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This is a regular working day in New York City, U.S.A. The lines outside the ATMs and Bank tellers are getting serpentine, and people are losing their patience, the banking servers have crashed. In a short while stock market servers crash, and airlines  & train bookings are not accessible. Almost every online economic activity has ceased to exist, and it is happening across the country. In a short while, mobile services stop, emergency response system 911 crashes, and water supply to the American population stops. Then came the worst news, the power grids have crashed. The whole of America is a dark patch on the mother Earth, incommunicado; inaccessible, spiraling down the labyrinth. The United States is under attack, and the attackers are invisible.

The scenario is very scary and is not from any Sci-Fi movie. It could be a very much plausible war in the near future, happening in any city, in any country, across the globe. Are we, knowingly or unknowingly moving towards the last phases of World War III.


To put mighty America off-balance, China would once again draw heavily from its ancient wisdom. “Steal the Firewood from under the Pot”(Take out the leading argument or asset of your target, denying your enemy the resources needed to oppose you).


On 12 March this year, Song Zhiping, former party committee secretary stated, “China will turn crisis into opportunity. It will transform, upgrade, and strengthen its position in the international industry chain”. Beijing Administrative Review Committee put it this way: “With the globalization of the epidemic and the general frustration of the global economy, China’s drive for anti-epidemic manufacturing, including masks, medical devices, and technology systems can become new growth points for China’s foreign exports, thus providing strong support for China’s soft and hard power. The U.S. economy meanwhile will decline”.

Taking advantage of the pandemic, has China declared all-out chaos in the western hemisphere? Is China mixing and utilizing chaos, and subjugation theories together, or these are just Chinese mind games?  This unique combination of chaos and subjugation can be analyzed under the prism of Chinese psychological warfare steps:

  • Discredit the enemy leadership.
  • Isolate the enemy country in the international community.
  • Make the enemy’s strength it’s weakness.
  • Make own weakness into a strength.
  • Combine many war-making styles together.
  • Continuously weaken the enemy’s war-making capability.
  • Spread chaos and emerge as savior.


A2/AD is a standard concept in a conventional war. It is an attempt to deny an adversary’s freedom of movement on the battlefield. China would take this concept to a different domain. This would cause the opponent to abandon a fight by altering his thinking, emotions, and persuading him that resistance is futile.

China identified two core strengths of the U.S., technological prowess and economic might, that were to be destroyed. China knows, to achieve this goal they should own the world’s data(military and civil), the network, and deny the same to the adversaries(refer my article China’s Information Warfare). The core thrust areas identified to achieve these objectives are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 5 G Technology
  • Quantum Computers
  • Networking devices and equipment(China is a producer of 75% of mobiles and 90% of PCs of the world).


Dominance in the 5G(100 times faster than 4G) sphere gives China a chance, to route the data via homeland. China’s Huawei is the world’s largest and cheapest telecom equipment company. Chinese subsidies to the tune of $75 billion are undercutting Huawei’s European and South Korean competitors. However, It is getting resistance, the world over, due to espionage fears. To counter this fear China is making use of the best tool of communism, intimidation. China has threatened to scuttle a trade deal with Denmark and, retaliation against the German auto industry. Surprisingly the tactics are working, the UK, and Germany have gone against it’s NATO partner, the U.S.A., and have agreed to allow a partial entry for Huawei.



In 2015, Amazon Prime Video found a tiny microchip that wasn’t part of the original board design of their servers. Servers were supplies by Elemental Technology, and the motherboards by Super Micro Computer Inc. The technology had been used for Olympic Games, International Space Station, CIA drones, Defense data centers, and the U.S. Naval warships. Amazon reported the discovery to U.S. authorities, sending a shudder through the intelligence community. Super Micro’s motherboards were in use all over America. Chinese spies had infiltrated Super Micro and checkmated America. The Americans had no clue, how much data had fallen in the Chinese hands. 



Picture: Courtesy Bloomberg

Internet is the best tool for hacking and stealing data. The Chinese hackers have capabilities to disable the DNS(internet) services, in the world. They can also disrupt power grids, cut the water supply, disable railways, or blow up factories. But the most dangerous aspect is that they can make mighty American fighter jets, F15 and F35($100 million apiece) useless, without firing a shot. Hackers can hack into the fighter jet’s systems, and collect reams of data from video cameras and sensors while the jets are in flight. They can also shorten the range of missiles and other weapon systems.

Gathering data is a relatively easy task for China, but that plethora of data is of no use if one cannot extract useful information and make use of that information. To do that China is heavily investing in AI and Quantum Computer technology.


The conventional wisdom and systems are fragile and represent the World War II-era mentality. Quantum Computer is one path-breaking idea that has shaken all conventional ideas. The current 53-qubit quantum processor(Sycamore) needs only 200 seconds to complete a problem that would have required 10,000 years on a supercomputer. Those are mind-boggling speeds and match the Chinese requirements. China is a leader in this domain and would love to dominate the rest of the world. Quantum computers would make current encryption and password systems useless. Quantum Technology, would help in detecting the stealth planes, ships(Stealth Radar), and submarines(Quantum Magnetometer). However, the same technology would provide unique quantum stealth, jamming free positioning(QPS); and communication to own forces. China has the world’s first quantum lab and quantum science satellite, capable of sending quantum-encrypted messages.


Google Sycamore: Courtesy Google

Once China harnesses such God-like powers, it would assign a ‘Social Credit Score’ to every human being existing on this planet. That exercise has already been completed in their own country, and it would be the rest of the world’s turn. China would be able to track each and every individual with impunity. It would watch you from the CCTV outside your home, a satellite passing over you would keep a watch on all your movements, keep a check on your credit status, your eating and shopping habits. The most important aspect would be knowing your political views, so that dosage of fake narrative can be decided. Welcome to the Orwellian world of China. Watch this video to understand it better:

Chinese Way of life: Coming Soon in Your County 

China owns anti-satellite laser weapons, which can permanently blind spy satellites and stops them from gathering information. Chinese hackers can shut down satellites, denying access to their services, jam, or spoof the signals from satellites, creating chaos for vital infrastructures like electric grids, water networks, and transportation systems. Hackers can change the satellite’s orbits and crash them into other satellites. Hackers could also hack the satellites before their launch, and place artificially intelligent software routines (logic bombs) inside spacecraft control systems. These could be activated when a certain signal is received or an onboard condition is met. A similar kind of logic bomb could have been involved in the crash of India’s ‘Chandrayaan’, while it was landing on the dark side of the moon’s surface. 

