happen?

My Analysis:

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  1. They want India under a puppet leadership. The west likes to keep puppies that does its bidding. I wonder if you could write something about the regime change operation of the cold war era from Mossadeq onwards. How it ruined the countries and destroyed their standing as a nation. The west wants to oust Modi so that some Mango Man party chairman could takeover and do to India what `Thuddo Mian’ is doing to Canada.

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