भारतीय नौसेना- शक्ति भी सामर्थ्य भी | Indian Navy- Big Power Big Projects

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My latest video shows how the Indian Navy is pushing for projects to make India a great power. Watch | Share | Review:

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  1. I can only understand English, but that looks like an impressive build up.

    The world’s political alignment looks similar to that which existed prior to WWII, but the great powers involved dwarf those that existed in the 1930’s, and our arms are far more dangerous. Hopefully, the military buildup in India will force the Chinese Communist Party to restrain its military ambitions.

    1. We all hope so just contain, China. No one wants war and destruction in this region other than CCP & Xi Jinping.
      I hope to resolve the issue of subtitles. Google has not made it easy to auto-translate the spoken language.

  2. As usual this is yet another informative post on the Indian Navy & it’s crucial role in safeguarding the Indian Ocean from the evil designs of some of our neighbours!Thanks Sandeep bhai for the handy update! Keep up the noble cause🙏🏾 !Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  3. Even without captions, this looks quite positive. (I can be patient about captioning. 😉 ) Thanks, as always!

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