Are Satellites Hackable – Courtesy YouTube 


Six years ago China’s Commerce Ministry on its official website had this flashing: “RMB will replace USD in the next 15 years”. The U.S. and the rest of the west laughed at it. In 2019, 90% of international transactions and 60% of all foreign reserves in the world were in U.S. dollars. But the midst of pandemic China has sounded the bugle of Subjugation. After years of wait, China’s government released a timeline for rolling out its new digital currency. Experts cite that China’s digital currency bypasses the SWIFT, which keeps track of all the transactions. This would achieve two goals, firstly it would attempt to replace the dollar as a universal currency, secondly in the subjugation phase, the asymmetric war would be fought by militias, and their payments would not be traceable. However, rolling out the digital currency could be the implementation of another Chinese principal, ‘Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake’(Do something without aim, but make it so spectacular as to provoke a response of the enemy, thereby giving away his plans or position), since after the pandemic China is not sure, what western powers are planning.

The world is satisfied with China and is questioning the conspiracy theorists. Their question is ‘Why would China rock the boat?’. Frankly speaking, the world, and especially the western world doesn’t understand China and their line of thinking. China does longterm planning and with clearly defined goals. The present goals are based on principles of ‘Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree’(Sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain the long-term goal) and ‘Injure yourself to gain the Enemy’s trust’(Lull the enemy into lowering his guard since he no longer considers you to be an immediate threat).

The present pandemic lowers the Chinese growth rate to 1.2% followed by 8% next year. However, all the western economies would be in recession, and by the time they would plan to recover China would use another arrow from its quiver.



Chinese technology, currency, economy, and fake narrative would rule the world. The world leaders opposing the Chinese writ would be removed, mostly by turning their people against them(e.g. Nepal, not certain about N Korea though). People of a certain age and above, world over could be dying due to a virus from human-monkey chimera developed in a secretive Chinese lab. The human-machine hybrid militia would roam the cities with impunity. A two million strong hackers team using AI and quantum computers would control every aspect of life, across the globe. Hydrogen-Boron Fusion(HB11) would end China’s energy dependence on the Middle East, and plunge ME into a never ending civil war. Under the guise of regular military exercises, China would catch Taiwan off guard, and unify it with the mainland. However, the Quad fleets, stuck in their World War II mindset would be patrolling the high seas looking for unknown enemies, in the regular places. The difference between the people, who know and who don’t  would be worst than the dark ages.

The time is now or never, else Chinese dream of being sole Superpower by the year 2049 could fast forward to 2030, and all the Winston Smiths of the world would be learning Mandarin in their respective ‘Confucius Institutes’.



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  1. The way you put it, certainly looks plausible. In many ways, we are all responsible for our decisions and what happens to us. If we want the cheapest phones or sexiest phones, we need buy a foreign product in many cases. As always, there is a cost beyond the money we pay for it. We may not have full control. For years the tech giants like Facebook and Google have been tracking us. If I look for a ticket from Delhi to Bangalore on, next 3 days I keep getting suggestions on cheapest flights. What should I do? Continue to complain about tracking or give up Facebook? We know many of our babus send emails using a personal gmail account, even for official work. Why? When my businesses are capable of competing, I want the world to lower trade barriers and let them operate globally. When my businesses are threatened by others, I want trade barriers to go up. I don’t support biological or chemical warfare. If China is found to be indulging in these, it should be made a global pariah. In the free market, economic warfare, within defined boundaries, is fair game. If China offers an economic deal to nation in Africa with an impoverished population, it is not doing so as Santa Claus. It wants something in return. If others now see that China will gain as a result, what stops them for offering sweeter deals? What stops others from developing their technology to either do satellite snooping or blocking it?

    1. Thank you so much, Ankur, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Always a pleasure to read your viewpoint. What you are saying is absolutely correct, but still, there is a major difference between the United States and China. We all have seen so many American companies being brought to the accountability commissions in the U.S. and Europe. How many companies China has prosecuted in their own country? None. Removing owners and promoters, unceremoniously, is a norm. So what you have said is correct up to a certain extent, but if you ask anyone across the globe if they want to live in a world ruled by China, you would get the answer.

      1. There seems to be a perception in the non-white world that the white race is more transparent and fair than the non-white ones. Hence perhaps the unfortunate desire to be ‘ruled’ by the white races than others. Anyway, that was not my point. The point was why should we worry about what rules China runs on and how it treats its businesses. As long as the means being deployed are economic, we all have equal tools and means to respond. If we are concerned, or scared, the first one would be; stop buying Chinese. That will obviously have ramifications. If we are buying Chinese, would it not be fair to assume that we find that to be a better option than not buying Chinese? If a country in Central Africa has leased large parts of its territory to Chinese businesses, isn’t it fair to assume that they find that a better option than not to lease that territory. Nobdoy has witnessed China rolling in their tanks into any country and forcing them to buy Chinese.

      2. Yes, Ankur, what you are saying is right. But when East India Company came to India to do business, they didn’t leave for the next 300 years. China has the same image in Africa today. It is not the color of skin, but the trust factor. If you go to Africa today, Indians are very much respected but not Chinese. Chinese are seen as predators.

  2. The world is only buying what it needs & hence the global economy is likely to enter a recession.
    Now read that statement again & ponder over how
    absurd it appears. It would be funny, if it weren’t true!

    From packaged food to takeaways, from Mercedes Benz to Mont Blanc & from Rolex to Berkin bags, no one
    really needs any of those. Yet, economies rely on advertisement induced demand to make you pay for what
    you do not need & sell you a loan to buy it which you then work your life to pay down.

    Producing those goods pollutes the environment &
    purchasing them adds to household debt & stress but it’s good for the economy.

    Growth happens when people buy things they do not need with the money they do not have. Sick society – the American way.

  3. This ‘battle’ for supremacy is as old as Time itself.
    FIGHT continues. As always, Good wins over BAD. Till the ‘next round’.

    1. Well said, Arabindo. Though the problem is till the time good doesn’t win over bad, the normal populace suffers.

      1. A very interesting narrative, could not stop reading till the end. Sure the world seems to be heading the wrong way

      2. Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words. I am glad that you liked it.

  4. Very interesting depicting scary future. Now a days I believe if u r discussing any issue on phone or with friend in hotel with phone on table then also u start getting promotional ads of ur interest. Mob in packet is not safe. Everything can be hacked… About Chandrayan… Indian efforts may be hacked n data successfully extracted by China/US.
    Need country like Israel to counter China. India has potential but political n ethical will lacking…

    1. Thank you so much, Arvind, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed a scary future ahead if we do not act now. The Quad is the only answer in the right direction, but somehow there are vested interests in Washington also who are stalling the progress of the Quad.

      1. It is scary world ahead of us with demise of US power. CCP is not answerable to its own population nor the international community. China is going to treat the rest of the world as how it treated whistle blowers in Wuhan.

      2. Thank you so much, Vishva, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed a very tough time ahead. At present, the world has no idea how to deal with China.

