Xi Jinping Fails To Sabotage India’s G20 Show | Xi की भारत के G20 को नाकाम करने की कोशिश विफल

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Chinese President Xi Jinping refused to attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi. If he thinks that he is too important then he is sadly mistaken. If he thought that he was flopping the India show then also he has failed miserably.

I dig deeper into CCP & the Chinese mentality:

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  1. Honestly, not only in missing the G20 Summit, but in much of Xi’s juvenile behavior. This is playground stuff he should have left after primary school. He’s trying to steal other kids’ swings and push them off the merry-go-round. World leaders need to see this for what it is and stop running out to bring cookies to the spoiled child.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna, for your concern. Poverty is a big concern, but if you read the UN report, India has lifted a record 415 million people out of poverty in the last 15 years. The plunder of the world’s richest country in the last 1000 years can’t be erased in 75 years. India isn’t proud of this poverty, else we would have showcased it. Any big event has both opportunities as well as hardships. The Indian government would have spent millions on the preparation and all those daily wagers would have gotten extra work. The event was organized on a weekend when most construction work etc. halts, thus hardly affecting any daily wager. People were made aware of the big event well in advance and the small shopkeepers who got affected for those two days would have sold more stuff on the days before the event. The rise of India is inevitable and such events bring more business. Eventually, the benefits of those commercial activities trickle down to the poorest. So even if few people had to face some hardship for a few days, as claimed by the Guardian, they would reap the benefits for years.

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