How Trudeau Kills India-Canada Relations | ट्रूडो ने किया भारत-कनाडा रिश्ते का ख़ात्मा

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Sometimes lust for power and personal gains become bigger than the national interest. We have seen this phenomenon the world over. But, no one thought that a progressive society like Canada would go down the rabbit hole so fast.

My latest analysis of the India-Canada relationship:

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  1. “Lust for power is destroying” … usually those who say their ship has sailed are the same as those who claim this or that as settled science. Their successes seem to be accelerating. When will it be appropriate to write “Lust for power has destroyed” because only after the candy has been taken will the baby or sleepwalker fight.

  2. Mr. JustOUT Dodo is playing a very dangerous game for someone else. He knows his popularity is all time low and this “pink dictator” is on his way out. He is letting the terror organizations have a free run just to look strong at home. His father Pierre Trudeau was also doing the same brand of politics i.e., if it doesn’t hurt me its not my headache its yours. That mafia lover had people who would do dirty jobs for this family. The major question is that Hindus do not know how to build a political power in foreign nations. We have forgotten the power of collectivism and just like to think ourselves as white individualists and I am talking particularly about the educated lot here.

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