  5. Have we reached a stage when the question about the Chinese is “Not if but when”!
    Will the western world and like minded countries just allow themselves to be steam rolled?
    What about countries like mine, INDIA, who have the dubious distinction of the neighbours of the Chinese.
    And what about the USA?
    Will it just bow down and fall into Chinese Knees??
    Is there indeed any way out??

    Some questions that lurk at the back of my mind after reading your article!!

    S Roy

    1. Thank you so much for stopping and putting across some very pertinent questions.
      In fact, in my next article, I would try to answer similar questions. The task is mammoth, so I hope I will be able to do justice in an article.

  6. I wrote you my opinion and deleted as I am equally sure that any artical liks thus is already under their scanner.

    1. Thank you so much, Mahesh, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Though, I didn’t understand your concern.

  7. The level of technology these days is mind-boggling, and as far as a lot of it goes, “I don’t know enough to have an opinion.” But I do have an opinion of the prophecies in the Bible, and it’s undeniable that events today are lining up with what was foretold millennia ago. The visons of prophets like Daniel and John must have seemed very weird at the time, and even in recent centuries – things like having microchips imbedded in the hand or forehead (the “mark of the beast”) that gives people the ability to buy and sell, and the whole world’s being able to see an event as it happens.
    I don’t know if America is going to wake up in time, but I do know that eventually every empire will crumble. The only things that last forever are people. The question we need to ask ourselves is where we’ll be spending eternity – with the One created it all, who holds it all in His hand, or apart from Him?
    No matter what happens, “We Are All Going To Die” – sometime, somewhere. But then what?

    1. You have put it across so beautifully. We are playing with nature, mindlessly. Just like Corona, nature would again strike back. The Earth would resurrect itself, but what about humanity? The intelligent one, with free will. Karma would get to us all, there is no escaping. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. Regards.

      1. If by “karma” you mean reaping what we sow, I agree. But as a believer in Jesus Christ, I don’t believe in the concept of reward and punishment through reincarnation into other lives on earth, since the Bible says “It is appointed to a man ONCE to die, and after that, the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27) That’s why I’m so intent on finding the truth NOW, because there is no promise of a second chance in another life. There isn’t even a promise that we will still be alive tomorrow. “Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” (II Corinthians 6:2)

      2. There is nothing called Punishment and Reward, in the Indian system.
        Now a few questions to you
        1. Why does God give advantage to some by giving birth in a rich family and another person takes birth in a brothel or a very poor family?
        2. What kind of justice system is this? If a person is doing all the bad act throughout his/her life, but in the end, he/she takes Gods name and their all sins are overlooked.

        If you explain these things, I can explain everything you have written quoting the Bible.

    1. Indeed, the world is entering a very scary and tough phase. All the free world countries just come together to stop this madness. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  8. 👌and scary. I do believe that what is known is still the tip of the iceberg! Lot more things may be underway. I am also sure that such atrocities beyond a point will again invite Nature’s wrath and the whole world will suffer! Then, after taking a solid beating, humans will learn to behave. God save us!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It is indeed scary. However, human beings love playing God, so even at the risk of being wiped out, they would pursue their designs with impunity. As you have started, these are the things which are known to us, what all is happening inside those labs, could be much nefarious, and dangerous.

      1. Thank you so much, Devinder, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  9. For what it’s worth, it’s doing what any country would do. Put itself first.

    Why should only the US be allowed to do that? There is no rule which says the US of A will continue to dictate the world.

    In India, Modi is trying to do it, to put India first, but the vote bank politics f*** everything up. Given the removal of elections for a few years, he would do a lot good for India.

    1. Thank you so much, VS, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree with you, that the United States has no right to dictate to the world, however, that holds good for China also. We cannot deny this fact that there have always been leading powers in the world, in every century. History has taught us that. So hypothetically, if we have to choose between China or the U.S., to lead the world in the 21st century, who would you choose, and why?

    1. We know the fact that there were 80000(as declared by China) sick and over 4000(again declared by China) lost their life. Both the numbers could be 10 times higher than that. Wuhan officials suppressed the facts for over one month, but despite that, the virus was mostly restricted to two regions of China. However, the Virus has spread to the remotest island of the world with ease. In the month of March, there were 2 million phone connections disconnected, why? So everything just doesn’t add up. If China is not guilty, it should submit all the facts and come clean.
      I personally have nothing against China or the Chinese people. In fact, I have some very good friends from China. But that is a separate matter altogether.

    1. These are really strange times ahead. I am sure the free world would come together and make the planet a better place to live.

  10. Brilliant work !! Horrifying but very much possible !! And you’ve deciphered the Chinese manoeuvres wonderfully well. Even the One Belt, One Road is also a devious plan for world domination.

  11. Interesting and the thought train gets on the rails reading all. However, my thought is simple: People are going to buy, produce and work where the money is. Economy will pull those needed to the economy that is making money. Each country is of it’s own. Americans are a country of choice and in a lot of cases price themselves out of the spectrum, hence the China import and exports and India. Maybe this in the house Covid will have some realizations when done and over.

    1. You are so right. The economy is the biggest binder of humanity. We cannot shun any country, be it China or Russia. The only issue is if any country is taking undue advantage of its a political system to undercut other systems. The economy has replaced ethics. Might has become right. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  12. Frightening but seems a likely scenario. I keep thinking of White Lotus by John Hershey. That book has haunted me since I read it decades ago.

    1. Thank you so much, JT, for stopping and sharing your thoughts. The scenario is indeed scary. I hope like hell that the situation doesn’t become volatile in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

  13. Better presented than anything else I read on the topic. Although world is not just the US of A, but this is the time to rationally analyze whether the world should lose the US leadership for a D-grade Chinese one or should unite. Putting all eggs in one basket was a big mistake for the world.

    1. Thank you so much, Ajay, for stopping by and for your kind words. The United States would not reach back its lost glory. It is going to be a multipolar world. India should get out of its slumber and take up the leadership position along with the other Quad countries. It is now or never moment.

  14. Sandeep, it is indeed an interesting read and I am sure that readers of your article would certainly be forced to know the stark reality at the world face. Some of the events mentioned in your write-up might not be exactly same as envisaged by you, but more or less on similar lines, as we can draw lessons from witnessing the events unfolded so far, including the recent declaration of using only digital currency within China. With the charged atmosphere of US election year, the outrage of the public against the mass suffering from the Covid 19 pandemic, the POTUS made a recent statement to “strip the sovereign immunity of China” to have access to investigate the origin of COVID 19, and more or less on similar lines from the Heads of States from Germany, Australia and the Secretary of the European Union. Even with the globalised world order during the last few decades where nations opened up their economic power centres, none of the key powers in the world could access the secretive plans and actions of the Chinese Government to meaningfully conclude their motives. There is one nation in the world vigorously following the idea of changing world order in the 21st century, it is none other than China and already they have trapped many small nations with connived trade deal & fortified subsequent actions in deceit. Hope your article certainly contributes a little in enlightening the public across the world and causes the social revolt to impress upon their national leadership to join hands to defeat the evil designs of this dragon, sooner. Best wishes to continue your valuable writing and be safe in the midst of COVID 19 situation.

