Advantage India — Junk Chinese Weapons Exposed | भारत की चीन को चुनौती — कचरा शस्त्र का पर्दाफ़ाश

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Huge opportunity for India in the defence sector. I expose China & its junk weapons, that it supplies the poor nation and small economies.

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  1. Howdy Sandomina!

    One of the biggest problems China has, and by extension all of us have, is that it has not ever tested any of its soldiers, officer corps, or weapons systems in actual real sustained combat. In fact, no one has, except for the US and NATO. Russia to a limited degree.

    One of the things that we’re seeing in Ukraine is the superiority of Western weapons systems.

    China has to be looking for opportunities to test its military, i.e. looking for a war to fight. It is one of its chief motivators for supplying arms to Russia right now. Containing China is one of the West’s biggest most pressing problems. How it gets resolved will go a long way to determine how many of us survive climate change.


    1. Hmm… US yes NATO no. India fought the last war with Pakistan in 1999.
      As far as China is concerned, I recollect it fought its real last war, again with India in 1967, and China lost it. The Vietnam War was not a Chinese war, though China was once again a runner-up there.
      Today, the Chinese war-making machinery as well as soldiers are not war tested. Rather, I would say they have no idea what war is like.
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Howdy Sandomina!

    Nothing beats experience in combat, and the US has the most experienced military in the world right now. NATO participated in the Afghanistan War, just not to the degree that the American military did. There weapons systems have been tested under live fire in the field. Those things are important when considering the readiness of a military.

    China, specifically, has several problems that would make it more likely to start or get involved in a war. First, it has a glut of young men without eligible Chinese wives due to the one-child policy. Young men cause the most problems in any society. Shipping them off to fight a war is a good solution to that problem. And second, they are tested in the field. China has developed a lot of technology and weapons systems, but you don’t know how they’ll work until you’ve actually used them. They know they are behind in terms of technology and experience. They are wanting to catch up. They need to test their systems and their soldiers.

    While India hasn’t fought a war since 1999, it has been engaged in several live shooting incidents on both the Chinese and Pakistani borders as well as with terrorists. Again, experiences that the Chinese haven’t really had, except for their low-level conflicts with India on the border.

    Oh, they did fight a brief war with Viet Nam shortly after the American War ended there in the 1970’s.


    1. Hi, Jack. No doubt, every kind of experience counts. I am still skeptical about NATO minus the US capability. I would add that Afghanistan wasn’t a classic war per se. It was more of a guerrilla war against a rag-tag organization. No doubt America has the most experience in fighting distant wars.
      The Chinese soldiers or youth have six senior citizens depending upon them. No wonder over 35% of PLA soldiers have psychological issues. The Chinese youth is happier wielding an iPhone sitting in an air-conditioned office in front of a desktop.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint and experience.

  3. Junk Chinese weapons? The consumer’s preferred price determines its quality. You can’t buy a F16 with the same price for a car.

      1. Still, the buyer’s choice is purely a business matter. Should the seller push the buyer beyond his means?

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