    1. Thank you so much, Ramki, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience(both the articles have been highly appreciated across the globe with over 300000 views in 12 days).
      Frankly, I had over 20000 words which I had to compress into less than 4000 words and divide into two parts since most of the people lose interest, after 1000 words. Therefore it was humanly not possible to touch upon many aspects.
      The United States and many other countries are also indulging in similar activities. However, there is a major difference, between China and other countries. The checks and balances. The Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Militaries cannot take unilateral decisions. And even if they take any illegal steps, they would be hauled up by various inquiries and commissions. There is no difference between government-run vs privately held businesses in China. They are one and the same. That is how so much IP theft has taken place within China. The owner or the promoter can be removed anytime, unceremoniously if he/she becomes too powerful, or doesn’t toe the government line.
      The pandemic has exposed many fault lines in our current system. No system is perfect and such global issues give us opportunities to tweak with these fault lines.
      I am planning to write about how to deal with the current issues, as well as, how to deal with China. It is a mammoth task. I sincerely hope that I am able to do justice(though dealing with such a topic in a short essay is like showing torch to the sun).

  15. Quite an insightful read!! The digital currency idea gives them whole new ways for traditional and modern warfare as well!! Meticulously planned, and as you mentioned it’s really now or never!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. We all understand that this is not going to a conventional war, no one can afford it. Therefore the asymmetric war would be the way forward. The smarter and swifter country would win the race.

  16. Thank You … you have summed it up so beautifully. But quite a scary future !!! What’s the way out for a neighbouring country like us ?

    1. We have to take a leading position in the Eurasian region. We as a nation have never taken a hard power route. Our approach has been appreciated the world over. Time is ripe for India to act in the economic sphere as well. The United States should realize that they cannot get a good foothold without India in this whole region. India doesn’t challenge the U.S. in any way what so ever and has always presented itself, as a responsible partner. The way forward is the serious planning, with the Quad nations, which has been stalled by vested interests in the United States, for the last few years.

    1. Technology has always been a double-edged sword. I sincerely hope that we are able to control predatory practices followed by some of the countries.

    1. It is indeed a wake-up call. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  17. Only boycott the dragon is main solution.i think so.but in this way,what will be the future of world,you know very well but the war should not be happened.this pandemic is too a silent war against all human’s races.oh my God!!may save the all universe from that devil.we can only pray to God.🙏

    1. Thank you so much, Aruna, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am sure, that there won’t be any war in the near future, however, the situation is tense, and misadventures cannot be ruled out.

      1. I hope so, as much as you hope. But who would teach a lesson to Pakistan and their master China?

      2. I just wish. Yesterday they had martyred five of our soldiers and today against they have done the same. I can tell your that, their this act will not go unpunished.

      3. Cina’s pulic is buddhist but Government is made.he want to be AlexenderThe know-what was happened with him.Every works have a limit.please see ahead -one day a bomb is fallen upon then to vanish their fake heart says but not for public.they are poor and puppets in the hand of Government💣now that Government should count down of her days.

      4. I understand what you are trying to say. However, the 70 years of conditioning of the Chinese population has had an adverse effect on their psyche. Today when the Chinese populace migrates to another country, they are still 80% loyal to their country of origin. No doubt that the Chinese model has uplifted a large number of people out of poverty, however, they are still like a bird living in a golden cage.

      5. Not in golden cage but in old ironed cage.all will open when there’s communism will be finished like know all very well.poverty ,uneploymentness,no any freedom on any issues,castism are in the luck of Chinese public.There Rulers are most clever and cruel for public and abroad the China.

      6. I know, the change in China would come from within. The Chinese people would rise, just like the people in Hong Kong. But that is their internal matter. If China doesn’t play a double game with India, I have no issue with China.

      7. Left the Pakistan.He is poor and slave in other’s hand.all masters,when ,will be spoiled then,there pak is not problem for everybody.

      8. Pakistan is a bizarre story. They started with a secular country, switched over to being the Islamic Republic, but eventually are nothing more than a terrorist organization. They would meet their fate sooner than later.

      9. Why are yoiu scolding on is whoever is result of British policy”devoid and Rule”economic slavery of know-Osama bin Laden was motivated by America.after freedom,he was most poor country and Rulers were most stupid.Pakistaan is not only Islamic country.In the word most countries are ISLAMIC.WHY YOU HAVE BLAME ON PAKISTAN,WHY NOT ON POLITICIAN.You know all things very the word,not all countries is bizzarey story but it is said for all politicians .why do you not understand all things and real reality,my dear!!plz think with patience and cool mind.

      10. The Md. Ali Jinnah, asked for a separate state for Muslims. Britishers just became facilitators. I think Pakistan would disintegrate into smaller countries, in the next 10-15 years’ time. They have done the worst terrorism in the region due to the lure of the free dollars from the USA. Of course, as you said, politicians and the Pak military is to be blamed for the plight of Pakistan.

      11. You should read the history of Modern India.the real roots of all distinguished things were hidden in Congress leaders’s behaviour.Coming in politicts,firstly JINNAH was fan of Ghandhi Ji.

      12. Aruna, I have not only read Indian history but other nations’ history also. I know what you are trying to say. But that does not justify the current Pakistani dispensation’s terrorism. In the Bangladesh genocide, they killed over 10 million people and raped over 100000 women. Pakistan backed terrorists ousted over a million Kashmiri Pundits from J&K. Their involvement in the Afghan conflict killed millions. They don’t deserve any mercy.

      13. What????when we talk about the subject of History ,it is included the all events of history of word.i think-you have studied the history as a diploma.i have studied M.A.and PHD in History.if you do not want accept my arguments that is okay.may be you will right at your place with your AMAZING thoughts about Pak and China.but i can not agree with you.thanks for your knowledge, dear Sandomina!!

      14. Dear Aruna, I 100% accept your argument, when did I say that I do not accept your argument. In fact, respect for your professional knowledge has increased further. You have to tell me clearly what are the facts and figures you are presenting, which do not match mine. Warm regards.

      15. The difference of opinion doesn’t mean disagreement, it means the enrichment of ideas.

  18. 管党治党不力 不敢揪住老问题 严重失职失责 没有紧盯组织部“官油子”新动向






    2019年8月6日和同年12月10日上午老河口市政府截访人张杰明确告知,中央政法委机关党建,明显存在“灯下黑”、怕躲推、虚飘浮、“打伞破网”欺软怕硬、监督执纪问责走过场和党建与业务“两张皮”问题。全国扫黑办明知省法院司法败类是身残志坚,双目失明了还坚持睁着眼睛说“专门鉴定属实”的瞎话的道德低下的“货色”,故意拍卖良知,亵渎公职人员的身份。省法院司法败类玩忽职守,不认真落实上级要求、若不是眼瞎就是心坏,明知公安通过侦查获知目击证人陈国英已指认杨元庆故意毁灭0087048号发票证据,为干扰、误导、阻挠案件调查,向上级汇报时隐瞒重要证据和线索触犯了众怒,导致该案长期未能侦破,否则不会胆大妄为说出这样颠倒黑白,捏造事实的话来的。可见,省法院司法败类不仅没有任何的道歉意思,还来继续挑战底线……实现正义不是自说自话, “如果捏造的‘专门鉴定属实’鉴定结论报告对省高院司法败类有利,省高院司法败类怎会不公开?不公开法律文书文号说明了啥?明明我们老河口市信访局相关领导揪住了老河口市法院极个别司法败类故意协助他人故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据等“问题案件”的狐狸尾巴!揪住了湖北省高院鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号《通知》中司法败类尽情自嗨不惜虚构鉴定事实,只敢捏造“专门鉴定属实”的所谓鉴定结论糊弄官僚政客,毕竟心虚胆寒不敢更进一步捏造该鉴定结论法律文书的文号的狐狸尾巴!媒体记者、尊敬的中央办公厅丁薛祥主任、尊敬的中央办公厅陈世炬主任、省国保总队和襄阳国保支队相关人员都诘问人面兽心的湖北省高级法院一小撮人模狗样的司法败类:“谁能拿人格保证涉案‘0087048号原始发票’现身后经鉴定不是卖砖人所开的”?!真当省委超良书记、省纪委立山书记、瑞连部长、襄阳市委乐成书记、市长郄英才、纪委义斌书记和胡勇部长是白痴吗?做贼心虚拒绝回答、拒绝公开羞辱了谁?无论一九七九年的《中华人民共和国刑事诉讼法》第三十四条还是二零一八年《中华人民共和国刑事诉讼法》第五十四条都规定“凡是伪造证据、隐匿证据或者毁灭证据的,无论属于何方,必须受法律追究。”这里故意隐匿或者毁灭0087048号发票证据的,究竟“属于何方”?省法院司法败类心知肚明!“必须受法律追究”,有商量、讨价还价的余地吗?!彻底把案件搅浑的湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类在以鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号“半夜鸡叫”式“坑官”的通知、老河口市委、政府等人依旧保持着对司法败类马首是瞻的一贯嘴脸故意糊弄中共中央办公厅的“半夜鸡叫”式的报告,这有何深意?难道不是在刻意淡化乃至逃避网友关注的嫌疑吗?正告湖北省高级法院极个别人模狗样的司法败类不要玩火,隐蔽性再强,终会露出破绽;幌子再好,也躲不过纪法的严查。很可惜,中央办公厅副主任、前国家主席办公室主任陈世炬兼国家主席办公室主任期间,责任意识不强、工作作风漂浮,停留于“轮流圈阅”“层层转发”、以文件落实文件,没有一锤锤持续用力敲下去让坏人钻了空子。尊敬的世炬主任、尊敬的薛祥主任现在知道老河口市委、政府等人依旧保持着对法院司法败类马首是瞻的一贯嘴脸故意糊弄中共中央办公厅的丑行后,让襄阳市委书记李乐成、市长郄英才、政法委书记冯艳飞、组织部部长胡勇和纪委书记吕义斌重新向中共中央办公厅报告或把关过目,肯定会将“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票及其鉴定结论等事实真相”大白于天下。毕竟,只要媒体记者一戳到官德与其外表不匹配的湖北省高级法院司法败类“虚构鉴定事实,捏造‘专门鉴定属实’的鉴定结论”这个“死穴”,他就人格扭曲,公然粉饰和包庇故意隐匿或者毁灭0087048号发票证据的不法行为甚至顾左右而言他,这种双标的行为让人不耻!如果幻想指望由擅长制造冤假错案的司法败类来平反冤假错案,那就等于请狐狸来看守鸡窝,简直太荒谬了。故意谎报情况,隐藏、遮掩问题背后有啥猫腻?”法不可欺。“有黑必有伞,有伞必有网”,为使每一起案件都经得起法律衡量,中央政法委应大胆触及到省法院司法败类的逆鳞,迅速敲定“时间表”、厘清“责任人”,加大查处力度, 稳住高压态势、稳住惩治力度、持续精准发力,提级处置及时牵头中央纪检监察机关会同检察机关、公安机关,穷尽式调查获取关键线索并深挖彻查湖北省法院“帮助故意隐匿或毁灭‘据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票’证据的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚案”背后的“保护伞”“关系网”!

    2019年10月30日上午襄阳市委组织部胡姓工作人员明确告知,德不配位的袁乃义好日子到头了!我们襄阳市委组织部要求老河口组织部乃义部长按干部管理权限、依法逐级走访和依法分类处理信访诉求工作规则、若你的“级别认定”诉求既有事实依据又有政策法律依据应予以支持,及时确定你的“级别认定”信访诉求究竟是“副科”?还是“正科”?!若不支持你的“级别认定”诉求即不能“认定级别”,阐明究竟是属于缺乏事实依据,还是缺乏法律、政策依据,还是既缺乏事实依据又缺乏法律、政策依据这三种情况之中的哪一种?出具《“级别认定”信访事项处理意见书》即可,如此简单的问题,可外表嚣张经常牵着老河口市委书记张学林、市长王燮耀、政法委书记王岩和纪委书记黄光强鼻子走、德不配位、内里虚弱的袁乃义这个“搅屎棍”本应低调一些,却偏要喜欢“没事找事”作死、刷存在感而违反常识和鄂信发〔2017〕26号文件规定的格式和要素,公开顶风违纪违法、推诿扯皮就不履行“认定级别”职责、拒绝向信访人出具《“级别认定”信访事项调查处理意见书》故意闹事惹人注目,乃义部长擅权妄为严重破坏了襄阳的政治生态“作死”到人尽皆知,报告给我们襄阳市委组织部的材料,根本曝不得光,经不住查,我们襄阳市委组织部胡勇部长再三暗示任何人包括云媒体记者不得提有关召开市级公开听证会的事宜!老河口、襄阳“东厂”锦衣卫与我们组织部是通的,毕竟组织部有考核他们领导的权力。我们当即指出乃义部长的错误认识,老河口、襄阳纪委监委怎么能类比成明朝“东厂”锦衣卫?!况且,2019年5月22日,襄阳市纪委义斌书记在老河口强调:要对巡视巡查移交的问题,及时整改到位,迅速抓好落实。同年同月28日老河口市委学林书记强调:要学会换位思考,对群众反映的正常诉求,能尽快解决的要尽快解决和及时兑现……绝不能含糊其辞,更不能推诿扯皮。坚信老河口、襄阳纪委监委在处理检举控告,纪检监察机关及其工作人员不会私自留存涉及纪律审查方面的资料;不至于纪法意识淡漠,毫无敬畏之心“上下一般粗”任性地答复为“您反映问题的电子邮件本网站已收到”后管党治党不力,严重失职失责长期不“反馈”处理结果!更离谱的是,国信局给出《信访工作责任制实施办法》追责问责典型案例剖析(二)、(五)等指导意见;省纪委“一案三反馈” (即对信访举报及时进行受理反馈、办理反馈和结果反馈)破解信访梗阻深得民心。针对老河口市委组织部袁乃义、省高院司法败类的拙劣表演充分暴露出其不可告人的险恶用心和故意破坏湖北政治生态的政治企图。如若老河口、襄阳纪委监委仍有人侵犯群众知情权,“热衷于站队进圈”,大搞“政治攀附”丢弃、隐匿信访材料损害群众利益而不能幡然醒悟,势必玩火自焚!鉴于老河口市委组织部袁乃义不依法依规出具《“级别认定”信访事项调查处理意见书》并订立攻守同盟;公然采用“萝卜招聘”手段,违反组织人事纪律,将女儿袁杨招聘到老河口市财政局工作一事被举报后怀恨在心,办理信访事项推诿、敷衍、拖延、渎职、失职,弄虚作假,打击报复信访人并拒绝进行市级公开听证,公然对抗组织审查。故对与信访事项有直接利害关系的袁乃义提出回避请求,再次依法申请襄阳市委组织部和国保支队公开听证。

    我们襄阳市委组织部和国保支队要感谢陈国英的诚实和勇敢!反映问题被当捅娄子的目击证人陈国英到底动了谁的奶酪?时任省纪委书记宋育英敏锐地发现:擅长随意拿捏“勾兑”的省高院司法败类虚构鉴定事实,捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论的司马昭之心,遮不了世人的眼睛!也彻底把案件搅浑的湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类在以鄂法(83)刑二申字第24号“半夜鸡叫”式“坑官”的通知是如何出炉的?这有何深意?喜欢带节奏的省高院司法败类缺乏政治站位一边为故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号原始发票的犯罪分子撑腰打气打掩护,一边歪曲事实制造对立的“湖北省高级法院一小撮司法败类合伙故意帮助故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号原始发票的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚”案。所以这里面就有个疑问,因此把这个“专门鉴定属实”的讯息放出来,可能就是为了抵销公安和检察院紧盯“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”这个目标。罔顾事实真相,执意给“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”的犯罪分子撑腰打气一颗定心丸。以便给“故意隐匿或毁灭0087048号发票证据”案系上死结。果不其然,拥有省高院司法败类“官方背书”后,犯罪嫌疑人杨元庆也不承认故意毁灭0087048号原始发票证据的事实,以“因工作不慎遗失发票一张”来搪塞是必然的,也是高调的!喜欢带节奏的省高院司法败类“虚构鉴定事实、捏造鉴定结论”事件,为何会假得如此低级和离谱呢?而湖北媒体、公安、检察机关和纪检监察部门,又为啥连这么一个最基本的问题,都没看出来呢?带着疑问,省纪委育英书记对指认杨元庆故意毁灭0087048号发票证据的目击证人陈国英进行了调查取证。魔幻的是,襄阳公安和检察院不愿意拓宽问题线索来源渠道却采用了最糟糕的方式。当面对举报的不同意见时,率先想的是为冤假错案“捂盖子”,把问题扼杀在萌芽之中故意不去调查犯罪嫌疑人杨元庆,反而围着陈国英为何捅“专门鉴定属实”马蜂窝反复调查,致使证人陈国英很快死亡、线索及时掐断,让人费解,但捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论特别是鉴定法律文书文号依然是“不能说的秘密”。然而,襄阳公安和检察院相关人员可能没有想过,盖子即便捂上了,问题还是没有解决。毕竟,解决问题是关键,何必去解决提出问题的人?!而且万一没捂好,就会像目前一样,把自己架在舆情的大火上烤。建议湖北三级法院方陪同杨元庆前去公安机关配合投诉调查,并恳请嫌疑人杨元庆、省高院扬言“专门鉴定属实”的事主和其他能提供资料的人提供证据,《刑事诉讼法》第六十条规定:“凡是知道案件情况的人,都有作证的义务。”提供真实的证词,是公民的义务。尽快让警方寻找出真相,况且,襄阳警方表示,将以非常认真和高敏感性的态度处理故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”案,公平公正调查后向媒体和公众公开核查结果!可惜的是,老河口公安“此事非公安事由,公安机关不予受理”在公通字【2017】6号文件第四十三条规定下的抹案企图终究没能如愿却大有玄机!假如紧盯不放、不破不休的襄阳警方从来没有放弃,此案在继续侦办中且经公安、检察机关前期侦查及近期补充侦查,涉事地点明确,涉事人物清晰,为何迟迟调查不清楚?这么长时间,是在调查事件,还是谋划公关对策?省委超良书记、瑞连部长、襄阳市委乐成书记和胡勇部长都知道:冤案始作俑者杨元庆当时的作案手法与省高院司法败类虚构鉴定事实,捏造“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论却不拿出“专门鉴定属实”法律文书的此案极其相似。公众在追问,有关部门不能不察。省高院司法败类必须回答:“那你有没有‘专门鉴定属实’法律文书?还是将其甩锅给警察毁灭了你的‘专门鉴定属实’法律文书?”还是警察愿意冒着极大的法律和舆论风险指导你毁灭了你的“专门鉴定属实”法律文书?回首《毛泽东年谱》第四卷第78页有关毛泽东同时任湖北省委第一书记王任重谈话。毛泽东说:“不向我反映情况,我才最累。你把湖北的真实情况告诉我,我就不累了。”巧合的是,中共中央办公厅作为中央的综合部门,是重要政治机关不愿意两次掉进了同一条河流陷入“政令出不了中南海”的怪圈。深感:司法是人心的风向标,怎么判就会导致怎么干,被省高院司法败类吹上天的“专门鉴定属实”水到底有多深?公安、检察、法院和纪委不会不知。知而不弃,这其中道理何在呢?为何“顶风而上”有错不改背后到底是什么原因?“省高院‘虚构鉴定事实,捏造鉴定结论’的水”有多深,其实并不是最难的问题,更要追问管理者有没有尽到应有的担当。湖北省高院“专门鉴定属实”后据以定罪量刑的0087048号原始发票丢失、扬言“专门鉴定属实”的鉴定结论的法律文书丢失,法律文书及文号成了一场“乌龙”等问题既然已经发生,及时纠正和治理才是迫在眉睫的事。“省高院‘虚构鉴定事实,捏造鉴定结论’是表象,不讲政治是根本。”所以,将日理万机的时任国家主席的胡锦涛收到你父亲的《刑事申诉状》和《举报信》后,在考察途中由中共中央办公厅从江西发函到老河口市政府并要求报告调查处理结果。更离谱的是,当时任老河口市委常委相关人员领导不力,政治站位不高缺乏政治担当和斗争精神,不敢动真碰硬,姑息纵容,政治意识、法治意识严重缺失、责任意识淡薄咬紧牙关就是不提0087048发票究竟是故意隐匿还是故意毁灭?政府相关人员“搔不着痒处”对党中央决策部署理解不深不透,中央办公厅的明确要求选择性执行,对党不忠诚、不老实毫无大局观念,本应对蓄意预谋隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据,主观恶性极深的事件彻查后如实上报中央办公厅,却违背我们党的宗旨,更严重影响党的形象,损害群众对党的信任与拥护故意以“徐祥生,‘查无此人’”代替对案件事实真相调查核实进行搪塞!结果是乱了规则,也寒了人心,给中央办公厅和中央纪委都上了一课。坏人不可怕,因为法网恢恢疏而不漏;恶人不可怕,因为天理昭昭正义必胜;但知法懂法不守法、有反侦察能力、身披“合法外衣”的黑恶势力之徒真的可怕,他会穷尽一切手段,动用一切关系,经常纠集他人,有预谋、有组织、有章法的实施违法犯罪活动,既难预防,也难一网打尽。省国保总队和襄阳国保支队就发现了更为棘手的问题:故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票” 甚嚣尘上舆情沸腾得像一口烧滚了的油锅。正当湖北省高院极个别司法败类莫不以为非作歹、以搞司法“勾兑”为能事最后鼓包露馅被揭穿后而坐立不安时,省高院有些人果然坐不住了。2019年7月31日省法院党组书记、院长游劝荣表态,千万不要低估全省法院系统工作和干部队伍中存在的突出问题及其严重性,千万不要低估从严治党……为这口油锅扔进了一粒火星。但事实却一次次证明,搞“帮助故意隐匿或毁灭‘据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票’证据的犯罪分子逃避法律处罚案”是条不折不扣的不归路。殊不知,自作孽不可活,天网恢恢疏而不漏,等待这些司法败类的必将是法律之剑。果然该来的,始终还是来了。今后我们再也不做“忍者神龟”,再也不做“沉默的羔羊”的尊敬的湖北省高级法院院长游劝荣2019年7月22日强调要做到“六个追问”:一是出了什么问题?危害是什么?二是谁干的?还有谁参与?谁为主,谁为次?三是这个错误和问题纠正了没有?什么时候纠正的?如何纠正的?四是追责了没有?五是反思了没有?总结了教训没有?六是亡羊补牢了没有?建立完善了制度没有?全省法院要按照“六个追问”的要求,从严整治,严肃追责,以铁的纪律打造过硬审判队伍,为司法公正提供组织和纪律保障。游院长是在指极个别司法败类故意协助他人故意隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据等“问题案件”吗?!还是指其它严重违反职业操守和类似套路手段的操作影响了司法的权威和司法的公信力的案件?光明从来无惧黑暗,正义必将压倒邪恶,法律定要严惩罪行。无论是蓄意预谋隐匿或毁灭“据以定罪量刑的涉案的0087048号原始发票”证据的参与者还是幕后的策划者、组织者和指挥者,审判就将来到。不让人省心的湖北省法院的沦陷却无人敢查,不仅是对其涉嫌犯罪活动的纵容和鼓励,更是对法制的亵渎和愚弄。谁之过?



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  19. Unfortunately, China’s dark government and secret government behind them is only one of the main players. There is a turf war going on among all of the dark governments, the US included. All big countries have them. It is challenging to have a light based government that seeks to serve the greater good of its people, and they are leaned on by the other dark countries and labeled dark themselves.

    Thank you for following my blog. You might enjoy my daily work partner’s blog as he details more the work we are doing to shut down the dark and help bring forth a light based timeline for all.

    1. Thank you so much, Katelon, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed going through your partner’s blog. It is indeed a sad thing that the world is going through such a dark phase. I sincerely hope that better sense prevails and we live peacefully.

  20. Hi, well put and incisive at the same time. As an Indian, I dread the Chinese hegemony sooner rather than later. Huawei and their quest for 5G is as real as it gets. There has been talk by intellectuals in mainstream media that we are taking privacy concerns lightly.
    The military-junta axis is second to none and there is no stopping this juggernaut called China with their lies and deceit. What do you think is a way forward in terms of a collective response? Communism V Democracy?
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      India is waking up to many realities, a bit late though. We are lagging behind in research in every field, be it AI or biotechnology. Most of the time we are doing back-end jobs for other countries. Since we do only a small part of the whole project, we rarely see a project in totality. The present dispensation has provided funds for research work, in the recent budgets. I sincerely hope that India pulls itself out of the slumber and does some serious research work if it wants to be a future superpower.

  21. Very interesting and well-researched articles! One of your most poignant points is based on the Chinese ‘Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree’ (Sacrifice short-term objectives in order to gain the long-term goal) principle. For decades the US government along with the country’s leading corporations have focused solely on short-term profits in order to keep shareholders happy. That led to the wide spread off-shoring of manufacturing jobs and the decline of the American middle class, which in turn has divided the country politically leading to government gridlock and a lack of response to a plethora of dangers such as cyber espionage. The greed of America’s wealthy elite along with rampant individualism – the kind that dooms planning for the common good of all – have consistently defeated attempts for pragmatic planning and citizen solidarity against foreign threats. Donald Trump’s ‘divide and conquer’ method of gaining and holding on to power is only accelerating the demise of American strength through the elimination of the country’s institutions and constant attacks on scientific endeavor. While China has been actively pursuing global domination in a very calculated manner, America has been doing its best to rip apart the nation’s social fabric from within. I suspect if things continue without a massive correction (will Covid-19 provide this?), China’s job of replacing US power world-wide will be made all that much easier. Your prediction of Chinese dominance by 2030 looks quite plausible through the lens of 2020 so far.

    1. Thank you so much, Henry, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. I suppose every country should look inwards, from time to time, to identify the fault lines in its own systems. After a while, every system, every leader, and every empire shows signs of stress. The internal audit is for that purpose, so as to rejuvenate the whole environment.
      The United States’ story has been remarkable, but over a period of time, it has gathered many unnecessary attachments, which are pulling it down. Not much ground has been lost, the U.S. has to just update its hardware, software, and reboot. Though it is easier said than done.

  22. “Draw heavily from its ancient wisdom” – The Art of War is set in motion.

    “China will turn crisis into opportunity” – this is possible if and only if globalization increases interdependence at the cost of independent capacity.

    “Make the enemy’s strength its weakness” – use the weight of your opponent against him in Judo.

    “Make own weakness into one’s strength” – must appreciate this wisdom.

    “Spread chaos and emerge as saviour” – cunning, reminds me of the antagonist in “The Incredible” movie.

    “China is a producer of 75% mobiles and 90% PC” – world capture or not, but the market capture is clearly achieved. Somewhere, I read about hidden chip in PC motherboards beyond the prescribed design (okay, in next paragraph, I’m repeat-reading 😀 )

    “Internet is the best tool for hacking” – physical isolation through wired limitation, with optical cables, is the foremost and strongest mode of security.

    “China had world’s first quantum lab” – If a virus went out of control in Wuhan, what prevents an AI to go rogue against humanity including China ? There’s a wisdom – “Do not raise devils, more than you can feed (control).”

    “Orwellian world of China” – reminds me of Illuminati and the control through mere advertisements.

    “Logic bomb inside spacecraft systems” – this means spacecraft signals are not encrypted enough !

    The real question is concerned about what methodology and technology China is using for its own protection and data concealment.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your deep analysis. This displays your in-depth knowledge and experience.
      The logic bomb in the spacecraft can be easily installed at the assembly point, either by an employee or through a component supplied by a third-party.
      I am in the process of writing an overview on, how to resolve this Gordian knot. It is a mammoth task. I hope, I would be able to do justice in 2000 words.

      1. Not at all. A modern outlook can always be helpful to grasp a classic matter differently. I am actually looking forward to the multiple pointers that you usually lay on your posts, a style that I like about your blog – a single post summarizing/referring/interpreting multiple info.

  23. Hi Sandy
    Very well articulated article. Couldn’t stop reading the previous ones too.
    China for sure is poised to overtake American supremacy any moment now. It’s just matter of time. Wether it’s this pandemic, oil price crash or making number of countries burdened with the Chinese debt, everything is working in their favour.
    The only thing going drastically against them is global sentiments and anger for this fiasco.
    Now it’s upto China, how they overcome this.
    It’s going to be interesting to watch.
    You are doing a wonderful job. Keep writing. Looking forward to more of your research. Good luck.
    Jitindra Bhatia

    1. Thank you so much, Jiten, for stopping by and sharing your immense experience. As of today, it looks like China is succeeding. As you pointed out about the world sentiments, in that regard, I would point out that China does care for any sentiments. They don’t have the concept of soft power. They have already started putting pressure on OBOR countries to repay the loans. They have started patrolling the South China Sea with impunity and started challenging the United States with newly launched cryptocurrency. They call it the sharp power.

  24. Moving on to part 2… Where in part 1 was making us aware that we were not even aware about the threats looming as a WW3 amid present situation, this article do provide the reality and utter chaos associated here.. A2AD concept and power of 5G is a great eye opener.. Mere thought of being tracked as “Social Credit Score” Drills down the spine with fear… I liked the closing para as well which kind of gave insight view of end of chaos era and back to dark ages concept very well narrated by author..

    Hope this article beings awareness among world leaders about the Chinese dream of being sole Superpower by the year 2049 or else that dream could really fast forward to 2030 , which could be a total new world (beyond imagination)

    Great connection established between part1 and 2 with keeping the reader glued till end of article…

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. The world has indeed taken note of the article and has been received very well across the globe, with over 320000 views.
      I am now in the process of writing a piece on China containment. The task is of a mammoth proportion, and doing justice in 2000 words would be impossible. But nevertheless, I shall attempt.
      It is always a pleasure to read your scholarly review.

  25. A Frightening yet engaging article Sandeep..! As always.
    Thanks a ton..!
    Really You put so much real efforts on bringing so much critical and diverse information in just one thread. 🌻

    1. Thank you so much, Naman, for stopping by and your kind words. I am glad that you liked it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I shall convey your greetings to my team. Warm regards.

  26. Interesting and well researched article and while I have no desire to live in an authoritarian dictatorship, surely China’s capabilities, impressive as they are, are dwarfed by that of the United States? Military spending alone seems to confirm this. As for sowing confusion and discrediting Western leadership, the Chinese have no need to do this as our leaders are perfectly capable of discrediting themselves, as we in the UK have found out during the Covid outbreak. It seems to me that China is likely to be severely impacted by climate change and will then lack the resources for any foreign mischief. With the Covid 19 outbreak highlighting the frailty of long supply chains we are also likely to see a rolling back of globalization and increasing localisation of industries, all to China’s detriment. As the Chinese and many others will find out, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans…

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. This is the kind of review I like, where one does an in-depth analysis. You have brought out very correctly that the whole mad rush for ’Chinese Supremacy’ may just crumble under its own weight. But as a strategist or analyst, one should put every minor detail under lense. I could not agree more with you when it comes to today’s western leadership. In the past, some of them used to be our role models, but alas, they do not inspire me anymore.
      I am in the process of writing a follow-up. The subject would be ’China’s containment’. It is a mammoth task, and doing justice in 2000 words may not be possible, nevertheless, I must attempt.

  27. Thoughtful perspective. Plausible and possible . What has benn happening behind the scenes regarding Gold,Diamond,PlatinumOil markets and the indirect control of US securities by China does not augur well for US. While China tries to cripple US economy, unwittingly it also has chokes demand for Chinese products in US. Middle-east also not responding favourably as their inflows of Dollar has come down due to lesser demand now and Indian rupee trade. Smaller countries like Lanka ,Maldives are having second thoughts about China. Indiaon is that India now looks attractive to them. This includes Japan as well. Chinese dragon seems to have run into Indian Mammoth. Let’s wait and howvthis play out. My suspicion is that India might come up Aces now. The only impediment will be that BJP may not return to power and there is likely to be political instability at the center.

    1. Thank you so much, Ramanan, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that it would be a misfortune of India if BJP doesn’t return to power in 2024. A coalition government of weak Prime Minister would undo all the hard work put in, in the last few years. I am working on a contain China write-up, hope to publish it in the next few days.

      1. I am extremely sorry, Ramanan. I just sent it once, so I really don’t know how it has happened.

  28. Alarming. Thanks for in-depth information although disquieting. Thanks also for the follow but admittedly, my post yesterday was not the norm for me. Glad it led me to your blog, though.

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